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“Chemtrail” Aircraft Photos

Several planes look a little odd, or have attachments that look odd, and so some people feel they must be part of a decades long conspiracy to spray stuff into the atmosphere to alter the weather or reduce the population. That’s obviously nonsense, but what are these strange planes?

[Update: there are many other photos like the “barrel” interior below, I’ve collected a lot of them on Metabunk]

Here’s one making the rounds, scary looking barrels, and a sign on the wall that possibly says “Hazmat inside”


What is it? It’s a Boeing 777-200LR Worldliner, specifically it’s WD001, a plane that was used for flight testing. The original photo can be found here – note the “Hazmat” text was added later. The barrels contain water, which is pumped around to shift the center of gravity to test various flight characteristics.

Here’s a description of a similar setup from the 2002 book, “Inside Boeing, Building the 777”, page 76., describing tests done in 1994.

From Boeing’s blog:

Remember, we test at the extremes of the weight/CG envelope. This requires us to control the CG during ground and flight conditions. We can move weight, in the form of water, forward or aft with the use of the water ballast system. This system is comprised of 48 barrels, each capable of carrying 460 pounds, connected by tubing to a pump. A computerized system tracks fuel placement, fuel burn, people placement, ballast, flap setting, landing gear position and water barrel quantity. The information is processed to display the airplane’s current CG. We move water or specify fuel tank usage to configure the CG within the specified test requirements.

Why are there overhead luggage compartments? It’s a test plane, and for FAA certification they have to demonstrate that everything works. That includes stuff like the emergency oxygen system, and more minor things like the luggage compartments. It’s a requirement that they don’t pop open in flight – so that needs to be tested. They are also handy for stowing the engineers’ stuff.

Here’s some pictures from Boeing:


And a lot more photos can be found on Boeing’s site.


This one gets a lot of use in the “chemtrail” forums:


Particularly because of the unusual collections of pipes sticking out in various places. There’s those two at the front, and then there is a group over the wing. Here’s some close ups



Very sinister looking tubes, but why are half of them facing the wrong way?

The plane is not for spraying the atmosphere, it’s for sampling the atmosphere. It’s a research aircraft, registration N701BN, operated by th e department of energy’s national labs. It’s pretty much one of a kind, so it’s hardly likely to be responsible for all the persistent contrails we see every day. The research is mostly on pollutants in the atmosphere, particularly from coal and oil burning power plants. But they also investigate the properties of clouds, which includes contrails.


Here’s another photo you see in “chemtrail” videos, with the implied suggestion that it’s some kind of evil spraying device:


Actually it IS a spraying device, but quite innocuous. It’s on an NKC-135A (55-3128) with the refueling boom modified to spray water. This used by the air force to test icing of planes in flight.

Here’s the original photo:

See also: https://www.safaq.hq.af.mil/news/march04/raptor.html


Here’s some more details:



This plane is quite interesting:


It’s an E-6B “Tacamo”. This photo shows it dumping fuel (photo from tacamo.org). The E-6B is used by the United States Strategic Command as an airborne communication center. You can see the navy logo on the right wing. The E-6B is a modified version of the Boeing 707-320, and the fuel vents have been moved from the wing tips to between the fuselage and the engines in order to separate it from the communication equipment in the wing tips. This is what the wing-tip ESM/SATCOM pod looks like:


It looks like this odd assemblage is also creating some wingtip vortex contrails as well. The plane is pretty much all white, which is something you hear mentioned from time to time in “chemtrail” conspiracy theories.

Here’s another photo of the same plane, taken from a “chemtrail” YouTube video:


It shows the opening and drogue  for the ELF trailing wire antenna. This is a very long wire antenna that is extended behind the plane for several hundred feet and used for communications with submarines. The “drogue” is just a cone-shaped weight. Here’s a close-up



This plane also looks at first glance like it might be dumping fuel (click image for full sized photo):

But the trails are actually coming from six smoke generators. It was part of a NASA test to study wake vortices, you can read about it here:


Six smoke generators were installed under the wings of the 747 to provide a visual image of the trailing vortices. The object of the experiments was to test different configurations and mechanical devices on the747 that could be used to break up or lessen the strength of the vortices. The results of the tests could lead to shorter spacing between landings and takeoffs, which, in turn, could alleviate air-traffic congestion.

Here’s another image of the same plane:


This plane also occasionally get brought up in chemtrail conspiracy groups:

This is obviously not a contrail, it’s far too low and the trail is dropping too rapidly.

It’s a Boeing 747-100 “Supertanker”, modified by Evergreen Aviation, the only one of its kind. Specifically designed for fire fighthing. That’s it dumping water.   Here’s some more recent photos.

Here’s a video of it in action, titled “B747 chemtrails”. It’s interesting reading the comments, as the first comment correctly identifies what it is, and then everyone else just ignores that and starts speculating.


This one looks like a plane spraying stuff. But again it’s rather close to the ground. It’s actually taking off with the assistance of rockets. It’s not spraying, that’s just rocket exhaust.


This particular plane is a Boeing B-47B, rocket assisted take off, April 15, 1954. An no, that’s not a contrail in the sky behind it – it’s rip in the photo. Click on it for a large version from Wikipedia.


This one is used for cloud seeding. It does not actually spray anything but uses silver iodine flares that are either ejected, or burn in place.


It’s operated by the Sandy land Underground Water Conservation district of Plains, Texas, as part of their SOAR program. They have some more photos of similar equipment on their site. They are all small aircraft not capable of getting to the above 30,000 feet where contrails normally form.


This next photo is also of silver iodine flares, fixed underneath at large plane.


These also show up in “chemtrail” literature. They are sold by Weather Modification Inc, they make a range of weather modification equipment. About this one they say:

WMI racks for ejectable flares are mounted on the belly of the aircraft fuselage. Each rack holds 102 cartridges. When fired, the pyrotechnic is ignited and ejected from the aircraft. In this configuration, the WMI Lear 35A is equipped with four 102-count racks for ejectable glaciogenic pyrotechnics, a total of 408 flares.

Here’s another, this time from North American Weather Consultants, Inc.


About which they say:

This aircraft-mounted cloud seeding generator is fixed in place, and can burn a silver iodide solution during flight.


This one is the “Mk.32 drogue-type underwing pod on the Armée de l’Air Boeing C-135FR Stratotanker” (“93-CC”- s/n 63-8472 of GRV 93). It’s an in-flight refueling system on a French Boeing C-135FR Stratotanker, photographed in Canada, Feb 2005.

See: http://www.baha.be/Webpages/Navigator/News/tanker_flight_240205.htm

The following is supposed to be a plane that has “chemtrail aerosol nozzles” over three of the engines.

In reality, this plane N707MQ is a Boeing 707-320B. The engines are Pratt & Whitney JT3D-3:


It should be perfectly obvious that the “nozzles” are facing the wrong way to be spraying anything. They are actually turbocompressors, which are driven by engine bleed air, and are used to pressurize the interior of the plane. There are only three, as that’s all you need. Here’s a discussion:




1,442 thoughts on ““Chemtrail” Aircraft Photos

  1. SR1419 says:


    the video of the German news report is deliberately mistranslated…read the subject- Kartsen Brandt’s own words here:


  2. SciGuy2012 says:

    Ok, that could be just a mistranslation, I don’t speak German and can’t confirm or deny it.

    It’s not like cement is going to turn back into a soft liquid form again in this forum. When the facts for certain folks’ standards in here are undeniable, the argument of “too much water isn’t a good thing either” comes out. People believe what they want to believe and will defend it to the end. Egos, wonderful things for seeing illusions.

    I can do what “they” do too, watch this…

    Reporter: “Sir, are u aware of aerosol spraying taking place in the skies over most countries?”

    Official Representative: “No.”

    Well u heard it here folks, the answer is no, carve that into the cement and let’s move on to the next nonsense.

  3. JazzRoc says:

    SciGuy 2012:

    Ok, that could be just a mistranslation, I don’t speak German and can’t confirm or deny it.

    It’s quite obviously more than that.

    It is quite obviously not an accidental mistranslation, in fact it is quite obviously DELIBERATE.

    Sciechimiche, the producers, have produced other frauds in the past, and no doubt intend to produce many more.

    While you have such guys “on board” you can kiss goodbye to any credibility you may think you have.

  4. Noose says:

    Ok… so if it is all fake… how do you explain.. that when these planes go over and they leave a trail the trail then get thicker and thicker over time, after so many have gone over the sky ends up grey and dark all because of these trails??

  5. JazzRoc says:


    Ok… so if it is all fake… how do you explain.. that when these planes go over and they leave a trail the trail then get thicker and thicker over time, after so many have gone over the sky ends up grey and dark all because of these trails??

    The link “Contrails to Cirrus” at the top left does a good job (albeit in technical jargon) explaining this completely.
    If you have difficulty understanding this we’re open to further questions.

  6. There we go says:

    Spraying programs exists, no doubt. What makes it so confusing is that most reported chemtrails are just contrails.

    Do not focus on the trails, but figure out if your local wether conditions did change and the amount of polution from local industry.

    Maybe humidity levels did raise, sea salt particles, or change in barium levels from industry processes.

    2 winters ago it was nation wide (overhere) ONLY SNOWING IN HEAVILY INDUSTRIALIZED PLACES. To form a raindrop or snow flake it needs a medium like a particle like the ones described above… The air could be more polluted, the fuel enriched/dirty, or more water vapor by warmer (local) climate. Maybe you’re just ain’t living anymore in the most dry region of your country – check it out!

    UK gov has made public it was spraying its people during the ’80.. I’m not a debunker, just very critical. Especially a black (shadow) parallel contrail made me wonder about how much dust and other pollution is in our atmosphere these days, as i think the shadow was projected on a layer of low dense industrial particals or fine dust (like smog). Reports have shown CO2 level in Europe did raise by industry, so i can tell barium level will do the same – also in US.

  7. TWG, can you actually back up any of your claims with links? Actual evidence?

  8. Suntour says:

    By There we go:
    “Especially a black (shadow) parallel contrail made me wonder about how much dust and other pollution is in our atmosphere these days, as i think the shadow was projected on a layer of low dense industrial particals or fine dust (like smog)”

    Those contrail shadows are falling on a thin layer of clouds below the contrail, nothing sinister there.

  9. JazzRoc says:


    Those contrail shadows are falling on a thin layer of clouds below the contrail, nothing sinister there.

    Here is a quick vid of the same process happening from above.


  10. Frankie says:

    THIS IS A DISINFO SITE!!!!!!!! People, please, don’t waste your time here.

  11. Jerry says:

    Why would someone spray the enviroment and had to breathe the same air?
    Sounds great. Fair population control, including those, who are doing it.
    Wouldn’t it be easier to lace drinking water and Budweisser beer.

  12. cmxilies says:

    Your beer and water is already laced with fluoride. That’s probably why you are in perpetual daydream mode. I’ve been aware of ‘persistant contrails’ for years. I’ve never seen most of those pictures. This is dis-info.

  13. JazzRoc says:


    “Chemtrails” are beginning to prove that all types of humans are remarkably similar.

    I remember reading an encyclopedia as a child, and seeing how wild-looking aborigines looked, and reading how they were so primitive that they believed AIRCRAFT came from their CARGO GOD specifically to bring them gifts. The pilots, priests and anthropologists who came in the planes were thought by the natives to be the lowly and mendacious servant class of the god (who proved his impressive majesty by NEVER coming himself on the plane). Any words the whites uttered were not to be trusted, for who trusts servants?

    Much later, white caucasians wore their hair long (there was even a musical called HAIR), and the most famous guitarist in the world was a fuzzy-haired thick-lipped negro who played a right-handed guitar on the left, and sometimes with his teeth, and ALWAYS with a transcendent talent.

    Since then some white caucasians have developed the idea of a “chemtrail” god. This god is an angry god, who only wishes to bring them harm. (He also demonstrates his power by not being, er, actually there).
    Any pilot, scientist or engineer who tries to tell these cargo – no, chemtrail – people that aircraft trails are natural, and not made by this angry god, is, of course, ignored because such people are merely the servants of this god, and who trusts servants?

    The wheel has come full circle, and aren’t we all remarkably alike? 🙂

  14. Jordan James says:

    hey if someone could chase down the url and where it is registered too, you might get an idea if this is a government site pretending to be just an average jo citizen playing at misdirection. Why things are being said is often more important than what is actually being said.

  15. Suntour says:

    @ Jordan James,

    In order to fight “misdirection” you’re going to have to do more than finding out who is behind this website. You’ll have to go to every classroom, library and home in order to change the information in their encyclopedias, history books (WWII photos) and meterology books.

    Rather than shooting the messenger, how about providing factual evidence for “chemtrails”?

    I know you wont.

  16. captfitch says:


    I haven’t read all the replies but you are truly Sisiphus pushing the rock here… good luck.

    It seems that no matter how much evidence you provide there will always be skeptics. It’s ok, they exist for a reason. It just saddens me that they spend so much energy trying to prove that chemtrails exist when there are much better things to do.

    I haven’t seen a pilot post on here yet but as someone who leaves “chemtrails” behind him quite often I would love a chance to clear the air on this. In fact I flew right through someone elses “chemtrail” today- don’t worry, I feel fine.

    I like to leave my “chemtrails”:

    At night

    Over the top of extensive cloud layers

    Over the ocean

    Above and below and sometimes next to other aircraft that aren’t “chemtrailing”.

    Someone please explain why I am “chemtrailing” over the freaking ocean, AT NIGHT??

    How come no one has mentioned testing the jet fuel that every jet (military or otherwise) uses? Do you know what Prist is and why we sometimes use it? That stuff should scare you- it’ll eat through jet fuel tanks if you mix it wrong.

    Lastly, where is the “Chemtrail On” switch in my cockpit? I haven’t seen it yet. Is it remotely controlled?

    Bring it on everyone! But be warned- I might be trying to disinform you… or maybe I’m trying to dis-disinform you..

  17. Suntour says:

    There’s nothing worse than conspiracy theory spam lol.

  18. rebeccaw says:

    Don’t believe the debunkers! This is their job; to inform, (misinform), the public about this kinda stuff. But, you can’t always blame the pilots. Many of them are military and are simply following orders on a need-to-know basis; others are simply told lies about what they are dumping and are just contracted out out to do the dirty deeds. Believe in the science that is coming out of the labs as to the content of the “debris” we are breathing in! Keep building your chembusters and spreading the word. These gov’t pansies need to answer to the ENTIRE WORLD for this outrage!!

  19. Suntour says:


    Not one shred of proof for “chemtrails” = it must be true, government is covering it up!

    Loads of proof for contrails = it’s a conspiracy, don’t believe the debunkers!

    Keep on buying those chembusters, dishing out your hard earned money out for a worthless set of tubes. While you’re ordering worthless garbage, be sure to pick up a dowsing rod, ouija board and some tarot cards too!

    Conspiracy Theorists are so unique, intuitive and open minded! Just ask them!

  20. rebeccaw, which science and which labs? If there’s some new report, let me know and I can add it to:


    So far all tests have shown no evidence of deliberate spraying. Maybe you know of a new test?

  21. MyMatesBrainwashed says:

    Hmm. So what evidence is there that anyone against chemtrails is paid to do so?


    Yet how many chemtrail pushing websites can you donate to?

    Hmm indeed.

  22. closedeyesopen says:

    I am seeing them outside my window now. They start up in mid flight the spraying. My boss thinks they are contrails but no one really thinks about how common it may not be to see that many planes flying over an international (Los Angeles) airport with out stopping.

    Its doesn’t seem cost effective. I cant understand why people just really don’t take the time to look into this! I feel like I’m shaking the shoulder of sleeping people who I cant wake up.

    There are so many lies integrated in every aspect of our lives. Most don’t even get it. Its really sad, frustrating and scary that so may people are under this spell.

  23. captfitch says:

    I am not military and i am not getting paid to disinform!

    Please answer this= I am a pilot. I fly over my own home several times a month. I leave “chemtrails” very often over my own home. I have a family. Why do I put chemicals over my family?

    Answer this= I fly through “chemtrails” all the time. Why am I healthy after a concentrated dose? If you don’t know how environmental systems work in planes don’t bother answering.

    Answer this= If you are so convinced, how much are you willing to pay me to NOT spray over your area? I will take your address and charge you a no spray fee. I promise I’ll keep this between you and me.

    Answer this= if I lose my medical and can no longer fly what have I got to lose? I’ll spill the beans and uncover the whole scheme. Has any pilot ever left aviation?

    Answer this closedeyesopen= has anyone EVER flown from San Fran to San Diego nonstop? Has anyone ever taken the Vegas-Hawaii flight? No? EVERYONE stops in LA?

    If you can not answer these questions then I am right and chemtrails are a hoax!

  24. SR1419 says:

    Closed eyes….

    SoCal is one of the busiest air spaces in the World- think about how many airports besides LAX there are- Burbank, San Diego, Ontario – I am sure there are others- I don’t live there…but if you want to know where all those planes you see are going…just look:


  25. Get real says:

    If they wanted you dead – one button (nuke) and you would be…. Why would they fly planes in broad day light (oh by the way it would cost 20 k a hour or more to keep a plane like this in the sky! Times that by what a thousand (s) a planes – all over the world) so people could see – it…uh we signed a treaty against chem spraying populations – ever hear of war crimes – and trials ? What So the last maybe 4 maybe 6 presidents approved it! Plus countless congresses…and ex plane other countries involved (ya reports all around the world) …gota be kidding – you nuts go from one to the next! 911 / etc…

    It’s called world is changing – stop sucking on chem trials (hahaha) or what-ever you smoke? And Help change things for the better (IE LESS TAXES? GOVERNMENT/Etc) instead a boogie man spraying you – your losing it.

  26. Marco says:

    Uncinus may I ask you a simple question?

    If the US or other countries govts were trying to secretly spread chemicals in the atmosphere for whatever the reason, couldn’t they do it without such an evident trail in the sky?

  27. Anonymous says:

    This guy is full of shit trying to debunk the reality of chem trails. They (the US ZOG) was working on these when they brought Nikola Tesla to the Jewnited States. In 1905, when Tesla was 49 years old, he was already working on weather modification projects. Weather modification was even admitted to on this page, so what the fuck? People aren’t stupid, and the day of reckoning is coming for the Jewluminati.


  28. Pegasus says:

    Cloudseeding is fundamentally different than the stripes you accuse of being chemtrails.

  29. wildwelder az says:

    been gone for a bit …back …and so the spray never stops …here is an interesting link…but i am sure Unicus…will as usual say the people are misled…..


  30. The Shasta aluminum part of that story has already been discussed in some detail, starting at this comment:


    I don’t just “say the people are misled”, I try to address specific claims in a scientific manner, by examining the evidence. I went into great depth regarding aluminum levels, even though there’s nothing to suggest they came from aircraft trails.

  31. wildwelder az says:

    yes Mr. Uncinus…

    i think aluminum is free forming naturally in the stratosphere or possible peeling off in micro particles …particulary over california…….

    i can tell you without a doubt …that this does exist and we have witnessed it over and over again…..i suppose you’ll say the last year of rain and snow in the east was caused by “el nino” as well ….hey i here the government is hiring more debunkers how do i get an application?

  32. Nobody has found suspicious levels of aluminum in the stratosphere.

    So what about the aluminum story to you actually think is suspicious? Could you be more specific? What’s the “this” you have witness over and over? Persistent contrails?

  33. wildwelder az says:

    ……More “uninformed people i suppose…….yes i am aware of the word”possibly”

    Parliamentary acts
    04:03 pm – Monday European Parliament: question on aircraft condensation trails which no longer only contain water
    Strasbourg, France – By Erik Meijer (GUE/NGL)
    (WAPA) – “Written question E-2455/07
    by Erik Meijer (GUE/NGL)
    to the Commission

    Subject: aircraft condensation trails which no longer only contain water but cause persistent milky veils, possibly due to the presence of barium, aluminium and iron

    1) Is the Commission aware that, since 1999, members of the public in Canada and the USA have been complaining about the growing presence in the air of aircraft condensation trails of a new type, which sometimes persist for hours and which spread far more widely than in the past, creating milky veils which are dubbed ‘aerial obscuration’, and that the new type has particularly come to people’s attention because it is so different from the short, pencil-thin white contrails which have been a familiar sight ever since jet engines came into use and which remain visible for 20 minutes at most and can only be produced if steam condenses on dust particles due to low temperatures and high humidity?

    2) Is the Commission aware that investigations by these complainants, observations by pilots and statements by government bodies increasingly suggest that what is happening is that aircraft are emitting into dry air small particles consisting of barium, aluminium and iron, a phenomenon which in public debate in America has come to be known as chemtrails?

    3) Unlike contrails, chemtrails are not an inevitable by-product of modern aviation. Does the Commission know, therefore, what is the purpose of artificially emitting these Earth-derived substances into the Earth’s atmosphere? Does it help to cause rain, benefit telecommunications or combat climate change?

    4) To what extent are aerial obscuration and chemtrails now also being employed in the air over Europe, bearing in mind that many people here too are now convinced that the phenomenon is becoming increasingly common and are becoming concerned about the fact that little is so far known about it and there is no public information on the subject? Who initiates this spraying and how is it funded?

    5) Apart from the intended benefits of emitting substances into the air, is the Commission aware of any possible disadvantages it may have for the environment, public health, aviation and TV reception?

    6) What is being done to prevent individual European states or businesses from taking measures unilaterally whose crossborder impact other States or citizens’ organisations may regard as undesirable? Is coordination already taking place with regard to this? Is the EU playing a part in it, or does the Commission anticipate a future role, and what are the Commission’s objectives in this connection?”. (Avionews)

  34. People believing in something does not make it true. Lots of people believe in angles and alien abductions – doe that make them true?

    No, you need actual physical evidence. Look, he believes something that YOU KNOW IS FALSE:

    pencil-thin white contrails which have been a familiar sight ever since jet engines came into use and which remain visible for 20 minutes at most

    Surely you’ve read the mounds of evidence that show this to be false. So why do you give the rest of his statement any credence?

  35. And that question by Erik Meijer was answered:

    Parliamentary questions
    26 June 2007
    Answer given by Mr Dimas on behalf of the Commission
    1. The Commission is aware of claims that such trends and phenomena exist. However, the Commission is not aware of any evidence substantiating such claims. The extent to which aircraft condensation trails form and the speed at which they disappear are in the first instance determined by pressure, temperature, and the relative humidity of a given flight level. Fuel and combustion properties and the overall propulsive efficiency may also have an impact. Any changes or trends in the extent to which contrails are reported to remain visible and develop into more widespread clouds may thus be due to factors such as changes in:

    — meteorological conditions;
    — traffic volumes;
    — jet-engine efficiency.
    2. The Commission is aware of such claims but is not aware of any evidence that particles of barium, aluminium or iron are being emitted, deliberately or not, by aircraft.

    3. No. It cannot be precluded that the release of such particles might affect precipitation and climate change, but as indicated above the Commission is not aware of any evidence that such releases take place.

    4. The Commission is not aware of any evidence that such methods are being employed in Europe.

    5. None of the substances referred to are hazardous per se, but some effects on environment and public health can not be ruled out if large scale releases to the air occurred.

    6. As indicated above the Commission is not aware of any evidence suggesting that there is any reason to act.

    Why do you give the question more credence than the answer?

  36. wildwelder az says:

    and yet another recent site….unicus …will attempt to tell everyone these are rumors as well i suppose


    Amazingly clear blue sky today ..with…ohhh myyy..air traffic in the sky…..but not a trail see by the eye……

  37. What specifically do you think is both correct and supporting the “deliberate secret spraying” theory, on that site?

    Why does “Volumes of data” link to a youtube video and “lab tests” not link to anything? Where is the data? Where are the lab tests?

    Of course people are looking into geoengineering. Why would they not study the possibility? But the fact remains there is no evidence that anyone is actually doing it. (and no, cloud seeding is not geoengineering, any more that brushing your hair is plastic surgery).

    And, you do know that there is basically the same air traffic EVERY DAY, right? So what’s your point? If there’s no trails today it’s because of the weather.

    I’m in Los Angeles. We’ve had a lot of trails for several weeks now. It’s also been very cold. Now today it’s suddenly warm, and there are no trails. Coincidence? No, the weather has changed. Specifically a region of high pressure has moved in behind the front that brought the recent rain.


    So there’s no contrails, but the amount of air traffic remains constant.


    It’s the weather.

  38. faithinscience says:

    It’s the weather

    This simple fact, escapes so many. It’s just sad.

  39. wildwelder az says:

    yes it is sad that we are being sprayed like lab rats……

  40. Simply asserting something over and over does not make it true. You need actual evidence.

    If you don’t have actual evidence. Why do you believe this theory? Don’t you think it’s significant that all the evidence that supposedly supports the theory (like the persistence of trails, or the lab results) has all been full explained? When all the evidence supporting a theory has been debunked, and all you have left is suspicion, then don’t you think you might want to take a deeper look?

    Why do you accept on blind faith the theories for some internet sites? Why not do some research and think for yourself?

  41. wildwelder az says:

    yea that is the insiders take….anyone with a reasonable mind and depth perception knows something is not right …..like it or not we are being duped once again by “shadow government “people who in the air forces own words “will control the weather by 2025” they are not going to do this by mind melding or using a crystal ball….humans,animals,vegetation ,fish waterways,rivers streams are all showing signs of heavy metal contamination .with no industry around …so lets see the insiders stance will be ..it is industrial pollution from developing nations traveling in the upper atmosphere…..

  42. So what, you think there’s no industrial pollution in the upper atmosphere? You think there’s no other source of aerosols than some secret deliberate spray programs – it that what you are saying? Check your facts before you answer.

  43. SR1419 says:

    ..er…not to nit pick but actually the Air Force’s own words were to “own” the weather by 2025-

    Nonetheless, the document with that title says nothing about “chemtrails” and persistent contrails….so, how is that evidence that every persistent contrail is really a “sprayed” “chemtrail”?

  44. And it was not really “The Air Force”, just a research paper about what might happen with thing like tactical cloud seeding (which also said they don’t recommend anything large scale). They have clarified this:


    Several authors cite an Air University research paper titled “Weather as a Force Multiplier: Owning the Weather in 2025” (http://www.au.af.mil/au/database/research/ay1996/acsc/96-025ag.htm) that suggests the Air Force is conducting weather modification experiments. The purpose of that paper was part of a thesis to outline a strategy for the use of a future weather modification system to achieve military objectives and it does not reflect current military policy, practice, or capability.
    The Air Force’s policy is to observe and forecast the weather. The Air Force is focused on observing and forecasting the weather so the information can be used to support military operations. The Air Force is not conducting any weather modification experiments or programs and has no plans to do so in the future.

  45. wildwelder az says:

    As you can see there are two sides to every theory……i just happen to not trust either until i reshearch myself..which as of late is difficult due to other demands of my time…

    “It is important to distinguish between contrails and chemtrails. Contrails are streaks of condensed water vapor created in the air by jet airplanes at high altitudes. Contrails can exist in two forms: water droplet and ice crystal. Contrails typically become visible about a wingspans distance behind an aircraft flying at high altitude. The trail dissipates quite quickly, usually within a minute or so. Chemtrails, on the other hand, are visible directly behind an aircraft, with little or no gap between the aircraft and the start of the trail. Chemtrails are said to vary from contrails in their length of persistence. Chemtrails do not dissipate quickly; they tend to form into mushy clouds which can block sunlight. Some people are reporting what they describe to be unusual activity in the sky, including jets leaving trails at low altitudes, spray lines creating X’s, S’s and parallel lines, lines that slowly spread to create a canopy of haze, and reports of unusual smells, tastes, and even illness related to the trails. Also, a reddish-brown gel, dropped from low-flying aircraft, has been observed by people in the past and was even documented on Unsolved Mysteries. Samples of this substance have been allegedly analyzed by Margareta-Erminia Cassani and found to be teaming with biological organisms. Other tests have shown that chemtrails contain more than 3 times the legal level of the toxic substance, barium. Chemtrails may also be one of the primary contributory factors in the collapse of honey bee colonies worldwide. Albert Einstein clearly knew the importance of the honey bee when he said: “If the bee disappears from the surface of the earth, man would have no more than four years to live.””

    This 5-minute video serves only as an introduction to the phenomenon of chemtrails-

    have to travel this week via the “hot tub time machine” 🙂 keep up the good work Uncinus

  46. Why exactly are you quoting the text of a youtube video as if it is evidence? You know that “The trail dissipates quite quickly, usually within a minute or so.” is factually incorrect. It’s been known for many decades that contrails can persist for hours, and spread out to cover the sky.

    So, if they can’t get that basic fact right, then why try the rest of it? There’s no actual evidence presented there, just vague claims.

  47. captfitch says:

    There were videos on that site from weatherwars. Weatherwars, in my opinion, is among the worst out there. They even claim that there is an entire second fleet of commercial look-alike aircraft out there producing the chemtrails! ANYTHING they say is BS.

  48. That particular quote seems to have been kicking around for a while. People just cut and paste that stuff without actually reading or verifying it.



    1,920 results. 50 videos,

    This might be the original, from May 2009, by John Watkins, aka “NufffRespect”, a theorist of the David Icke school.


    Funny how nonsense like that can propagate, and essentially get stuck in an endless loop of repetition.

  49. LightBearer says:

    I was thinking about the spiral lights over Norway and how the direction which the blue wave came from was that of HAARP and how barium can be used to project 3D images. These three things aren’t conspiracys but do lead to one theroy. If there will be a staged alien attack as told by Dr Steven Greer performed by a ‘Majestic Group’ then the whole sky would not need to be filled with contrails just where many people are. This Majestic Group have shown they are capable of projecting 3D images in more than one location but not at the same time. Think about it, it really is not beyond current technologies or human capabilities to cover the skys of major citys then using HAARP to transmit 3D images of whatever they please. Infact the perfect thing to start with would be a wormhole like appeared in Norway Russia and China as to lead believers into thinking that first contact has been made. What I oppose is the false incrimination of a highly advanced species and how they would react if such events took place. The worst thing is that its also conceivable that back engineered spacecraft could be used for real effect in the event that HAARP is unsuccessful at convincing true believers.

    “Its a bloody big ballpark but I’m going for a homerun!”

  50. captfitch says:

    Government operative 1: Hey let’s convince the public that we’ve made contact with an alien species.

    Government operative 2: Sounds great! How you wanna do it?

    Government operative 1: Let’s set up an incredibly illaborate network of 3D images and systems to fool the public using billions of dollars and multiple, obviously visible tests that span multiple fields and require the cooperation of hundreds and hundreds of people. And if that fails we can build some fake spaceships to trick’em!!

    Government operative 2: Awesome!! Wait- that sounds needlessly complex… why don’t we just tell them we made contact and show them some fake radio signals from Aricebo? It would be easy to do and they wouldn;t know what they were loking at anyway. We’ll just put some extra squiggles in the radio wave plot or something.

    Goverment operative 1: Yeah- you’re right, that would be much easier. Hey- didn’t someone make a fake radio show in the thirties that everyone believed? That worked pretty well- we’ll just prey on the public’s overall gullibility and ignorance. They believe in lots of silly things- it wouldn’t be hard.

    Government operative 2: Genius!
    Government operative 1: Genius!

  51. LightBearer says:

    Well what other way in this day and age could a convincing hoaxed alien attack work, should we not trust in Dr Greer’s warnings? Do you actually believe there are no existing back engineered spacecraft that could be used? Money is no object to the powerful in order to achieve their goals. What would the purpose of a hoax attack be anyway? There is really only one answer to that, new world order. Too many unanswered questions leaves the mind pondering all possibilities, If there was nothing going on there would be less secrecy the fact is there are not enough people prepared for the truth simply because they have been lied to again and again into believing what they know is the truth.

  52. Tudor Skadi says:

    Great Job, Unicus. Ehr.. Uncinus that is. (Sorry, some sort of strange Freudian lapsis that was. Lol.)

    But anyway: as i mentioned, great job. On some point in time i also believed in all those crapped theories about conpiricies etc, but logical thinking (in my case pretty primitive, though, rofl) made me make sort of the same conclusions as most ‘non believers’ of those stupid chemtrails. I DID came to the following conclusion: contrails are chemtrails, but in the ‘simple’ way as ‘stuff that is chemical, like most other stuff by the way, and (imo) doesnt belong in the air because man take it up there. IOW: Normal exhaust.

    By the way. Sorry for the bad english. But great work and keep it going.

  53. Anonymous says:

    My post looks pretty funny and dumb. But who cares. Rofl.

  54. Anonymous says:

    Why do debunkers use math and science to make their points, while conspiracy theorists use insults?

  55. sandy johnson says:

    I do not believe a word of waht you say. There is too much evidence to the contrary to believe such malarkey.The German and British Governments admit to spaying the public,. Hard to derail that one.

  56. faithinscience says:

    “The German and British Governments admit to spaying the public,. Hard to derail that one.”

    I LOVE comments like this. It shows how easily people are prone to making assumptions.

    Where is there ANYTHING that shows that the trails I see over my house have anything to do with these admitted public sprayings?! Oh, I see…since we see airplanes over our houses, and there is “something” being left behind them…it MUST have something to do with the German and British incidents…

    *rolls eyes*

    Nothing creates a conspiracy theorist better than a few assumptions and some conclusion jumping.

  57. Andrew says:

    Don’t chemtrails primarily contain dihydrogen monoxide?

    As Walt Kelly said, “We have met the enemy and he is us.”

    After stumbling across the chemtrail conspiracy videos on YouTube this weekend I literally became a bit distressed. I was upset that so many people could still be motivated by fear, and explain what they don’t understand, by superstition. This is the year 2010, right? I think the chemtrail conspiracy is a brilliant look at the psychology of people and reaffirms my belief that fear and hate really are the path to the dark side.

    I salute your fortitude and willingness to continue this dialogue with the public. If just a few people can manage to be humble enough to realize they have been lead astray by fallacies, you and the contributors to this site, are educators and saviors.

    People’s quality of life really will improve when they understand what “chemtrails” are.

  58. faithinscience says:

    “People’s quality of life really will improve when they understand what “chemtrails” are.”

    Unfortunately, this won’t ever happen for many. And that number rises every day thanks to “friends” on youtube.

  59. Hildegard says:

    The British government are “spaying the public”? They’re flipping not you know – our local maternity services are working flatout just to keep up. How do you secretly spay someone anyway? Laparoscopy’s good but honestly, I think people would notice.

  60. wildwelder az says:

    hello Unicus…..back from my nato excursion…found some interesting reading …..different views i suppose…..i do like the new site lay out 🙂


    seems a bit of discussion is now happening we will always have nay sayers on both sides of this issue for years to come……

  61. Can you explain what you found interesting about it?

  62. Someone Somewhere says:

    I really enjoy this site. In order to refute or believe anything, both sides must be discussed. Unfortunately, all I can do is ask questions at this point. First, to those supporting the chemtrail theory, I hold no doubt that the government and/or financial elite would manipulate or even harm the population for their own goals. But I do not understand the ultimate motivation behind dumping barium and aluminum into our atmosphere. Those substances are toxic to all humans. Wouldn’t they then be poisoning themselves? Although, there are ways to mitigate their effects I do know. A lot of it probably involves a specific diet and vast amounts of money, so maybe it is possible the public would be effected and these elite few wouldn’t! Also, who obtained the samples showing those substances in the “chemtrail” and how was that performed? In addition, I saw references to the HAARP facility, how does that correlate to the chemtrail theory?

    Now to those disputing the theory. First, you should never criticize anyone for questioning what their government is doing. It’s a shame more people aren’t this passionate about most things. But I believe it was Uncinus who said that the weather modification by 2025 report was only something the military might discuss in the future, not what they’re doing now. How do you know that is not an endeavor they’re currently employing? Do you have access to information regarding all government missions and classified material? Also, I believe it’s possible for a contrail to linger, but I see close to a dozen a day now. I do see some that leave no wake that are flying at the same time at seemingly the same approximate altitude as some that do. I don’t understand that. Please advise. Also, I wouldn’t automatically claim publications from the 40s count as scientific proof! Also (I apologize my two year old is running wild around me so I’m a little scatter-brained) but there were links to sites that showed old patents for implementing some of these chemicals in weather research. That was met with the claim that simply because there is a patent for a specific idea or experiment doesn’t mean it’s being carried out. I can’t imagine that patents are cheap or fun to procure so why would anyone go about the trouble of patenting such an inane idea without the intent of doing something with it?

    I thank everyone for their comments or responses Peace and Love

  63. Faithinscience says:

    someone somewhere, I’d say it’s obvious that you have already made up your mind. But, No one is suggesting that those who “believe” these trails to be chemical in nature shouldn’t question their government. Personally MY position is that they shouldn’t automatically assume that “the government” has ANYTHING to do with the trails in the sky! Also, “the government” and all of those educated in atmospheric science HAVE done everything they can to help these people understand the simple scientific facts. Yet, they refuse to accept the truth. As far as I’m concerned, these people can “believe” what they want…and no matter what ANYONE says about the subject, those uneducated in weather, atmospheric science and aviation are going to CONTINUE to accept the chemtrail hoax, as fact. These people are programed to be suspicious and to assume the worse from their fellow man, and they will ALWAYS do so. They HAVE been exposed to the truth and refuse it…what else can be done for them? Nothing…
    Personally, I look at them as tinfoil hat wearing village idiot types who are destined to be that way until the day they die. There is no evidence of any chemicals, and the BASIC science EASILY explains the trails…what else can be done for these people!?! NOTHING! They WANT to live in fear….let ’em! I’m so glad that this site exists as a pillar of truth in a sea of ignorance.

  64. Ian Bryant says:

    What a great dis-information site.

  65. I do see some that leave no wake that are flying at the same time at seemingly the same approximate altitude as some that do. I don’t understand that. Please advise.

    For an explanation of this, see:


  66. Faithinscience says:

    Ian, please provide specific instances of “disinformation”. Just coming to the site and yelling “WRONG!!!!” doesn’t make YOU look very credible. Nothing here is “disinformation”…It’s all information. If you could provide even ONE specific instance, with ANYTHING to back up the claim, it would be appreciated.

  67. snoopy says:

    @ faithinscience – That’s been the problem!!! ‘No one questions their government”…so please wake up and smell the coffee please!

  68. faithinscience says:

    Oh please, I see a LOT of questioning…and then I see the answers…and then I see the questioning continuing. If people aren’t going to accept the answers they get, why WOULD the government bother reiterating the same thing over and over!? These (you) people are going to believe what you WANT to believe, regardless of what the truth is…and no matter how many times it’s explained to you. You don’t want to question the government, you want to further your agenda. Who are you trying to kid?! The coffee smells like coffee and the trails in the sky ARE contrails, no matter what the uneducated claim them to be.

  69. LightBearer says:

    For me, the only way to discover any truth’s, is to contemplate and calculate all positives and negatives, based on facts and feelings related to the subject. Upon doing this I usually feel very strongly toward ONE decision and I stress the word FEEL. Our basic natural instinct has been suppressed, intentionally as much as unintentionally, causing confusion and leaving no place to lay our trust, based on knowledge alone. In order to understand knowledge in its true light, we must travel back to those basics. The initial feelings we experience when first attempting to understand any knowledge, are almost instantaneously put aside as we contemplate what we already know by using rational thought pattern’s. Some of those pattern’s are purposefully constructed by governing bodies through the use of many sources. From religion and politics to symbolism and subliminal messaging, the evidence of such manipulations of mankind’s mentality is becoming more and more evident and obvious to those who are already perceptive to them.

    It may sound corny or cheesy to some, but the only way to find the truth is to look in to our heart’s.

    Peace love and harmony to all.
    (No Im not a hippy! Lol)

  70. How then would you determine if a particular trail was a contrail, or something deliberately sprayed?

  71. faithinscience says:

    Bye chemtards! It looks like you have won! Uncinus seems to feel that censoring people is the best right thing to do..and I can’t have anything to do with such nonsense. Go ahead, stay stupid…It’s your choice. I will be opening my own site..and using this one as a template. I will NOT censor ANYONE for ANY reason! Fucking ridiculous!~

  72. To be clear, I removed posts that were simply insults, along the lines of “get an education”. I don’t censor any posts offering information or interpretations of evidence.

  73. JazzRoc says:

    Lightbearer, I don’t know whether Uncinus will let this through, but I have to tell you that your frightening message is blatantly anti-science, and if it ever were to prevail it would propel us back to the Dark Ages within a couple of generations. That would take us back to a population of fifty million or so, and require the DEATH of the other 6,950,000,000 of us.

    Lucifer by name, and also by nature it seems.

    As a matter of casual interest, do you FEEL that the Sun ACTUALLY DOES go round the Earth each day? What does your INSTINCT tell you?

  74. captfitch says:

    I’m not opposed to censorship here as long as the posts that are deleted are pointless. There are probably a few posts I have made that should have been deleted.

    As fare as lightbearer goes- I don’t totally disagree with the general idea behind what he said. I do, however, feel that to place a decidedly intangible, untestable feeling about a subject above clear, concise scientific findings and facts highly degrades the actual benefit of whatever those feelings provide.

    As this relates to contrails: I feel that contrails inherently appeal to our brain’s desire to recognize order or apply order to observations. Without recognizing this desire I believe most would “feel” like contrails have some predetermined order to them and through this feeling desire to identify the cause.

    As an example, I have often read that chemtrails are usually followed by a rain event. The prevailing feeling is that chemtrails cause rain. If one would take that feeling and investigate it further they would most likely find that the feeling is indeed correct but the cause and effect conclusion that is usually reached is incorrect (reversed). But the initial feeling led to some investigation which is a good thing as long as the investigation portion takes priority and the one investigating is willing to abandon conclusions that do NOT reinforce ideas produced from that initial feeling.

    Bottom line is this: Use that feeling you have about something as a launching pad for investigation but be prepared to step off that pad and go in directions you may not neccessarily be ready for or happy about.

    This is, fundamentally, what seperates chemtrail beleivers from non-believers. The believers never changed couse despite overwhelming evidence compelling them to. Non-believers may have started with a feeling about contrails but are willing to introduce findings that don’t jive with that initial feeling.

    Further, to claim that we as a society are so thouroughly brainwashed by the government or religion places far too much credit in those entities and not nearly enough credit in the human race.

  75. LightBearer says:

    Any comments regarding my posts, regardless of context are all relevant to me and as such are GREATLY appreciated. All of our views and opinions are of huge importance to us all, as the day will come when ONE outcome is reached and all negatives and positives will eventually neutralize. I take this opportunity to apologize for any feelings of negativity caused by reading anything I have written, it is not my intention to frighten, only to enlighten.

    Simply because there is the possibility of deliberate actions, the possibilities can then be explained by other existing factors, which are not only directly affected by the actions themselves but also by the ramifications on a wider scope. Often, answers can be linked to subjects seemingly unassociated in any way till understood correctly, once discovered they can help complete a small fraction of a much larger and incomprehensibly complex picture. Contrails are but a small part of that picture, it is the decided feelings and thoughts based on facts related to them which can help lead to the overall truth.

    Brainwashed is quite a strong a term for the very subtle nature of the distractions which I speak of, maybe ‘pulling the wool over our eyes’ would be a better description. These manipulations are as much a good thing for us as they are bad. Whilst they shield us from the truth they also protect us from knowledge which at our current stage of multidimensional evolution is inconceivable that we could harness, in such fragile and impressionable physical form, on a massive scale.

    “if it ever were to prevail it would propel us back to the Dark Ages within a couple of generations. That would take us back to a population of fifty million or so, and require the DEATH of the other 6,950,000,000 of us.”

    The scary thing is, this is exactly what would have to happen in order to create the space for our latent energies to begin expanding, upon the knowledge held up to the time of a near mass extinction event. Quality is always sacrificed by quantity, in every sense of the word. The more there is of something, the less capable it becomes as a singularity, hence the more knowledge there is, the less quality can easily be derived from it as a whole. This is why there are no clear answers to be found anywhere but in our hearts.

    I thank this site and all involved, for helping shed some light on subjects which are gladly becoming more and more widely spoken of.

    Peace OUT (.’_’.)

  76. captfitch says:

    Well- I’m afraid you’ve lost me. Will you agree that the love afair with the idea of chemtrails or the implications of chemtrails is largely the driving force behind much of the rhetoric and/or hard line allegiance to the “chemtrail movement”? Which is to say, there are those that are so adherant to thier “feelings” that they fail to even consider an opposing viewpoint and associated facts.

    I feel this is the logical juxtaposition to your argument.

  77. CONdensationtrails says:

    I recently had a get together with one of my former classmates and hes gone off the deep end… He is terrified of chemtrails and wears masks out in public. He dropped out of highschool and it makes me sad to see how paranoid he is about everything. I just want to help him or reassure him. One thing I find consistent with the theorists are they have very little science background.

    I’m not trying to be an elitest but I graduated with a sci degree and an emphasis on climatology and the basic/fundamental principals that one learns in beginning level classes debunk most of these chemtrail theories.

    Whether it be a conservative, liberal, athlete, girly girl, uber-nerd, or anyone in between I do not know a single student/instructor at my college that believes in these chemtrails. They do not work for the government, have ulterior motives, are attempting to cover up a conspiracy. However, they do all have one thing in common: they know the fundamental/elementary science that makes these chemtrail claims laughable at best.

    I wish these ‘truthers’ would grab a text book or take a couple 100 level classes and reevaluate their beliefs in this specific ‘conspiracy’.

  78. JazzRoc says:

    lightbearer: “The more there is of something, the less capable it becomes as a singularity, hence the more knowledge there is, the less quality can easily be derived from it as a whole.”

    I have NEVER heard a dafter argument than this.

    This is why there are no clear answers to be found anywhere but in our hearts.”

    Except perhaps this.

    I’ll suggest the opposite:

    1. The MORE facts are known about any subject, the BETTER it is known., and

    2. Don’t go looking INSIDE for facts which are to be found OUTSIDE.

  79. Artyom says:

    What’s sad is these exact same photos are still being used as evidence of chemtrail planes. That KC tanker with the external refueling pod (drogue type) was the most recent posted. Then followed with the paranoia that the French military is spraying US skies with chemtrails. This site will suffer after Alex Jones releases his new “documentary”.

  80. That’s why I’ve gathered all these photos together, to provide an easy source for debunking.

    YouTube is the worst. Videos like the KTLA Barium nonsense continue to be touted years after they have been debunked and the actual reporter has retracted his claims. There’s an odd persistence to the internet. Debunking is not a on-time thing.

  81. LightBearer says:

    I understand your views JazzRoc, what you say is true about my statement and I see how it may seem daft. Maybe I could have been clearer in context to how I wanted it to be read. So many people are unaware of even the notion of chem/contrails that to present them with any evidence, either for or against, simply confuses them. There is already so much fact and speculation regarding them that is difficult to understand which is true. It’s a bit like joining in half way through a movie.

    I appreciate that I’m not as well educated in academic terms as others and that is one of the reasons why I’m here. To get feedback from intelligent thinkers such as yourself who can help me to understand my own perceptions and thoughts much better.

    In order to help understand my views in the correct light I must tell you a little about myself.
    I’ve had more time in my life to dedicate my thoughts to thinking deeper and higher than most people can achieve in their daily lives. This is because I have suffered from a range of debilitating illness’ for the majority of my life thus allowing me that time to contemplate. I don’t just feel things or just assume, I may make wild assumptions at first but I’m soon brought back down to earth by the facts. However, often the facts I learn only add merit to the assumptions which I had previously made, without those confirmations. Therefore my feelings utmost, have guided to me to whatever understanding I have our universe.

    To Everyone, Take time to free your mind and really digest all you know then tell me how you feel. I’m not just talking about contrails here either. I mean utter contemplation of all you have ever understood in your life. Paying particular attention to things which may appear to be all they are, seemingly unrelated to one another. You will soon begin to connect the dots and start making your own assumptions which will later be given as fact.

  82. Sure, everyone, if they listen to their feelings, will make assumptions that will later be verified as facts.

    But they will also make assumptions that will later be shown to be falsehoods. You just don’t remember those as well.

    Now that’s not really a problem per se. All that results in is a feeling that one should trust their intuition, or perhaps a slight sense of being psychic, or having the ability to predict the future. Nothing particularly harmful there.

    Where such a magical mindset becomes a problem is when you begin to ignore, or even slightly misinterpret, evidence, simply because it does not fit your world view.

    I’d like to keep the discussion on the subject of contrails, and the “chemtrail” theory. What do your feelings tell you about that? And how does it tally with the facts?

  83. And on a related topic, this article is incredibly fascinating:


    And make sure you watch the accompanying videos – really fascinating.

  84. Excuse me for rambling in the comments, but consider this:


    But times are changing and some marketers are beginning to realise that memories are constructive. Some have even benefited from the fact that their consumers’ memories have been manufactured. Take, for example, Stewart’s Root Beer. They report many adults seem to remember growing up drinking their frosty root beer in bottles. Impossible, since the company only began full-scale distribution 10 years ago, and prior to that they were a fountain beverage only.

    Corporations can mess with your memory! Now does this mean that all the stories of subliminal contrail desensitization are true, or does it simply mean that your memory is not to be trusted?

  85. Artyom says:

    @Lightbearer, I don’t understand personally your situation, but I know what it is like being disabled and having extra time. The mind is a wonderful thing. Man, through science, has achieved man things! Our dream of flying started by dreams and curiousity, followed by thought and science. If contrails has peaked your curiousity, there are books about them. Meteorologists love the sky and studying it, so they’d almost certainly answer questions. This website is a great place showing the natural occurance of contrails and the fact they can and do persist.
    This theory exists and even more so today due to man’s inherent distrust of the government. They have done some bad things. All government’s have. Everyone remember’s the images of C-130 hercules spraying defoliant Agent Orange acrosst the jungles of Vietnam. Now there are weather modification in use. So people are expecting the worst, often at times put these two together despite there being NO evidence what so ever.

    Here is weather modification video on Youtube.

    This shows the process when they seed the clouds. These type planes are also here shown on the website. The most common materials used is silver iodide, frozen carbon dioxide, liquid nitrogen and cement dust. And if you want a laugh and proof of this weather modification, Here is a story,

    How this form of weather modification works?

    His methods of teaching may seem a bit silly, but it is really the 101 on this subject.

    Here is this Meteorologists take on the Contrail/Chemtrail subject

    And if anyone wants, they may ask this gentleman a question here:

    Now as a warning about youtube, it is probably the number spot where people just post what ever they want. As you stated, Lightbearer, there is so much information there it gets confusing. However, I am not showing videos from conspiracy, but from professionals in their field.

  86. SokTorkeraK says:

    Good Day i am new here, I came accross this chat board I have found It extremely accessible & its helped me tons. I hope to contribute and aid other users like its helped me.

    Thanks, See Ya Around.

  87. Anonymous says:

    Chemtrails are very real anyone who thinks they are contrails is a moron

  88. Artyom says:

    See Anonymous, that argument works on youtube. Ground samples of rain water proves what is in a so called chemtrail? Because not one person has sampled a “chemtrail” directly to prove its contents. Not one person who are claiming youtube videos as proof understands what they see. They make assumptions that they know. And when meteorologists, pilots, NASA, and so forth explain, they are shills right? Calling people moron’s based on assessments of youtube videos and groundless claims is quite pathetic. Prove anything is wrong on this site with real proof not just videos of contrails or what you claim are chemtrails. If you have proof, we’re all waiting for it. In the meantime, you should read all the articles here and if you find them wrong, PROVE IT.

    This comment is either from a silly passerby just trying to flame the comments section or someone who is in a sad state of denial. Yes, denial, as of course he or she leaves no room for debate, insulting everyone who disagrees, as to comfort oneself in his or her beliefs. The comment really was a waste of internet space. To think those insults were a lashed out weapon that strikes anger in people, it doesn’t…just pity.

  89. Non Attorney says:

    You guys are still at it here using your defense attorney skills to debunk every fact with ignorance and careful word play? Why are you guys not running for political office? The whole world is run by lawyers, if you haven’t noticed, and they have magical ways of making a blue sky become red and up becomes down all with word play, and it works well on the sheep who don’t think for themselves and know the scam going on.

    Speak to Weather Modification Incorporated in North Dakota for just one example of what is being done in the skies without public consent or knowledge.

    I know Youtube = all bad info in here, but here’s a convo I came across from a secret video taping at Weather Mod Inc. – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZsKxX0WkpN4
    The original keeps getting deleted, only copies filmed this way can be found of it.

    There’s more than enough test results after fresh spraying to prove what is going on, by denying test results are valid because it proves chemtrail existence doesn’t make the results invalid.

  90. Cloud seeding has been going on for decades with no secrecy and full public knowledge (although there is some dispute as to how well it actually works). There’s the exact same public consent and knowledge as in any form of natural resource management. It’s all a matter of public record.

    Now what on that video is there that you find suspicious? Sounds like a pilot explaining how cloud seeding works and what it is used for.

    What test results are you referring to? What did they show, and what would be the expected range of levels?

  91. SR1419 says:

    …except you [Non Attorney] are simply wrong. The activities that Weather Mod Inc does- precip enhancement, hail mitigation, atmospheric data collection are NOT secret. They ARE done with public knowledge -for those to care to know…Why would they have a nice website for you to view listing all their clients if it wasn’t public knowledge. They are hired mostly by water districts and Ag districts to seed clouds and enhance precipitation. There is nothing in that video that isn’t public knowledge, common practice and simply not secret.

    Cloud seeding in general is not secret- its been done for decades around the World. It seems it is your ignorance of the issue that causes you so much fear:


    Moreover, not a single thing Weather Mod Inc does results in a persistent, spreading trail and thus attempting to offer is as “evidence” or “proof” of “chemtrails” is simply a red herring.

    Cloud seeding is done IN rain clouds- typically shooting ice flares…and often done from the ground. Simply has NOTHING to do with supposed “chemtrails”.

    You could, however, hire one of their many atmospheric measuring planes to go sample a contrail or 10 of your choice. I am sure they would be glad to have your business:


    As for test results- can you explain why taking a sample on the ground should be considered a “sample” of a contrail? By what logical, scientific methodology should that be considered a “valid” sample…and how is it determined that the results of the test – if “valid” are not from a more direct ground based source? …and if these results are from contrails, why are results not found uniformly across the region.

    …and what are the falls rates and dispersal pattern of particulate matter dispersed thru a jet engine? If you see a trail overhead do you really think it will fall directly down on you?

    just askin’….

  92. Non Attorney says:

    I copy and pasted this from a website about Mt. Shasta samples…

    A Lake Shasta sample from Pit River Arm tributary tested at 4,610,000 ugl (ugl=ppb or parts per billion), over 4610 times the MCL (maximum contaminant level) for aluminum in drinking water for the State of California. A pond in Shasta County in a “filtered location” (forested hilltop away from any highway or industry) tested “0” for aluminum when the pond was constructed and filled. After 18 months’ exposure to the atmosphere, the pond tested at 375,000 ugl or 375 times the MCL. Recently, snow pack sample, taken from Ski Bowl on Mt. Shasta, tested at 61,100 ugl, or 61 times the MCL for aluminum in drinking water for the State of California.

    US Government Issues Alarming Patent to Hughes Aircraft From U.S. Patent #5,003,186 – Filed April 1990

    (See for yourself at http://www.uspto.gov, then search by patent number)

    Stratospheric … Seeding For Reduction Of Global Warming

    “…the particle seeding should be done at an altitude on the order of 10 kilometers. The particles may be seeded by dispersal from seeding aircraft…solution to the problem of global warming involves the seeding of the atmosphere with metallic particles…It is therefore an object of the present invention to provide a method for reduction of global warming due to the greenhouse effect…”

    “2…said material comprises one or more of the oxides of metals.

    “3…said material comprises aluminum oxide.

    (There are dozens of weather modification patents that include various forms of climate alteration and artificial cloud formation)

  93. Non Attorney says:

    I have concerns about open weather modification, being that, IF they CAN control or regulate the weather, which we all know they can, then WHY let all these hurricanes and floods to continue to occur? For every one life form that dies because of weather mod INACTION, I would have to consider that willing intent to prevent harm and/or death, no? Do they even “attempt” to disperse these storms? Show me evidence that they have even 50% of the time. Katrina alone could have been prevented or the damage minimized, but no mention of an attempt to disperse the storm.

    Do all of you believe Barry Obama is in charge of the USA?

    enjoy these good ole days while they last.

  94. They don’t “let” hurricanes and floods occur. They simply can’t do anything about them. All clouds seeding does is increase rainfall for an hour or so. Hardly “controlling the weather”.

    There’s been some talk about “steering” a hurricane, but it’s all theoretical right now. See:


    Hopefully it will be figured out eventually. But it’s rather dangerous stuff to experiment with.

  95. SR1419 says:

    How do we know they CAN control the weather? What evidence is there of it?

    They are not even sure cloud seeding actually works…which is a very minor thing compared to “controlling” a hurricane. Several studies have found no conclusive evidence that it works:


    Hurricane mitigation is in its infancy to say the least:



    So what makes you say we KNOW they can control the weather?

  96. Artyom says:

    You have concerns about open weather modification? Moscow State University has been openly studying since the 1950’s, at least it is the earliest document I have from them. I am certain every center of education studying the atmosphere also begun.

    Hurricane Katrina is the talk of the scientific community. They discuss whether the effort should be made to reduce hurricane’s intensity or not. As this scientist in the news article states, he only manages to decrease no more than 25%.


    And yes, they have been seeding hurricanes even in the 1960’s. Have you heard of Project StormFury?


    Care to show the actual documents from the water tests. Not like it proves contrails are the culprit, it seems everyone swallowed into the chemtrail mess believes various ground samples can tell for a fact what’s in a particular cloud or not.

    Aluminum is the third most abundant element in the earth’s crust, ranking only behind oxygen and silicon. It makes up about 9% of the earth’s crust, making it the most abundant of all metals. The chemical symbol for aluminum, Al, is taken from the first two letters of the element’s name.

    Why is aluminum present in water?

    Aluminum forms during mineral weathering of feldspars, such as and orthoclase, anorthite, albite, micas and bauxite, and subsequently ends up in clay minerals. A number of gemstones contain aluminum, examples are ruby and sapphire.
    Currently, only iron and steel are produced in larger amounts than aluminum. Additionally, aluminum is largely recycled because this is very distinctly possible. It is applied in for example frames, door knobs, car bodies, plane parts (the weight/ strength relation is very favourable), engines, cables and cans. Aluminum is a good reflector and is therefore applied in solar mirrors and heat reflecting blankets. Aluminum is processed to cans, wiring and alloys.
    Aluminum salts are often added to water to start precipitation reactions for phosphate removal. Consequently, sewage sludge in water purification with a pH value between 6.8 and 7.3 is present as hydroxides.
    Alums are applied as fertilizer in tea plantations. Other aluminum compounds are applied in paper production. Alloys such as duraluminum are applied because these are stronger than aluminum itself. Aluminum foam is applied in tunnels as soundproofing material.
    Other examples of aluminum application include aluminum chloride use in cracking processes, aluminum oxide as an abrasive or for production of inflammable objects, aluminum sulphate use as a basic material in paper glue, tanners, mordants and synthetic rubber, and aluminum hydrogen as a reduction and hydration agent.
    Aluminum occurs as an aerosol in oceanic surface layers and in waters. This is because aluminum dust end up in water. Particles end up in water through surface run-off or atmospheric transport.
    Generally, aluminum concentrations increase with increasing water depth.

    The amount of aluminum in seawater varies between approximately 0.013 and 5 ppb. The Atlantic Ocean is known to contain more aluminum than the Pacific Ocean. River water generally contains about 400 ppb of aluminum.
    Aluminum mainly occurs as Al3+ (aq) under acidic conditions, and as Al(OH)4- (aq) under neutral to alkalic conditions. Other forms include AlOH2+ (aq) en Al(OH)3 (aq).

  97. Non Attorney, even if those numbers are accurate (and it’s impossible to say without the collection method being described), those Shasta test results are basically useful because they are localized. They just tell you that Aluminum is accumulated in those specific points. This is probably because they are right next to natural aluminum deposits.

    7% of the Earth’s crust is made of aluminum. It’s one of the hardest things to test for accurately because of the ease of contamination.

    If there was aluminum being spraying above Lake Shasta, then the aluminum content of the entirety of Lake Shasta would be raised. It’s not. Therefore there’s no aluminum being sprayed over it.

  98. 7% or 9%? Let’s go with wikipedia: 8.3% by weight


  99. Artyom says:

    @SR1419 That’s what is laughable about the story Alex Jone’s runs about the military claiming to own the weather. I think the best word to describe weather modification is Influence. They only influence the weather. Moscow’s cloud seeding on holidays does rid the skies of a lot of clouds, but not all. As an observation, the following day is usually quite unpleasant, lot of rain. I would love to read a study to see if there is a coorelation, cause and effect.

  100. Artyom says:

    @Uncinus, Lake Shasta was targetted by an on an off chemtrail XD That would account for its uneven nature.

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