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Did Chemtrails Cause the Beebe Blackbird Deaths

No. In all likelihood, the birds’ death had a quite normal explanation. The weather. See my full article here:


and another of the media coverage, with links to some more examples of mass bird deaths.


But if you really want to go down the “chemtrail” route. Obviously if something were the result of spraying trails that are tens of miles long, a mile wide, and five miles up in the air, then the result would not be localized to one flock of bird in half a square mile.

50 thoughts on “Did Chemtrails Cause the Beebe Blackbird Deaths

  1. Stupid says:

    Agreed….bird populations are sensitive….if chemtrails were frequent, many more bird die-offs would be noted.

  2. Stupid says:

    ….and if there was some overly abundant chemical in the air, ornithological studies would have discovered it by now. (bird studies)

  3. Stupid says:

    In this topic alone……the idea of a “chemtrail”, is shut down….plain and simple.

  4. MikeC says:

    Betcha it ain’t…..there’s someone out there who’ll make something of it..:/

  5. Donny K says:

    It’s funny how much disinformation is out there on this subject. The bottom line is: the government HAS a military weapon called “Chemtrails” (ref- H.R. 2977), and the Geo-engineers have already admitted that this IS happening, and they also admit that it’s Aluminum they are spraying, and casually admit that they haven’t done any studies of it’s effect on the human body. You can no longer ignore or dispute the FACTS!

  6. Stupid says:

    I can prove it is not happening anywhere, on a world-wide basis……
    Donny, have you any proof this is currently happening, on a world-wide basis ?

  7. MikeC says:

    Donny you haven’t given us any facts. HR 2977 is nothing – the whole story of it is covered on this site.

    I’d be interested in where you obtained the information that “Geo-engineers have already admitted it is happening”, and that aluminium is being “sprayed”, because every bit of “evidence” ever presented about those have turned out to be nonsense.

    So please – tell us the the evidence for your “facts”.

    Stupid – where can I collect?? 🙂

  8. Stupid says:

    You can collect admiration, or other certain knowledge on the web, if your search retains any sort of truth, which it will, if HR 2977 is read thoroughly..

    if read lightly, HR 2977 will say what you want….like people claim.

    ……but if only read lightly. …….If read thoroughly, a different answer is realized, and cannot be debated.

    ….depending on your bent. If read realistically, and fully…it does not verify chemtrails, at all.

  9. Alexey says:

    Uncinus, you may have opened a Pandora box with this topic. It is easy to debunk obvious nonsense, but there are many more bad things happening in the biosphere on more appropriate geographical and time scales to suggest a possible casual link with “chemtrails”. For example:

    Did Chemtrails Cause the Bumble Bee Species Decline?

    Patterns of widespread decline in North American bumble bees
    PNAS published ahead of print January 3, 2011, doi:10.1073/pnas.1014743108

    Bumble bees (Bombus) are vitally important pollinators of wild plants and agricultural crops worldwide. Fragmentary observations, however, have suggested population declines in several North American species. Despite rising concern over these observations in the United States, highlighted in a recent National Academy of Sciences report, a national assessment of the geographic scope and possible causal factors of bumble bee decline is lacking. Here, we report results of a 3-y interdisciplinary study of changing distributions, population genetic structure, and levels of pathogen infection in bumble bee populations across the United States. We compare current and historical distributions of eight species, compiling a database of >73,000 museum records for comparison with data from intensive nationwide surveys of >16,000 specimens. We show that the relative abundances of four species have declined by up to 96% and that their surveyed geographic ranges have contracted by 23–87%, some within the last 20 y. We also show that declining populations have significantly higher infection levels of the microsporidian pathogen Nosema bombi and lower genetic diversity compared with co-occurring populations of the stable (nondeclining) species. Higher pathogen prevalence and reduced genetic diversity are, thus, realistic predictors of these alarming patterns of decline in North America, although cause and effect remain uncertain.

    You are welcome to delete this comment. I’m not comfortable in the devil’s advocate role.

  10. scott says:

    DUH. bees, bats , song birds(80% are missing in NH) now black birds . Anybody watching the studies on the mercury and heavy metals pollution on top of all the tallest peaks of the world . Try to watch a commercial or any type of show without seeing a chemtrail . Geo engineering is real and we are sprayed non stop. I hope that it has with trying to save us from the pole shift and not population control . We should all remember…. ridicule is the Weapon of choice for the USA . Pay attention to the retired pilots and what they are saying about UFO’s they were forbidden to talk about any sightings or immediate grounding followed by unending character destruction. It is the same with Geo Engineering . In the past year I have been to iceland , ireland , scotland , amsterdam. Drove east coast of US Maine to FL drove West from NY to CA . Its real and its going on world wide. And the people who are laughing at us the loudest are the people who get paid to do so . harveysgh8 on youtube

  11. Scott, there are tens of millions of blackbirds in the US. Half of them die every year. So 5,000 dead is not going to make a jot of difference to the ecosystem. Don’t try to connect this freak event to more general die-offs like the bees.

    Anyway – do you have any references to back up your claims?

  12. TheFactsMatter says:

    “We should all remember…. ridicule is the Weapon of choice for the USA . ”

    Only where it’s absolutely necessary. As in the case of “chemtrails”.

    It’s funny, those who understand that “chemtrails” are a hoax usually blame the US school systems for the ignorance of the chemmies. To be honest, I agree for the most part. If I hadn’t had an interest in these trails 40 years ago, I wouldn’t have taken the time to learn about them and I’d be in the same boat as the chemtrail hoax supporters are now. They will NEVER accept the truth because they are conditioned to be suspicious of everyone. This is a modern day witch hunt. As entertaining as it is, it’s also very sad. I’ve been overly morose since I found out that there are people out there that believe we are being sprayed like bugs, and contrails are the evidence. Complete BS.

    I challenge anyone to provide evidence that these trails last a long time in the sky simply because they are made of “chemicals”. It’s hogwash.

    There may be people “spraying” us with something. I don’t doubt or deny that. I AM waiting for evidence. No one has proven to me that the trails have ANYTHING to do with geoengineering. Or any kind of intentional spray program. It’s all opinion and speculation. The trails are a normal and expected byproduct of combustion. The end.

    Yes, it IS that simple!

  13. Ross Marsden says:

    There has been an update:
    The birds were killed by the New Madrid Fault

  14. Steve says:

    The self proclaim genius Alex Jones weighs in on this subject blaming it on chemtrails of course.

  15. jeremy says:

    i really hope everyone can see this photo, and to anyone that does not believe the U.S. government or local governments are not putting chemicals in our atmosphere for what ever reason is an ignorant jackass that needs to start believing things for him or her self and stop listening to other people. this photo is very real along with the other ones i took with my i pod in riverside on christmas eve. now someone with a half of a brain please tell me why they are doing this???

  16. captfitch says:

    Calm down Jeremy- it’s just a very good day for persistant contrails.

  17. MikeC says:

    Hey – anser the man’s question!!

    They are doing this to move people from A to B for profit in jet airliners.

    There – now you know , and I am glad to have been able to set your mind at rest.

  18. MikeC says:

    Here’s a nice little applicatoin that might help set your mind at ease too – when you see a contrail being made you can find out exactly what het plane is – asuming it uses this particular reporting system… – http://www.stuff.co.nz/technology/digital-living/4516491/An-app-a-day-Plane-Finder

  19. captfitch says:

    “They are doing this to move people from A to B for profit in jet airliners.”

    Now that kind of statement is probably a lie unless it’s Southwest!! Profit….pffft!!

  20. Jeremy, I believe your photo is real – I’ve taken several just like it. It shows persistent contrails.

    See these other photos from the 70’s and 80’s showing the same thing:


    Like this from 1985, Mt Whitney, CA, quite similar to yours:

    It’s nothing new, just airline activity. When the weather is right at the altitude the plane is flying, then it will leave persistent contrails.

  21. MikeC says:

    Captfitch – for profit doesn’t necessarily mean they are making a profit 😉

  22. Ann says:

    well, according to this article, it happens every other day… so perhaps it can be aluminum…

  23. Stupid says:

    Ann, did you read the article you linked ?

    ” …The list includes 900 some turkey vultures that seemed to drown and starve in the Florida Keys, 4,300 ducks killed by parasites in Minnesota, 1,500 salamanders done in by a virus in Idaho, 2,000 bats that died of rabies in Texas…”

    This means that biologists test these animals. I don’t believe any of the die-offs were attributed to aluminum…or barium.
    Most die-offs are tested by experts in their specific field.

    The article ended with…….

    “…Blame technology, says famed Harvard biologist E.O. Wilson. With the Internet, cell phones and worldwide communications, people are noticing events, connecting the dots more.

    “This instant and global communication, it’s just a human instinct to read mystery and portents of dangers and wondrous things in events that are unusual,” Wilson told The Associated Press on Thursday. “Not to worry, these are not portents that the world is about to come to an end.”
    Wilson and the others say instant communications — especially when people can whip out smart phones to take pictures of critter carcasses and then post them on the Internet — is giving a skewed view of what is happening in the environment.
    The irony is that mass die-offs — usually of animals with large populations — are getting the attention while a larger but slower mass extinction of thousands of species because of human activity is ignored, Wilson said.”

    (sorry to just cut and paste, but I wanted to make sure everyone really read these parts.) =stupid=

  24. Alexey says:

    No ‘aflockalypse’ (Why birds raining from the sky is ‘normal’) – BBC News side with skeptics:

  25. karen archer-hutchison says:

    Don’t care about all these seemingly logical explanations, common sense tells me that there is something amiss when thousands of birds fall out of the sky overnight. The facts as this article reports, that this is acommon occurrence that usually goes unreported sounds like BULL to me. I am not necessarily assuming conspiracy, I am asserting that this is NOT IN ANY WAY A NORMAL OCCURENCE NO MATTER HOW MANY TIMES THEY TRY TO TELL ME THIS. Just like some don’t believe in global warming because it is convenient for them and their interests some may refuse to admit that this occurence is unusual…BULL.

  26. Karen, odd things sometimes happen in nature. That’s part of nature. Of course it seems odd to you. It is odd.

    You can freeze a scorpion in a block of ice, leave it for a while, then defrost it, and it will stil be alive. “common sense” tells you that’s bullshit, there’s no way it could survive being frozen alive. But it does. Nature is just odd sometimes.

    Did you know that blackbirds regularly flock in flocks sized up to a million birds? What would be the common sense thing that would happen if a flock of a million birds were to be panicked in the the middle of the night and started flying into each other? Maybe 0.5% of them might die?

  27. JoeBloggs says:

    Do you know how much air there is up there? In the lowest 9 kilometres of the atmosphere, where most planes fly, there are about 4.5 x 10 to the power 18 cubic metres of air. How many tons of chemicals would you need to spray into that enormous volume to achieve a biological or psychological effect upon humans? Help me out here: at what minimum ppmv would these mystery chemicals have even the slightest effect when inhaled or deposited on the skin? I honestly don’t know. Please, someone do the maths. I strongly suspect that each ‘chemtrail’ plane would have to be spraying out hundreds of tons every day. It’s utter bollocks.

  28. hai says:

    I want to know how the chemicals are supposed to be added.

    I asked one believer and was told that it was mixed with the fuel, so I pointed out that the fuel gets regularly dumped just before landing and the areas round airports are commonly looked at by environmental agencies, so the chemicals would be easily discovered.

    So the story changed and I was told that it is done through a secret box attached to the plane, so I asked why it was never seen by aircraft maintenance engineers, as they have to know every detail of the planes they check and so something secret attached to a commercial airliner would stand out like a sore thumb.

    At that point the believer started explaining that the government could brainwash anyone and everyone into doing what they want, so I asked why, in that case, would they need to poison people secretly with chemtrails?

    Mind you, the same person doesn’t believe that the moon is ever out during the day.

  29. justin alexander says:

    “Don’t care about all these seemingly logical explanations”

    beginning to understand how this “chemtrail” idea started…

  30. Judy says:

    Hai says: “At that point the believer started explaining that the government could brainwash anyone and everyone into doing what they want, so I asked why, in that case, would they need to poison people secretly with chemtrails?”

    That’s pretty funny but it brings up a good point. I am not sure chemtrail believers ever really think through what the government would hope to gain from sprayng us.

  31. Alexey says:

    Coming to chemtrail sites: “Millions Of Dead Fish Floating In California Marina” near you ;(

  32. Yes, it seems like every single die-off is news now, thanks to the Beebe incident. It just goes to show how one’s perceptions can be distorted by the random focus of the media. These die-offs happen all the time (this one was just fish caught in a storm), but they never made the news.

  33. SR1419 says:

    Indeed, they do happen all the time…

    …and the USGS has been keeping track- a quick review of the last 16yrs worth of mass death reports show that the events of the last few months are hardly anything out of the ordinary:


  34. ur not smart says:

    your so closed minded and slow that you’ld ride in a chem sprayer jet and still deny it exists. sheep is what you remind me of but i think your more of a government paid shepard to get sheeple to pass it off as maybe vitamins being sprayed in the sky
    way to look out for your family nimrod

  35. MikeC says:

    Which chem sprayer jet can I get a ride on??

  36. Lesa says:

    I live just outside Beebe Arkansas. I think the Birds died from one of three things and maybe a combination. There are Chem-trails in the sky very often above Beebe and surrounding towns. There is also a lot of fracking in the area. In Beebe there is a large fracking for natural gas which by the way is not good with the fault line running through Arkansas. Also there is the possibility of a combination of Chem-trails and Haarp.
    There has been a lot of Chem-trails lately and a lot of bad weather including tornadoes and floods. The sad part is these weapons they use only make people fall for Global warming even more.

  37. JFDee says:

    The sad part is these hoaxes only keep people from doing something serious about Global warming.

  38. SR1419 says:


    were there tornadoes and floods before these weapons?

  39. Dan says:

    If anyone really wants to know what a chemtrail really is pay attention.
    A chemtrail is a fictitious term used to describe the persistent contrail. When observed in the sky it causes millions of ignorant people to buy Alex Jones dvd’s. So I believe either Alex Jones or his publisher has created these lies to line his own pockets. All the youtube videos that advertisers pay per hit. The TRUTH is $$$ paid for by paranoid conspiracy theorists.
    So next time you see a chemtrail just realize how angry you are because “they” are doing this to you. And don’t forget to ask what is being sprayed (barium,aluminum,ect) for what reason (population control, chemical warfare, geo-engineering, haarp) and think, out loud if necessary. No chemicals are in these vapor trails. If “they” wanted to poison you there are more effective means.

  40. Mary Anne O'Sullivan says:

    The bird deaths were probably due to another HAARP experiment that goes hand in glove with chemtrails since they facilitate the electromagnetic conductivity of the atmosphere and enable HAARP to do it’s thing. Do a search for “Aerosol and Electromagnetic Weapons in the Age of Nuclear War” for a better understanding.
    None of the so called “natural” die offs are natural. This experimentation has been going on for many years. It’s just getting worse and more noticable.

  41. Mary Anne O'Sullivan says:

    Dan is a government shill…pay no attention. Trust your own mind and educate yourself thoroughly. His type is always trolling.

  42. Mary Anne O'Sullivan says:

    I’ve never read so much stupidity in one place before…lol
    You gov shills are really busy but hey those of you who remember what the sky is supposed to look like
    will win in the end. You are right and don’t forget skies are blue not silver and streaked.
    Check out these 2 documentaries:

    And remember this is all about the military not protecting the earth. Chemtrails are already killing off plant life, animal and insect life (pollinators) and making people sick with the chemicals, particulates, and dimming of natural sunshine. Do your own homework and never trust these shills. Just put them on “Ignore” where they belong….; D

  43. Mary Anne O'Sullivan says:

    [img]https://contrailscience.com/wp-content/uploads/old and newly laid.ex.sm.jpg[/img]

  44. Mary Anne O'Sullivan says:

    April 9, 2011…I live way out in the country. Nowhere near any airport. At 7:30 am one airliner flies over every morning. That’s all. So much for “airline activity” unless the cows have taken up flying now.
    [img]https://contrailscience.com/wp-content/uploads/april 9.morning sky 2.jpg[/img]

  45. Mary Anne O'Sullivan says:

    Looks real natural…right? Uh huh. There are many chemtrail forms. And don’t forget to look for the “washboard” waves in those being used by HAARP radio waves…lol
    [img]https://contrailscience.com/wp-content/uploads/chemtrail feather.jpg[/img]

  46. Mary Anne O'Sullivan says:

    These started out as real, genuine, “natural” cumulus clouds but were sprayed and lost their “natural” form. You can see the skies “are” still blue when they’re not hazed out by chemtrails totally. These clouds, like others I’ve seen, seem to have a flattened look as if stretched to fit your TV screen.. except they actually look this way in real life.

  47. MikeC says:

    Nice clouds – look like lenticular ones to me – you can find out a lot about them through your favourite search engines – those ones look a lot liek teh ones I saw when I used to live in Christchurch, New Zealand, that formed what the locals called the “Nor’west arch” along the Southern Alps.

    As for airline activity – how would you know what is flying over at 35,000 feet or thereabouts? Contrails aer mainly formed in cruise – which means they are being made by aircraft that are flying overhad betwen distant destinations – not ones that are landing near you.

    By “washboard waves” do you mean this sort of thing? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Altocumulus_undulatus_cloud – which was photographed as early as 1905??

    How do you think HAARP worked with them back then??

    Your photo of wispy cloud looks like fairly typical Cirrus – eg see here http://eo.ucar.edu/webweather/cirrus.html Again it is well known as a cloud type – has been for ages – why do you think your particular photo is different from the norm?

  48. captfitch says:


    The U.S. governement apparently hates Wal Mart and has used chemtrails/HAARP to attack it.

  49. Jay Reynolds says:

    Apples falling, too. Over 100 of them!
    Sign of the end times…..

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