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1980 NBC News Report on Contrails

This news report is from 1980.

It’s based on this research paper:

(Searchable/Copyable OCR version here)

It’s interesting because it shows that back in 1980 people were noticing contrails persisting and spreading to cover the whole sky. At that point, people had even noticed it contributed to increased cloudiness.

This is a useful video to show anyone who thinks that this is a recent phenomenon. For more details, the research paper also makes it very clear that contrails in 1980 were just the same as contrails in the present day.


Clouded Judgment: Do Jet Contrails Increase Cloud Cover?


On clear days, you can often see long white lines being traced high in the sky. They are contrails of jet aircraft. They’re actually long, slender clouds. Other men are finding them especially fascinating because the theory is being developed that those long, white lines may be changing our weather for the better. Details from Roger O’Neil.

ROGER O’NEIL, reporting:

The exhaust from jet engines, usually seen as long, thin trails of white clouds behind high-flying jet airplanes, may be a big reason why there are 30 fewer days of sunshine a year in the Midwest now than there were in 1900. The daily range between high and low temperatures has also narrowed. Weather researchers, studying cloud cover in 10 Midwestern states, found a sharp increase in cloudiness with the increase in commercial jet travel, particularly in the main East-West jet corridor, there were even more clouds. A jet produces a contrail or cloud because its exhaust consists primarily of water vapor.

RICHARD SEMONIN (Illinois Institute of Natural Resources): In the absence of natural clouds, given the correct atmospheric condition, jet aircraft in high frequency can almost completely cover the atmosphere, visible atmosphere, with clouds.

O’NEIL: Semonin says, unlike most changes in the atmosphere caused by man, this one is beneficial. Clouds help farmers in the Midwest by blocking the sun. Temperature extremes can damage plants and speed up the evaporation of soil moisture. In the Winter, city people benefit because clouds act as a blanket, preventing warm air from escaping into the atmosphere. No one is trying to make clouds now using jet engines, but this study suggests that jet travel is inadvertently making our days more cloudy and some day, weather researchers may be able to use jets on purpose to change our weather. Roger O’Neil, NBC News, Champaign, Illinois.

The paper and TV coverage was also accompanied by some press coverage, such as this piece from the Washington Post, reprinted in The Gazette, of Eastern Iowa, Vol 98, Number 352, Friday Dec 26, 1980:

Very interesting that this trend of contrails affecting the cloudiness has been observed since 1952.

Interestingly there was a similar report in 1998, with Brian Williams. NBC Evening News, Jul 27, 1998. I’d love to see the video of that.


Here’s another from 2006

25 thoughts on “1980 NBC News Report on Contrails

  1. JFDee says:

    Strong argument against that “1997” claim. I’m just afraid that chemtrail proponents will cherry-pick the last sentence of the commenter …

  2. SR1419 says:

    too bad they didn’t actually film any persistent contrails…but still a good bit of “evidence” to the contrary meme…

    but of course, it is the “MSM” and subject to the PTB…and could be hologrammed/photshopped/timetraveled back to rig the propaganda…

    just sayin 🙂

  3. Jay Reynolds says:

    Wow, this is a really big find.

  4. Yes, I was pleasantly surprised to find it. More and more stuff is coming online all the time. So it’s always worth doing new searches every year or so.

    This is a very useful tool in debunking the “they didn’t used to do that” aspect of chemtrails. Spread it around.

    It’s good in part because it’s nearly impossible for even the most ardent conspiracist to claim it’s a fake. Roger O’Neill still works at NBC 31 years later,

    And there are people who actually remember watching this broadcast.

  5. Coos says:

    Ya this is a neat find. I will say that I would be leary about stating that persistent contrails/man made clouds are 100% beneficial. I am an environmental scientist and in my experience, any man made change to are environment (deliberate or not) has had very few long term benefits.

    This site is funny for me because I know that contrails are just water vapour frozen. However each contrail does represent a huge amount of CO2 emmisisions which I am completely against. So while I know the goverment isn’t secretly spraying us, I do agree with chemtrail people in that it would be nice to see less of them (well just less jetliners – contrails are really the only way to see them up there).

  6. Danny55 says:

    Nobody has tried to say that trails are benign, just that they are not secret government actions to sterilize/kill/hide planet Nbiru/disguise aliens (pick current theory).

  7. The TV report and newspaper article does actually say that it may be beneficial – but purely in a financial manner. With less crop damage, and reduced energy usage.

    Perspectives were a bit different in 1980. CO2 emissions were not such an important issue then.


    This obviously (like all mainstream news) is a bought and paid for BS new report, using the talk of ‘contrails’ to cover up the actions of geoengineering. I want facts! Not a news report. My own eyes can see the difference between a contrail and a chemtrail. And the ones leaving chemtrails are not commercial jets, so what the hell are they doing up there besides wrecking the skys for all astronomers? Oh that’s right, they are dropping Aluminum, Barium and Strontium. I forgot. They are poisoning us. But hey, thanks for trying to debunk something so catastrophic! You better be one THOUSAND percent right! OR ALL OF THIS IS ON YOU!

    There must be something better you could do with your time, rather than helping people who are scared and angry about chemtrails, when your not exactly sure if they should be or not…?

  9. What is the difference between a chemtrail and a persistent contrail?

  10. Just proves they used the modeling of contrails to manipulate the weather with longer more persistent contrails , Yes this is a good find Jay . I saw it on Aircrap just a few days ago .

  11. Noble says:

    That’s your spin on it based on your world view.

    What it shows is that these trails have been in the sky a lot longer than claimed by the chemtrail advocates.

    “used the modeling”?!

    Gimme a break…

    By the way..”aircrap” is a effect name for that site..

  12. Steve Funk says:

    the Facebook Chemtrails Global Skywatch Group is attempting to discredit this video as a fake. I don’t know whether that group allows any dissent.

  13. Probably not, Russ Tanner is pretty deep down the rabbit hole

  14. It’s rather interesting that they think it’s fake though. That implies that if it’s actually true, then they think their theory must be wrong.

  15. Jay Reynolds says:

    Maybe Gregorca can explain what they are claiming, “no artifacts”, “too good”?

    They certainly haven’t explained any justification for makng that claim.

  16. It’s incorrect too, there are video artifacts, at 00:16 there’s a wave. There’s a line flicker at 00:36, the map at 00:47 is wavy and ghosting, 01:06 line flicker, and numerous other small waves and flickers.

    It’s ludicrous to suggest it’s fake. I’ve had people tell me they remember seeing the original.

  17. Just for the record, here’s Russ’s take on my web sites:

    4 people like this.
    Steve Funk https://contrailscience.com/1980-nbc-news-report-on-contrails/
    4 hours ago
    Steve Funk There is also a research report on which the program was based, and a subsequent article in the Wash. Post. You can’t fake that. It is in too many library microfiches. And Roger O’Neill still works for NBC.
    4 hours ago
    Russ Tanner Actually, yes you can fake that… You can fake all of that.

    We’ve seen books altered, articles altered, and other media edited or removed. We’re now seeing old movies being altered with chemtrails inserted in. Libraries have had old books removed and then replaced with altered pages. The people doing this are clearly very good at what they do. It’s been going on for decades.

    The bottom line is, this is a profound crime being backed up with profound state-of-the-art deception. The money and technology exists to create faked microfiche so you cannot make the assumption that any media that you see is true or accurate. The same with witnesses. Witnesses have been paid off throughout history, and today with a complete and well-funded counter-intelligence operation dedicated to producing false information and promoting lies, virtually nothing is too hard to fake.

    We live in a time when the potential for technological deception is so great that it takes a certain degree of intelligence simply to comprehend its potential.

    That website is clearly a disinformation website so to believe that any of these things exist just because they say they do is not wise. it’s like trying to appeal to the moral side of your oppressors.
    3 hours ago · 1
    Russ Tanner As an example of my personal experience with this… I worked for a political party in the 80’s and during that time, we found out about government-funded groups who were removing and replacing library books to alter historical facts. It was astounding. Today, as adults in a profoundly corrupt world, we need to be sophisticated enough to realize that the ptb will stop at nothing to deceive. In fact, their very existence depends on it.
    3 hours ago
    Russ Tanner The domain name is protected so we don’t really know who this person is, but guess what.

    This YouTube user is exactly THE SAME PERSON who magically produced the video mentioned above from 32 years ago with perfect resolution (for the time) and no video artifacts. A bit of a coincidence to say the least. He actually makes this statement ~ “My email is [email protected]…I also post on YouTube as “Epoxynous” ”
    3 hours ago
    Russ Tanner I also found this information regarding the company who protects the identity of the contrail science domain name…

    “Whoisgaurd is owned by NameCheap, who are a bunch of spam-friendly ~~~~ksuckers. They allow spammers to register their moneysites using this service. They do nothing about when reported to them, when, in reality, they should be deregistering the domains.”
    3 hours ago
    Russ Tanner The whois for the contrail debunking domain name says:

    Creation date: 09 May 2007 18:29:00
    Expiration date: 09 May 2017 18:29:00

    The owners of the contrail website must have some money for -what appears to be a 10-year domain name registration. They were clearly committed from the very beginning that their website would be up and active for a very long time and were willing to put some money up front to make sure.

    We have to ask ourselves, why does this person have such a strangely-deep interest in debunking chemtrails.
    3 hours ago
    Russ Tanner I’ll wrap this up by saying that I’m angered by people who spread disinformation about chemtrails. I smell them. I taste them. I suffer from them daily. I almost died from them.

    I’ve watched the sky all my life and know that jet engines do not create trails with very very rare exceptions. These people claiming that chemtrails are contrails are not your friends. They could not care less about you, because there is no way on earth that anyone with any intelligence who properly researches this subject would become convinced that chemtrails are condensation trails.

    It’s disinformation from top to bottom. It doesn’t matter how nice they seem or how “regular” they market themselves as. Mr. contrail science says this on his “about” page:

    “I’m not paid for this. I do not work for anyone in conjunction with this site. I’m just some guy.”

    There is some agenda here, and because the information presented on this website is disinformation, it’s highly unlikely that this is just some profoundly deceived person. It’s simply not logical.


    Chemtrail Information – Plumes Change Overnight
    Those spraying chemtrails would like nothing more than for you to believe that s…
    See More
    3 hours ago · 1
    Russ Tanner Well, it just gets better. The contrail science website was also featured on CNN. Quite some accomplishment for “just some guy”. Please, no matter how strong the deception is, don’t be deceived. These contrail lies will all be exposed in the end. We just need to survive until then. https://contrailscience.com/skitch/Mick_on_CNN.mov-20101113-074142.jpg

    3 hours ago · 1
    Russ Tanner Wow, the more I look the more that keeps coming up. The owner of contrailscience also owns metabunk and apparently posts under psudonames such as “Thor”. Some people on http://AirCrap.org/ have this to say:

    I think we should ban Thor from posting here. Or at least ignore him totally…
    We know what he is. And he knows it too!

    He is mostly referring to (his own) websites “metabunk.org” and “contrailscience.com” which are clearly not thrustworthy and are both coming from the same server.

    Spend your time wisely; do not fall into the THOR-TRAP!


    AirCrap.org | Monitoring the Planned Poisoning of Humanity
    Aircrap.org monitors and reports on the geo-engineering that is happening on our planet via the chemtrails that are sprayed into our atmosphere.
    2 hours ago · 1
    Russ Tanner Now, yet another website with the same debunking disinformation: mickwest.com

    Domain name: mickwest.com

    Registrant Contact:
    WhoisGuard Protected ()

    11400 W. Olympic Blvd. Suite 200
    Los Angeles, CA 90064

    Administrative Contact:
    WhoisGuard Protected ([email protected])
    Fax: +1.6613102107
    11400 W. Olympic Blvd. Suite 200
    Los Angeles, CA 90064
    2 hours ago
    Russ Tanner The metabunk website purportedly controlled by the same group that controls the contrailscience website also uses the most expensive bulletin board software available… An awful lot of money has gone into this array of debunking websites.
    2 hours ago · 1
    Russ Tanner OK, I must stop soon, but the contrail science website also claims that this cloud type is natural: “Cirrus Uncinus” is a type of cirrus cloud. Its name is derived from Latin, meaning curly hooks. Also known as mares’ tails, these clouds are generally sparse in the sky, and very thin. The clouds occur at very high altitudes, at a temperature of about minus 40-50 degrees Celsius. They are generally seen when a warm or occluded front is approaching. They are very high in the troposphere, and generally mean that precipitation, usually rain, is approaching. http://1.gravatar.com/avatar/bd55f89d0977bf617e570e1609a64ea9?s=96&d=identicon&r=PG

    I’ve personally watched chemtails spread out into this cloud type for years. Fellow activists, the contrail science is a disinformation dungeon and is only a part of a larger array of debunking/quack websites. Please be aware. There is no limit to the depth and scope of their lies.

    2 hours ago
    Russ Tanner http://urlbam.com/ha/M004z

    Chemtrail Geoengineering Artifacts
    Please note that I do not normally refer to chemtrail-spraying as “geoengineering” because chemtrails have nothing to do with engineering the Earth. The term “geoengineering” is a cover-title used to make toxic chemical/metal spraying sound beneficient and scientific to the public. …

  18. Alexey says:

    I’ve looked up the last link above (http://urlbam.com/ha/M004z). According to Russ, modern clouds are also different than they were in his childhood. This inevitably means that not only a great number of old photos and movies, but also many old painting have been altered, to insert the images of ‘new world order’ clouds. It is a very deep rabbit hole indeed.

  19. SR1419 says:

    Yes- Russ (mmem701 on youtube) is on the fringe even for Believers- he claims ANY contrail – persisting or otherwise is a “chemtrail”- He claims an actual contrail is extremely rare…

    Show any video of a plane leaving contrail and he will claim its fake. Any evidence contrary to his belief is “fake”.

    Thats a deep hole.

  20. keith says:

    if the chemtrailers are right, there is an absolutely huge conspiracy going on, with “spooks” running round the whole world changing pictures in old books, faking old tv news programs and so on, to cover it all up ….

    so most people who aren’t even interested in all this won’t ever go to the local library to find an old book to see if there are pictures of persistent com trails, but the few chemtrailers who do, will find the books have already been changed !!!

    wow – if indeed such a huge and well funded, well organised conspiracy is going on, there’s obviously nothing anyone can do about it, might as well just get on with your life … or maybe do something about the real shit that is going on around us …

  21. Me says:

    You realize that the geo-engineers have actually admitted openly to spraying 10-20 mega tons of aluminum particulates in to the skys in the form of chemtrails, supposedly to defend the earth from radiation from the sun.. (watch the movie “what in the world are they spraying) obviously its just an excuse to poison the public. Just like the chemicals in the tap water, the poison in the commercial food, the poisons in the vaccines and medicine. You have to be dumb to not realize that they are poisoning the public on purpose. it’s a part of their plan to depopulate the world because lets face it there are too many useless people creating too much pollution. Get over your denial and do something about it, or die with your ignorance.

  22. Strawman says:

    Got evidence?

  23. JFDee says:


    the film “What in the world are they spraying?” is not a good source for evidence. They got a lot of things wrong, quotes were presented out of context and contradicting facts were omitted.

    See the article here:

    Even if their findings about Aluminum and other metals were correct (which they are not), why link them to planes six miles up where exchange between atmospheric layers is minimal? Why not include possible sources on the ground?

  24. Me 2 says:

    So “me”… Why is the population increasing then?

  25. Ross Marsden says:

    Can you produce the actual “admission” that geo-engineers have sprayed 10-20 mega tons of aluminum particulates in to the skys in the form of chemtrails?

    A link to a video or a document would be sufficient.

    This could be the breakthrough we have all been waiting for!

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