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Contrails In the Movies

I like these contrails from the movie Cars:


They look a little odd at first, but if you look closely (click on the image to expand it) you can see they are actually tire tracks. Here’s some more pics, from a site that thinks the government had these added to the movie to brainwash children into not noticing them when they grow up.

Here’s another example from “Over the hedge”:

Obviously the Disney artists would not want to render the sky as it is frequently seen? Obviously, how could they have seen those contrails in their reference footage, and then added them to the sky image? No, they must have added them deliberately to indoctrinate our youth, who obviously do not see enough contrails in daily life, and must be brainwashed even more. No wonder the raccoon looks scared!

And no, it’s not just that one guy who thinks this, google returns 234 results for “over the hedge” and “chemtrails”.


Some quotes from different sites:

  • “This is obviously the technique they’re using to get people used to and conditioned for the idea of chemtrails.”
  • “I was sitting in the front row left end, I was staring to see if there was something wrong with the screen. Nope. My wife saw them too. “
  • “Pixar and Disney… mhmm Brainwash. Check out CARS too, i allready posted that a month ago.”
  • “While this might not seem much to some, my intuition said “subtle programming” to condition children into accepting chemtrails as normal part of the skyscape, and therefore never to question them.”
  • “Just watch Pixar’s “Cars” and “Over the Hedge” if you don’t think there is a conspiracy to de-sensitize us to the proliferation of chemtrails oiling up our skies”
  • ” guess this is their attempt at getting children mind-conditioned to Chemtrails to be the norm”

It goes on and on….. People believe the strangest things. The facts are that trails like this have been in the sky since planes started flying up there. It would be very strange if you did NOT see them in popular culture.

87 thoughts on “Contrails In the Movies

  1. George says:

    Either you are one the most idiot scientist of the planet or you are part of the conspiration against the humanity and try to bring some stupid explanations apparently logical to the nerds out there, nerdes that are not able to think themselves. The professional way you made this website and the insider knowledges points to me rather the second probaility. An idot cannot know all this and use all those arguments in order to sustain the contrail lie theory which we both know is bullshit.

    After you die you will be confronted with the nonsense of your brain and with the evil and the emptiness of your heart, God may help you then, but I am afraid He will not be able to ! And you can bet one day you will die !
    I would like to see you face then, you make-believer….

  2. Julian says:

    Wow George. You really made a fool of yourself in that front comment.

    You insulted the author, insulted his work, referred to common aviation enthusiast knowledge as “insider,” turned a blind eye to sound reasoning and judgement, and even managed to bring religion into an entirely secular topic.

    Mr. George sir, I regret to inform you that you fail at the internet.


    check out the moovie antz every sky shots includes chemtrail


    for the record contrail disipate and chemtrails stays for the day.i did my own reserch and filmed normal contrail and chemtrail is way different look at the skies more often and it doesent need a master degree to see the difference!!!!

  5. SR1419 says:

    …you may not need a master’s degree…but you do need to know what the known, observed behavior of contrails over the last 50 years is…

    Some contrails DO persist and spread out. This is scientific fact.

    How can you look at the pictures on this site from 20, 30, 40 years ago and make the comment you just made??

    Makes me shake my head in disbelief.


    spraying as been done over 259 major cities starting 1949 to 1969 they where testing it now since 1998 there doing it.check out on youtube for chemtrails on cnn news so its normal to see chemtrails on old pictures.


    contrail in perfect condition dry and cold condition stays not more than 20-30 minutes chemtrails also have fall-out they are barium mixt whit aluminium and titanium that explains the green and purple light reflexion that you dont find in normal contrails.

  8. Gilles, perfect conditions for contrails are actually wet and cold (well, humid is a more accurate term, but the point is it’s not dry).

    Tell me Gilles, how do you know what a normal contrail looks like? Are they described in science books somewhere? How do you know?

  9. djmastervolume writes –> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bpY7I1N9Pe0






  10. Nik says:

    Giles Labranche above mentions that spraying has been carried out since 1949. Well the other day I was watching a film called “Straw Dogs” starring Dustin Hoffmam which was set in England and made in 1971 and this contained a blatantly obvious persistent contrail/chemtrail.

    Can’t remember exactly where it was in the film, but I think it was when DH was out in the field hunting pigeons while his missus was being harshly treated by some ‘orrible English scum bags!!

  11. IntelligentDesigner says:

    I have a problem with contrails because – on the same day i will see two planes flying overhead, with one letting off a normal contrail, one letting off nothing at all, and another letting off a plume of “water” that lasts in the sky for hours and extends from one side of the sky all the way to the other.

    I have a problem with people who, in defense of contrails, say “oh, so chemtrails exist? then every pilot has to know, right?” Answer – nope. Only a select few doing the sprayings, this is purely military, no civilian aircraft is spraying the sky.

    I have a problem with people who think that having chemtrails in multiple disney movies is natural. You like to claim that the artists are “making the sky look like it does everyday”. At first that seems convincing. That is, until someone with greater intelligence comes along and asks you right back, “okay then, so you think that they put the chemtrails in there to be part of real life? THEN WHY ARE THERE NO CLOUDS? it would seem natural that, if they were trying to make it “realistic”, they would put clouds in there too, right? is there a hole in my argument, or does that not make sense?

    And if anyone responds and says that yeah they probably just forgot to make clouds, while intentionally drawing in chemtrails, you have no respect from me, (although i bet you get a lot of respect from your friends, parents, and every other kind of brainwashed, TV watching, underexcercised and overweight sheep)

  12. Degaz says:

    I started seeing persistent contrails around 2000. I do not remember them from my youth. I pulled out the old family photos and did not see any persistent contrails in any of the photos.

    I pulled out the family photos from post-2000 and found several examples.

    Something does not add up.

  13. How many pre-2000 photos of sky doe you have? From how many dates? Where were they taken?

    Compare that with the newer photos.

    People take more photos now, with digital cameras.

  14. stars15k says:

    I remember seeing them from my youth because my father traveled by air twice a week for most of my childhood. I am 48. I noticed them. You did not. How many times do people (well, besides people like me who loves clouds and storms and takes pictures of them) take a picture of the sky for the sky’s sake? Not very many. Then figure that more passengers, more flights, more planes going to more cities than even 20 years ago, also means more trails in the sky.
    Digital photos are a godsend to people like me. Watching my grandkids playing T-Ball for just one hour and I took 150 pictures. How many people could afford to do that 20 years ago? More pictures, not as carefully framed, because you can edit before printing, and you’ll get more pictures of the sky. More pictures combined with more trails, means more pictures of trails than before. Simple logic.

  15. Eric says:

    hey, I found a lot of contrails in this music video. Check it out:


    its a nice song too.

  16. Suntour says:

    Eric, I’m surprised they could breathe all that chemical air, where were their gas masks??!?!

    Ok, I’m joking, thanks for posting that. Pretty cool video and yeah, a nice song as well. I’ve never heard of them, but will look into more of their stuff. Thanks again.

  17. JazzRoc says:

    Thanks for that. Very accomplished music there. 🙂

  18. Austin says:

    On this site I have seen pre-chemtrail conspiracy news articles about mysterious contrails; and I have seen recent movies/commercials/music videos with contrails that have been added to reproduce the normal sky. Which all makes sense. But it does not make sense if you are trying to disprove chemtrails.

    Chemtrail theorists claim chemtrails and/or mysterious contrails are kept completely out of main stream news. They also claim that the government is using brainwashing techniques in movies/commercials/music videos.

    So lets see the opposite of what you already have.

    Can you post, pre-chemtrail conspiracy, movies/commercials/music videos with contrails in the back drop, and also some recent news articles with head lines having to do with mysterious contrails or chemtrails?

    You were able to find so many example of old news articles with headlines like these (see Chemtrails were Contrails in the articles above), and I can find you plenty recent examples of chemtrails in movie/commericals, so it should not be any harder to find the opposite.

    This would help disprove the chemtrail conspiracy. Thank you.

  19. Austin says:

    and of coarse it must be a legitimate news source. and of coarse my email is [email protected] over lines in the sky we have not much control right? so i ccould not care. but i care very much now

    please, any evidence of the sort?

  20. Shilltastic says:

    Just thought I would post info about persistent contrails in movies as I see them. Today I watched some of Mad Max, made in 1979. In the scene where he’s trying to get back to his car after having his knee blown apart, there is an obvious persistent contrail (what idiots call “chemtrails”) over his shoulder in several parts of the scene.

  21. Ross says:

    For no particular reason I contribute that Mad Max was filmed in the environs of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

  22. shilltastic says:

    Also, the use of the persistent contrails in the movie Cars is OBVIOUSLY because some clever bastard decided to bring the automotive theme (the trails are shaped like tire tracks) to another area of the scenery. Just as with the “natural” rock formations that carry that same theme in the movie. To ASSUME that the trails are there “to desensitize others” into believing they are normal (which they are) is just more paranoid nonsense. It’s such a shame that so many people confuse their own ignorance with conspiracies. What a pathetic and sad way to live.

  23. realtruthseeker says:

    I think contrails or vapour trails are often used as a device to draw the eye to planes in the sky. They often appear in adverts for air travel where the plane wouldn’t stand out if it wasn’t for the white line. The notion that filmmakers and animators are under some secret directive to put more contrails into the sky in order to normalize or desensitize is ridiculous. It simply doesn’t work like that. Don’t you think the animators and film makers would be a bit concerned? It’s more likely to be an attempt to make the sky look ‘realistic’. As to the recent trend for shooting low angle shots – it’s just that, a trend. It’s like the fish-eye lens in music videos. It seems to me that the more you start noticing contrails the more you see. It’s like anything.

  24. realtruthseeker says:

    Sorry, I meant a graphic device.

  25. Joel says:

    It’s amazing howmany parallels I see with conspiracy theorists and cult members… Basically, there are a few enlightened people who know the truth, everybody else is too blind to see the truth, and everybody who spreads information contradicting their truth is enemy, the devil or the antichrist.

  26. chockie says:

    There has been a deliberate effort to make “chemtrails” seem like contrails and to make them appear “normal” and to appear to have always been there.Chemtrails have appeared in not only movies,but TV shows,commercials,print ads and even postage stamps.Call it conspiracy paranoia or just coincidence if you want,but its evident that those sponsoring the aerial operations want people to remain at ease over the issue by making it appear historically omnipresent and harmless.

  27. JazzRoc says:


    those sponsoring the aerial operations

    “Those sponsoring” – who are they, and how are they “sponsoring”?

    “Aerial operations”? – what “operations” are these?

  28. gogle says:

    using google sky there is way less con or chem trail activity over China, where US/NATO military cant operate, yet China has commercial air traffic. Why is this? Maybe they havent been brought into the nwo fold yet. We’re already pumping them up with worthless Tbills, they want to dump our dollars but cant for fear of getting caught holding a worthless bag of our money. Also notice how we’re surrounding China and Russia with Patriot missles. The next century is unfolding within the next few years so sit up and enjoy the show!

  29. Google Sky? That just shows images of outer space. Were you referring to the MODIS satellite images?

    Note you’d really have to look at a whole year of photos to get a good overview, as just a few random images will give a random result.

    China is a much poorer country than the US, and has far less air travel, only about 10% or less of what we have in the US. So they only get around 10% of the contrails.


  30. dickinson says:

    What concerns me most is that, maybe because of a growing awareness among the population, chemtrails seem to be made to look more and more like contrails. They do not linger any more as they used to and they are not necessarily released through special spaying nozzles. They seem to come directly out of the engines and I think that might be an attempt to make those spraying operations pass completely unnoticed in the end and unable to be witnessed as what they really are. Lucy

  31. Suntour says:

    How are a persisting contrail and a “chemtrail” visibly different?

  32. captfitch says:

    wow- wouldn’t that be a disasterous turn of events for the chemtrail believers. Since most of thier evidence is based on optics it would suck if the chemtrails were made to look like regular contrails. Presumably (to further hide the maliciousnous) the other effects of the chemtrails would soon become much like the effects of contrails.

    Seriously, if this is the case, (effective modification of chemtrails to simulate regular contrails) wouldn’t it be easier to modify the contrails to mimick the chemtrails? Or could they not alter the chemtrails to appear differently all the time, thus elliminating a causality inducing pattern? This fact leads me to beleive that any optical evidence presented for chemtrails only further invalidates the theory of covert government operations. I would be more inclined to believe the theory if I was presented evidence that it was not visible in any way, or visible in a way that wasn’t so easily discernable.

    Unless, of course, the ultimate purpose of the chemtrails is to purposely present a pattern, somehow identify those who recognize the pattern and use that info for some reason. (remember Close Encounters of the Third Kind) Chemtrails=the Devil’s Tower and the gov’t= aliens. I guess that would make me one of those little alien kids who comes out at the end though?

    I’m sort of kidding of course but I really think it would be interesting to set up an experiment like that.

  33. JazzRoc says:

    @”Lucy” “Dickinson”

    “They do not linger any more as they used to”
    They will, “Lucy”, they will. All it needs is for supersaturated air to be up there in the stratospheric air. And that occurs for roughly a fifth of the time.

    “they are not necessarily released through special spaying nozzles”
    My animals rushed out of the room when I told them THAT one. Then they came back, remembering they had been spayed already.

    “They seem to come directly out of the engines”
    Ah, the “optical illusion” (some chemtrailers assure me) giving the impression that THAT is where the trails come from.

    Of course, they couldn’t ACTUALLY “spay” Barium or Aluminum compounds through a jet engine without destroying it, so it MUST be an illusion, eh? Oh, you didn’t know?

    Well, you wouldn’t, would you, for you know nothing about science, apparently.

    I suggest you read some of this site before you offer a comment. A further failure to do so may allow the “spray illusion agency” to catch up with you and snatch you away before you reveal any more telling secrets.


  34. CTYForg says:

    both March 12th, 15th and 16th,
    2010 have ALL had persistent contrail cover.

    Not rare, this happens very often.

  35. I think we need to be a bit more specific here. Using terms like “rare” and “very often” might mean different things to different people.

    I said:

    It was though, a rather unusual day. It’s very rare to see such a profusion of contrails. Maybe 2-3 times a year. As it has always been.

    Now that’s very specific. 2-3 times a year have the high degree of contrail cover that march 5th 2010 had. It was a VERY high frequency contrail day.

    There are obviously days that have LESS contrail cover, but still have persistent contrail cover.

    Days with contrail cover happen more frequently in the winter.

    What do you mean by “very often”? 50% of days? 10%? 90%? All year round?

  36. MyMatesBrainwashed says:

    From the film Patton. Made in 1970, I believe.

    Dunno how image tags work here so I’m just gonna post a link. Feel free to edit it to look all tidy, like.


  37. captfitch says:

    That was a good video. I think it would be better if you could accomplish this with an existing vehicle instead of building all new vehicles.

  38. JazzRoc says:



    What does this actually mean to you?

  39. ctyforg says:

    it doesnt mean anything other than I’d say its very relevant to “contrail science”.

    And Uncinus, I assume you’re suggesting hydrogen airplanes?

  40. captfitch says:

    That was my comment and I agree- very relevent. And my comment was meant to be tongue-in-cheek.

  41. JazzRoc says:


    it doesnt mean anything other than I’d say its very relevant to “contrail science”.

    It’s an interesting idea.
    It has all of the virtues (assuming it works and the quantities are correct) and none of the vices of the competing “geoengineering” proposals. In fact it has no vices at all.
    If ever it becomes necessary to use geoengineering to mitigate the consequences of global warming then I hope Salter’s Trimarans are used first.

  42. it doesnt mean anything other than I’d say its very relevant to “contrail science”.

    And Uncinus, I assume you’re suggesting hydrogen airplanes?

    Hydrogen planes would be great in terms of lack of pollution, however they would probably increase cloud cover more than regular jets. That could be mitigated by altering the flight altitude if it were a serious problem.

    I’m also in favor of the Trimaran ocean salt spraying approach, if such a thing ever becomes necessary. Ideally we would avoid such a need.


    But the key point that this site is making is all about evidence. Is there any actual evidence that anything like this is going on? Anyone seen any inexplicably odd trimarans? Anyone seen any inexplicably odd contrails?

    And if they were going to do it, why would they do it in secret?

  43. TheFactsMatter says:

    I just wanted to mention the persistent contrails in the movie Mousehunt during the scene where the brothers ride the tub out the front door. They are obvious, and there are many of them (including the almost complete cloud cover that so many say never happened back then). This movie was released in 1997 but was filmed during the previous year. That would put those trails in the sky two years before William Thomas first saw the trails and coined the non-word “chemtrails”.

  44. TheFactsMatter says:

    Just saw a large persistent contrail in the movie Raising Arizona.


    The scene where N Cage and the biker dude were starting to fight.

  45. MikeC says:

    Apparently there’s a contrail in the 1969 movie “Battle of Britain” – http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0064072/goofs says it is “At the beginning of the final battle sequence…”

    I used to have a cassette of it taped from TV for many years, but that got cleaned out a while back…..well worth owning for any aircraft nut tho…so perhaps I need to update my library 🙂

  46. Russ says:

    I really don’t have any idea about the ‘contrails vs. chemtrails’ debate, but I will say this. This morning at about 8-9 AM I noticed probably about 50 contrails all over the sky in various criss-cross patterns. There were still new ones being made at the time, and I noticed as time went by they all sort of faded into a weird cloud cover.

    I don’t claim to know what it is exactly, but normal airline traffic doesn’t seem to be the answer. This was in a rural area west of Nashville, TN… and certainly not somewhere that it typically subject to overly heavy air traffic. Again, I don’t claim to know what it is, but I DO know it is odd.

  47. Russ, there are lots of planes flying over pretty much every area of the US, and your area is no exception.

    Planes fly from Florida and Atlanta to the cities in the North, and planes fly from Texas to the East Coast.



    Here’s a typical day’s flights in the US:

    So if the weather was ideal for contrail formation at multiple altitudes that day, then what would be odd about grids forming?

  48. GregOrca says:

    There is a classic episode of Daniel Boone TV show from many decades ago with a large contrail similar to the Paton trailer

    This episode of “the outer limits” Tv series “The premonition ” also has quite a decent contrail cirrus grid in the opening shot


    Robin Hood 1967: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RvdkaC1f9T8

    Also, Conan the barbarian 1982
    a jetplane contrail can be seen in the sky above Conan’s head in the “tree of woe” crucifiction scene. The exact shot when this is seen is when the camera is pointing upwards at him from the ground.

  49. That’s a great one from Daniel Boone

    In the episode “Delo Jones” (3rd season, 66-67), at the end.

  50. Jay Reynolds says:

    I recently heard the claim that some old movie had been colorized and chemtrails added which were not in the original B&W format. If anyone knows which film they are making this claim about, I’d be curious to see it.

  51. Danny55 says:

    Again, it is just a generalisation that old films have been added to. However, one of the groups on FB was implying that a Bugs Bunny cartoon had had Chemtrails added.

    I know….

    If I find it I’ll put the link up here.

  52. I think many chemtrailers can’t distinguish between normal linear clouds and contrails. A case in point is the chemtrailers in Maui, where there are hardly any contrails. If you search for videos of Maui Chemtrails you will not find many videos of a contrail being formed, but you will see a lot of regular cirrus clouds.

    I think the bugs bunny cartoon artist was probably just drawing regular clouds there.

  53. Danny55 says:

    I think unless it is a classic cumulus cloud like the one depicted on the cloud appreciation guide


    then it appears that the chemtrail theorists think it is artificial. They do go on at length about remembering blue skies with fluffy cotton wool clouds.

  54. GregOrca says:

    They are refering to a single Virgin TV advert where contrails WERE added to old movie footage in an ad introducing a new Virgin brand but also adding subtle reminders of their OTHER succesful Brands . The use of added contrails was intended to show numerous Virgin businesses working in unison including Virgin airlines in a groovy retro movie style.

    Th econtrails are a subtle reminder that Virgin airways are a big success that was originally scorned as being doomed to failure and so Virgin rail is being advertised as another sure fire winner.
    The Virgin sceptics are having their noses rubbed in their previous wrong predictions

    Virgin Airlines, Virgin Railways, both winners.

    The conspiracy theorists are freaking out that contrails are added to footage but don’t seem perturbed that the children have been edited to suggest they are watching a super-modern high-speed train full of long dead people?
    Oh the humanity!
    Can’t they see the REAL message? The NWO is obviously not only trying to kill everyone else , but is reanimating the long dead Rotting corpses of the ELITES!
    That’s the real message! The Elite illuminati are being brought back to life like frankenstein!

    The trails were not added to a movie. A clip from a movie was re appropriated into a funky advertisement, just like many sections of old footage are intercut into new realisations like this “singing in the rain” advert

  55. And what about cigarette packets? how about mc donalds adverts? pokemon cards perhaps? any reason for contrails on them? nope.. time to spill the beans guys

  56. captfitch says:

    So say you were running a multi billion dollar operation like chemtrails. Wouldn’t you do everything possible to keep the trails OUT of the mainstream? Like for instance remove the trails from advertisements and TV shows?

  57. MikeC says:

    Why wouldn’t people put what they see in the skies into pictures of skies??

  58. GregOrca says:

    Chemtrailorbs mentions cigarette packets and refers to the Australian winfield Summer sky blue range which features a condensation trail and the Blue range which actually features a speedboat wake.
    Here is the whole summer range:

    Waterskiing and jet setting images have been popular in cigarette advertisements to try to associate an upmarket lifestyle to smoking. That’s also why formula one cars were decked out as cigarette packets for decades.

    If you look at the actual range it is obvious that the graphic designer has sought out images that have a strong linear element, Boat wakes, Sand ripples(not caused by haarp), surf ripples, tyre tracks, condensation trails, and the the less effective sea foam.

    Now lets obsess in paranoid fashion over the subliminal message of RED tyre tracks. Surely it must be trying to desensitise children to the idea of hit and run car accidents .. perhaps being run over and killed by a formula one race car driven by an illuminati?
    The speedboat wake with path of a slalom water skiier represents the daily recreational activity of the NWO elites, venturing outside wearing their hazmat suits & gasmasks to protect from chemtrails that they spray on themselves.
    Yellow sand ripples represent radiative yellowcake sands and the inevitable coverage of the green earth in toxic yellow sand after a nuclear holocaust. The Wave is obviously to desensitise children to the inevitable increase in incidence of tsunamis generated by haarp and the last one represents a house call by Ron Jeremy

    The McDonalds advert refered to just showed an airdrop of food and contrails. It uses an association trigger so that hopefully if a viewer notices a contrail in the sky they might think about macDonalds and feel hungry and go buy a burger. That’s the basis of many forms of advertising. Associate a scenario with their brand.
    You go kayaking, so you need to slam down a sports drink. You go to a scenic lookout.. you are having a “kodak moment” etc.

    If you think food dropping out of the sky is sinsiter, wait to you check out this advert that I worked on:

    OMG, NWO giant robots camouflaged as a 35ft girl spreading morgellons worms from the sky in chemtrail bubbles! Think of the Illuminati symbolism in that!

    Pokemon images simply show a typical illustration technique of simulating speed with linear blur of the background into speed lines. This has been a common illustration technique for many decades

    But The fact is that condensation trails have been a common sight since the 1940s and so illustrators put them in images because they are a typical thing we see in the sky.
    It’s no more suspicious than putting telephone or power lines or rain gutters in an illustration.

    Here’s Roger Ramjet from the 1960s leaving contrails .
    Parents in the 1960s were far more concerned about Roger Ramjet popping pills than his aircraft leaving long white trails in the sky.

  59. GregOrca says:

    By the way, for those who may be mystified by the gross images on those packets, those images of gangrene and sick people are a legal requirement on all packets of cigarettes sold in Australia.
    In Australia we have a free universal healthcare system. The sort of national health care system Americans only dream of and are told will inevitably lead to socialist takeover in USA and other such silly scaremongering.
    Our govt here doesn’t want people to get sick and tries to deter people from smoking by legislating for shocking packet warnings and anti smoking campaigns. Short of outright banning cigarettes, the govt wants people to be healthy because sick people are a drain on taxpayers and a drain on govt budgets and healthy people can work harder , be more productive and pay more tax.

  60. Marcel says:

    They are a requirement in the UK as well. The government here does not ban them outright as they are so heavily taxed that the health costs are slightly outweighed by the revenue gained.

  61. Marcel says:

    In the spirit of the thread, but really just to let you see this time lapse video of Yosemite


    Note in th night sequence the amount of flights on the same route

  62. ChemtrailOrbs says:


  63. Boat wake? that looks EXACTLY like a contrail? lol…

    How about this?


    contrail or boat wake? BAHAHAHAH you guys are fuckiin hilarious.

    “the govt wants people to be healthy because sick people are a drain on taxpayers and a drain on govt budgets and healthy people can work harder , be more productive and pay more tax.”

    Yup.. you just said it.. the gov doesn’t give a flying fuck about you and only want money.. couldn’t have said it better

    Yes we all know contrails can exist and persist.. thanks for the info Einstien. but seriously…

    WHY are these orbs interested in “condensation” trails?


    stop the vid at 0:40 and watch again if you miss it.. it is incredibly quick

    You say they aren’t orbs? why? video evidence does not lie.. it wouldn’t be used in courts otherwise

  64. MikeC says:

    Chemtrailorb pointed out this to us:

    Oh that’s definitely contrails – glad you agree.

    Cigarettes used a lot of “sophisticated” images to sell their product – eg this one of a pilot & stewardess – http://www.ebay.com/itm/1963-Viceroy-Cigarette-ad-Pan-American-Airline-Pilot-Stewardess-Tarmac-/330670507326?pt=US_Cigarettes

  65. GregOrca says:

    Yes, chemtrailorbs, http://www.ltcigarettes.com/pack.asp?id=10197&p=2 actually shows a boat wake AND the wake of a waterskier/wakeboarder who has jumped the wake at it’s mid point.
    I figure you’ve never been waterskiing so you are not familiar with the extremely distinctive wake pattern of speedboats and turning waterskis and wake boards.

  66. ctorbs says:

    “actually shows a boat wake AND the wake of a waterskier/wakeboarder who has jumped the wake at it’s mid point.”

    OK.. WHY then does the “boat wake” look EXACTLY like a “contrail” are you denying that statement? care to prove it?

  67. GregOrca says:


    So you think the curved ski wake on the left with distinctive outwards splashes that intersects the main wake looks like any contrail you can show in any photo or video and NOT exactly like a skiers wake?

    Hmmm, have you ever been on the water?

    Even media coverage of the cigarette packets acknowledges it to be a boat wake.

  68. Strawman says:

    Crazy idea: just write to the cigarette company and ask them….

  69. GregOrca says:

    I was watching Sean Connery in “Diamonds are Forever” after hearing a mention of contrails in a discussion and screen grabbed a nice intersection of long contrails over Vegas before the big night time car chase scene.
    There seem to be a number of such shots scattered over old Bond Films.
    It suggests that people only remember the things they were interested in such as Shirley Bassey’s brassy song or a moonbuggy chase but not the contrails above the action.
    Millions of people must have seen this film, but how many paid attention to the sky.
    How many people noticed the sky above Ursala Andress as she walked out of the sea in “Dr NO”.
    Most folks probably remember it as bright blue sky.
    Try to remember , write down your answer, then go have a look .

  70. Excellent shot. Vegas would probably be a good place to look for old contrail photos, lots of overflights there.

  71. MikeC says:

    Kate Bush’s “Coudbusting” at about 1.45 – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VQYk23QEEGE

  72. GregOrca says:

    Interestingly enough, cloud busting was all about the Orgone advocate Wilhelm Reich

    Kate Bush took an interest in the chap through his descendants and the film clip enacts his attempt at using a cloud busting machine, but one far more outlandish in appearance than the real one.
    I suspect he had a few roos loose in the top paddock.

  73. MikeC says:

    Yes he was an interesting chap, and his legacy of “Orgone” lives on.

    I started a thread identifying this contrail over at ATS, and one idiot believer in particular started ranting on about how the cloud buster was breaking up the contrail whereas cloudbusters actually made rain, etc – it was a bit of a shock to see someone take a music video as if it was a documentary!!

  74. Noble1965 says:

    Was just flipping through channels….

    Came upon Vacation….1983…

    Lots of persistent trails at Wally World!

    How could that be?! Trails like these hadn’t ever been seen before 1998….right?!

  75. killuminati says:

    I love this site because it’s so obvious that it is a “debunking site” the way it is setup this site is designed to breed ignorance instead of finding truth…. Not finding out if chemtrails are real just finding out truth.

    If chemtrails “were real” and btw they are LOL towns have banned them the NOAA admits to them and the easiest way to tell is ot JUST LOOK UP IN THE SKY you will be able to notice the difference if you look up enough –

    IF chemtrails were real = what would they look like? IF we follow this website Chemtrails could exist and we’d never know because they appear “simliar” to contrails – If they did exist, how would you know? Could you be able to tell the difference between a natural formation and a non-natural one? Many people can!

    What this guy is doing is searching for a certain answer instead of searching for truth – its obvious by the way Unicus and the other registered names talk to people Unicus or whatever usually tries to appear all smart and reserved and all but either he’s completely convinced they are not real which is insane or he is getting payed to run this.

    NOBODY has this much free time in the world today to run this site for free LOL it’s hilarious and its FUCKED UP what they are putting into kids cartoons…. It’s classical conditioning. Damn it’s not rocket science it’s “contrail science” bhahahaha okaay so MARTIAL LAW is possibly days away from happening here’s my website devoted to finding truth and light: http://bit.ly/KVGmeb

    Here’s my facebook.com/jayblazzletooth

    Love all, Peace~!

  76. Then point out something on this site that is incorrect.

  77. MikeC says:

    I see Killuminati has posted his message twice – so, to reiterate my comment – what towns have banned chemtrails, and where does the NOAA admit they exist?

  78. Alexey says:

    Old videos of big sports events is another possible source of contrail records. This thought occurred when I watched news yesterday and spotted a contrail cross in the background of the Premier League trophy, lifted up by the Manchester City captain (at 0:21):


    I wonder if anybody can recall a much older example of ‘contrails in the sports’.

  79. Steve Funk says:

    “IF chemtrails were real = what would they look like? IF we follow this website Chemtrails could exist and we’d never know because they appear “simliar” to contrails – If they did exist, how would you know? Could you be able to tell the difference between a natural formation and a non-natural one?”

    If chemtrails were real we could not see them because they would need to be deposited at 60,000 to 80,000 feet, where there is not enough water vapor to make ice crystals. Chaff, which is deposited at lower elevations, is not generally visible to the human eye, although it shows up on weather charts.

  80. Indeed. In fact you might say that the difference between a chemtrail and a contrail is that contrails can persist and spread, whereas chemtrails will quickly dissipate.

    Quite the opposite of what the theorists suggest.

  81. tryblinking says:

    Anorher of the many wonderfully direct disproofs of the hoax. It’s like they enjoy wallowing in wrong.

  82. Noble says:

    Was watching Raising Arizona today…lots of persistent trails in the scene where the two idiots have to drive back to where they left the baby in the road/on the roof of the car.

    The year was 1987…long before the chemtrail hoax was invented..and in a state where many who come from there claim that trails never persisted before the late 90s.


  83. Jay Reynolds says:

    I thought this was cute. Somebody found an old Smurf cartoon which actually showed the ethical dilemma and social problems associated with weather modification.


  84. That’s pretty funny. Amazing how people see significance in things like the one Smurf holding a harp (HAARP).

  85. Rude Bastard says:

    Was just watching Cape Fear, 1991. When Nick Nolte is in his car, and Deniro grabs his car keys from the ignition, I saw a persistent trail which looked like the trails referred to as “chemtrails”.

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