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Chemtrail/Persistent Contrail Survey

When did you first see contrails?

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  1. brenda says:

    people don’t normally look up at the sky and i’m sure you know this. so why the the meaningless questions they mean nothing?
    most people hears about this from other sources as i did.

  2. GregOrca says:

    Brenda, do you mean YOU don’t normally look up at the sky and are you assuming other people are like you? I’m a keen sailor and outdoor sportsman who loves hang-gliding, skiing, windsurfing, hiking, surfing etc. EVERYONE I know regularly looks up at the sky and is quite aware of meteorology and its influence on our outdoor activities.
    It’s been that way since I was a kid in the 1960s and so myself and all my family and friends have always kept a keen eye on the sky.
    In fact it is even a cliché that most people talk about the weather as an awkward substitute for more personal conversation.
    There is nothing particularly meaningless about the survey questions.
    Why would you think there was?
    The survey is obviously a means to collect quantitative and qualitative data on people’s perception of contrails.
    What brings you to think gathering data is meaningless activity ?

  3. Initial Responses can be found here. These are the raw results, with just the email addresses removed.

    It’s public and read-only, as a Google Spreadsheet. If that’s not working, it should also be available here as a web page.

    I’ll update it periodically.

    Some dates have been modified to change text into a number, 1980s and 1970s change to 1985 and 1975. One entry of “when the theory started” has been changed to 2000. 1986/1987 changed to 1986.

    There are 12 answers from chemtrail belivers, dated:


    Of those, only three claims the trails were entirely new (and one of those was in 1939).

    The 1939 comments are interesting, if somewhat farfetched. A novel take on the theory.

    Hello my American friends (I’m assuming from the website information). For all my life I have watched the skies and have suddenly noticed the phenomenon in Germany during WW2. I have seen many of the Luftwaffe go by in my town (never with these long, persisting trails) and personally had family members in the SS who told me about the weather modification techniques at the time. Most of the techniques were obtained through intelligience groups in the United States of America who had their hands on the compartmentalized information. Most of it had to do with aerosol modification and how they could create clouds and haze through the use of chemical trails from airplanes with a variety of compounds that would increase the Cloud Condensation Nuclei. They said how this would have an astounding effect on battlefield conditions for their opposition.

    Most of the breaches happened because vulnerabilities at the time were not mended due to the attention focused primarily on the Manhattan Project. Also, I overheard many of the scientists working for the SS discuss how they could create a contraption analogous to what Nikola Tesla had described with the use of finely tuned ELF and EHF waves that could suddenly eradicate humidity. They would pinpoint and concentrate these powerful waves at fine metal oxides released from airplanes in aerosol form and could virtually eliminate clouds and rain and would be able to form droughts over an entire area for the enemy.

    I even overheard a conversation talking about the production of artificial earthquakes with these devices as mentioned explicitly in Nikola Tesla’s writing. I now know what these are and became aware as I saw weather warfare occur firsthand when we were covertly tested on with the material during ’43 after being notified by an SS agent. The material coming out of the planes is near similar to what we know today as chemtrails. They are long, white streaks that expand from one side of the horizon to the other hazing the sky. The tactic is nothing more than of a geological/weather combat.

    I am very concerned for the future of our home here on Earth and very concerned about the sustainable development of the world. The natural vegetative habitat is becoming eradicated. God bless you people and hope you take action. I am nearing my end as a senior citizen in Munich seeing a once beautiful, natural world turned into a post-industrial wasteland.

  4. Danny55 says:

    “became aware”???

    A sceptical person might think that the writer of the comments was tring to extract some urine.

  5. Jay Reynolds says:

    Ah, these hoaxers always have an anonymous tale to tell about this or that un-named scientist, or un-named SS officer, or un-named family members or un-named acquaintances. Even though those folks would be long gone, there isn’t ever anything to follow up on, just a fantastic story that when looked at for anything solid, goes ‘poof’, like a piffle…..

  6. Jay Reynolds says:

    It is interesting that the current stock of believers has such a recent date. What it reflects to me is the preponderance of newbies out there, and the retirement of almost all the old-timers due to the attrition of time.

    For you can go to chemtrailcentral.com and find photos and reports from all corners of the country speaking of “heavy spray days”, the whole countryside being “hammered for weeks at a time”, except this was back in 2000, five years before the current crop of believers got sucked in to the vortex.

    For most believers, a five year stay getting twisted might be long enough for them to suspect they were the ones who got ‘hammered.’

  7. Oooops!

    All inputs are published directly. I didn´t thougth this would happen….

    So I have to say a real big “Sorry” for my real-real-real bad english. I allways had an F-Note in english (but an A-Note in Physics, that´s may be the reason I am on THIS SIDE and not the other one screaming “They Sprayed again”). I´m the one who saw long contrails at the age of 6 in Germany.

    After reading what I´ve wrote, I really hope that my english-teachers never, never, never find this page! 😉

    Greetings from Franfurt/Germany

    (Am Himmel über Frankfurt/Main sind Kondensstreifen ein gewöhnlicher Anblick)

  8. Wallace Wall says:

    I heard about the trails from a lady who was getting an allergy shot at my allergist, so I looked it up. That day I had noticed a gigantic x over Augusta and had wondered what it was because up till then they were always in a straight line.

  9. captfitch says:

    So in that case the straight lines crossed. Not unusual.

  10. Michael says:

    I suggest that people go “digital”. Meaning representing sound/light waves as numbers, thats how chemtrails operate, its not just planes anymore. The sky naturally creates the clouds because the atmosphere has been tweaked enough to do so. So go digital, realize you’re own light frequency, operate on a higher level than light and sound.

  11. JFDee says:


    somehow I get the impression that you – well – chemically enhanced your mood a tiny bit.

    I sincerely hope that you are not embarrassed about your posting after you came down again. It does not make sense, I’m afraid.

  12. Pat says:

    Normal contrails and unnatural chemtrails appearing in the same area at the same time tell me something is going on. A 747 pilot told me my photos must be faked, that planes don’t crisscross like that! I took the pictures so I know otherwise. I do wonder why so few pilots have come forward about loading chemicals into their planes (a few have). Perhaps most don’t know. But if there’s absolutely nothing to it, then why can’t it be studied more openly? My understanding is that some of the aerosol has been collected for analysis and that it contains, not water vapor, but aluminum and barrium. We all breathe the same air, so let’s find out what’s going on and put a stop to it. Also, we know that our government has done nefarious things in the past (e.g. school children drinking radio-active milk), so the notion of chemtrails is not that much of a stretch.

  13. The only time the trails have been sampled and analysed, they contained only ice.

    The tests you are referring to are test of rain and ground water, and soil. They all show normal amount of natural elements, based on the testing conditions. But have generally been misinterpreted.

    Planes DO crisscross exactly like that. Do you have a link to the photo you are referring to?

  14. mark says:

    come on people,get over it.what are you going to do; run and hide-no! move on and live life until you’re done and when you don’t wake up someday you won’t have to worry anymore

  15. Larry says:

    Does speed have anything to do with a plane leaving a contrial/vapor trail? Do fixed single wings or bi-wing planes leave a vopor trail, I thought it was only jet planes that could do that?

  16. It does for aerodynamic contrails. But most contrails are from engine exhaust, which contains water. Both jet engines and propellor engines can leave contrails if they are flying in air that is cold and humid enough.

  17. Larry says:

    Thank you. When I saw pictures on this website of WWII with contrails near a bomber I was flabergasted. I have never seen pictures like that.
    My dad worked at Lockheed in Palmdale, CA from the late 40’s til the early 1970’s. We use to see the planes leave a trail but that was by the test pilots taking a plane up and the smoke left behind was to be able to find them in the sky and to follow them. Some were very fast like the YF12A and the F-104’s my dad worked on. Many times those same planes never left trails.
    There many other planes that flew but did not leave trails unless it was a vapor off the wing tips. Those vapors disappeared quickly though, naturally. Man made trails would linger for many hours.

  18. rasturenZ says:

    “Uncinus says:
    February 1, 2012 at 3:06 pm
    The only time the trails have been sampled and analysed, they contained only ice.”

    This is not true! There is a movie with data presented of sample taken by small airplane directly from chemtrail and gues what it was positive to Barium and Aluminum. Also few months ago RTL had news that some guy from White House admited chemtrails.

    RTL link(its on croatian use google translate): http://www.rtl.hr/vijesti/novosti/168829/bijela-kuca-godinama-trovala-covjecanstvo/

    Movie (this is short 30 min version there is a 90min too): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ToxPiW_2RC8

  19. Where is the data?

  20. rasturenZ says:

    I just forgot to say name of the guy from White House: John P. Holdren. there are also many videos of him talking about geoengineering and that kind of stuff.

  21. MikeC says:

    There are lots of videos of Mr Holdren saying that geo-engineering MIGHT be needed. I haven’t seen any where he actually says that it is happening – but I have seen plenty falsely labelled as saying he does – but all of them are him saying that if we get desperate and there’s no other alternative then we should be prepared to use it.

    Eg see http://www.newscientist.com/blogs/shortsharpscience/2009/04/holdren-clarifies-the-white-ho.html

  22. mj says:

    People are too much afraid to escalate this issue.

  23. tryblinking says:

    pull the other one mj, it’s got a rhinestone encrusted glove on.

  24. Hey, great poll! But I have another poll idea:

    where NOTHING is rendered unless it’s intentionally and deliberately put there by the animators?!

    Why are there ONLY CONTRAILS in the sky, in the first half of the animated movie OVER THE HEDGE?! Did DREAMWORKS animators feel that they were NECESSARY for children to see, more important than natural clouds themselves?!

    I guess “contrails” became mandatory for every movie production COMPANY in about 2006, because DISNEY also generously put them in the movie CARS (minute 43 to 46).

    And DISNEY thought that this chemtrail hoax is so funny, that they decided to put the “contrails” in their animated video logo, that shows before every movie they make!!

    And how about Kung-Fu Panda 2, why are “contrails” NECESSARY in a fairy tale story?!

    Oh, and let’s not forget the “contrails” that just HAD to come out of plastic toys in this LEGO commercial:

    There’s obviously an agenda here, and if you HONESTLY think that chemtrails are a hoax, you are deluding yourself into blissful ignorance!

    Wake up or stop lying if you already know the truth about chemtrails!

  25. JFDee says:

    Re “Kung Fu Panda 2”: this does not look like contrails at all.

    Instead of suspecting an agenda, you could also assume these low clouds were included to improve the 3D effect – which would probably less impressive with a clean sky.

    Re “Cars”: did you notice the contrails are looking like wheel tracks?

    It’s just annother funny gag.

  26. The real question is: why wouldn’t contrails be in animated movies? They are familiar objects that exist in the sky.

    I’ve worked with a lot of artists and animators in the game industry. Artists work from reference, not from memory. They have photos of things, and they base what they create partly on those photos. Photos of the sky often include contrails.

  27. SR1419 says:

    Of course, this is not an animated movie…but it is an illustrated poster in a television show…from 1959:


    What was their agenda then?

  28. Jay Reynolds says:

    Yeah, even my own animated feature includes lots of contrails lines in the skies.

  29. Alexey says:

    @Octavian Popil

    Well, I grew up in a different country and watched very different cartoons in my childhood. Your question sent me down the memory line, so I browsed old soviet animated movies from 70’s and spotted white linear clouds drawn in the sky in quite a few of them. There are proper contrails too, like one here:

  30. Danny55 says:

    Well, I guess that this means that Uncinus’ favourite is real as well.


  31. GregOrca says:

    Have a look at Roger Ramjet cartoons from the 1960s , and japanese animation from that period.

    Here’s a Buck rogers comic from 1930:
    Was the 1930 agenda to prepare children for the persistent contrails that would be so extremely common in the 1940s and 50s, 60s, 70s and 1980s?

    Perhaps this RED trail has special meaning from 1979? http://www.plaidstallions.com/cb/brcover.jpg

    Captain Marvel flying past contrails in 1981

    Or this trail from the original Flash Gordon series from 1936 http://www.thechestnut.com/flash/chap1-009.jpg


    Even Daffy Duck in the 1953 classic “Duck Dodgers in the 24th and a half century” left a trail behind his spacecraft whilst on the search for Planet X. (real rocket ships don’t leave thin aircraft-like contrails in a vacuum )

    So the point is that Childrens cartoons and comics and tv series have regularly featured contrails since the 1930s. So what is the real agenda of people who suggest it is a new feature of kids movies and TV shows and comics when in reality it has a very long history.
    Why are conspiracy believers so willing to make false claims that it is something new or perhaps is it that they are just ignorant of history and make bold statements without bothering to do any fact checking to see if their claims are true?

  32. tryblinking says:

    I’m certain it’s both.

  33. orion says:

    The survey questions are too minimal and don’t ask if the person suspected something odd occuring in the skies without knowing what and without knowing about Geo-Engineering, Stratospheric Aerial Spraying aka Chemtrails. The questings are too vague and seem to only collate data on the location.
    Possibly to match the sightings of the Chemtrails with the already secretly documented Geo-Engineering operations occuring.
    It seems the people denying that Stratospheric Aerial Spraying is occuring are incapable of even telling this apart form a Contrail.

  34. How do you tell it apart? What’s the difference?

  35. MikeC says:

    What secretly documented Geo-Engineering operations???

    Seriously – if you have any actual documentation of such programmes you’ll be way ahead of the pack!

  36. dido says:

    Hearing or seeing from the movies? still at this 2012 hour? I can’t believe it. Dear Octavian Popi, I LIVED this chemtrails phenomena twice daily somewhere in our dear US then terrified came to verify this weather/health control in your country and only 2 days ago, for example, from the blue sky over the beautiful ro beach where I was staying your country military did the same “experiment” making the blue sky dark ashy ugly bulks. Comparing with what I saw before a little bit all over the world, the ro man-made longuish spiral “clouds” crossing in not so firm grills like in our dear US but somehow awkwardly wavy became shortly DARK. Well this is a little bit food for thought. While the barium and aluminum give excuse in US to protect sensitive military equipment from solar flares intensification what do you suggest for the dark mamaia crossing of two days ago? I miss the blue sky. And good for people studying this phenomena from pictures. Condensaton has nothing to do with OBVIOUS spraying, condensation evaporates within maximum 15 minutes, the metallic-synthetic particles are sprayed usually before rain (natural or man-made) or wind calculated where to hit. I am not sure what this blog is about, to extract info from location/people or information TO people. Please forgive me if I am wrong believing the second. Actually the internet is mostly the first and nobody trusts anybody. As for me my respiratory system is going down from exaggerate exposure (2x daily). But where can I move my house where on June 8 for example, the crossing of the spraying made for the first time not just a cross but a 8 lines star and the sky illuminated there like from a real star (usually the operations are conducted at night JUST BECAUSE some people voice their viewing. Yeah, they are spraying (among others?) US, directly but we cannot do anything. Since creation of weather control/war HAARP the Earth started to become the “not what we used to know it”. And with no connection whatsoever with planets’ alignment or Mayas’ predictions. Peace.

  37. GregOrca says:

    “Condensaton has nothing to do with OBVIOUS spraying, condensation evaporates within maximum 15 minutes,”

    Perhaps you might learn some basic science and meteorology.

    CLOUDS are condensation.
    Do clouds evaporate within a maximum of 15 minutes?
    Then your claim in incorrect and so you are basing your belief on WRONG information.
    Condensation trails can persist for hours and spread and this is a well established scientific fact.
    People who claim condensation can only persist a short time are deliberately trying to mislead you as part of a profit making HOAX

  38. dido says:

    I was talking about the ARTIFICIALLY (MAN) MADE by condensation trails of jets, dear professor Orca. Thanks for the advice to get more info. How many times did you observe the contrails dissipating as per allegedly a scientific “fact” for “hours”? I –and many like me– observe the sky with their own eyes and make comparisons from their own experience. As for “deliberately trying to mislead as part of a ? … profit ?… it is not me the one who spread misinformation here. Sorry to think that this is a concerned people’s blog without remembering that there are always (mis)informers among us. When the whole world know clearly the weather modification purpose of HAARP and their associates chemsprayers, your post is thin and transparent, sorry, so transparent that nobody will credit it. Not even you yourself.

  39. Jay Reynolds says:

    I credit it far more than yours, dido…..

    You had no answer regarding why clouds, which are condensation, don’t always evaporate in 15 minutes.
    It has been my experience that water condensation clouds last for hours. Why not contrails? There is a whole thread at his website showing them lasting that lng for any decades.

    Maybe your experience is limited…..

  40. JFDee says:

    Dido said:

    “When the whole world know clearly the weather modification purpose of HAARP and their associates chemsprayers”.

    Then why is it not news? Most people – including newspaper staff and practically every atmospheric scientist – are unconvinced.

    Can it be that you have spent too much time on bunk-spreading web sites and YouTube? Did that influence your judgement?

  41. MikeC says:

    Since the whole world does not know about HARP weather modification and “associated chemsprayers” I guess you must feel that greg’s post is actually thick and opaque, so opaque that everybody will credit it! Especially himself 😀

    However well done for refusing to see what is right in front of your eyes – clouds.

  42. GregOrca says:

    ” How many times did you observe the contrails dissipating as per allegedly a scientific “fact” for “hours”? I –and many like me– observe the sky with their own eyes and make comparisons from their own experience. ”

    I have been a glider pilot for over 37 years and have studied the sky in detail over all that time.
    I remember persistent contrails from the 1960s.
    Can you explain this quote from popular science magazine? :
    “‪”It is certain that many occasions-30 to 40 days a year, say the cause of cirrus cloud cover is contrails. This cloud cover can take in a substantial part of a continent half the US”‬


    How about this? :

    ‪”The spreading of jet contrails into extensive cirrus sheets is a familiar sight. Often, when persistent contrails exist from 25,000 to 40,000 ft, several long contrails increase in number and gradually merge into an almost solid interlaced sheet.”‬

    ‪from Peter Kuhn,” Airborne Observations of Contrail Effects on the Thermal Radiation Budget” published 1970.‬
    ‪Journal of the Atmospheric Sciences Volume 27, Issue 6 (September 1970) ‬


    or this:

    “It is often observed that contrails spread considerably…Under favorable conditions, a lateral spread of kilometers is observed…If sufficient air traffic exists, an entire overcast of contrail cirrus may develop and persist for hours with rapid growth in the ice budget of individual contrails.”

    or this from 1943
    ‪Extract from ”Flight To Arras” Pub 1943‬
    ‪”The German on the ground knows us by the pearly white scarf which every plane flying at high altitude trails behind like a bridal veil. The disturbance created by our meteoric flight crystallizes the watery vapor in the atmosphere. We unwind behind us a cirrus of icicles. If the atmospheric conditions are favorable to the formation of clouds, our wake will thicken bit by bit and become an evening cloud over the countryside”.‬

    70+ years of aviation science and atmospheric science conclusively proves your claim is wrong and you seem incapable of citing ANY documentation that supports your belief.
    Sorry, just claiming something without being able to back it up in any way just doesn’t cut it.
    Please try rigorous fact checking before parroting nonsense you read on conspiracy blogs.

  43. JamesG says:

    When I first noticed chemtrails in 2011 they were south of toronto canada along lake ontario.

    In 2012 I noticed tge were over and around toronto ont canada. And te there were more and laticed in such a way that they were obviously not contrails of planes going from one destination to another but were purposely spraying these chemical trails

  44. Noble says:

    Uh huh…

  45. MikeC says:

    If there were planes going one direction, and planes going in another, why would their contrails not form a lattice?????

  46. AtleastIKTT says:

    Hughes Aircraft Patent #5,003,186… enough said.

  47. SimplyComplex says:


    Taken from http://www.freepatentsonline.com/5003186.html

    Application Number:
    Publication Date:
    Filing Date:

    So, pointing to a patent application filed in 1990 as proof that a phenomenon observed as early as the 1930s is part of a global weather engineering conspiracy is “enough said”?
    Two can play at this game: Confirmation Bias… Enough said.

  48. Watcher/thinker says:

    In October 2011 I observed four planes engaging in what appeared to be ‘spraying’ in the early morning hours of October 5th. Two of the planes were zig zagging East to West in the South quadrant of the sky and two other planes were zig zagging in the North quadrant. The two pairs were behaving as if they were ‘meeting in the middle’. The sky started out as clear blue. I stood outside for some time watching them leave ‘lines’. These planes were observed through my HD camera as I filmed and were all of the same make of plane. I have seen the same planes in many videos and photographs online from other people observing this. In this instance these planes were not ‘flying off to a distant destination’ they were all four of them ‘zig zagging’ in a specific region over Denver. The ‘lines’ or ‘contrails’ or ‘chemtrails’ or whatever they should be called, behaved in an interesting manner. Each trail started out pretty thin, then expanded and expanded into a fuzzy substance eventually connecting with the other trails forming what I term a ‘canopy’; within minutes this ‘canopy’ went from a much thinner layer into a much thicker layer, turning what was a clear blue sky into a grey overcast sky. You could even see a blunt edge of the ‘cloud formation’ or whatever it should be called separating blue sky from the canopy. I filmed all of this. I pulled a stranger aside (he was walking by where I was standing) and asked him to observe with me and without saying anything as far as describing what I was viewing- and he said “those planes appear to be spraying something I wonder what it is”. He had never heard of ‘chemtrails’ upon questioning. I have since observed the same activities many times, where the sky will be perfectly blue- these planes come along doing what they do and within merely minutes the sky has been changed to be ‘over cast’. At one point I was aware of what I would term a ‘spraying schedule’ that was clockwork. Adverse weather almost always resulted. Always the same planes (blue and white) accept for one occasion where the plane was a much larger tanker that was military to be sure. I have no idea what is going on, but seeing is believing (for me anyway). I started taking an interest after hearing a talk show guest being mocked for her suggestion that chemtrails were being sprayed above my city- Denver. I looked up and started watching. I have filmed on several instances planes spraying the ‘X’ patterns, two planes in tandem and they came so close to one another they would have never flown so close had they been commercial flights! It was exciting to watch- daredevil pilots! It’s really too bad we can’t get answers because I would enjoy knowing what it is.

  49. W/t Perhaps you could post some photos or video?

  50. Watcher/thinker says:

    I would be happy to! But I need some suggestions being that I am a novice at certain things. My footage is in MTS HD format. I tried to upload them as is to youtube, but the files (I am assuming) are so large and the process times out before I can get them up. For whatever technical reason it has failed every time so I gave up on uploading the files as is. I have attempted to convert them into AVI format but found the footage was way too degraded in my opinion. I probably just don’t know what I am doing here. Please advise, I have so much footage that has been taking up room frankly I’d like to upload it so I can delete it off of my discs. LOL. I basically got frustrated never getting any solid answers so I stopped filming a number of months back. I will not jump to conclusions regarding theories as to what this is, if anything.

  51. Watcher/thinker says:

    MikeC, reading through the above comments closer, you stated: If there were planes going one direction, and planes going in another, why would their contrails not form a lattice?????,,

    What do you mean by this? Please explain. Is this a normal occurrence or something? Is a ‘lattice’ basically what I was referring to as a ‘canopy’?

  52. Watcher/thinker says:

    I see that I meant to address Unicus (Mick) not MikeC. Oops.

  53. captfitch says:

    He (or we) mean that if there are multiple aircraft going to and from multiple points and they happen to be flying in an area conducive to persistent contrail formation, why wouldn’t they form a pattern? I guess the point being that so often a pattern is pointed out but why should this be so strange? I would be more concerned if multiple trails were all being laid in the same line. THAT would be strange because it would point to a systematic approach to trail formation. The aircraft would all have to account and adjust for the upper air wind velocity and direction and have some sort of coordination.

  54. Steve Funk says:

    WT, I have only uploaded a couple of times, but I think MPG2 or WMV would have smaller file sizes and upload easier than AVI. There is a program called freemake that will convert files to whatever you want. Breaking it into two or three clips might help. If your total is over 15 minutes you definitely have to have two clips or it will not load. Just a suggestion on the file type. There is probably online help that knows better than I do.

  55. MikeC says:

    Watcher – not a problem.

    you can see how a lattice would be built up with mick’s handy simulator – https://contrailscience.com/contrail-simulations/

    You can vary the wind speed & direction, aircraft speed, etc – it is a good tool for helping see why aircraft flying along simlar paths that cross eth paths of other aircraft will make “latticework” patterns.

  56. bob says:

    Was around 7 years old when I first started noticing them. Lived in the country, had a good clear view of the sky. Have noticed some increase in them as air traffic has increased. Do not give much credence to conspiracy theories about them.
    (now let’s get to the real problem…….those felines from outer space that have been controlling mankind for thousands of years…….at least 6 thousand, since that’s how long the Earth has been around. Ever notice how those cats watch your every move? (when they are not ignoring you completely) Who do they report to? What nefarious plans do they have? Are they now going to target me and possibly target me for elimina………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..

  57. Captfitch says:

    You joke but there is proven evidence that cats emit something that can, in some cases cause suicidel thoughts in rodents. And the crazy thing is humans are also affected by the same emission. So they are, in fact, controlling some of us. I believe it is designed to calm the cats’ prey so they are easier to catch.

  58. Alexey says:

    Captfitch said:

    “there is proven evidence that cats emit something that can, in some cases cause suicidel thoughts in rodents.”

    Indeed, cats may emit something, but it is not a property of cats. It is the parasite Toxoplasma gondii that spends part of its life in a cat’s gut, then spreads to mice via cat droppings. It invades their brains and causes them to behave fearlessly towards cats – quickly returning the parasite to a cat’s gut and completing its life cycle.


  59. Linda Dajani says:

    Regarding the claims of the German gentleman: There are patents on record as far back as the 1920s (Patent Nos. 1338343, 1619183 & 1665267) for producing artificial fog. Patent No. 1338343, granted April 27, 1920, has the short description, “Process And Apparatus For The Production of Intense Artificial Clouds, Fogs, or Mists”. Patent No. 1892132, granted December 27, 1932, is an “Atomizing Attachment For Airplane Engine Exhausts”. Patent No. 2908442, granted October 13, 1959, is a “Method for Dispersing Natural Atmospheric Fogs and Clouds”. So the claims of the German gentleman are not outside the realm of possibility.

    Note: I found this information while researching a list of patents my “chemtrails conspiracy”-believing friend posted as “proof” that the government is poisoning us. There are a number of other “weather modification” patents, mainly in the category of cloud-seeding, but some for the dispersal of fog banks, especially over airports.

  60. jonesy says:

    Started paying attention to contrails late 50’s in Seattle area. From what I’ve read, from what I’ve been told by friends and relatives who are pilots and other flight crew, they’re condensation. Persistance is a function of weather conditions, variations in fuel batch, and completeness of combustion. YMMV.

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