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Contrail Season in Los Angeles

For a contrail enthusiast, I picked the wrong place to live. We hardly ever get persistent contrails here in the summer, but things have been picking up a bit as we go into fall, and today we had this:

A very nice triple set of contrails of three planes that, within about 10-15 minutes of each other flew north along the same flight path.  This was taken today, October 26th, 2009, at around 11:20AM in Santa Monica, California, looking east.

It’s actually a 180 degree panoramic shot, the trails are NOT curved, they were straight, and are just distorted because of the nature of the photo (it’s stitched together from about 10 individual images).  It looks a lot stranger in this photo than it did in real-life.

There’s a couple of interesting things about this photo.  Firstly the middle trail peters out on the right of the photo (the south).  This is probably to do with the jet changing altitude.

Secondly there’s a trail in the bottom right corner that crosses the other two at right angles.  This was from a jet that was flying in a westerly direction, probably towards Hawaii.

Note the large amount of Cirrus clouds,  that usually indicates a change in the weather due to a new weather system bringing in a moisture laden front at high altitude.  It’s often a precursor to rain.   Indeed the weather is set to change.  Today in Santa Monica, the high was 83F, tomorrow it drops suddenly to 63F.  Quite a dramatic change

Contrail season in Los Angeles is also the start of the local “Chemtrail” season, where people see these trails, and figure it’s part of some secret government spraying program – not realizing it’s only the weather.

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  1. Bombs, propaganda leaflets, and according to The Sun, “a chemical substance resembling powdered sulphur” (essentially mustard gas)

    I thing we get the point that planes sometimes drop things from the sky, and even sometimes spray things in it. Nobody is disputing this, nobody ever has.

    But what does it have to do with persistent contrails?

  2. ruffneck says:

    captain crunch. thats why he is not in the air today.

  3. Suntour says:

    SR1419 & faithinscience, well said.

    Not specifically “chemtrail” related, but this does pertain to something I mentioned to CTYForg a few months go about biking to work in LA.

    “Toxic cities mock ‘healthy’ cycle riding”

    CYCLING to work may seem the healthy option, but a study has shown that people riding in cities inhale tens of millions of toxic nanoparticles with every breath, at least five times more than drivers or pedestrians.

    The research involved fitting cyclists with devices that could count the particles, mostly emitted by car exhausts, in the air they were breathing.

    It showed that urban concentrations of nanoparticles, which measure just a few millionths of a millimetre, could reach several hundred thousand in a cubic centimetre of air.

    The particles, when inhaled, have been linked to heart disease and respiratory problems.


  4. Steve says:

    Alex Jones is now making the latest masterpiece chemtrail video and wants your footage. This video clip shows how far this guy has gone off the cliff.

  5. I like how he’s claiming that the Government has “admitted” to chemtrails being spraying, but has put a spin on it. When the true is that the Government has denied spraying, and there’s no evidence that “chemtrails” are anything other than contrails.

    Anyone got a link to the government admission?

  6. Steve says:

    Alex Jones is concidered a god to millions of his listeners, so what he says affects the mindset of what these people think about chemtrails. The misunderstanding of contrails and the belief in chemtrails will only get bigger and bigger no matter how much logic on this topic is explained. For the average Alex Jones listener, seeing what they think are chemtrails is like witnessing 1st hand the collaspe of building 7 happening over and over again everytime they see contrails. They love to be on the inside of this conspiracy so they can point at a contrail to the guy next to them and say “that is a chemtrail designed to de-populate the planet with aluminum”. It’s nuts but it’s getting very popular with the “illitertati” or should I say the “Aluminumati”.

  7. Or maybe the “alliterati”.

    It’s interesting how these specific metals get introduced as memes for no particular reason. I wonder if it would be possible to introduce a new one – say iron. We could suggest that chemtrails are spraying iron to create algae blooms to absorb CO2. That sounds pretty plausible? Maybe manganese to increase cloud albedo? Or getting technical: spraying vandium to boost amavadin levels in the mycosphere, which will increase CO2 retention. I suspect it would not take much for these to take off.

  8. Steve says:

    I like your way of thinking Uncinus, just gotta figure out a way to show how these “new metals” can also slowly depopulate the planet according to UN Agenda 21. I smell a great conspiracy started by UN Cin(sin) US. Hmmmm.

  9. JazzRoc says:

    SR1419: “I detest being yelled at with false information and baseless speculation – all the while insulting me and accusing me of being a “shill”, “disinfo agent” etc… all for having a different opinion and being able to back it up with facts.”

    I’ve just caught up with this. Thanks, SR1419, I have never seen my feelings about this matter expressed more eloquently and succinctly. That’s it.

  10. Steve says:

    Another Chemtrail article from Alex Jones claiming a company with ties to the CIA named Evergreen Aviation is retrofitting 747s for chemtrail operations.

  11. CTYForg says:

    I thought you said this doesnt happen in summer?
    Seems like its been going on throughout the summer, just not has heavy.
    I have the pictures, TODAY IS
    AUGUST 1st.

  12. What I said, in the first sentence of the top post, was:

    “We hardly ever get persistent contrails here in the summer”

    Which is true. This is the first day I’ve seen like this for several weeks.

  13. CTYForg says:

    AUGUST 1st…still a spray-day.

  14. CTYForg says:

    Like I said. I’ve been documenting so far this summer. There was a bit of a dip…but
    still far more instances of persistent contrails than “hardly ever”.
    Just callin it like I see it.
    Do you notice also, how, for some reason..these PC’s make the sun seem “brighter” or somehow magnified?

  15. You sure it’s not just the weather? Look at the satellite photo for today:


  16. Do you notice also, how, for some reason..these PC’s make the sun seem “brighter” or somehow magnified?

    Yes. When clouds are thin enough that they don’t actually block any light, then they are just diffusing the light (whenever they appear pure white). So instead of just getting light entering the eye from a small area (the sun, which remains pretty bright), you get light from a much larger area, so it hits more of your eye.

    This is especially true with contrails, as they tend to cover the sky in a patchy manner. So unless one of them covers the sun, then you are getting the full light of the sun, plus all the diffuse light from the contrail clouds.

    It’s the same kind of principle as a car’s brake lights blinding you more on a foggy night than on a clear night. The lights are not any brighter, but you get more light in your eyes.

  17. captfitch says:

    I flew over LA today and saw the contrails from altitude. We were at FL300 and the trails looked like they may have been around FL380 or so. If you’ll all notice they were colocated with the western edge of the disturbances causing the monsoons in the Southwest. As I mentioned in another thread all the temps aloft were much closer to “normal” (ISA to be technical). So although you can argue all day long about summer this and summer that it was regular old FL380 weather over SoCal today.

  18. Artyom says:

    Majority of the believers in chemtrails are in California. It isn’t surprising given the air traffic they have. I think infomercials would have big success there too! It seems people believe anything without checking basic facts first. Dust accumulated on my window! WOW!!!! Great! Someone cleaned their carpet and the dust blew acrosst the street onto your window? Maybe a factory’s soot settled onto the window… We can’t take that for an answer, we like the most difficult probability. The CHEMTRAIL!!!! (cues doom music)… Yes, that’s right the dust flutters down from the Statosphere 10 to 50 kilometers away (latitude variable), which very FARRRR….. The atmosphere is in layers, yes, and very fluid and chaotic always moving. Updrafts, downdrafts, cyclones, Jet streams…. and now this on and off targetting “Chemtrails” THEY’RE TARGETTING US OH NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! That puff of CHemtrail smoke will fall on me……. Nope, no sir! THe water crystals from a contrail will go away if the stability is there, but unstable super saturated air the crystals fall through the sky spreading until it looks like a elongated cloud. But this isn’t natural….. YES AND NO!!! Not natural since it an Airplane stimulated the action, but absolutely natural that it is the process of this earth and physics 101…. This whole thing is a real comedy that will have future generations scratching their heads wondering who built the civilization? Was it aliens who brought forth these skyscrapers and computers? Or was there really smart people who could build it? After all people believed in nonsense. Sounds familiar with archaeologists hypothesizing about ancient civilizations. This will be one of the most embarrassing chapters in human history. This site is like Youtube…. All the information is written about the video like the music. Then all the commentors ask what song is it? READ!!!!!!!

  19. JazzRoc says:

    Hey, Artyom! 🙂

  20. CTYForg says:

    Thanks CAPTFITCH.
    And today over LA as well there are plenty of PC’s going on.
    AUG 2nd, 2010.

  21. captfitch says:

    So could they possibly be there because of all the moisture to the east? Winds aloft in that area are blowing from east to west currently. I don’t mind if you’re not willing to make that connection but are you at least willing to say this could be possible.

  22. faithinsciene says:

    CTYForg, I love your website. Quite a collection of your misinterpretations you have there. Impressive. It’s also interesting how you have educated yourself about engineering (but apparently forgot to learn about “progressive collapse”) and atmospheric science enough to reject the known facts. Bra-vo! Did you study at Youtube University?! I think I’ve met several of your colleagues!

  23. Artyom says:

    Здравствуйте, JazzRock)))) как дела? как настроение? ))))

  24. Artyom says:

    Пипец, Faith, не злишься))) все будет хорошо… я сочувствую тебя, they also make me wonder what happened to elementary science courses. =)

  25. CTYForg says:

    @ CaptFitch. Re-read what I wrote. PC’s=are PERSISTENT CONTRAILS. why the fuck must you
    goin on about this? I have not referred to them as such for quite some time now. I dont call them chemtrails(although its now a new term, language changes..doesnt matter what you think or say).
    I understand that weather+planes+earth changes+cosmic rays etc= cloud formation, AS WELL AS persistent contrails.
    FYI, if you want to be cryptic about the altitude you see Contrails forming at, DONT…just you basic language to explain what you mean (NOT PILOT JARGON) and you’ll cut down on over HALF of what you write. SIMPLE EFFFECTIVE COMMUNICATION.

    [9/11 stuff deleted]

  26. If you want to discuss building collapse, there are plenty of other sites that are more than happy to accomodate you. Please keep it to contrails/chemtrails here. Any more non-contrail 9/11 talk will be deleted. Thanks.

    CTYForg. Has the recent decline in contrails changed your perception at all? How does it compare to your recollections of past years?

  27. captfitch says:

    Fine- you’re right. From now on whenever I want to express contrail formation altitudes I’ll state them as “38,000 feet MSL with an altimeter set at 29.92.” That does look a lot simpler doesn’t it? I’m sorry- I guess I just assumed that in a discussion regarding atmospheric science and aviation we’d all be on the same page and I wouldn’t have to explain what FL380 was.

    And another thing- “another spray-day” and persistent contrails in practically the same breath? SO which is it??!?!? You act like PCs are natural but yet you seem to infer they are sprayed. I’m just pointing you toward the thought that maybe those PCs are caused by the excessive moisture streaming in from the east, not that they are being sprayed.

  28. faithinscience says:

    It’s interesting how the person who runs this site doesn’t understand how VERY important it is to point out FLAWED thought processes REGARDLESS of whether or not the discussion is “on-topic”. I don’t see people “breaking down the doors” to comment on this site, so storage space is obviously NOT an issue. Pointing out that certain types of individuals are PRONE to “believe” in complete nonsense in other areas of study is a necessary tool used to show the gullibility level within said individual. Editing and censoring the posts is MANIPULATION of fact. Disgusting. Bye!

  29. If I say in one post that I will delete any more 9/11 talk, then you immediately post some and it gets deleted, then I’m afraid that’s your problem.

    Arguing with “true believers” is almost never going to change their mind. I want to keep things to the topic of contrails and the chemtrail theory. 9/11 talk is just a distraction – a pointless justification of the “they are evil” part of the theory. Discussing the minutiae of Building 7’s collapse (fun though it may be) just avoids discussing the actual facts behind contrails. There are lots of places on the internet you can go for general conspiracy discussion. I’m keeping this on contrails and the chemtrail theory as much as possible.

  30. faithinscience says:

    No, it’s YOUR “problem”. I have no problem. I believe in free speech. especially when it shows a pattern of behavior that IS relevant to the current topic. I’m not trying to change anyone’s mind about anything. If they want to “believe” in something, great! But, it’s the insistence that OTHERS are wrong for NOT believing their nonsense that bothers me. I see people making statement of “fact” without supplying any evidence to support it. And if they want to use 9/11 to do the same thing…GREAT! I’ll show them how flawed their logic is! I feel it’s my duty, to NORMAL people, to point out the flaws in that logic regardless of topic. These people need to be reminded that evidence is the key here. It’s NOT ABOUT 9/11…it’s about assumption and speculation!

    You have the power…so you “use” (as in “abuse”) it to suit YOUR needs. Hey, it’s your site..do what you feel you gotta do! I see NOTHING wrong with a person attempting to use MY supposed ignorance of 9/11 to prove “chemtrails”. Apparently, you feel the need to guide others in the “right” way to communicate. Give me a break…

  31. No, I just don’t want the site cluttered up with pointless discussions. WTC7 discussions can easily go on for days as people rehash the same old arguments that were presented elsewhere in much better detail. I was just nipping it in the bud.

  32. faithinscience says:

    Again, if you feel it’s best to censor/delete posts…Ban me! I’ll have nothing to do with a site that does any such thing! Yeah, I could simply stop posting, but I don’t have that self control…and I’m kinda used to enjoying my free speech privileges. If you are going to take that away from me…or anyone else, then ban/block me/them. Also, it’s not like 9/11 chat has dominated any section of this site. And why not create a section where anyone can discuss this matter in any way they desire? That way YOU could ignore the section if it doesn’t meet YOUR “requirements” about what is “proper” debate. Again, I “believe” that pointing out a pattern of paranoid behavior is critical in discussing any and all conspiracy theories. DEMANDING “proof” or “evidence” is something we should ALL get into the habit of doing. The 9/11 truthers need to know they are going to be challenged just as much as the “chemtrail” hoax believers if they are going to be using 9/11 to show how “the government” could be involved in the creation of the trails. Yeah, I get that it’s your site…and you make the rules. But, you are unreasonable.

  33. Maybe 9/11 chat has not dominated because I keep extinguishing it?

    I get your point about continually pointing out flaws in reasoning. I just prefer a different approach, focussing on one particular topic.

    It’s a bit like whack-a-mole, you beat down one fallacy, and they bring up another. Maybe you’d argue for days and finally convince someone that steel does not have to melt to become structurally unsound, and then they would immediately ignore that and jump on to the next fallacy. Then a few days later someone else would bring up the first one again.

    I like the chemtrail theory as it’s a relatively self-contained set of misconceptions. There’s the “contrails do not persist”, “they were not like this in the 70’s”, “barium has been found”, “the germans have admitted it”. All these things keep coming up again and again in round-robin manner, and I whack them down with simple verifiable evidence. Now if people don’t get it after all their pro-chemtrail misconceptions have been explained, then getting into the details of their 9/11 theories, or their fake moon landings, or their fluoride poisoning, is not going to make one jot of difference, and serves only to obscure the fundamental thing I’m trying to argue – that there is no evidence to support the chemtrail theory.

    Now another mole has reared it’s head, the mole of “your censorship is unacceptable”, and I’m wasting time continually whacking that. 🙂 I’ll stop now.

  34. faithinscience says:

    Again, their inability to REQUIRE evidence is the problem. And they need to be reminded of that.

  35. CTYForg says:

    Actually, you all dont seem to have very good recollection of my stance on the “chemtrail/PC” phenom. Sure, It makes perfect sense to me that there are and could be plenty of wacky military/weather tests going on for whatever dumb reason. What seems to be explained WITH “evidence” is that the “chemtrail” phenomenon, in most cases must be PCs. But, as I understood the main causes of why they seem to be so more frequent now, and even looked into the cosmic ray (cloud formation) issue, I developed a warranted concern with their actual impact.
    The irony here is, hoax or perhaps in someway true, Persistent contrails are actually a form of Weather Modification. From what I’ve looked at its more than a little issue.
    @captFitch. you’re nit-pickin semantics man. dont know the last time i wrote “spray day” but that is definitely the term I’d use to describe a full contrail cirrus whiteout. Sue me, I’m a fucking artist. dig?

  36. faithinscience says:

    Yeah, “Explosions”. And you ASSume you “know” what they were?! Evidence?!

    And no, there were no “explosions” like there are when a building is demo’d…not even close. Add “building demolition” to the LONG list of things you are completely ignorant about.

    I have asked for evidence about police/firefighters “believing” that the buildings were intentionally demolished, and I got NOTHING…as usual! Nevermind the fact that people who actually demo buildings (highly trained and knowledgeable) for a living say that there is ABSOLUTELY “no way” that explosives were used to bring down the towers. Yeah, don’t bother believing what the fucking PROFESSIONALS say! Believe everything that “Skippy” the lawn-boy says on youtube! Absurdity at it’s finest!

    This site, to my knowledge, isn’t about how man made clouds may affect the weather (and they do to a minor extent), it’s about the claims that are made by others that this “affect” is INTENTIONAL.

    So, Uncinus…gonna scold me for sticking up for myself?!

  37. CTYForg says:

    I came here to do more research. I found what I needed. Learned about PC’s. Now I have
    something with “evidence” to speak of…as an environmental activist.
    I’m still riding my bicycle.

  38. Stupid says:

    Ride your bicycle all you want…..more exposure to the aerosol spraying, I guess.

    All we ask of you CTYforg (and others), is to keep an open mind, and willing to change your opinion if necessary, when examining all the verifiable evidence….evidence on both sides of the same situation.
    ‘”I am willing to change my opinion, based on strong enough evidence.” I said it, can you ?

  39. captfitch says:

    I am willing to change my opinion, based on strong enough evidence.
    Show me the evidence I require:

    Pics of delivery systems other than the ones I can find on this site.
    Documentation of controlled sampling of “chemtrails”. Not water samples, air samples or dust samples. Only direct sampling of the trails.
    Real evidence of the effects of chemtrails. I need actual data showing a direct cooralation between targeted spraying and either atmospheric change or some other physiological effect. Not heresay or undocumented medical conditions.

    Thank you

  40. thefactsmatter says:

    “I am willing to change my opinion, based on strong enough evidence.
    Show me the evidence I require:

    Pics of delivery systems other than the ones I can find on this site.
    Documentation of controlled sampling of “chemtrails”. Not water samples, air samples or dust samples. Only direct sampling of the trails.
    Real evidence of the effects of chemtrails. I need actual data showing a direct cooralation between targeted spraying and either atmospheric change or some other physiological effect. Not heresay or undocumented medical conditions.

    Thank you”

    Quoted for truth. Well written Captfitch! I feel the exact same way.

    I also worry about why there are so many people out there who so easily accept the circumstantial crap we all see on the internet as “proof” of “chemtrails”. I’ve seen it all…several times, from many people…and it’s scary! So many people are under the impression that a gut feeling about the trails they see in the sky is all they need for it to be “truth”. Some of these same people are probably sitting on a jury today! It sends shivers down my spine….

    And the fact that they will STILL accept the crap they “believe” as “proof” even after it’s EASILY explained to them (debunked) where they make their mistakes, is just proof positive of the level of brainwashing they have encountered.

  41. Artyom says:

    People just want to believe I guess… No other reason to accept circumstantial nonsense. I am now on vacation down at my family’s home in Belgorod region. I am directly under the air corridor from Kharkov, Ukraine to Moscow, Russia. I saw X’s in the sky and the contrails persisted. I was in the car when the X was visible. All what it was is a aircraft coming up the same corridor that banked and crossed the trail of the previous aircraft. There was “ON and OFF” in the sky and it was visible in some places it wouldn’t be as some light clouds were visible. (We all know I really paid them to spray my annoying cousin on the other side of the city *rolls eyes*) I could tell a new weather front was moving in and the visible moisture there looked like the snow dusting that blows across the road. It was obvious a change of weather was coming. I seriously don’t understand this theory. People claim if you don’t look up and swallow their theory, then you’re instantly a cave dweller. Anyways, I have some photos from the battlefield of Prohorovka with CONTRAILS!!! I will try to upload them here if wanted.

  42. Stupid says:

    In reading all these responses (throughout this site), I notice the date they were posted, and the area they live (if they mention it).
    It seems that during their colder months, they will claim “chemtrails, chemtrails!”.
    But during their warmer months….very few posts.
    I suppose this directly correlates to a “contrail season”…..the colder part of the year when persistent contrails are more likely to appear, based on the long known science of contrails.
    Like here in LA,CA…..summer months….very few contrails.
    Winter months….more contrails.

  43. Yes, I’ve sometimes thought of doing a data-mining thing to analyze chemtrail reporting activity in various forums, and correlate it with the weather. Like from this thread


    You could take posts by a particular user who posts their location, and plot a graph of post frequency, or key phrases, and see how seasonal it is.

    Sadly beyond my web skills / enthusiasm level.

  44. ken says:

    A good site for photographs to analyze is at chemtrailcentral.com

  45. Anonymous says:

    You guys can argue all you fucking like, but planes are turning clear skies into white ones, and that isnt good. THIS HAS A MASSIVE IMPACT ON THE ENVIRONMENT, and anybody who says otherwise is just flat out in denial… the aviation industry has alot to answer for. Jet contrails could well and truly be resonsible for global warming, more so than any other pollutant, but the fat cats in the aviation industry have not looked into the environmental impact of all these planes making clouds.

  46. Strawman says:

    Strawman much?

    Nobody is denying pollution. Nobody is denying that contrails can effect weather. AFAIK, studies on the impact of trails on weather and climate have shown it to be minute. Studies, by the way, are a better way of dealing with pollution than emotionalised postings on the internet, apparently directed at noone.

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