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“Chemtrail” Aircraft Photos

Several planes look a little odd, or have attachments that look odd, and so some people feel they must be part of a decades long conspiracy to spray stuff into the atmosphere to alter the weather or reduce the population. That’s obviously nonsense, but what are these strange planes?

[Update: there are many other photos like the “barrel” interior below, I’ve collected a lot of them on Metabunk]

Here’s one making the rounds, scary looking barrels, and a sign on the wall that possibly says “Hazmat inside”


What is it? It’s a Boeing 777-200LR Worldliner, specifically it’s WD001, a plane that was used for flight testing. The original photo can be found here – note the “Hazmat” text was added later. The barrels contain water, which is pumped around to shift the center of gravity to test various flight characteristics.

Here’s a description of a similar setup from the 2002 book, “Inside Boeing, Building the 777”, page 76., describing tests done in 1994.

From Boeing’s blog:

Remember, we test at the extremes of the weight/CG envelope. This requires us to control the CG during ground and flight conditions. We can move weight, in the form of water, forward or aft with the use of the water ballast system. This system is comprised of 48 barrels, each capable of carrying 460 pounds, connected by tubing to a pump. A computerized system tracks fuel placement, fuel burn, people placement, ballast, flap setting, landing gear position and water barrel quantity. The information is processed to display the airplane’s current CG. We move water or specify fuel tank usage to configure the CG within the specified test requirements.

Why are there overhead luggage compartments? It’s a test plane, and for FAA certification they have to demonstrate that everything works. That includes stuff like the emergency oxygen system, and more minor things like the luggage compartments. It’s a requirement that they don’t pop open in flight – so that needs to be tested. They are also handy for stowing the engineers’ stuff.

Here’s some pictures from Boeing:


And a lot more photos can be found on Boeing’s site.


This one gets a lot of use in the “chemtrail” forums:


Particularly because of the unusual collections of pipes sticking out in various places. There’s those two at the front, and then there is a group over the wing. Here’s some close ups



Very sinister looking tubes, but why are half of them facing the wrong way?

The plane is not for spraying the atmosphere, it’s for sampling the atmosphere. It’s a research aircraft, registration N701BN, operated by th e department of energy’s national labs. It’s pretty much one of a kind, so it’s hardly likely to be responsible for all the persistent contrails we see every day. The research is mostly on pollutants in the atmosphere, particularly from coal and oil burning power plants. But they also investigate the properties of clouds, which includes contrails.


Here’s another photo you see in “chemtrail” videos, with the implied suggestion that it’s some kind of evil spraying device:


Actually it IS a spraying device, but quite innocuous. It’s on an NKC-135A (55-3128) with the refueling boom modified to spray water. This used by the air force to test icing of planes in flight.

Here’s the original photo:

See also: https://www.safaq.hq.af.mil/news/march04/raptor.html


Here’s some more details:



This plane is quite interesting:


It’s an E-6B “Tacamo”. This photo shows it dumping fuel (photo from tacamo.org). The E-6B is used by the United States Strategic Command as an airborne communication center. You can see the navy logo on the right wing. The E-6B is a modified version of the Boeing 707-320, and the fuel vents have been moved from the wing tips to between the fuselage and the engines in order to separate it from the communication equipment in the wing tips. This is what the wing-tip ESM/SATCOM pod looks like:


It looks like this odd assemblage is also creating some wingtip vortex contrails as well. The plane is pretty much all white, which is something you hear mentioned from time to time in “chemtrail” conspiracy theories.

Here’s another photo of the same plane, taken from a “chemtrail” YouTube video:


It shows the opening and drogue  for the ELF trailing wire antenna. This is a very long wire antenna that is extended behind the plane for several hundred feet and used for communications with submarines. The “drogue” is just a cone-shaped weight. Here’s a close-up



This plane also looks at first glance like it might be dumping fuel (click image for full sized photo):

But the trails are actually coming from six smoke generators. It was part of a NASA test to study wake vortices, you can read about it here:


Six smoke generators were installed under the wings of the 747 to provide a visual image of the trailing vortices. The object of the experiments was to test different configurations and mechanical devices on the747 that could be used to break up or lessen the strength of the vortices. The results of the tests could lead to shorter spacing between landings and takeoffs, which, in turn, could alleviate air-traffic congestion.

Here’s another image of the same plane:


This plane also occasionally get brought up in chemtrail conspiracy groups:

This is obviously not a contrail, it’s far too low and the trail is dropping too rapidly.

It’s a Boeing 747-100 “Supertanker”, modified by Evergreen Aviation, the only one of its kind. Specifically designed for fire fighthing. That’s it dumping water.   Here’s some more recent photos.

Here’s a video of it in action, titled “B747 chemtrails”. It’s interesting reading the comments, as the first comment correctly identifies what it is, and then everyone else just ignores that and starts speculating.


This one looks like a plane spraying stuff. But again it’s rather close to the ground. It’s actually taking off with the assistance of rockets. It’s not spraying, that’s just rocket exhaust.


This particular plane is a Boeing B-47B, rocket assisted take off, April 15, 1954. An no, that’s not a contrail in the sky behind it – it’s rip in the photo. Click on it for a large version from Wikipedia.


This one is used for cloud seeding. It does not actually spray anything but uses silver iodine flares that are either ejected, or burn in place.


It’s operated by the Sandy land Underground Water Conservation district of Plains, Texas, as part of their SOAR program. They have some more photos of similar equipment on their site. They are all small aircraft not capable of getting to the above 30,000 feet where contrails normally form.


This next photo is also of silver iodine flares, fixed underneath at large plane.


These also show up in “chemtrail” literature. They are sold by Weather Modification Inc, they make a range of weather modification equipment. About this one they say:

WMI racks for ejectable flares are mounted on the belly of the aircraft fuselage. Each rack holds 102 cartridges. When fired, the pyrotechnic is ignited and ejected from the aircraft. In this configuration, the WMI Lear 35A is equipped with four 102-count racks for ejectable glaciogenic pyrotechnics, a total of 408 flares.

Here’s another, this time from North American Weather Consultants, Inc.


About which they say:

This aircraft-mounted cloud seeding generator is fixed in place, and can burn a silver iodide solution during flight.


This one is the “Mk.32 drogue-type underwing pod on the Armée de l’Air Boeing C-135FR Stratotanker” (“93-CC”- s/n 63-8472 of GRV 93). It’s an in-flight refueling system on a French Boeing C-135FR Stratotanker, photographed in Canada, Feb 2005.

See: http://www.baha.be/Webpages/Navigator/News/tanker_flight_240205.htm

The following is supposed to be a plane that has “chemtrail aerosol nozzles” over three of the engines.

In reality, this plane N707MQ is a Boeing 707-320B. The engines are Pratt & Whitney JT3D-3:


It should be perfectly obvious that the “nozzles” are facing the wrong way to be spraying anything. They are actually turbocompressors, which are driven by engine bleed air, and are used to pressurize the interior of the plane. There are only three, as that’s all you need. Here’s a discussion:




1,442 thoughts on ““Chemtrail” Aircraft Photos

  1. Steve Buchanan says:

    There are chemtrails I see them every week. Why are you trying to
    cover up the truth?

  2. Ezra says:

    Why does the air get really hazy after I see many chemtrails being done in the sky? These photos do nothing to answer the many questions I have about why non-commercial jets are spraying chemtrails in our skies.

  3. Ezra, sometimes when conditions are right, contrails will spread out to form a hazy layer of cirrus clouds.

  4. wildwelder az says:

    why did a lab in louisiana test what fell to the ground after a plane sprayed and it was found to contain 30 times the amount of baruim levels acceptable?
    all sites like this do is seek to stop us from questioning the government ,why are “chemtrails “mentioned in the congressional record?why are some congressmen with a conscience seeking hearings?,i suppose you want our email addresses so the”black suburban can show up to make us disappear”
    the most feared sentence in the english language;WE ARE FROM THE GOVERNMENT,AND,WE ARE HERE TO HELP.

    question authority!!!!!

  5. Which congressmen are seeking hearings? About what?

    Where are these barium results? All the tests I’ve seen show normal levels of barium.

    “Chemtrails” are mentioned in the congressional record because Kuchinich trusted his eccentric friends to write his bills. See:


  6. wildwelder az says:


    watch,why would they lie?

  7. The barium results you link to show normal levels, as I’ve explained several times:

    The second link says nothing about congressmen seeking hearings, it just mentions HR2977, which I already explained:

  8. None of those links mention chemtrails or hearings (except for HR2977, which I already explained)

  9. wildwelder az says:


    more lies right?

  10. wildwelder az says:


    no one here in arizona agreed to be sprayed like insects to “create man made rain”

  11. Not lies, misunderstandings.

    Nothing in those bills mentions anything like “chemtrails”.

    The contrails that you see form at an altitude where the clouds form as ice. So they cannot be used for creating rain.

    Most of the time they do not spread, and so have little effect on the weather.

    Contrails DO have some effect on the weather when they do spread, as they increase the “global dimming” effect. But this is unintentional, and unrelated to anything in the bills you mention.

    It’s a huge leap of reasoning to connect persistent contrails to these bills. If you still think they are connected, then please quote me the section of the bill that deals specifically with high altitude spraying.

    Have a look at this satellite photo:


    It shows Arizona a few days ago (2/19). You can click on “Prev” at the top to show one for EVERY DAY in the past four years. In this particular photo you can see lots of contrails. You can also see they are associated with cloudy conditions. Go through the photos, and see what days have contrails.

  12. wildwelder az says:

    02/26/2008 1316 pm clear and sunny all day ,yes we have seen CON TRAILS today evaporating as fast as the jet is flying.

    riddle me this:why are all these people “mis informed”as you say?


  13. Contrails evaporate quickly when the air is not humid and cold enough. It varies, just like the weather varies.

    You posted a link to a blog, so I’m not sure what you mean by “all these people”. I don’t know why Mr Chycho holds the opinions he does – but he’s still wrong about the science of contrails. He’s also rather confused about HR2977, and what the Germans have “admitted” to.

  14. WILDWELDER AZ says:


  15. The difference you are seeing is simply due to the weather at altitude. The jets are still there, just harder to see because they don’t leave long contrails.

  16. WILDWELDER AZ says:

    give me a break……….

  17. No really, they are still there. You have to look pretty hard to see the higher ones. Especially the small executive jets that fly above 36,000 feet.

    Where in AZ do you live? There are probably a LOT of planes flying over you every day, going do and from the West Coast, and the South and East States. Have a look at this map:


    Especially look at the Google Earth map, which will show you the jets above you right now, in 3D (you need Google Earth installed, and a fairly fast computer).


  18. gnorville says:

    Thanks SO much for putting this site up. I was associated with the aviation industry for many years (built wind-tunnel models) and thought I knew quite a bit about aircraft until I saw one of the chemtrail conspiracy vids on youtube. This vid had a number of photos in it that showed some of the same type equipment you have posted in photos here. I was pretty sure the devices weren’t chemical sprayers or supporting equipment, but I just didn’t know what it was, you cleared it up for me 🙂

    You’re doing yeoman work here and I commend you for the patient manner in which you respond to the outlandish claims some folks are making. I’ve tried explaining the physics of contrails to conspiracy believers a few times but I can’t get thru to those guys, it seems as if when they’re presented with a reasonable, logical explanation they just ignore the evidence.

    Nice site, and you’ve made my day!

  19. WILDWELDER AZ says:


  20. Contrails above Phoenix are made by jets that fly very high, and are going between places that are far away from Phoenix. Examples being Los Angeles to Houston, or San Diego to Atlanta. There are many such flights every day. If the planes do not leave contrails (when the weather is not right for contrails to form), then they can be very difficult to spot.

  21. wildwelder az says:

    sorry i was wrong went out side at 1445 03/04/08 and wow two jets side by side spewing a contrail from horizon to horizon amazing

  22. wildwelder az says:

    NWO Dept of Weather Managment / Cloud seeding program not harming western Colorado wildlife


    Anonymous Coward
    User ID: 381326 (OP)
    3/4/2008 2:02 AM Re: They’re seedtrails not chemtrails Quote

  23. Cloud seeding is used to make rain (or snow). It is done at a lower altitude than where contrails form.

    Cloud seeding has been done for decades. There has never been any secrecy about it. See all these books:


  24. timmy tim says:

    Ok, I have a friend that is a lawyer and he believes in almost every conspericy that is out there. He says that since he is a lawyer he has to look at all the facts but he really just looks at the negative and its making his life a complete hell. You can question authority all you want but to what avail? Are there such things as aliens, monsters or ghosts? come on… believe what you want and say what you want but when it comes down to it, none of you will really do anything about it but post comments on the internet. I dont see anyone at the federal building protesting or much of anything else. No use bashing this post because i will never look at it, I just found this site on accident and will never return. “Get busy living or get busy dyeing” Dont waist your life with stress and pain, try to enjoy the positive things around you. Happy Easter!

  25. The first video is about chaff.

    The second video is just an overview of chemtrail theory, with no actual evidence presented. I can address individual points if you’d like to pick one or two you feel are most compelling.

    The third video is badly translated, also about chaff, and I dealt with it at the following link:


  26. aaron says:

    i love ur site btw, its quite humurous seeing ppl’s points on chemtrails. they really dont understand the science hey. i think wildwelder should check out flightaware.com and i think his opinion on how many jets are in the air will change. have these chemtrail theorists ever realized, if there was such spraying, how inefficient it would be to spray at 30,000ft+…the US government is not that dumb. the barium tests make me laugh. expecting what one see’s above is gonna fall right into ones testube lol. do they know what wind and winds aloft are???

    great site!

  27. steamboy says:

    hey, thanks for posting this site, i do admit i was sorta convinced by all the rediculous tin-foil hat folk cell tower mind control theories, HAARP and ELF weather control, and chemtrails, but seeing this brings me back to reason. i cant thank you enough for trying to debunk these things, plus returning aviation to it’s good name. uncinus i commend you on your calm and eloquent way of attempting the conspiracy theorists to listen to reason. although i am abit distrustful of our present govt. and i think it’s getting too involved in other folks lifestyle, i would think they would not have the power, means or lack of respect for their country to do such a thing.

    good day, and keep on debunkin’ 😉

  28. Tori says:

    Do rockets leave contrails?

  29. Yes, rockets do leave contrails, although they are very different to jet engine contrails because the chemical composition of the exhaust is different (and varies also based on the type of rocket engine). They are also different because rockets travel vertically, so they go through a greater variety of atmospheric conditions.

    The vertical lift also means a lot more fuel is used for distance travelled, so the trail is a lot denser.

    Some rockets, like solid fuel rockets, produce a lot of smoke – this can look like a contrail, and might actual exist in combination with condensation. Smoke can precipitate condensation if the air is moist enough.

    Some rockets use combustion of liquid hydrogen and liquid oxygen, and that produces a lot of water, such as the space shuttle. Those types of rocket can leave very dense vertical contrails due to the vast amount of fuel needed to generate the lifting force.

    Rockets like the space shuttle can leave contrails at very high altitudes, which created weird looking wispy clouds.

    Here’s some photos of the Space Shuttle contrail at the bottom of this page:

  30. NVrep says:

    I was investigating a “chemtrail” theorists website and he had posted a forum topic which apparently holds photographs of a “chemtrail” plane on the ground. A link to the thread is here:


    After reviewing it, I figured instead of bouncing around the internet finding out what all that means, I’d leave it up to you, Uncinus. 😛

  31. NVrep says:

    Thanks again, I’ll disclose this information to my colleagues.

  32. Me says:

    Hi i would like to point out that chemtrails are actuly used to control the weather as germany actuly confirmed they contain metals to deflect the UV.

  33. Hi “Me”, I’m afraid you have been misinformed. The German story is about chaff, nor chemtails, and it’s not about the weather, it’s about weather radar

    The confusion came about after someone deliberately mistranslated a story about chaff. It’s all explained here:


  34. RedShieldWidowsson says:

    So… Harp is a myth also… Hmmmmm. You ever studied Tesla?

    Widows Sun

  35. Haarp is real research project. Point to one thing on their web site that you can show to be false:


    Yes, I have studied Tesla, an early 20th century scientist, who did all his science around 80 years ago. Some of his odd pronouncements, like “[The nozzle would] send concentrated beams of particles through the free air, of such tremendous energy that they will bring down a fleet of 10,000 enemy airplanes at a distance of 200 miles from a defending nation’s border and will cause armies to drop dead in their tracks” have been seized upon by oddballs who think it meant he could do these things, when he was simply extrapolating.

  36. Imhotech says:

    Chemtrails are used in part for the following—

    electronic, psychotronic, information weaponry

    plasma, electromagnetic, sonic and ultrasonic weapons

    strategic, theater, tactical or extraterrestrial weapons

    chemical biological, environmental climate or tectonic weapons

  37. Imhotech says:

    Total Agreement with Wildwelder AZ

  38. You are referring to HR2977, which is fully explained on this page:


    And the original bill did not say that “chemtails” were used for any of those things. Actually chemtrails was simply one of the items on the list that was written by a group of UFO enthusiasts.

  39. Imhotech says:

    There is some good knowledge on this site, but still there are many inconsistantcies which need addressing, and certainly, in a scientific (accuracy driven) way. Time permitting will add over the next few days for others to comment on, interests/concerns such as on heavy (what appears to be) spray days why then news advises alerts for higher than normal particulates, which you can actually see building up from a distance, which certainly appears to be caused by the spray forming cloud like formations that linger and spread over distances in cities. Note–before the spray days the depth of blue, followed thereafter by bluish white grey coloration–Many people from many professions are noticing these typical events and occurances and more and more, and reaching out for answers. Even doctors are making comments. -Also how is it, or maybe it only seems like? children are sick more often during these periods, and, very strange skin rashes, leisions, and ailments which are not so easily identified, or cured, seem to be emerging slowly over time.

  40. Imhotech, can you provide some links that back up what you are claiming?

  41. Imhotech says:

    Some of the general links. Thank you for your response.




    segment from the article

    …..Mark Witten, a respiratory physiologist at the University of Arizona in Tucson where an official US Air Force study on JP8 was carried out, told Scientist in March, 1998 that crew chiefs “seem to have more colds, more bronchitis, more chronic coughs than the people not exposed to jet fuel.”
    EDB is 6.5-times heavier than air. Unlike normal condensation trails, the thick white streamers being sprayed from downward-pointing tail-booms over at least 39 states does not dissipate, but spreads into an overcast that refracts a purple color in sunlight and appears suddenly as an oily film in puddles and ponds.
    Hundreds of photographs and videotapes made by ground observers show pairs or larger formations of aircraft spreading a white mist that thickens and drifts toward the ground. Thousands of eye-witnesses – including police officers, pilots, military and public health personnel – have provided detailed accounts of aerial spraying in characteristic “X”s and east-to-west grid patterns, followed by occluded skies – and acute auto-immune reactions and respiratory infections throughout affected regions.
    Severe headaches, nosebleeds, shortness of breath, joint pain and a dry hacking cough “that never leaves” are being reported by countless Americans jamming hospital Emergency Rooms from coast to coast. While December and January are traditionally bad months for asthma sufferers, patients, doctors and nurses across the U.S. report hospital wards filled to overflowing with bronchitis, pneumonia and acute asthma admissions at up to twice-normal winter rates.
    “We’re getting sprayed real heavily with the chemtrails,” a Las Vegas resident told the Tribune. ” On some days it’s just total saturation.”

  42. Let’s take this one bit a time. Where is the ACTUAL EVIDENCE that there are

    countless Americans jamming hospital Emergency Rooms from coast to coast

    Why is there not one report of this in any media other than those that repeat the claims of William Thomas? Surely someone would have noticed countless Americans jamming hospital Emergency Rooms from coast to coast?

    (And if you could provide a more neutral source than Marcus K Dalton, that would be even better).

  43. Imhotech says:

    Thank you..agree in principle..there are other sources of information available in addition but require renewing some past research. Since I am very intersted in this subject, will see what ground level infrastructure can be rounded up, provided, and be back to post.

  44. SR1419 says:


    If normal contrails can and do persist…for hours and days…and spread out into sheets of cirrus clouds…covering the sky…and even promote the creation of cirrus clouds where there were none before…as has been studied, documented and peer-reviewed by scientists from all over the World for the last 50+ years…AND has been so diligently presented with undeniable evidence by Uncinus here on this site…

    …then…please tell me how you can look up at a trail…and know for sure it is a “chemtrail” rather than just a supersaturated persistent contrail??

    The supposed visual behavior of “chemtrails” – the observed behavior- which is the ONLY thing “chemtrail” watchers can truly point to as supposed “evidence”- is EXACTLY the same as the known behavior of persistent contrails….It seems an act of pure hubris- hubris based on ignorance to suggest you can look up at the sky and know for sure that a plane leaving a trail is actually “spraying something”….it does not stand up to rational logic…It is a not a claim that can withstand the rigors of the Scientific method…and yet most “chemtrail” believers accept it as fact. How do you explain that???

    How can you explain that the most fundamental piece of “evidence”- the trail itself- is identical in behavior to normal contrails?

    Surely you know that persistent contrails in air traffic corridors could be perceived as a “grid” pattern?

    or that what you see in the trails above you- in the size of particulate matter being supposedly “sprayed” would not fall on you below- but drift for 100s and 1000s of miles…before reaching…if ever…the earth below…

  45. ctwatcher says:

    I live in a rural area that doesn’t see many commercial flights. I see these trails low and I see them higher up. I see short ones, broken ones, some that look like they go straight up, X’s, grids or whatever you want to call them. They usually start in front of the sun but I have gone out and seen them at night in front of the moon. They then linger and start spreading and the next thing you know the sky is filled with white crap that sure isn’t clouds.
    I have also seen footage from old movies where the con-trails were massive. But that was a war movie.
    Never in my life have I seen the sky look like it does now and have witnessed for the last 5 years.
    When the Weather Modification Resource Act SB 517 was passed in October of 2005 I believe, the next day even the teacher’s at my son’s school commented that they thought we were being attacked. Yep, we were by our own sick govt. trying to control the weather.
    Even if it is just “cloud seeding” with silver oxide, the concern seems to be that no one ever thought to do an impact study on it in the last 50 years and some people in the govt. think this is a problem. No data. So if it’s all good for us why no studies?
    Whether it’s silver oxide, barium, aluminum or whatever makes the chaff it seems that what goes up must come down. So they leave behind these trails and they float away but at some time it falls. Where it falls is anyone’s guess. If they spray heavy in one state, maybe it floats to another state and so forth.
    I also talk to people that work in doctors offices and after a day of spraying, many people come in sick with mainly respiratory illness. This is a fact. Even the doctors are starting to connect it. There are people having hair analysis and coming back with very high levels of barium and aluminum in their hair. What else could be causing this?
    Clifford Carnicom has a website that explains what is happening. Of course there are other sites that explain whats going on. It’s pretty easy to search either chemtrails, contrails, or weather modification. There are people around the World talking about this, not just American conspiracy theorists.
    I wouldn’t put anything past this out of control mentally ill government these days and I don’t believe all involved know what they’re doing is harming us. I believe it takes only two for a conspiracy.
    infowars.com is a great start in figuring it out. Scott Stevens is the owner of that site and used to be a weatherman. Contact him and he’ll tell you what he’s found. This site is worth looking at but I’m sure there are those ready and waiting to debunk his theories too. There are many others and in ending, the truth is always uglier than the lies being spoonfed to us.

  46. Rural areas see MORE commercial flights at contrail producing altitude, as all the flights you see are at a high altitude, and not inbound to a local airport. People get from city to city by flying over rural areas.

    What you describe is just the same as what was described since the 1950s. Maybe you don’t remember the trails looking wuite like this. But you were probably not quite so fixated on the sky. Note you only been seeing them for five years. Other people report ten. So that means that even if chemtrails were real, then there were ten years were you did not notice them. Most people have STILL not noticed persistent spreading contails, so why is it off that you would not have paid much attention to them before five years ago?

    Talking to people is fine. But where is your actual evidence?

  47. There are people having hair analysis and coming back with very high levels of barium and aluminum in their hair.

    Really? Where? Post a link, preferably to the lab report.

    And, even if they DID have high level of barium and aluminum, how do they know where it came from?

  48. ctwatcher says:

    Yes, really. I don’t have a link to the lab report, my friend who is a nurse had the hair analysis done and I saw the lab report first hand. I doubt if any lab would put up a private citizen’s test results so there is no link. The analysis was done through a doctor’s office that sent it to a lab. This is very concerning to the doctors. The doctors know about the chemtrails and also all the respiratory illnesses that they see coming in after a heavy spray day.

    Could it be our shampoo? Could it be in our water that they say they filter before serving us our daily dose of chlorine and fluoride? Doubtful as those toxins have been fed to us for many many years and we are just now seeing data about the dangers of those toxins.

    Most people don’t look up. They look down and they look straight ahead. Believe me, when I looked up and was made aware, I did my own research to see what it was.

    When a “contrail” is behind a commercial plane, it dissipates rather quickly as it is supposed to be water vapor. But now these jets or whatever they are spraying the sky, leave massive amounts behind. They then fan out and turn the sky to crap. Even pilots are becoming aware of this and questioning just what the military is spraying. Now maybe the military is using it for intelligence to run their radar to keep us “safe” from whoever is trying to nuke us these days…which would probably be about every country out there except Israel and France.

    But hey, don’t take my word on it, there is so much information out there and the lies they have been telling us about what it is or what it isn’t is all coming out. You can type in your search box: military owning the weather by 2025 and see what you get. The Navy also has a patent on the word chemtrails.

    So take the chemtrails, HAARP them a bit, turn on the microwave and gwen towers and you too can be dumbed down and made passive. And don’t forget to be talking on your cellphone while doing this.

    Even my Senator is aware. And if you don’t think this government is capable of doing this, try searching for the Love Canal and H.A.A.R.P. and go to jerryesmith.com and read what he says regarding this crap. They have been poisoning us for decades so what makes you think they’d stop? They’ve been caught red handed and still they do their best to harm us because that’s what big out of control government does. Keep the people passive while we wreak our havoc to be the World Super Power.

  49. Imhotech says:

    As to various good comments on all sides made the past day or so: just opinion there is obvious support on both sides, good reasoning, data support and logic for contrails and good support with just less data for now, for chemtrials. The problem with anyones research will always be to get to the point of proving up the or a potential nefarious or dark side of potential or otherwise chemtrail activity as is being reported or assumed by many out there–and almost everywhere these days…case point being that yes an aircraft can be used for harmless research, but it must also be agreed that an aircraft can be used to carry a weapon, or two, biological or otherwise..you wouldn’t know unless you were there or close by…this the support data needed…It will always be difficult to “catch” these things in progress even if thousands have their cameras out, but if its happening, one day it will be photographed or documented in a way that draws critical support, and maybe then, ..One day someone will ultimatly give an on site credible report that many just might agree on……but, it must suffice for now for general reports and non scientific or less than sophisticated studies of the reporting public. That is the difficulty. Things need to get organized to support which is in many ways beginning to occur. Many professionals will need to come out with their views..one might think its a waste of time and effort, but, with so many people from all walks of life noticing proliferation of marked up skies, hazes over what used to be a beautifully full moon in the sky, very strange illnesses reported, and appearing, and what have you and even disclosure apparantely, by UK Government officials (you tube), admitting, even though many years ago, to sprayiing toxins on the public? At least that spells a potential does it not. And with the potential comes responsibility by “any” State or Gov official to seek the unsuspecting public approval toward what ever is delivered into or from the skys above. Will be back to post when more research conducted via discussions with others, meanwhile the link above to article By Dr. Stephen C. L’Hommedieu, D.C. March 4, 2007 NewsWithViews.com, is at least to me, a reasonable one to think about.

  50. You friend has obviously bee breathing the same air as everyone else who lives nearby. So why is EVERYONE not having health problems and high barium levels?

    It seems quite impossible that nobody would have notices this. No scientists, no journalists, no bloggers even. Nobody has noticed any increase in barium poisoning, because there is none.

    So who is your Senator, and what is he aware of?

    When a “contrail” is behind a commercial plane, it dissipates rather quickly as it is supposed to be water vapor.

    So then why does the Encyclopedia say:


    Contrail, streamer of cloud sometimes observed behind an airplane flying in clear, cold, humid air. It forms upon condensation of the water vapour produced by the combustion of fuel in the airplane engines. When the ambient relative humidity is high, the resulting ice-crystal plume may last for several hours. The trail may be distorted by the winds, and sometimes it spreads outwards to form a layer of cirrus cloud.
    vapour trail. (2007).


  51. L says:

    I don’t know who is running this website, but if you don’t know anything about chemtrails, then you are simply not looking up at our skies especially when rain is in the forcast! I have seen numerous ones here in Arizona and the people here are sick soon afterwards.
    There is too much evidence out there not to know this. Where do you think all the odd clouds come from that linger and turn our skies hazy and multicolored!? What happened to the beautiful sunsets? Sunrises? All marred by the trails and looking sick with all different kinds of lines. And if you don’t think we have chemtrails, just look at the new money being printed today! All types of lines run through the skies! I would suggest you get to reading and looking up so you can indeed see for yourself. Or do you wear blinders?

  52. Hi L. I do know a lot about contrails, and what you describe sounds just like contrails. I really would like to hear from you why you think there is a difference between contrails and “chemtrails”. What is that difference exactly?

    People getting sick soon after what? Surely millions of people would be sick if it was from contrails, as they would spread over hundreds of thousands of square miles. Why has nobody reported all these people getting sick?

  53. Imhotech says:

    there was a mention of Barium….without drawing conclusion, here is a link


    “The high levels of Ba stemmed from local quarrying for Ba ores and/or use of Ba in paper/foundry/welding/textile/oil and gas well related industries, as well as from the use of Ba as an atmospheric aerosol spray for enhancing/refracting the signalling of radio/radar waves along military jet flight paths, missile test ranges, etc.”

  54. The author of that article is a farmer in Somerset, England. He’s a strong believer in “chemtrails”, and several weird medical theories. However, he produces NO EVIDENCE to support what he’s saying about barium from the air. If there was “the use of Ba as an atmospheric aerosol spray for enhancing/refracting the signaling of radio/radar waves along military jet flight paths, missile test ranges”, then HOW DOES HE KNOW THIS?

    That aside, his paper is about Barium level in the soil, not in the air. It also mention clusters which would not happen if it were coming from contrails, as they cover huge area, not small clusters.

  55. Imhotech says:

    Evidence of at least more research being conducted. And I also am from Phx. The skes are pathetic for real.


  56. I’ve already discussed that “research” in depth. It demonstrates normal levels of barium, etc., just like all the other research does.


  57. olddude says:

    Chemtrails are real! I have thousands of pics from before 1989 and not one single chemtrail. Since then they have multiplied rapidly. Also the sky bears no resemblance to a normal sky and hasnt for years. HAARP and Chemtrails are our doom. These pictures up above are pure government debunking bullshit propaganda! Chemtrails are real and are killing us. You sheep have your heads up your proverbial rectums. We cant wake you sheeple up no matter what! So I say Fine! Dont Believe! and Die! DFr

  58. olddude, I have thousands of pics from AFTER 1989, and not one single “chemtrail” (persistent contrail) – except for those I took deliberately, when I was looking for them.

    If you look at normal photos people take, they STILL don’t have very many persistent contrails in them, despite the huge increase in both the number of photos being taken, and the number of jets in the air, so it’s hardly surprising that you have a hard time finding them in pre-1989 photos, before digital photography, and before the recent surge in jet traffic.

    See here for more on this subject:


  59. Imhotech says:

    Ok then in terms of research and data, since none seems to carry enough validity yet.. it is time for a few of us to obtain our own research on the air contents and qualities, which will be initiated.

    Further discussions with air traffic controllers can be done, and needs to be done, and documented. I also have an old friend that piloted the first 747 to Bejing..and founded one of the first major airlines. If I can catch up with him, that ought to be usefull information. A collection of this type of data from several areas if possible, would or should begin to bring or bear some facts. I am sure many people are doing the same or at least taking an approach..

    Uncinus, since you have refuted information from Rense.com —someone there should be contacted to be able to defend or refute your information on their postings–or at least have things done over if that what needs to happen. You have done good work with this site..so a good forum and format…… However to be fair, for good or bad, there are way too many people on the chemtrail bandwagon, and if any of the theories are true–innocent people need to know–and–the clever folks or should I say individuals, persons, spooks, whatever need to be fully exposed. The most one can lose is to gain more knowledge along the way on this very elusive subject.

  60. Imhotech says:

    To note it doesn’t take very long on the web to find previous “spraying” programs that have been implemented historically..The public has been sprayed..and there seems to be no problem adapting planes to accomplish the task..

    the key is to put the finger on the chemtrails proof and analysis.


  61. SR1419 says:


    How can you remain so ignorant??

    There are a lot of pictures from before 1989 showing persistent contrails….many of those photos are here on this site…

    How do you explain them???

    There are so very many research papers by scientists dating back50+ years detailing the existence of persistent contrails….contrails that linger for hours and days and spread out into hazy sky covering cirrus clouds…

    How do you explain that??

    …just crying that the sky is falling doesn’t make it so….

    here is a nice picture from 1983 withe several persistent contrail and even a sun dog:


    So, where exactly is your head?

    Don’t believe Uncinus or me if you are so deeply close-minded that you can’t accept differing opinions….do the research for yourself- Just look up:

    Supersaturated persistent contrail


    contrail cirrus.

    Become an expert on atmospheric science and cloud and contrail formation…and then get back to us and tell is they are all “chemtrails”.

    Good luck with that.

  62. SR1419 says:


    yes- you are correct- there has been a lot of “spraying” done- crop dusting is spraying…the link you mentioned is spraying….These aircraft spray very close to the ground over specific targets like a field or a pond or likely mosquito habitat…and done with small planes or helicopters…

    ….these are low-level application of pesticides that have nothing to the supposed high altitude “spraying” of “chemtrails”…

    “chemtrail spraying” is supposedly done out of jet aircraft at 300-500mph at altitudes of 30,000 feet or more….and not all an effective delivery method for any topical application…nor an effective delivery method for trying to saturate the atmosphere either…

    …just not an effective delivery method for any of the supposed purposes of “chemtrails”…

    This is where logic and knowledge would be useful tools.

    You touched on something important- proof and analysis…over 10 years of “spraying” supposedly…and not a shred of evidence…not a modified plane…not a legitimate sample of a “chemtrail”…nor a legitimate inside source….

    This is supposedly a global event- pictures of “chemtrails” being posted on the internet daily from around the World…How many 1000s of people would have to be involved- over 10 years…not a single peep from anyone….is that likely?

    The only “proof” of “chemtrails” are the trails themselves supposedly- post a picture and call it a “chemtrail”…..which is highly problematic because it has been proven that normal, benign-intent contrails can behave EXACTLY like “chemtrails” supposedly do….

    So….the basic jist of that FACT is that EVEN IF “chemtrails” exist- You CANNOT tell you are seeing one just by looking at it…

    Flight paths, grid patterns, stopping and starting, etc…all of that can be explained by normal aircraft and atmospheric behavior….the only way to truly know and/or prove the existence of “chemtrails” is by sampling the plume in situ.

    Everything else is pure speculation.

    …and, unfortunately for the “chemtrail” believers…it is often speculation based on ignorance.

  63. Imhotech says:

    SR 1419 Your notes and other are compelling but not altogether to be relied on at least for me..unless you wish to prove that no Chemical Spraying exists on a dangersous level to humans, or has, ever! Please…. you can’t. Period. You stand very much to be corrected –which could take hours. I will see to possibly move that direction hopefully soon. In any event, How can you prove the spraying is done only over 30k’ (feet) and never below. Also, DRIFT is a BIG concern for chemicals, and that is DOCUMENTED all over the place. The links to proof of chemical concerns are almost too numerous to list…just google Chemical Spray Programs, and you will find quite a few good ones..a couple days of research will garner even better results..I look forward to giving you plenty of information soon. Till then, you need to consider that many very educated folks out there have written books the subject. You need to read the link in my last post carefully, and pick up some books to get you understanding that there are other things you need to consider, or not..later

    The Department of Forest Resources and Agrifoods has made application to the Department of Environment and Labour for approval of a forest pesticide spray program for 2001. The Forestry Department is proposing the use of four insecticides, Mimic, Neemix, Btk and a virus NeabNpy. Although such pesticide spray programs puts the health of people and the environment at risk, these spray programs have never been subject to full environmental assessment as per the Provincial Environmental Assessment Act. Following the proponents (the paper companies and the Forest Service) registering proposed forest spray programs with the Department of the Environment, the provincial environment minister has always used his discretionary power to approve forest pesticide spraying without further environmental assessment.

    “Three federal government reports, (NRTEE-March 2001, Standing Committee on Environment -May 2000 and the Commissioner of The Environment-Office of the Auditor General of Canada -May 1999), have all raised serious concerns about the government’s ability to ensure the safety of public health when dealing with the regulation and management of chemical pesticides and toxic substances”

    > The Drug Enforcement Administration’s (DEA) proposed massive herbicide
    >spray program across the United States for eradication of cannabis raises
    >serious questions regarding widespread public and environmental exposure
    >that would take place and therefore requires greater public involvement than
    >has so far been received by DEA during the 45-day comment period. We
    >respectfully request that the DEA extend the public comment period by 45

  64. Imhotech, I think you are confusing two entirely different things:

    1) Spraying of pesticides
    2) Long thin clouds that form behind planes high in the sky

    Can you explain how you connect the two? Better still, can you actually show a photo of pesticide spraying that looks anything like what you’ve been describing. Here’s some to start off with:


    Compare with:


  65. SR1419 says:

    …none of the links and material you put forth has anything to do with contrails that persist, spread out and cover the sky in a haze of thin cirrus clouds.


    So what is your point?

    The basic belief amongst “chemtrail” believers is that any contrail that does not dissipate quickly is a “chemtrail”

    That has been proven to not be the case.

    You did not read my post very well- I said lots of spraying of chemicals has been done…

    You said: “How can you prove the spraying is done only over 30k’ (feet) and never below”

    I never said that….I said that supposed “chemtrails” are trails from planes that are flying at high altitudes and has nothing to do with low-level spraying of pesticides such as the programs you mention…

    All the spraying I am aware of as been done at LOW altitudes for specific locales and purposes…

    …as opposed to “chemtrails” which are supposedly for a myriad of purposes, global in nature and “sprayed” from planes flying at high altitudes.

    Please read for comphrehension and clearly delineate what your argument is.

  66. Imhotech says:

    SR1419, yes more proof and analysis needs to be accumulated -I am confident will occur step in time w/ new data coming in every day now–your other topic–similarly part of the initial data needs to be…and I am sure all agree we need more of…

    1. What the particals, metals, other and % make up our air and its overal quality, city to city, city to country, etc…with the most heaviest activites reported of “chemtrail” sightings first…on presumed spray days, and not on presumed spray days..
    2. persistant contrails, vs chemtrails you say if they, chemtrails exist…ok that must be also part of the discovery and analysis..as they look /act the same, supposedly, then they must be able to be tested –as there would be the differences in materials present —
    3. professional observers analysis, i.e. traffic controllers
    4. other

    ..family, kids and, similarly neighbors have from time to time taken scores of pictures over our own homes……trails appear to be low level grids of spray, when occuring,…and whats funny is there will be other jets that you can see contrails behind evaporating within 20 seconds or so, fading, and in the same area of atmosphere or seemingly close range, other planes are leaving trenches of white garbage that appears to spread, that persist for hours…the air later smells…is most interesting

    ….some of us are natives of our State…let me tell you…things are different than several years ago..yes we need to prove that..and soon as possible…and get down to what is causing many things noted in reports on the subject..

    SR1419 …just how can you possibly say no ligitimate sources exist to support Chemtrails..they may not contain a perfect match to what you wish for support but to me it is undeniable as just plain common sense, that even ones own sight and smell will tell you theres a difference…when the particulates are high animals seem to get sick more often…you don’t need to be a brain surgeon to realize there are things going on that are different than years ago in our atmosphere…

    Apparantley you wish to ignore or discredit certain works of one Harvard graduate, other vast bodies of works out there including most all Chemtrail web sites, — you seem to have a closed mind on the subject..at least it seems—but, maybe its the “certain proof thing”—I am confident that soon the proof will be there one way or the other…but meanwhile no one can help you to understand their thinking if you have already made up your mind that you alone and your premises are the only ones that are right or possible, in the face of many hundreds if not thousands of individual reports and interests surfacing…

    your words

    “You touched on something important- proof and analysis…over 10 years of “spraying” supposedly…and not a shred of evidence…not a modified plane…not a legitimate sample of a “chemtrail”…nor a legitimate inside source….”

    Really not a shred of evidence…I think thats a bit over the top…–Dr. Horowitz works is not a shred of evidence? please!, other PHD reports out there posted are not…really??—I believe that the data will come soon in a manner you that even you might legitimately accept..its not the science of contrails that is the problem…its the unknown..

  67. When you get this evidence, please post a link to it.

  68. Melissa A. says:

    I stopped reading at #50.

    I also live in Arizona.

    You realize that we have like two airports here, and a military base? (Luke AFB)

    There is so much pollution in our skies, that when it rains, it’s a mild acid rain, and the pollution is what makes the sunsets so brilliantly beautiful here.

    I look at the sky quite often, as I am an artist and I am often photographing it. I drive all over Arizona just taking pictures of the sky.

    I’ve never come across anything that looks like chemtrails or any of this other bullshit you’re spewing out. Just because you’re bored with your life doesn’t mean you need to spend so much time attacking the lives of others and attempting to create fear in people who would be swayed by your words. It’s like a mild form of terrorism, really.

    But I digress.

    The population of Phoenix and the amount of cars we have on the roads only makes the air here worse to breathe. To notice that people are “sicker” after these “chemtrails” is like saying “yeah, whenever I stub my toe, all of a sudden my toenails are so long I need to cut them!” the rain just brings your attention to something.

    Remember what they teach you in high school (and reinforce in college, if you ever made it there…) “Correlation is not causation.”

    Love and Peace,

    Melissa A.

  69. Imhotech says:

    For information purposes, the following lists several or all of the Airports in Arizona, which represents more than two.


  70. I suspect though that most of the contrail activity in Arizona comes from airplanes that that are overflying the state, or going to Phoenix and to a lesser extent Flagstaff and Tucon. See the second image here:


    You can see the connections between the major cities. Phoenix shows up quite well, to the right of Los Angeles and San Diego area.

    But of course, even if there were NO airports in Arizona, you would still get a lot of contrails.

  71. Alessandro says:

    First of all sorry for my bad english. I’m quite interestedi in dumb people writing stupid things about 9/11, chemitrails, aliens, and so on. Here in Italy we use to send them to the European Parliament. I’m really sad about this crap. And the thing that convinced me to take this decision is what my old uncle used to say: “You don’t have to talk to idiots! People watching can’t tell the difference!” It’s my translation, I hope you understand.

    With great deference and respect.


    P.S. Maybe people should pay for every question they post! So, maybe, they will learn to make more serious questions!!

  72. Monty says:

    I can’t understand why you people are even arguing over this. If its true, which is isn’t, that the government is spraying things for population control or for other reasons THERE IS NOTHING YOU CAN DO TO STOP THEM. So spend your rime doing something productive, losers.

    Cool pictures though! 🙂

  73. Nik says:

    OK. I have a question for someone that hopefully can be answered here.

    Earlier this year I flew from Gatwick (UK) to Cancun (Mexico) on a First Choice Boeing 767 (I’m pretty certain a 300 ER). Through the window I noticed an object on both wings that I hadn’t seen on other aeroplanes before. They were 6 – 8 inch long tubes about 2 inches in diameter. I didn’t photgraph these but if you look on the YouTube clip below, which is a First Choice flight on the same type of plane you can see what I am talking about.


    The photo below is an underside picture of a Boeing 767 300ER, which clearly do not show these objects on the wings.


    This video (again from YouTube) show a different flight on a 767 (not sure of model) but the objects are not present on this one.


    Can someone please try to explain what these are – NOTE I am not suggesting anything untoward here, just would like clarification as to what these are to at least clear this up in my own head.



  74. It’s the fuel vent for dumping fuel. See here for it in action.


    Not all planes have a fuel venting system, and sometimes they are at the ends of the wings. So I’d imagine that’s why you don’t see it on on every model of the 767. You can see them on this 767-323/ER


    and on this one:


    Probably if you look through airliners.net, you’ll see a lot.

  75. jonathan says:

    Who sticks so much of his personal time into debunking a “theory” and for what?

    It is certain that the people who wrote this, got their compensation for it – from whoever.

    “Several planes look a little odd, or have attachments that look odd, and so some people feel they must be part of a decades long conspiracy to spray stuff into the atmosphere to alter the weather or reduce the population. That’s obviously nonsense,”

    See the kind of propaganda-anti-propaganda that is applied here? “That’s obviously nonsense” they write. Those seem to be the words of poorminded people in their desperate need for money or a few minutes of virtual fame. If you want to put theory against theory, why do you then force your opinion onto the visitors of this site?

  76. What, can’t a guy have a hobby? I WISH someone would pay me to write this – but no, it’s just a subject I find interesting.

    It’s not really a case of theory against theory – it’s more like: what is the evidence?

    What IS the evidence that chemtrails are anything other than contrails? Do you have photos that show they look different? Videos that show them acting different? Scientific papers that explain that contrails should not persist and spread out?

    No, you don’t, in fact we have the opposite – photos and video that show they look the same, and scientific papers that show that they act the same as contrails.

    Which should lead any reasonable person to think that they ARE the same.

  77. Nik says:

    Check out this YouTube video of snaking chemtrails forming sinusoidal wave shapes (about 1:37 in):


    Also, there is this one too which shows two planes at the same height one with contrail one with chemtrail:


    Any explanation of these two?

    Cheers – Nik

  78. jonathan says:

    So what?

    They may be the same – in the end, who cares about the name? It is what they do that should be taken into account. And if you agree that a “contrail” can form a cloud – then what else do YOU need to understand, that there is indeed something going on? Again, even if it is just the “normal effect of aviation” – is it not something to be worried about? If thousands and thousands of planes are crisscrossing the whole planet and spreading -whatever-?

  79. Nik, yes that’s a very unusual trail. Not something you see very often. What do YOU think it might be? Can you think of any conceivable explanation for such a trail?

    On the second video, how do you know the planes are at the same height? And then, how do you know they have the same type of engine?

  80. jonathan, well, if you agree that chemtrails are just contrails, then what are you arguing about? That’s what this whole site is saying.

    And yes, again, the cloud cover created by contrails IS something to worry about. Hence there are HUNDREDS of scientific papers written on the subject:


  81. Nik says:

    I really don’t know what it is? Very strange though – maybe affected by an external (to the trail) influence.

    As for second video they look very similar in height and that is all I can go from as I do not have the flight recordings. As for engines I do not think that they would make any difference because vapour would stay if the conditions were right, regardless of the amount of it.

  82. You do often get contrails that become wavy due to wake turbulence and high level winds. You also get odd trails from rockets. But this one looks like it was perhaps formed by a plane flying S-Turns. Hard to say.

    You know, a plane at 30,000 feet looks pretty much the same as a plane at 32,000 feet.

    Also, have a look at the photo next to Question #9 here:


    The more efficient an engine is, the more likely it is to leave a lasting contrail, as there is more water in the exhaust. So newer planes leave longer lasting contrails.

  83. Nik says:

    I think we can rule out Dutch rockets! Although I cannot be certain of that fact…All we can do is speculate and without a lot more data it will remain just that. Very strange though…

    As for the other video, do you really think that two planes like that would have such a vastly different trail behind them over a height difference of 2000ft? Besides, why does more water produced mean that it would dissipate at a much slower speed? Surely if it is cold enough for ice to form there it would remain for quite a while, particularly if the other plane is spewing out a ridiculously large trail.

    How much more water do these new engines produce? In fact, even the old WWII pictures you showed with persistent trails lasted longer than this jet engine, which if we are to believe what we see in the video (i.e. the other plane is producing a large persistent trail at a similar height) both planes SHOULD be producing persistent trails.

    The SCIENCE doesn’t appear to add up…

  84. Nik, with respect, do you know what humidity and ice-supersaturation mean here? Do you know the science of contrail formation?

    2000 feet can easily make the difference between air that is ice-supersaturated, and air that is not.

    Here’s an explanation of how much water is produced per gallon of fuel, and the mechanism of contrail formation. When do you think this was written?

    The end products of complete combustion of gasoline are water vapor
    and carbon dioxide, and it is found that if the water vapor were condensed,
    there would result a little more than 1 gallon of water per
    gallon of gasoline consumed
    . […] If we assume that an airplane
    travels 3 miles on a gallon of gasoline (approximately the figure
    given by the Aerial Mail Service) it is possible to show that if only a
    small part – a fourth or fifth – of the water vapor were condensed,
    there would be abundant cloud to produce the effect observed at the
    Argonne Battle. It should be stated, however, that this water vapor
    would have to be discharged into air which was very cold and nearly

  85. Nik says:

    I know that humidity relates to the amount of water in the air. Ice-supersaturation relates to the air being supersaturated, leading to increased production of ice formation when hot moist air meets this type of supersaturated air. I do not claim to be an expert on contrail science, to be fair I didn’t know it was a science unto itself. Perhaps it will be in the future!!

    Please don’t get me wrong, I understand the points you are making and I can accept that humidity and air saturation can have an impact on the formation of contrails but the video I was talking about does not really seem to fit into your theory (in my opinion).

    I seem to remember (that old saying again) seeing with my own eyes two planes at distinctly different heights with the lower one producing trails and the upper not. If I can capture this on video and send it to you, allowing you to calculate for yourself that the upper plane is almost directly above the lower one, with the lower producing trails and the upper not producing – would you consider this VERY unusual, particularly if the lower one seems very low?

    As for age of statement – not sure but to be fair it is only commonly known science they are talking about so I would imagine 50’s.

  86. Contrails formation and persistence is not fully understood. But as a rough rule of thumb, contrails will persist and spread if the relative humidity with respect to ice is above 100%. If it is below 100% then the contrails will evaporate (actually sublimate).

    1000 feet can make all the difference between 90% and 110%. Or even 50% and 70%. Enough for contrails to behave differently.

    Think of a cloud. Inside the cloud the humidity is high. Outside the cloud it is lower. Not the boundry of the cloud is often very distinct.

    Think of a cloud layer. Below the cloud layer the humidity is lower, in the cloud layer it is high.

    Now think of the regions of humidity as being like clouds, or cloud layers – but not visible, like invisible clouds. If a plane flies though this invisible cloud, then it’s just making it visible.

    Sure, show me tow planes at the same height and we can discuss that. But I’m not sure how you can tell they are at the same height.

    The statement I gave was written in 1922. See here (Article at the bottom of the first page):


  87. ambdukias66 says:

    very good site you have here! i can verify most of what you have here first hand because i was an aircraft mechanic in the u.s. air force in three different specialty codes. most of the “chemtrail” conspiracies are simply an evolution of the innocent cloud seeding experiments and the other aircraft experiments you’ve described. the paranoid conspiracy theorists blew those way out of proportion and now we have the outlandish “chemtrail” stories of today.
    keep up the great work on this site!

  88. u r delusional says:

    I cannot believe this…Who the hell is UNCINUS?

    If you tell me that these patterns are merely contrails….you have been paid to make sure nothing of merit gets thru…

    EVERYTHING…and I mean EVRYTHING…you debunk as merely CONTRAILS…

    so tell me MR.Wizard…..having personally jumped as a HALOJumper(for those who do not know..High Altitude Low Opening..where supplemental oxygen is needed)….tell me why….there are…depending upon the “need”….upon leading edges of real cloud formations….there are several jets..crossing into…as well as framing…cloud formations…..not to mention..there are numerous times..when “clearing”..is used to lower ground temperatures…..all of this is tied to the now secret US ENERGY DEPT….but thats another story…but please tell me….if commercial air is restricted to the upper most level of 49,000 to 56,000 feet…and then ONLY IN AN EMERGENCY (at 52,000 or higher), the upper levels..are MILITARY RESTRICTED…and the jets that are being called into question..are flying at or above these levels……tell me what commercial airline is supplying supplemental oxygen to their passengers for cross-country flights?

    If we, as a people were allowed to fly at the very same level…to photograph..we would immediately be intercepted by F-18 fighter jets……so if you can refute anything with real eveidence..I will listen…..with utmost respect……unfortunately..you know I am right….

    btw I was also involved in Spec.Ops…with a level 5 SCI level clearance…..for those who are unfamiliar….thats EYES ONLY/Password Clearance

    the people deserve the real truth….not sure they can handle it..but they do deserve it……

    and all of your misleading reports……are merely proof..that they really do exist…not for what most think….it is tied to energy/oil

    and you know it.

  89. u r delusional says:

    ambidukkias66? sorry if I got that wrong….

    this person is correct…there were cloud seeding operations…and now the very same technology..is being used….and he is also corred=ct in stating that because of the Conspiracy theorists……now it is all being deemed as paranoid rantings…

    but what you are seeing..is real……there is alot of SECRECY…involving the US ENERGY DEPARTMENT….the real Government….being the NSA/NRO and DISA…..funded in part by the big OIL…led by none other than DADDY BUSH..and all of his friends within the intel community…

    its real…and there are those of us…who know….have always known…but enjoy LIVING……instead of being worm dirt…..reality is sometimes ugly….doesn’t mean it isn’t reality……

    ….and they said the Soviets were the only ones involved in disinformation…..

    the US…makes the dissemination of “truth”…a business….complete with stockholders….CEO’s…..employees…..and those of us who pay for it to keep it running……

  90. UR, I’m not sure if you are being serious. But you should know that most all airlines fly their cross-country flights at around 30,000 feet, where the plane needs to be pressurized (or supplemental oxygen supplied).

    They don’t fly higher because they can’t. A 747 for example has a service ceiling of 41,000 feet, and a 777 has one of 43,100 feet.

    Class A airspace extends from 18,000 to 60,000 feet. I’m not aware of any restrictions on altitude other than ATC – could you maybe give a reference?

  91. Brad says:


    I stopped believing in chemtrails because in everyone of these purported chemtrails, I see a gap between the plane and the trail. I can only attribute this to the time it takes hot vapor to freeze. Is my conclusion wrong? Let’s say, hypothetically, that they were spraying chemicals, is there anyway that there would be a gap between the plane and the trail?


  92. That’s a good point Brad. I’m sure there could be a reason for the gap if they were spraying nefarious chemicals – like they could spray out whatever it was as a superheated gas. But then that’s exactly what aircraft exhaust is.

  93. BSonTacamo says:

    The crap about the Tacamo planes is complete bull shit… The true mission is posted on the website http://www.tacamo.navy.mil/ please read what our mission is then you can stop jumping to conclusions. The picture that has the “chemtrails” coming from under the wings is a fuel dump. The cone on the back of the plane is a weight. Its no sophisticated outlet for chemicals you idiots. And also last thing that made me laugh a lot was the antentas on the end of the wings. That made me laugh a lot. I can not speak for other planes that you have on here but this plane is fine.

  94. Thanks for the Tacamo info, I don’t know if you noticed, but this page is actually debunking the “chemtrail” associations with these photos.

    I’d assumed the cone is a something to do with the trailing antenna – is the the weight the goes on the end of the wire for stability?

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