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Where did all the planes go?

It’s a lovely Friday morning here in Los Angeles. Clear blue skies, not a cloud to be seen, and no contrails either.

For that matter, there don’t appear to be any planes at all. I look up into the clear deep blue sky, and I can’t see a single plane. What’s going on? Where have all the planes gone?

Of course the planes are still there. Airlines have pretty regular schedules, and at any given time there’s going to be a few planes visible somewhere from my house.  The reasons why I’m having a hard time spotting them (I did spot one eventually) are several, but it boils down to this:

High altitude planes are very hard to spot on a cloudless sky with no contrails.

I’ll briefly list the reasons, then go into each one in more detail

  1. Empty Field Myopia – The eye, when looking at a featureless field of vision, will focus just a few feet in front of you, so the planes will be out of focus.
  2. Saccadic Masking – When your eye moves from one point to another, you don’t see anything while the eye is in motion.
  3. Small Planes, Big Sky – a plane is about 1/100th to 1/10,000 the size of a contrail, making it proportionally harder to spot.
  4. Invisible planes – Atmospheric conditions and the color of the planes can make some planes blend in with the sky so well that they are essentially invisible, or very indistinct.

1. Empty Field Myopia

Empty Field Myopia sounds complicated, but it’s really simple. “Myopia” is short-sightedness, but this is not something wrong with your eyes – this is something that happens to everyone.

If your eyes have nothing to focus on, then they relax, so they are just focussed a few feet in front of you. This averages less than three feet.  This could happen with any empty field of vision, but really only affects us when we are looking for planes. Thus if you search for “empty field myopia” you mostly see it discussed on pilot education web sites. But it’s also specifically an issue for ground-based plane spotters. Back around WWII, when visual plane spotting was a vital part of national defense, much study was made of the factors enabling people to spot planes.

See this 1954 Navy report:


So in a clear blue sky, then the furthest distance at which you can pick out a plane is reduced by half. That means if you could normally see planes up to 60,000 feet when they left contrails, or there were clouds, then you’d only be able to see planes up to 30,000 feet on a clear blue sky with no contrails forming. That would probably eliminate 90% of the contrail forming planes right there.

2. Saccadic Masking

Look in the mirror at your eyes. Look from the left eye to the right eye and back again. Notice that you don’t see your eyes move.

Now repeat the experiment, either by having someone else look back and forth between your eyes, while you watch them or by filming yourself looking left and right.

Why can’t you see your eyes move? It’s because while your eyes are moving, your brain ignores all the information coming from your eyes, and instead blends the starting image with the ending image. You are essentially blind while your eyes are moving, but your brain glosses over this fact – much like it glosses over the huge blind spot we all have in both eyes.

What this means for plane spotters if that if you look from one region of the sky to another, you’ll miss anything in-between.  Pilots are taught to counteract this with systematic visual scanning – looking at one region of the sky at a time in a regular grid pattern. Making sure your eyes stop long enough in each region so you can actually see it.

You physically cannot smoothly look around the sky without stopping, even if you are not aware of it. This can be demonstrated with another experiment.  Watch someone’s eyes while they: A) follow your finger as it draws a wide (3 foot) circle in front of them, then B) attempt to smoothly move their eyes around the same circle without your finger (again you can do this experiment yourself with a video camera). In every case without the finger to focus on, the eye will jerk wildly around the circle, often jumping over huge gaps – which will then be invisible to the brain.

The bottom line here is that you can’t just look up at the sky, look around, and declare it empty of aircraft. You need to systematically divide it up as recommended by the FAA:

The FAA and other organizations recommend a systematic visual search scan for traffic in which the pilot fixates at a location for at least one second, then shifts gaze no more than 10 degrees in order to sequentially scan the entire the visual field outside the window

That’s 36 regions to get a full 360-degree view, and then if we take the vertical component as well, dividing the rest of the sky into similarly size regions, that’s around 180 areas of the sky at ten-degree separation.  So to ensure you don’t miss anything, you need to spend three minutes systematically focussing one-second one each of 180 distinct regions of the sky.  Practically impossible not to miss several planes.

Of course, if there were contrails, you’d see the plane pretty much straight away.

3. Small Planes, Big Sky

The bigger something is, the easier it is to spot. There’s not much more to say about this, but next time you see a contrail being formed, consider how big the plane is relative to the contrail. Even the smallest contrail is ten times as large as the plane, which makes it ten times as easy to spot.  A persistent contrail, especially one at some distance, can easily be a hundred to a thousand times the size of the plane. This makes it a hundred or a thousand times easier to spot.

The contrail below is at least 100 times as big as the plane that left it (the plane is just barely visible as a little grey dot ahead of the contrail). And this contrail is not even a persistent one.


4. Invisible Planes

The smaller, higher and grayer a plane is, the harder it is to see. In many cases you can see the contrail, but you can’t see the plane at all as it blends in with the sky. This is especially true if the sky is slightly hazy, of if there’s some low cloud layer. The plane is, of course, not actually invisible, just very hard to make out. The bright white contrail is the only thing that lets you know the plane is there, unless you look very very closely.

So where have all the planes gone? Nowhere. They are still there, flying overhead in just the same proportion as normal. They are just very hard to spot when not leaving contrails, and especially so when the sky does not have any clouds.

65 thoughts on “Where did all the planes go?

  1. Don Gisselbeck says:

    Two ways to more easily spot high altitude jets; go higher, they appear noticeably larger when you are at 8000 ft; at night listen for the sound, then look for the strobes well behind it.

  2. Ross Marsden says:

    The last reason, 4 Invisible Planes, is actually about the lack of contrast between the plane and the blue sky.
    If the plane is against an overcast of high featureless cloud, the plane will stand out as dark. Also at dusk and dawn, somehow, planes are more visible, standing out dark against the brightening sky.

  3. At dawn and dusk the plane might still be in shadow? Or maybe there’s just less Raleigh scattering with the sun at a low angle.

    That Navy report discusses contrast briefly, though does not go into much detail.

  4. SR1419 says:

    How does rayleigh and/or mie scattering play a role in this topic? You didn’t mention it in the article but did above…

  5. Rayleigh scattering makes the sky blue, essentially it lights it the air blue (it’s scattering blue light from the sun)

    When you look up at a plane, you get the light reflected off the plane, plus the (blue) light in the air between the plane and you (i.e. the scattered light from the sun that happens to scatter in your direction), less light that’s scattered on the way down.

    If the sun is low, then the light has to go through more air before it reaches you, so it’s has less blue in it when it reaches you, so the sky above you is less blue, so there’s less of a component of light from the air between you and the plane, so you are seeing more of the original plane color, and less “blue sky” color.

    It’s kind of like looking at something in brightly lit fog vs dimply lit fog. In brightly lit fog the glare from the lights obscures everything, but if the lighting is dim, you might be able to make things out.

  6. I didn’t mention it because, as you can see from my incomprehensible comment above, it’s not that east to explain. It’s also not really a factor when discussing why you can’t see planes on a non-contrail day.

  7. Ed Brandner says:

    This is a bunch of B.S. For one thing why you don`t see any more air planes any more is because they gave up on the old style of spraying with the aircraft CHEMTRAILS and have gone to using CROWE VORTEX CHEMTRAILS by using the HAARP located in GAKONA,ALASKA. Why have they stopped using the old style of spraying of CHEMTRAILS and have gone to CROWE VORTEX CHEMTRAILS instead? It`s because Myself and other people in our Miracle Prayer of Eleven group have been asking THE HEAVENLY FATHER and HIS SON YASHUA to send down THE ARCHANGEL URIEL and his thousands of other ANGELS to destroy these EVIL CHEMTRAILS from the old style of spraying of this evil in the sky from the AIRCRAFT in the sky.Now we are praying for this new EVIL in the sky of deliverly by the HAARP of THE CROWE VORTEX CHEMTRAILS to have it destroyed also by THE MIRACLE PRAYER OF ELEVEN also and we`re having positive results for which we have been praying for the last 3 weeks,but it takes time for this to take place.Read THE BOOK OF REVELATIONS chapter 11,verse 18 of the FATHER going after the EVIL ONES at the top of the food chain by bringing destruction to these EVIL ONES.You have to keep the FAITH and not cry with fear from these EVIL MORANS.

  8. MikeC says:

    well thanks for fixing that for us – I am glad to be protected from the evil morans.

  9. Jay Reynolds says:

    It may be true. For many people during the sumer notice less contrails/chemtrails.
    Could there be a pattern emerging?


  10. Ed Brandner says:

    Hey AMERICA and THE WORLD you are starting to wake-up finally,but you still have ones out there that are not getting the message that if you are still getting THE EVIL CHEMTRAILS that means that you are not doing THE MIRCLE PRAYER OF ELEVEN to receive THE BLESSING IN THE SKY above you, so get busy and PRAY to THE HEAVENLY FATHER and YASHUA his son to allow ARCHANGEL URIEL and HIS thousands of ANGELS to be sent down and bring destruction down upon these EVIL CHEMTRAILS from the AIRCRAFT that are flying overhead and stop crying about what is going on and have FAITH in OUR HEAVENLY FATHER to bring your BLESSING in THE SKY ABOVE!!! And the answer to the major heat wave that is being done by THE HAARP in GAKONA,ALASKA so you PRAY to have OUR HEAVENLY FATHER and YASHUA with THE MIRACLE PRAYER OF ELEVEN to be sent down to bring DESTRUCTION to this EVIL MACHINE`s ability to do this nightmare to our PEOPLE in OUR COUNTRY,because it worked here in LA,LONG BEACH and ORANGE COUNTY,CALIF. If you want a blessing to happen you have to work for it and not have it handed to you on a gold patter,so get busy and PRAY,I DID and OUR SMALL PRAYER GROUP did!!! YOU HAVE TO KEEP THE FAITH!!!

  11. captfitch says:

    Crazy night tonight…

    Too crazy

  12. MikeC says:

    I think Ed has discovered copy and paste!

  13. Marcel says:

    ” KEEP THE FAITH!!! ”

    Which one???

    The Bon Jovi one or the Black Oak Arkansas one ???

  14. Guy says:

    The question isn’t, “where did all the planes go?” anyone with half a brain knows that every airline hasnt cancelled service for the last few months. The real question is, “where did all the contrails go?” It’s been said that contrails have always been a common result of the right weather conditions- but the are commonly seen in large volumes with many varying climates in the same regions…. So shouldn’t we expect some pretty drastic changes on weather while considering that today has been the first day a single contrail could be observed in the last few months from Amador County down to Modesto (I’m on the road 5 day a week all day).
    It’s also been stated on this site that Cloud Seeding is done in very select occasions and by small airplanes- not jets… And that this is not linked ro the theory of chemtrail or contrails. Although, this site states that the term “weather modification” used by the EPA ONLY applies to cloud seeding and not contrails. So please explain why, if cloud seeding/weather modification is done by small planes in rare occasions that the company Evergreen showcases a 747 used for “weather modification”? Such a large jet could only be needed for larger scale weather mods and supports common chemtrail theories.

  15. Where did all the rain go?

    It’s the weather.

  16. Evergreen just list that as a possible usage. They are trying to sell their planes, that’s all. They give no indication they have ever used it for that, nor how it might be used exactly.

    Some scientists have considered trying to steer a hurricane by seeding the inner cloud wall. Potentially that might need a big plane, so maybe that’s what they are suggesting.

    That idea has been around since the 1950s:


  17. Guy says:

    Well, sure Evergreen might want to sell 747’s to people who are interested in dropping confetti on a birthday party, but it would be rediculous to note that use as number 3 of 4 key uses, unless there was a large demand for it. Fundamentals of marketing really… Plus, you are always challenging me to provide substantial evidence in backing my claims, yet you presented an assumption of why Evergreen is marketing their retrofitted 747 tanker planes for “weather modification” with an article from 1955 that contains no reference to 747’s. Haha. You also stated that cloud seeding had nothing to do with jets and was only performed by small Planes… Yet, now you contradict yourself with this last article.

    You also didnt address the first question.

  18. Drastic changes in the weather? Why? It only takes a difference of one degree or so for contrails to persist vs. not persist.

    I don’t think I ever said that cloud seeding would necessarily use small planes. Just that’s what’s used now. Cloud seeding could theoretically use much larger planes. Nobody has yet found a use for those larger planes. Evergreen hopes they do.

    They also hopefully list: ” able to neutralize chemical attacks on military installments or major population centers, and help control large, environmentally disastrous oil spills.” But nobody is using it for that either (seeing as it’s just one plane).

  19. Guy says:

    So, if it only takes a difference of 1 degree in weather to produce contrails, and not drastic changes- why was there a gap in the presence of contrails for the last 1-2 months here? Absolutely none visible till today… weather obviously didn’t remain at the same temp for that length of time?

    Sure, cloud seeding could theoretically use much larger planes, but that’s only a theory provided by you… And, if you are now willing to accept the plausibilty of a large cloud seeding theory without any evidence, then maybe you are now ready to accept the plausibility of a chemtrail theory based on a much larger amount of evidence and points of view by many scholars, scientists, meteorologists, politicians, and eye witnesses? Or are your theories the only valid ones?

    I would also like to note Evergreen’s site does not note Cloud Seeding as a potential use of the 747- you are providing additional detail to what they call “weather modification”.

  20. It’s a combination of temperature and moisture. The conditions need to be in a zone for a portion of the day in locations where planes are flying. Obviously when there were no contrails, then the weather never got in that zone. One the day there were contrails, then the weather (at the location of the contrails) got into that zone.

    I accept the plausibility of just about anything if it seems plausible. I’m not sure what your point is there?

  21. Guy says:

    Please give me the ranges of temp/humidity required to produce contrails and I will gladly provide you with weather data from the region during the months I mentioned.

    My point is that this site focuses on debunking a theory which seems more plausible than your theory of using Evergreen’s 747’s for occassionsal cloud seeding and not chemtrails. Evergreen has ties to Beoing and holds exclusive govt contracts of covert matter… Perfect ties to be candidate for retrofitting existing planes to produce chemtrails especially considering it’s fleet is kept in discreet locations which are completely off-limits to public access and protected by seemingly military security.

  22. Guy says:

    As well as everything I noted above regarding their 747 tanker they list for “weather modification” use.

     Also, you speculate why chemtrails don’t exist because there would be too many people involved to keep the secret. An Evergreen pilot trying to impress a woman has already released that confidential information.

    Also, regarding your other theory about why chemtrails should be debunked because of the issue with “airspace”… Evergreen International Aviation has exemptions from the law that are advertised on their web site. They can fly anywhere and not stay on a designated route. Secondly, according to commercial airline pilots, their flights have been rerouted mid-flight due to military exercises in areas which large numbers of people reported large volume of clouds which originated from jets lingering and shrouding the light day-long.

    Also, the Evergreen spokesman, Philip Lader is also a trustee of UC Rusal (largest aluminum company in the world). Aluminum-oxide being the main ingredient in what geoengineering scientists state as the material the propose using in large-scale weather modification and noted in Hughe’s aircraft patent for weather modification: http://www.scribd.com/mobile/documents/4296843

  23. Approximately -40F, and 70% RH, at the altitude the plane is flying.

    One can debunk any theory, regardless of how plausible it is. Debunking is simply removing the bunk. Regardless though, I don’t HAVE a theory about Evergreen performing weather modification. I saw what is on their web site, and I suggested possible reasons why it might be there. I don’t actually think they are performing weather modification. I think they just suggested it. Which they very obviously did. So what’s implausible about that?

    A single story about a drunk pilot is not good evidence.

    No planes have to stay on designated routes, and I’m not sure what the “airspace” issue was anyway.

    Can you give the source of your claims about the military exercises?

    How exactly are Evergreen using all this aluminum, if they have only got one supertanker?

    Is there any evidence that anyone is spraying aluminum?

  24. And Philip Lader is not the Evergreen spokesman, he’s chairman of the WPP group, who employ 70,000 people. Are you suggesting one of them is the evergreen spokesman? Because google says their spokesmen are Steven Daniels, and James Baynes. So what is the claim exactly?

  25. Guy says:

    Public relations spokesman.

  26. Guy says:

    Evergreen’s public relations spokesman is handled by WPP run by Council on Foreign Relations member Philip Lader.

  27. captfitch says:

    I would suspect that Evergreen is able to enter restricted and prohibited airspace when performing duties related to fire suppression.

    There’s no such thing as designated routes.

  28. SR1419 says:


    I am in the same region of CA as you…when I looked out yesterday I noticed some high wispy cirrus clouds…”mare’s tails”- I thought to myself…first time in a long time I have seen any ice clouds…I won’t be surprised if I see some persistent contrails today…sure enough several persistent contrails peppered the afternoon sky…

    …and today as the skies have cleared – not cirrus cloud- nor contrail to be seen…

    If you pay attention- the weatherfolks even said some high clouds were to be seen as a strong trough (for this time of year) came down from the gulf of AK and pushed high level moisture (evidenced by the high cirrus clouds) into N. CA….

    Given that forecast- one could have predicted to see persistent contrails….

  29. SR1419 says:


    Philip Lader does not “run” WPP…he is the “non executive” chairman which typically means the person is not involved in day-to-day activities…and yet Evergreen’s public relations are handled by Hill & Knowlton:


    Also you said “many scholars, scientists, meteorologists, politicians,” believe in “chemtrails”- can you provide any examples? (other than Scott Stevens)

    Can you find one atmospheric scientist- anywhere in the world- who is equally alarmed by the trails in the sky as you?

  30. Guy says:

    Please re-read, “Council on Foreign Relations MEMBER Philip Lader.”

  31. Can you explain and document exactly what Philip Lader has to do with anything trail-wise. All I’m getting is that you claim he was head of a company that did PR for Evergreen? But then it seems their PR is done by Hill & Knowlton? So what exactly is the point?

    And has anyone ever seen an Evergreen plane doing anything suspicious?

    Seems like a lot of speculation, and zero actual evidence here.

  32. Guy says:

    Atmospheric Scientists in the documentary, “World Are They Spraying” were given ample time to state their case. In doing so, they thoroughly discredited themselves. The top men in that field have already spoken.

  33. You mean like David Keith, who said if he found out chemtrailing were going on, he would risk his life to try and stop it?

  34. Guy says:

    Yes, David Keith- the same scientist who suggests releasing Aluminum particles in the atmosphere to combat global warming and suggests building new aircraft or retrofitting existing ones as the method of deploying the particles. Call this form of Geoengineering what you would like, but it what people internationally refer to as Chemtrailing… David Keith might want to consider risking his life to stop his own work.

  35. Since David Keith STRENUOUSLY and at length, and in detail, denies that there is any such thing going on, then why exactly do you take what he says as in any way an indication that there is such a thing going on?

    Does denial equal admission now? Is that the standard of evidence you go with?

    And about WITWATS, don’t you find the sheer volume of mistakes (if not outright distortions, and even lies) in that film the least bit disconcerting?

  36. Strawman says:

    It’s funny how Chemtrails are now any geoengineering effort proposed. If it were invisible, it’s chemtrails now. As long as the chemtrailers can stick to their silly word and feel right about something. Someday chemtrails will mean farts, I guess.

  37. Guy says:

    Which lies?

  38. They claimed they sampled water from the pond, when they actually sampled sludge.

    They claim normal contrail quickly dissipate, when they don’t always.

    They claim that the aluminum tests in the Shasta ski bowl sample were unusual, when they were perfectly normal for the dirty snow they sampled in the middle of summer.

    To be fair you could call these mistakes. But when they don’t own up to it, even after it’s been pointed out several times, then it tends towards misrepresentation, and lies.

  39. Guy says:

    If Keith’s denial comes in the form of his metaphor when weighing the decision to explore this Aluminium particle technology against its negative health effects: “it’s not really a moral hazard- it’s more like freeriding on the backs of our grand kids”…. Then, yes- he strenuously denies that his research is operational.

  40. Guy says:

    There is a misconception floating around out there that because aluminum is an abundant element in the earth’s crust, that this is the reason why citizens both in Siskyou and Shasta Counties are picking up unusually large amounts of aluminum in the water samples taken from rain, snow pack and surface waters.                                                                                                                                    
    Below is a response from a United States Geological Survey geologist who confirms their research that Californians should not be picking up any significant amount of aluminum in their waters, due to aluminum in our soils.  

    1) According to the experts consulted on this issue, the following is true regarding aluminum in California:

    According to a hydro-geologist, unless the samples are taken next to an Alcoa Aluminum factory, there is no way I should have these metals show up in rainwater testing, in any quantity.” 

    2) To confirm the finding, questioned one of the USGS Ask-A-Geologist program geologist and got this reply:

    Oxygen (46.6%) and silicon (27.7%) are the most abundant  elements of the Earth’s crust. Aluminum is a far third at 8.1% and is not freely available in all rocks. It is very chemically reactive, therefore does not occur on it’s own in nature. Instead it is bonded with other elements, most commonly as the aluminum ore bauxite. 

    So I would venture to say that you wouldn’t see much aluminum dissolved in ground water unless there is a bauxite deposit nearby or seepage from industrial aluminum effluent. 

    3) According to the geological industries’ own websites, California has no bauxite deposits and we certainly do not have any aluminum Alcoa plants either.  Please see below for industry links and an email attachment for more for details.

    While it is true that aluminum is an abundant element in the earth’s crust, it is also true that there are only particular places on earth where it is mined (bauxite deposits). According to the following science and geological industry websites:

    a) “The main ore of aluminum is bauxite, the source of over 99% of metallic aluminum.” Source: http://www.mii.org/Minerals/photoal.html

    b) Bauxite occurs as a weathering product of low iron and silica bedrock in tropical climatic conditions. Source:  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aluminium. Guinea and Australia have about one-half of the world’s reserves. Other countries with major reserves include Brazil, Jamaica, and India. Source: http://www.mii.org/Minerals/photoal.html.  

    Also, according to two local foresters I have spoken to, there are no known aluminum bauxite deposits in the Mt. Shasta region, nor climatically do we have weather conditions that are capable of weathering down any significant amount of aluminum, which would create aluminum bauxite deposits.  We don’t have geological conditions, nor do we have aluminum industry processing/production conditions, which would cause aluminum to be showing up in any significant quantities in our water supplies.

    -Another interesting fact is that California stopped measuring water quality for Aluminium in 2002, which is only a few years after Hughes patented the Aluminium deployed by aircraft idea.

  41. #39 see

    #40, good research. However, the tests used for aluminum were EPA 6010B, Plasma-atomic emission spectrometry. This does not distinguish the form in which the aluminum is in. Hence any contamination with aluminum oxide or hydroxide, which are present in very large amounts in soil and dust, would throw off your tests. Basically, if the water had just a tiny bit of dirt in it, from dust or otherwise, then the results wold be immediately off.

    see also:

  42. Jay Reynolds says:

    Unless Guy is just quoting Dane Wigington, he IS Dane Wigington, because Dane is the Guy who started the story that HE had contacted an unnamed Geohydrologist. I’d like to see the name of this unnamed expert because he didn’t do his research, his statement is being taken without being fully informed of the situation, or he is just wrong for some other reason. If you are Dane, please contact me at [email protected], because we have some things to talk about.

    Otherwise, Guys questions, besides at the link given by uncinus, are further discussed showing historical aluminum levels from years ago right here:

    Dan Wigington also has some questions to answer here:

  43. Jay Reynolds says:

    I have some discussion on “Guy’s” comments here:

  44. Jay Reynolds says:

    Guy? Rose? Dane?

    I see that even Michael J. Murphy’s people in LA have noticed that persistent contrails are less frequent in summer:


    Patrick Minnis, perhaps the world’s foremost expert on contrails, publiched exactly the same observations a decade ago. It has always held true throughout the genesis and life of the chemtrails hoax(see esp. pg. 7-8 for seasonal variation):

  45. Jay Reynolds says:

    Oh, Guy? Where are you? Why have you disappeared?

  46. Marcel says:

    Just out of curiosity what livery do you think this is? The last time I did any plane identification it was Dakotas, Viscounts and Vanguards,

  47. Alexey says:


    you may be right. It depends on when the image was taken. United and Continental merged in 2010. The blue tail and the grey underside was the latter livery.

    The proportions of the plane are closely similar to those of a 757:

    http://www.flickr.com/photos/16057556@N07/4512441942/ ;

    767 in a similar orientation looks fatter.


  48. captfitch says:

    757 and I’ll say not Continental but the camera is doing some strange things regarding color. Looking at the underside of the nose there’s a slight blue tinge to the shading. I’m assuming that the tail isn’t as blue as the picture suggests- it’s just the camera compensating for something.

  49. Alexey says:


    sure, the tail isn’t as blue as the picture suggest. Still, the Continental / New United livery with its slightly darker blue gives a pretty good match at a right light.


  50. captfitch says:

    ok continental. I like the little bit of a hint of the gold globe that pokes out the bottom right, right above the elevator

  51. Ed Brandner says:

    This is Ed Brandner again from July of last year who brought you the knowledge of The Miracle Prayer of Eleven to destroy the chemtrails above us in the skies. From my understanding there has been good results in some areas where people have been using this knowledge to make this war with the dirt baggs winnable.Also I have discovered that there is another tool to use against not only the Chemtrails , but also against the Evil Haarp .For one thing the Haarp works off of sound which is 3.39 Hertz and also 440 Hertz also. You can find this knowledge on Kabbalah chants on youtube which is the 529 Hertz and also 432 Hertz and also the 2012 acension harmonics which is also 529 Hertz. You know when their using the Haarp is when you see the clouds appear from nowhere with the clouds appearing counterclock wise spinning opposite of each other .They have 1 hour long playcards of these Hertz sounds to counter the effects of this Evil that they are using against our people. So get busy and start using this blessing against this Cabal of Satanists and destroy their nightmare!!!

  52. MikeC says:

    Ed wrote:
    “For one thing the Haarp works off of sound which is 3.39 Hertz and also 440 Hertz also”

    no – HAARP does not “work off sound” – it “works off” electromagnetic radiation – radio waves in the 2.8–10 MHz region of the HF (high-frequency) band.

    where do you think clouds should appear from?

  53. captfitch says:

    I think trying to explain all this to Ed would be like trying to explain the internet to an African tribesman of the 1800s. There just isn’t any connection at all.

  54. John says:

    Is anyone else concerned as to how on earth Ed lives his daily life with a mind like this?
    I mean, can someone like this sustain a real job? A family?

    I just don’t see how he can.

  55. Strawman says:

    You may disagree with Ed, and you may even call him out on falsehoods. This kind of denigration, though, is neither productive nor called for.

  56. Noble says:

    Why? I was thinking the same thing. I often wonder how these people function in their daily lives.

    Some of these “chemtrail” people don’t seem to be capable of dealing with the realities of normal life.

    They are afraid of man made clouds…and are overly suspicious of their fellow man…with no evidence to support their fears. They accuse others of terrible things for no reason.

  57. Because it’s not polite. Because it does not help.

    You are perfectly aware that millions of people get through life with very little intelligence or scientific knowledge, and while holding a number of unusual beliefs. There’s nothing bemusing about this, or about how they do it. Wondering aloud how they do it is simply impolite commentary, not an actual inquiry.

  58. Jay Reynolds says:

    What would really help Ed is to stay away from youtube altogether.

    He needs to get his education from a reliable source like a real school.

    Someday, he might develop better critical thinking skills and be able to handle the riskier parts of the internet.

  59. Don says:

    It’s cleary a pre-merger Continental 757-300.

  60. Nick Huard says:

    The entire premise of this site is false. But nice try.

  61. Noble says:

    Feel free to provide evidence that anything on this site is in error.

    Good luck!

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