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Debunked: KMIR6 Geoengineering the Skies (chemtrails)


Geoengineering covers lots of different things, not just spraying things from planes

KSLA Report, debunked and retracted

Chaff is a real thing and shows up on the weather

But that’s a video of an aerodynamic contrail:

Contrails can persist and spread:

Levels of Aluminum, etc – Michael Murphy’s tests are normal levels

Levels of Aluminum, Barium, Strontium in Hawaii are normal levels

Francis Mangels and the soil pH Tests:

Cloud Seeding is something you do to clouds to increase precipitation:

19 thoughts on “Debunked: KMIR6 Geoengineering the Skies (chemtrails)

  1. Jay Reynolds says:

    Very effective refutation getting at all the bunk! (with references)

  2. Nils Matzner says:

    Well done! Very reasonable and precise. Thanks!

  3. Alan says:

    What does this purport to debunk? There is no evidence of anything but news coverage of chemtrails in this video.

  4. shane says:

    Aluminium does not occur in the environment naturally it is refined from bauxite!!!!!

  5. MikeC says:

    Um……aluminium is an element which is part of bauxite, and also part of most soils arounf het earth – every version of feldspar includes aluminium.

    aluminium metal does not occur naturaally because aluminium is extremely reactive with oxygen, forming aluminium oxide (Al2O3) almost instantly. Paradoxically this rapid corrosion is what makes “aluminium” corrosion resistant!! This is because Al2O3 is almost totally inert, and it forms a protective layer on the surface of any aluminium structure preventing any oxygen attacking the rest of the aluminium.

    Aluminium ions (Al+++) can exist where conditions are acidic enough, and are harmful to plant life.

    What is being detected in tests is aluminium however it exists – as a compound with something else or as an ion, or even as a metal if there are small pieces of metal in the sample.

  6. Linda says:

    Thank you for an intelligent web site that reports the truth.

  7. JOHN says:

    Shane – are you joking?

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE think before you speak

  8. I think Shane was referring to metallic aluminum.

  9. Nick Huard says:

    What I find interesting about the chem trail debate is that, from my standpoint, which is that of virtually everyone involved, there is no “solid” evidence one way or the other. I’ll confess, my sympathies lean toward the “chem trails are real” side. I’ve seen the documentary “What in the world…” and I find it very unlikely that all these people have nothing better to do than complain about chem trails. Most of these are people who claim to be personally affected. On the other hand, I find it incredibly unlikely that someone who isn’t personally affected would take the time to “debunk” these claims (nevermind that in the absence of evidence there isn’t any actual debunking taking place). Add to that the fact that there is alot of distracting “evidence” presented on this site. I couldn’t care less about all those ridiculous attempt to analyze angles and trajectories and reflections and the like. That is all just distraction from the main point, which is that many people claim these trails didn’t used to exist, and that now they do. They’re all lying… really? Gimme a break. The fact that so much R&D and PR has gone into the various hubris-filled aspirations of geo-engineering suggests strongly that these people who think they can play god with the climate are crazy enough to try anything. And let’s not forget the age-old maxim, “Its easier to ask for forgiveness than for permission”. Uncinus, get a job! Oh wait, you already have one. Lol. Nuff said.

  10. Strawman says:

    Nick, people make mistakes, people waste a lot of energy on nonsense. You could say this is true both for the WITWATS crew as it is for Mick (no offence). If you want to find out about the factuality of chemtrails, speculating about the motivations of people is not a good way to go about – or rather: you can do that once the facts are clear. So, I suggest you check the claims of both sides for factual value. Mick has often stated he would fix any errors here if someone pointed it out (something the WITWATS people won’t do). Strangely, hardly any chemtrailer ever does that. Neither do you. Don’t you wonder why?

  11. Stupid says:

    Nick said,

    ” Add to that the fact that there is alot of distracting “evidence” presented on this site. I couldn’t care less about all those ridiculous attempt to analyze angles and trajectories and reflections and the like.”

    …but if you don’t consider those, and attempt to debate them in real terms and science….you are accepting (and admitting) that your mind is now shut to the subject – what you believed before is still what you believe now…period. Those alternate explanations that you have not attempted to consider (based on math and science) are just annoying to your opinion. The best way to deeply feel you are correct, is to confront the “distracting evidence” head on. …….not simply wave them away.
    ….because frankly, they won’t go away, until you deal with them.
    They will come up again.

  12. Derek says:

    I can explain every single “Chemtrail” sighting very simply….

    The planes are spraying very fine chemical pulver into the atmosphere.


  13. If by pulver you mean “powder”, then why is there a gap between the engines and the trail?

  14. megalon says:

    No one’s gonna fall for this. You are an obvious disinformation cell. 1) Cloudseeding is done with silver nitrate. (China is the only one to practice this and it is costly and for the most part ineffective). 2) Independent test were done on soil, rain water, pool water, and air. Only to find that Barium was often 3 times the normal levels. Aluminum, up to 5 times normal levels in the soil. 3)The diseased trees are the result of exposure to “oxides”. Strontium was found in soil at 2-1/2 times normal. All tests done in California. I personally now have nasel polyps that need to be surgically removed. They popped up directly after a bombardment in May 2010, and again Sept. 2012, only this time they aren’t going away. I asked the doctor who was {Nose, Throat and Ear} specialist, if there was an increase in these particular cases and he said “YES”. He said that in the last 2 years he has watched the number of “common allergic reactions a.k.a. Hayfever” go up 6,000%. Now let’s consider what that does for BIG PHARMA. If they are all in bed together, then they are screwing… Get what I’m saying? Obviously it has it’s other uses as well. Eugenics and Agenda 21 are the key eliments here. To write such an insidious plan and not be implimenting it isn’t usually their cup of tea. And lastly 4) You don’t fly around and make tic tac toe grids during normal flight patterns. These are obvious blanket patterns. They say nothing about these programs or Darpa patents. There are photographs of the modified planes. Interior, showing canisters and gas lines that run the legth of the craft. There’s just no hiding it anymore.

  15. Rude bastard says:

    You are absolutely right about every word.

    It’s going to get worse…a LOT worse.

    You won’t make it through.

    Live life to the fullest…don’t waste what little time you have left.

  16. SR1419 says:

    Megalon wrote:

    “1) Cloudseeding is done with silver nitrate. (China is the only one to practice this and it is costly and for the most part ineffective)”

    Actually, its done with silver iodide…and China is NOT the only country to seed clouds- its been practiced in this country- and indeed around the World for decades.

    Alas, its not secret, doesn’t involve persistent trails at high altitude from jets…you could hire a company yourself:


    if you are wrong about that- what else might you be wrong about? Almost every thing you mentioned is addressed somewhere on this site- perhaps spend some time reading- such as:

    “photographs of the modified planes. Interior, showing canisters and gas lines that run the legth of the craft”

    Are you sure about that? see here:


    Normal flight patterns ARE a grid- over 40,000 flight per day in the US- how can you expect flight paths not to cross:


    Aluminum- all the various tests have been looked at critically:


    Have a look and tell us what you think…

    PS: sorry about your nasal polyps

  17. j says:


    please read for all you none believers in chemtrails, they openly document the on going weather modification programs in the USA and the companies doing it and the people who are paying for it. Fact provided by the government. so your the one in denial. I would love hear your response after you get a chance to read the facts!

  18. Strawman says:

    Looked into it, but which document exactly do you consider the best proof of chemtrails. Point it out and we can discuss it here. Detail and focus is good.

  19. Jay Reynolds says:

    J, the owner of the site you link to knows that cloud seeding is done and that cloud seeding does not look like the very high altitude contrails people are seeing and calling “chemtrails”. Rosalind Peterson admitted that after ten years, she had found absolutely no evidence for “chemtrails”.

    I’m sorry to tell you, but on her website she is somewhat coy about this, because previously she had a different position, but you can’t deny that she looked high and low for evidence.
    Finding none, she has had to admit that al she has evidence for are persistent contrails.

    Here she is, in her own words:

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