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Contrails and Chemtrails: The IFAQ

Most of the traffic to this site comes via Google and other search engines. It’s interesting to look at what people typed in to that ended up here. Quite often it’s just a few words like “chemtrail aircraft pictures” or “contrails engine”, but sometimes it’s a question. I see them ask their questions and end up here, but I’m not sure if they find the right answer.

So I present the “Infrequently Asked Questions” (exactly as typed into Google).  I’ll update this from time to time when I see a new question.

Why does a contrail vanish?
Contrails are made of ice crystals from water in the exhaust and the surrounding air. They vanish because the ice turns back into water vapor. If will vanish faster if the air is dry and/or relatively warm. They can stay for a long time though.

Contrails, which are ice particles vs chemtrails?
Some people say the longer lasting trails are “chemtrails”, but there’s no evidence to support this, as some trails have always lasted a long time.

How long lasting trails are created?
Exactly the same as the short trails. They just last longer because of the weather at that altitude (which is often unrelated to the weather on the ground).  When it’s cold and humid at 30,000 feet, then contrails at 30,000 feet will last longer.

How long have chemtrails being going on for?
The chemtrail story was first told around 1997.

How planes create acid rain
Acid rain is caused mostly by ground based industrial pollution of ammonia, carbon, nitrogen and sulfur. Very little comes from planes. Planes could create acid rain by deliberately spraying large amount of sulfur to affect the climate, but there’s no evidence that anyone have ever done this.  In fact the creation of acid rain is a very big reason why they will not.

Why don’t we see many contrails anymore?
The amount of air traffic has not changed much in the last 2-3 years.  So if you’ve suddenly stopped seeing contrails then it’s probably because it’s summer, and the conditions for contrail formation don’t exist that frequently in summer.  Particularly in places like southern California, which have hot dry summers.  I’ve seen far fewer contrails now it’s June.

Why do military jets leave a contrails?
For the same reason commercial and private jets leave contrails: water in the exhaust freezes to create trails of ice clouds.  Military jets might create different contrails depending on the circumstances, as they have different engines (particularly fighter jets).

Do all planes make chemtrails?
All planes can make contrails, but only if they fly high enough to encounter cold enough air.  In very cold places like Alaska, even cars can make contrails. The trails that people suspect of being “chemtrails” are probably just contrails.

Can contrails stay in the air?
Yes.  Contrails are physically almost identical to clouds, so they act like clouds.  They are usually a bit denser than clouds, so can stay around longer if conditions are right.

What jets can you see contrails from?
Any jet flying through cold enough and moist enough air will produce contrails. In more marginal conditions then it depends on the “contrail factor” of the engine.  If it’s warm or dry enough then no jets will be able to leave a contrail.

What is bill hr 2977 about?
It’s about the weaponization of space.  It bans “space based” weapons, and list several, including “chemtrails” (which is pretty odd, as “chemtrails” are not space based, unless you consider flying in a passenger jet to be space travel).  It was written by some UFO enthusiasts.

Is there barium in gasoline?
There are trace amounts of many metals, including barium, that found in crude oil and its products. Beyond this – not unless added via fuel additives, and those found on Google were old, and related to diesel. You might get some barium in the exhaust from barium additives in the engine lubricants, such as Barium Hydroxide Octahydrate.

Why would two planes fly next to each other?
The most likely explanation is that they just look like they are next to each other, but really one is a thousand feet or more above the other.  However they might be planes on a photo shoot or military planes practicing maneuvers.

Do contrails cause climate change
Yes. Although the amount and nature of this is still uncertain.  It’s also a different kind of climate change to CO2 emissions, because if we stopped flying then the contrail climate change would also stop immediately.  If we stop emitting CO2, then it would still take decades for it to have an effect.

Black line in sky in front of plane?
That is a volumetric shadow.  Only visible when the contrail is lined up with the sun relative to the observer, so the observer is inside the shadow.

Do contrails create pollution?
No.  Contrails are just ice clouds made from the water in plane engine exhausts.  However some people consider this to be visual pollution.  Plane engine exhaust is pollution just like car and truck exhaust is, however a plane creates the same amount of pollution wether it leaves a contrail or not.

Why do regular planes leave a trail?
All planes leave trails if the conditions are right at the altitude they are flying.   If you see one plane leaving a trail, and another not, then they are probably at slightly different altitudes.  It only takes a few hundred feet.

Can a contrail form at any height?
Yes.  However in most of the world the answer is no, as it’s too warm at the lower altitudes.  Typically contrails form above 25,000 feet (five miles up), in temperatures of -40F or colder.  In very cold places like Alaska they can form at ground level.

How long after chemtrails is it safe to go outside
There’s no real evidence that “chemtrails” are anything other than persistent contrails.  However if an aerosol was being sprayed then remember  that aerosols basically hang in the air, falling at 1 foot per second they would take at least eight hours to reach the ground, and by that time would have spread over an area of thousands of square miles, lingering in the air for days.  So essentially the answer would be: never.

are the elite ptb still chemspraying the popualce of the world?
No. At least if they are then they are doing it without leaving any evidence, which would be rather impressive with the millions of people that would need to be involved in covering it up.

How can you tell the difference of a plane dumping fuel or leaving contrails?
Most planes dump fuel from the wingtips.  It also usually happens  at a lower altitude.  The resultant plume is much hazier than a contrail, and evaporates quickly.

How long will it take the droplet to fall 2000 m if it goes 1 cm every second?
1 meter is 100 cm. So 2000 meters is 200,000 cm. At 1 cm per second it would take 200,000 seconds, which is 55 hours, or just over two days.  Wolfram Alpha is useful for things like this.

Why was contrail forecasting important to the Air Force in the 1950s but not in the 1980s?
It was and still is important.  The reason has always been because of stealth – a plane might dodge the radar, but if it leaves a long contrail then it’s hard to hide.  Perhaps in the 1950s there was more of a focus on spy planes, and now they have either been largely replaced by satellites, or they have figured out how to avoid contrail producing regions of the atmosphere.

Can contrails blow accross the sky in a straight line?
Yes.  Air moves as large circulating masses.  If you look at a weather map, in  any given 50 mile wide region the air is moving pretty much in the same direction.  So a contrail will move like that.  It will distort eventually, depending on atmospheric conditions.

Why can you hear some planes but not others?
Different sized planes can be at very different altitudes bu look the same.  A plane at 30,000 feet that is twice the size of one at 15,000 feet will look like it’s the same, but will be further away, so quieter.  But a more dramatic difference is between planes that are climbing at 90% of  full power, and those that are descending, at maybe 5% of full power.  The descending plane will be vastly quieter than the climbing plane.  This also applies to planes at cruising altitude when they make relatively small altitude adjustments.

Do people actually believe in chemtrails?
Some people are probably trolling, or promoting the theory for some reason like selling their books or medical products.  However many people do seem to genuinely believe that the theory is supported by the evidence.  I think this site shows that it is not.  The believers tend to also believe a varied range of other conspiracy theories.

Why do orbs seem to follow contrails?
“Orbs” are things in the sky that appear round from a great distance, or in a photo or video (often they are individual bokeh highlights).   They are things like plastic bags, balloons, planes, birds, clouds, or even specks of dust in a bright light.  They don’t actually follow contrails, it’s just that you were looking at the contrail, and you saw orbs. They are everywhere in the sky if you look long enough.

Who came up with the theory of chemtrails?
The theory grew online around 1997 out of concerns regarding pollution from jet fuel additives.  It’s not clear if one person started it, but some of the early names mentioned are Larry Wayne Harris, Richard Finke, John Grace, and Bill Brumbaugh.  It has been greatly propmted by William Thomas, Art Bell and Jeff Rense.

Is chemtrails responsible for acid rain?
If planes were spraying something like sulphur, then that would create acid rain.  But there’s no evidence that they are.  The human causes of acid rain are things like power stations, factories and transportation (including normal jet exhaust)

Do commercial airlines seed clouds on the west coast
Not in the usual sense of making low rain clouds rain more.  But contrails are clouds, and the ones that persist are essentially”seeded” by the engine exhaust. But contrails are ice clouds, and don’t produce rain.  They do sometimes make the sky overcast.

Normal atmospheric barium levels?
Via the EPA: The primary source of barium in the atmosphere is industrial emissions. Barium concentrations ranging from 0.0002 ug/m3 to 0.028 ug/m3 (mean of 0.012 ug/m3) have been detected in urban areas of North America (ATSDR, 1992). Barium is naturally occurring in most surface waters and in public drinking water supplies. Barium content in U.S. drinking water supplies ranges from 1 to 20 ug/L; in some areas barium concentrations as high as 10,000 ug/L have been detected (WHO, 1990). Barium is ubiquitous in soils, with concentration ranging from 15 to 3000 ppm.

Of course you’ve got to watch your units there.  Also note that the measurement of barium in the atmosphere is in micrograms per cubic meter OF AIR. The concentration of barium in airborne dust is an entirely different measurement, which is where Arizona Skywatch went so badly wrong.

How long does it take an airplane to reach 30,000 ft
At an average climb rate of 1800 feet/minute, it would take about 16 minutes.  But it can vary a lot based on the plane, the load, and what the pilot wants.  An SR-71 could do it in less than three minutes if pushed. Larger commercial jets can take up to 30 minutes or more.   Not all planes even go up to 30,000 feet, especially for short flights.

Does NASA claim that contrails cannot form in the stratosphere
No. Nasa says:

Contrails usually form in the upper portion of the troposphere and in the lower stratosphere where jet aircraft normally fly, generally between about 8 and 12 km altitude (~26,000 to 39,000 feet). They can also form closer to the ground when the air is very cold and has enough moisture.

115 thoughts on “Contrails and Chemtrails: The IFAQ

  1. Anonymous says:

    Ridiculous ………………… I have seen Wright Patterson start before dawn and in three hours turn a pure blue sky into a washed out white, AND when they are done you can see there chemtrails traced back to ONLY one airport……………no others.SOME people pay attention as a PART of life. You are either not being paid enough ……………or you are payed to much as an shill for this trash web site. Either way, you insult many peoples intelligence pandering the sack of lies passing for cogent reasoned information.

  2. That’s interesting you say:

    I have seen Wright Patterson start before dawn and in three hours turn a pure blue sky into a washed out white

    Because it’s highly reminiscent of this quote from The News, Frederick, MD, March 7, 1944:

    In Idaho I have seen contrails formed in a perfectly clear sky and four hours later a complete overcast resulted


    Fourth column

  3. Anonymous says:

    Gee, I’d LOVE to reply to the last Anonymous post, but I’m afraid that it would be a waste of time to point out that this person has OBVIOUSLY not paid attention in 4th grade science class! My comment will be deleted…

  4. Anonymous says:

    Also, I would like for that person to point out a SINGLE “lie” on this website! He made the claim, let’s see him back it up! I don’t insult his intelligence, I have yet to witness it!

  5. Anonymous says:

    Chemtrails Vs Contrails

    Chemtrails Are Real… Now Admitted By Government!

    Millions were in germ war tests
    Much of Britain was exposed to bacteria sprayed in secret trials

  6. TheFactsMatter says:

    I love how people make the assumption that because two things happen in “the sky” that they “must be” related.

    Sorry, I have yet to see anything that states that the trails in the sky have anything to do with any kind of weather manipulation…or any OTHER kind of program for that matter.

  7. Steve says:

    Here is the latest Alex Jones chemtrail article completely illustrating his paranoia delusion.

  8. Chemtrails are real, if you define chemtrails as “some chemical sprayed from a plane in the last 100 years, that leaves a bit of a trail”. Like, for example, crop dusting.

    The two links that Anonymous provides are entirely unrelated. Biological weapon dispersion tests decades ago, and theoretical discussion about geo-engineering and climate modification.

    And the usual misunderstanding of “Indirect and Semi-Direct Aerosol Campaign”. I’m not entirely sure if the people who constantly push these misunderstandings actually understand them or not. Are they jus trolling? Misleading for the lulz, or some greater plan?

    And “Local news story confirms Barium in Chemtrails”? Really? Will that one never die?

  9. TheFactsMatter says:

    Why would so many intentionally look so foolish? Nahh..they see the word “aerosol” and then they “believe” they have found the smoking gun.

  10. Anonymous says:

    The truth is eminent. It will be revealed soon. Uncinus will disapear as if he never existed and there will be no one for all of his foolish followers to hold accountable for it, once they realize how badly they haved been played. Then it will suddenly become so obvious to you and you will ask yourself over and over, how could I have been so stupid! You will feel like such an idiot and all alone because if you dare tell anyone you will be laughed at and called names and insulted and…….. well, how ironic. Funny how things work themselves out on their own isn’t it? Sort of karmic like, huh. Here’s to irony!

  11. Artyom says:

    What’s funny is you don’t give any scientific data or refute any claims. You claim through dogma that a truth will be revealed. Then you make the assumption we laugh at people who ignorantly believe in chemtrails. Unfortunately, chemtrailers have been very rude themselves. So should I receive Karma and vindication? I don’t need it for science has thoroughly explained contrails. All the rest are forced into correlation with contrails to prove something that isn’t happening, Chemtrails. They sprayed Agent orange, WHAT DOES THAT HAVE TO DO WITH CONTRAILS. GEO ENGINEERING…. Again, what that has to do with Contrails. Making statements based on a video clip showing a contrail, then learning it was just that, a contrail would make me feel “how could I have been so stupid”. The fact that you won’t even read information that goes counter to a BELIEF speaks volumes about who you are. Yes, I will believe because I don’t want to be an idiot, Anonymous said so. It is of utmost hysteria that you claim Irony in an event that has not occurred. Nothing to your claims worked out. I don’t know how anyone can take you seriously.

  12. JazzRoc says:


    The truth is eminent.

    This correction may seem like NOTHING to you, but let it serve as your guide.
    Your failure to distinguish CORRECT USAGE is indicative of the nature of your education.
    What was it? Did you think you MIGHT be right and just didn’t bother to check, or was it that you DIDN’T CARE and thought that was CLOSE ENOUGH for the reader to interpolate the correct meaning?
    Either way, it’s shoddy, isn’t it?
    So, what about your REASONING itself? Won’t it follow the same pattern: you might be right, but you aren’t going to check, or you don’t care, and WE will work it out?

    Well, WHILE (and in fact LONG BEFORE) you started drinking silver, mixing resins with metal filings, standing on mountaintops, WEARING A TINFOIL HAT, and generally railing at a world you hadn’t given yourself a CHANCE to understand, many of the rest of us have become EDUCATED.

    You should try it SOMETIME.

    It all starts with a DICTIONARY…

  13. thefactsmatter says:

    Well done JazzRoc! This is what I’ve tried to convey when I’ve been “picking on” these people. They seem to be “lazy” (for lack of a better term) in their learning processes. Always looking for the “short cut” to knowledge. Instead of learning facts..and taking the time to learn the subjects from reputable sources, they take the LOW road in the education world and “believe” that watching youtube videos (made by OTHERS who have followed the same lazy route) is an actual education in the subject. Yeah, I get carried away and insult these people from time to time….only because, in my view, they have paid a VERY high price for being lazy….and they deserve to be mocked for their insistence that they remain ignorant. They also deserve to be mocked for their insistence that anyone who doesn’t accept the “chemtrail” hoax as fact, is some sort of paid agent/shill. IT really doesn’t get any more paranoid than that!

    If they are lazy with their reading/writing and don’t want to take the time to correctly convey a thought, then who knows what other subjects they are lazy about?! I see patterns… From what I’ve seen, the average “chemtrail believer” doesn’t seem to have taken their science education too seriously. It’s also interesting how basic logic isn’t something these people have on their side. The arguments made to “prove” chemtrails are getting more creative…yet more ignorant…daily.
    My favorite type of argument is bringing up military use of chemicals in the past and suggesting (assuming) that since it was done in the past, it must be happening now,…and the trails behind airplanes are evidence. That’s not logic! That’s making ignorant assumption. There is no getting around that fact. Yet, they just don’t seem to see any problem with that way of thinking, at all. It’s no wonder these people are all prone to believing in multiple conspiracies…

  14. Annomonously yours says:

    When Truth unfolds where will you all be then on the DOLE ,SOCIAL You better start looking for new agencies because this one will soon be over LOL

  15. Anonymous1 says:

    Thanks for reinforcing the basis for the karmic irony bit. I knew you wouldn’t let me down. Although the truth is ‘IMMINENT’, it is also ‘EMINENT’ amongst those of us who are still able to think for ourselves and not dangling from strings like some kind of troll puppet. Patience my foolish troll puppets, patience. Only a few more weeks and you will be enlightened. For some, the most obvious of things are the hardest to see. However, when you are pondering how you could have been so gullible and feeling like such an idiot, I will not ridicule you and kick you when you are down. That would manifest negative karma and as you will soon see, ominous irony. Your campaign of deceit will have disastrous results. That is ‘IMMINENT’.

  16. How many weeks?

    Want to put some money on it? (Or gold/guns/seeds/whatever).

  17. Artyom says:

    Campaign of Deceit? Yet you talk all about Karma and you can’t prove one thing on this site wrong. You don’t even bring proof or back your comments with facts. Your comments are just rhetoric. Eminent equals prominent, conspicous, projecting. The word, apparent, would have been more fitting for usage in this case. The only Irony I see, is Socratic Irony used in an ignoble way by you. Karma? Making people fear contrails? So all the contrails that lasted and spread just like today, that our grandfather’s saw, were a part of this campaign of deceit? And you worrying about kicking people in the ground based on ignorance of the atmosphere. Great. If you feel you’re so intelligent and righteous, go to the next conference held by atmospheric scientist and share your thoughts and feelings. However, bring data instead of talking about revelations in weeks to come. Some bozo made a claim that he created cold fusion and it would bring free energy. He didn’t document anything so no one could reproduce it. It was a fraud and so is the whole chemtrail community. How is stating such bad Karma? The information on this site is referenced and has yet to be proven wrong. Your attempts, just pompous diatribes. Speaking as if you have moral authority based on hijacking hinduism. May the terminally gormless and indolent believe nonsense over contemporary science and soon find their ‘Eminent Truth’…

    @Factsmatter, this one is entertaining too)))) Like if I were to wash my car and each time it rains. In this day and age, I would have proof washing cars makes it rain(based on chemtrailer logic). Correlation without cause and effect. I see a contrail… I have a head ache… THEY’VE SPRAYED ME!!! These people likely never ran one science lab test in their lives. The most they’ve likely ever done was dissect a frog in school as a child. Now they watch Youtube for education and see contrails listed as chemtrails. When they go outside,Wow, PhD in Chemtrail Science is born. XD

  18. Anonymous1 says:

    Want to put some money on it?
    Sorry, as much as I would like to, I could never match a bet against the governments stockpile of taxpayer confiscations, errr…., I mean, contributions.

    Wow! It’s like you guys have all read the same book. ‘Disinfo For Dummies’. Your comments have become so predictable and troll like. Do you guys actually believe that using such a typical text book approach to disinformation is actually fooling anyone other than fools themselves? Maybe you should try a new spin. This one has become so old and predictable. Perhaps there is a newer updated version in print that has not been issued to you yet: ‘Disinfo For Dummies II, A Guide To Being Less Obvious’. When you guys preach to people about not educating themselves, it’s like the pot calling the kettle black. Try focusing a little more on technique and less on deception and attempts to discredit your targets and maybe it won’t be so obvious what your purpose here is.

  19. Artyom says:

    So you are making the assumption that anyone who disagrees with you is a disinfo government paid shill. I live in Russia and anyone following my posts knows that. I receive no US money. Nor does anyone else here. Trolling is baiting comments by people who float into blogs, commentaries, and so forth that write misleading information. The only person trolling is you. You have NOT once wrote any information, evidence, or data backing claims that contrails are in fact chemtrails. You say we act the same? Your whole group acts the same. Just yell they’re spraying us with no facts other than look up you idiots. Then when you receive answers, ever single one of you claim government shill, yet another assumption. Technique and deception? You guys are great at that… correlating geo-engineering conferences with contrails. Correlating weather modification with contrails. Correlating former classified chemical experimentation to contrails. Correlation HAARP with contrails. You people are so clueless it is unbelievable. So if the pot is calling the kettle black, you are telling me you studied the atmosphere? Are you a biologist? A Chemist? A Climatolgist? A Meteorologist? Did you take any advanced atmosphere studies in aviation? Have you any idea the work involved in studying any variables in the environment? Do you know what it is like to take samples in the field? To use spectrometers? Do you have any knowledge what so ever other than looking on Youtube and starring into the sky and making an observation? That observation leads to the uneducated “it looks funny” assumption fueled by fear of the government, “they did something bad so this must be them too”. And you want to say the pot is calling the kettle black? You are a real character! ))))) Oh wait, we’ll get another sermon of paranoia… Maybe you can create and organite cloud buster and find planet Nibiru)))) Or better read things here and then research, on your own, about contrails and the atmosphere. Maybe you will pull out of your tailspin into the dark abyss of lunacy. If every commercial airliner is producing these things around the world. That would mean every government, every airport, every aircraft manufacturer, all maintenance crews, and many others would know. Millions of people, yet your greatest evidence is “look into the sky” and rain water samples which prove nothing other than something is present over all in atmosphere which can mean industrial pollution and much more. I am surprised the chemtrail community doesn’t get upset over Corexit and the scandal in California about the Light Brown Apple Moth Aerial Spraying. God help chemtrailers if they somehow correlate it to contrails, but these were real government spray programs. They’re documented. Governments will always consider spraying programs to eradicate threats to agriculture or to health, like from mosquitos. It could really affect people in the areas too. I don’t know if there is study on the consequences. The LBAM spraying controversy was about addressing consequences.

    P.S. anyone knows you are full of stink anonymous. Didn’t anyone teach you that when someone attacks the person instead of the subject of discussion, they already lost the arguement? Anyways, thanks for the laugh

  20. TheFactsMatter says:

    “You say we act the same? Your whole group acts the same.”

    HERE HERE!!!!~

    It’s funny how they don’t understand that we all sound alike because we have all taken the time to learn the facts in this matter from reputable sources. We couldn’t all be more different in EVERY other way if we wanted to be though! But, of course, these people are prone to making assumptions and can’t help “believing” that we (the “shills” and “disinfoagents”) are all sitting next to each other in the “disinfo suite” at NASA trying to convince people who have OBVIOUSLY (and I can’t highlight the importance of that last word enough) never studied aviation or atmospheric science that the trails aren’t part of a “spray program”.

    I simply love aviation and understand it, while ALSO being obsessed with computers and technology and I also like to read. I just happen to spend a lot of time online and I just happen to enjoy discussing the ignorance of chemtards. Yet, their minds automatically put unrelated things together and come out with a ridiculous “truth”.

    Another excellent post Artyom. You have a great way with words. Too bad it’s all wasted on those who are unable to appreciate what you are trying to do for them.

    I look forward to more “chemtrail believer” (insert the REAL word I want to use, here) spankings from you!

  21. TheFactsMatter says:

    Oops…that was supposed to be “Hear Hear!”

    You knew what I meant:)

    I wish the “chemtrail believers” would admit when THEY make mistakes..

  22. Anonymous1 says:

    Oops, you forgot one. Where’s my tin foil hat? Your lack of thoroughness disappoints me Arty. However, your shill tactics continue to be so predictable and so typical. Your insistence on validating that for me is appreciated. You have associated me with every stereotype in the chemtrail debunkers handbook, as if I gave you that information about me just by revealing your modus operandi for spreading disinformation. Really? The ‘YouTube’ association seems to be a favorite of yours. You guys really seem to love that one. Yup, I got my education on YouTube Arty. Isn’t that where all things are learned? Or is there another source for information that you are not telling me about? You really should be thanking me by the way. I seem to be providing an outlet for you to release all of that penned up anger and hostility inside of you. Patience will reward you with the truth. Just a little patience, that’s all.

  23. Artyom says:

    Anonymous, I won’t talk with you anymore as you are only defensive and you have yet to provied a fact, let alone answer any of my questions. Меня зовут АРТЁМ!!! не Артур!!! so don’t call me Arty, that isn’t even a shortening of my name. Atleast I use my name unlike you. I stand by what I say. Without your sarcasm about youtube, have you done anything to prove that is your only source of education? Может быть на русском хочешь разговаривать? наверно слышком сложно для тебя. жаль.. Anger and hostility???? What makes you think I am angry!!! HAAAAAAAA!!! I haven’t laughed and smiled so much this week. Really if you could just listen to one of the great humourist and writers of America, Mark Twain… “I was gratified to be able to answer promptly, and I did. I said I didn’t know.” Could there be anything wrong with saying that? It is honorable to not know and want to learn than to pretend you know something that you do not. Eloquence is lacking in the 21st century. Instead of participating with me, read the articles here then go back to your hive of information and disprove anything here. It is an unanswered challenge that you have yet to even try.

  24. Artyom says:


    It is true, this fellow here acts the same as everyone else who comes here calling us shill, disinfo, or not human all because we don’t believe as they do. And facts have a tendency of sounding the same everytime they’re spoken. Sad thing is, if they just read any book, take a class, or put any effort into contemporary science with a goal of finding out about contrails. They’d quickly understand that chemtrails are complete folderol and the true threat is that of Dihydrogen Monoxide 😉 LOL
    The one meaning I want from others who may read my comments, is to research for oneself. So people don’t fall victim to cases of “Appeal to Authority”. Should we believe Aliens exist because a General in the Army said so? Do claims without evidence hold value? Can the average man understand the difference between pseudo science and real science? The difference between SETI program and Ufologists. Between a meteorolgist and a (brr…) chemtrail believer. They don’t have to take my word on it! Contemporary science explains it. This isn’t even the theme of global warming which has scientists debating and running computer models trying to figure out of man has an impact.
    I also love aviation, I live in a former Air Force base and now is private for a big company here. I get to watch aircraft everyday make their landing approaches.. I enjoy it very much. I used to be in the Air Force 12 years ago. I wasn’t a pilot, but I got to fly a lot and I enjoyed it very much. Contrails existed then, now, and will continue to do so, as long as the form of propolusion remains unchanged. Now I am working as an editor so I have internet access and during free time I enjoy jumping on here.
    As for you, I really miss your videos and especially the orgonite cloud buster video! LOL!!!! You also made a good video describing why contrail lines can be broken and not continuous due to moisture pockets. The graph was simple so that even the most scientifically illiterate could understand. Plus you proved you had the background in aviation and studying it in university. Doing far more than chemtrailer has ever done. All of which puts you in a far greater position of knowing about the atmosphere. Pilots fly through it so they study it. Kind of important to know about lift, how wings and atmosphere interact. I would be a bit uncomfortable being in an aircraft with someone who doesn’t know those things. These things, I would love to learn. Piloting aircraft to me would feel like ultimate freedom.

  25. Anonymous1 says:

    You simply lack the ability to be calm and patient Artyom. A mere observation. I am sorry if it offends you. Sometimes the TRUTH hurts. Soon, it will be very painful for you if the truth hurts you so much.

    Perhaps you should take some advice from the one who calls himself ‘thefactsmatter’ and try using a spell checker. According to him, it makes one appear to be intelligent.

  26. TheFactsMatter says:

    “According to him, it makes one appear to be intelligent.”

    Actually, I have never said that. I’ve simply suggested to certain people that they try a spell-check for more effective communication. It would certainly go far to help a certain uneducated segment of the population.

    I love how you claim “truth” while the only evidence you present is your lack of education in some key subjects.

  27. Artyom says:

    What makes you think I am not calm? Very presumptuous. Are you assuming that you frustrate me? Nothing you say could possibly offend me. You keep repeating truth. Did you watch The Secret by Rhonda Byrne and keep repeating truth hoping you’ll be right? You try to engage in converation and make me “upset” or appear to be upset. Then through your act, me appearing to be upset would make it seem you are the one who is right due to a perceived irrational behavior. Any psychologist knows this childish game you play. Again you think I am upset? XD you are funny!!!!!!!!! You provide no facts again!!! That’s 5 comments you made and wrote nothing other than nonsense!

    P.S. it is called a “typo-o” aka typing error. Typing errors are not grammatical mistakes. I touch type in two languages. Also, if you think grammatical errors reflects intelligence. Most of the acclaimed authors had horrible grammar that required editing. The Times even spelled lose, as in lost, loose multiple times. Dicken’s used “literally” in a figurative sense, Ezra Pound wrote stupider not more stupid. What does this have to do with intelligence and contrails? Nothing, just you orchestrating, for your own amusement, a pointless conversation.

    I can always play your game too. Why are you so angry. You don’t have to keep posting, I know you are frustrated. All the information is here and hard for your to accept the truth. It will hurt. It is hard you are a pompous, arrogant fellow… Truth hurts, doesn’t it…? It is okay… We’ll comfort you when you come around. ============ Complete NONSENSE…. I am tired of your doltish rigmarole…. You don’t produce information then why speak? It is better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to open one’s mouth and remove all doubt.

    Ты олигофрен))))))) хахахахаа!!! спасибо большое, что рассмешил! Спокойной ночи.

  28. Artyom says:

    @Facts, he thinks he is funny. Don’t pay attention to him. If he actually cared about “chemtrails” he would try to provide evidence. The rest from him is just presumptuous inane nonsense. Even this one doesn’t top the list of amusing characters from the “Chemtrail” community. Actually quite boring because there is absolutely ZERO information presented to look at or deal with. He is just 1 step above the drive by commenters that write CHEMTRAILS ARE REAL, YOU SUCK!!! and never come back again. Oh well… (((

  29. Anonymous1 says:

    “You try to engage in conversation and make me “upset” or appear to be upset. Then through your act, me appearing to be upset would make it seem you are the one who is right due to a perceived irrational behavior.”
    “Any psychologist knows this childish game you play.”

    Perhaps now, you are beginning to see just how predictable the shills on this site have become. You have just described the protocol for the basis of nearly all of the arguments for this campaign of deception. Although I am not surprised that you are familiar such a tactic, I am amazed at how often it is used by you guys in an attempt to portray your side of the argument as the only ‘logical’ or ‘sane’ one. (So ‘old school’) Thank you for explaining to all of those that have been deceived, how you deceive them with your psychological childish game. I was counting on you to come through for me Artyom. You have been played and I have enjoyed playing with you. Now, if you can just find it in yourself to have some patience, the evidence that you are so desperate for will manifest and this charade will come to an end. Patience is the key. Try to remember that this time.

  30. TheFactsMatter says:

    There is no “campaign of deception”. You people post lies, and then we correct it. You then call us shills, liars, disinfo agents and we call you paranoid. Then you make claims about our personal lives and how fat we are and then we prove your ignorance. It’s fun!~ An endless cycle that provides endless laughter.

    I find it interesting that a complete lack of evidence for the “chemtrail believer” position isn’t all that important to you people. Yes, I’ve seen ALL of the “video evidence” on youtube…yet, I remain unconvinced. I wonder why…and I also wonder why YOU are able to accept it all as fact WITHOUT any convincing evidence. Interesting.
    Well, I’ll bet it has something to do with the fact that you have never actually studied aviation or atmospheric science. What a shame. If you had any knowledge on the subject, you wouldn’t have to act like Chicken Little.

  31. Anonymous1 says:

    “Well, I’ll bet it has something to do with the fact that you have never actually studied aviation or atmospheric science. What a shame. If you had any knowledge on the subject, you wouldn’t have to act like Chicken Little.”

    Just another unsubstantiated assertion on your part, followed by an unrelated reference to a character deemed as a crackpot. Can you not see how transparent you have become? First, you claim to know the extent of my knowledge on the subject and then state it as ‘fact’ when you have nothing to base your claim on. This is nothing more than an attempt to convince your puppets that you know for a fact that I have no knowledge on the subject, therefore, whatever I say has no credibility. Absurd non-logic. Second, you make an attempt to associate me with chicken little, which has nothing to do with the price of tea in China. This is done in an attempt to label me as someone that runs around screaming things that aren’t really happening, therefore, whatever I have to say cannot be taken seriously. Really? Is that all you have? So predictable. As I said before, this is the basis of all of your arguments. First, make false statements that attack the persons credibility, then reference them to something that portrays them as not being of sound mind. Textbook shill tactics.

  32. captfitch says:

    What, then, is your background in aviation or science?
    And also please pick a specific point to discuss regarding chemtrails.

  33. Artyom says:

    @Facts, you haven’t picked up on it yet? He is trolling himself. He doesn’t even write anything himself, will reverse what you say, make his own assumptions and then when you call him on it, he says you are presumptive. He is a waste of effort. He is trying to get a rise out of you so you will look foolish. His behavior is beyond ignoble as he provides no information and just tries to provoke emotional responses.

  34. Anonymous1 says:

    I have already picked my point of interest regarding chemtrails. It is the disinformation campaign that is in place that this site contributes to by pretending to be the authority on all trails left behind by airplanes in an attempt to prevent the inevitable from happening. It’s ironic that some of the subject matter often used on this site as an attempt to discredit people associating them with the tin foil hat brigade, is now being disclosed with irrefutable testimonies by former NASA and U.S. Government employees as being fact. The ET/Alien disclosure is under way at this very moment with currently over 400 previously silenced former employees of the U.S. Military, NASA, the C.I.A. and many other branches of the government willing to testify under oath before congress about their first hand knowledge and eyewitness accounts of extra terrestrial craft and biological entities here on earth and the disinformation program that has been in place since 1947 to prevent the public from having any knowledge of it. The same disinformation and debunking tactics currently being used to cover up the fact that the citizens of the world are being slowly exterminated by the very same establishment that they are paying their hard earned money to protect them from harm and injustice. So, now that this cat is already out of the bag and there is no longer any doubt about the extent to which the public has been lied to and deceived for more than 50 years just on the ET issue alone, give me one reason why anyone should believe the lies that you are helping to spread regarding the chemtrail issue. If it looks like a shill, smells like a shill, walks and talks like a shill, then it’s safe to say SHILL. For anyone who has not heard of the disclosure project currently under way, you can educate yourselves here: http://www.disclosureproject.org/
    As far as the chemtrail issue goes, I will repeat myself once again. The truth will be revealed soon, just try to exercise a little patience. It is manifesting as we speak. That is all the information are going to get or deserve.

  35. How soon, what will it be, and what would you wager on it?

  36. Kamran says:

    Anonymous1 is a shill for the government. He’s trying to distract people from legitimate governing issues by parroting this contrail nonsense. It is clear as day, every single chemtrail site has, if not full funding, full backing from the government. Anonymous1 will keep on with is disinfo and personal attacks to try and deceive as many sheep as he can.

  37. TheFactsMatter says:

    “Can you not see how transparent you have become? First, you claim to know the extent of my knowledge on the subject and then state it as ‘fact’ when you have nothing to base your claim on.”

    If the “extent of your knowledge” results in a “belief” that “chemtrails” are “real”, then I FULLY understand the extent of your knowledge. No assumptions on MY part are necessary. It’s OBVIOUS that you have fallen for the hoax and have accumulated your “knowledge” from the “chemtrail believer” community.

    And it’s not MY fault that what you write has no credibility! I HAVE studied the facts, I DO understand that the trails can and do last for hours without the inclusion of “chemicals”. YOU prove your OWN ignorance with no help at all from me. You show your complete ignorance all by yourself! Don’t try to blame ME for the way you come across to others! I speak for myself and don’t care how my words make you look to other people…thats just MORE paranoia on YOUR part!

    And Chicken Little was hit in the head with an acorn and looked up and made an assumption about what was happening. You chemtrail believers do the same exact thing! I hear about all of this “aluminum and barium” found at ground level in the water/air/soil and then the uneducated folks “look up” and see the trails…and make one assumption after another after another. If you don’t fit in that category, my apologies! It sure seems like you do though…

    Your association with Chicken Little is a valid one. I’m sorry that you can’t recognize that. You people take one event (the trails) and link it with all sorts of other events that happen in the sky. The acorn fell on Chicken Littles head (the barium, aluminum, or any OTHER “chemical” that’s found at ground level) and he(?) looked up at the sky and made assumptions. It’s EXACTLY what you people do! If you can’t see the similarities, I can’t help ya there!

    And no, it’s actually NOT all that I have. I would LOVE to discuss this subject in depth with you and look forward to explaining any misunderstandings you have on the subjects of aviation and atmospheric science. But, you aren’t actually INTERESTED in discussing any facts. You’re just here to whine about how you’re being picked on and treated unfairly. When you’re done with all of that nonsense, you let me know. And then we can discuss the facts in a logical way. That is NOT something I have witnessed from you, yet!

    I can’t wait for the “evidence” to arrive! I’ve seen one claim after another from you people and in EVERY case, so far, the “evidence” has been nothing more than a misunderstanding on the “chemtrail believers” part or an outright lie. Again, it’s not MY fault if someone who is ignorant about the facts makes a public blunder! I’m obligated by my love for aviation and my education to correct the mistakes when I see them! It just bothers me that so many people are panicked about this subject when there isn’t any reason to BE panicked!

    There are no “shills”…and there is no “shill textbook”. I’m just an average guy that has an interest in this subject who is absolutely amazed that there are so many uneducated (at least in the subjects of aviation/atmospheric science) people that “believe” they are being “sprayed” by “them”. It’s just a little hobby of mine to spread truth where people post ignorant and paranoid nonsense.

  38. TheFactsMatter says:

    “How soon, what will it be, and what would you wager on it?”

    I want in!!!!

  39. MyMatesBrainwashed says:

    I’m interested in where this truth is going to come from? Who’s gonna tell us it? Why should they be believed?

    And how is it imminent? We already have both sides of the story. One of them’s true, the other isn’t. That means the truth is already out.

    With those facts gathered it’s obvious that there is no substance to any of those posts.

  40. TheFactsMatter says:

    Got this as a reply today:

    5 minutes ago


    Where I live, people are starting to talk to me about chemtrails, without me mentioning it. People are waking up and the masses are a powerful force to reckon with. The sprayers of these substances are forcing us into a war that they will not be able to handle. They declared war on the people so they deserve what is coming to them.

    Beware the “idiot revolution”!

  41. JazzRoc says:


    The truth will be revealed soon, just try to exercise a little patience. It is manifesting as we speak. That is all the information are going to get or deserve.

    “Now, sooner or later, someone will ask for proof anyway, so here are some tips on how to handle the eventuality:
    -Acting very sincere, state that you “really aren’t sure what is going on,” but say that you have been getting hundreds, or thousands of reports from people all over the country,” who say they are seeing all kinds of chemtrails. This pits the critics not against you, but against unknown and unknowable hordes of people, and puts you as just the reporter of these “facts”. Remember, these people can’t be expected to reveal their identity, and you have hyped the fear level so high, they probably never will, so none of it can ever really be checked out anyway.”

    This is a quote from a 2005 Jay Reynolds piece on “How to run a Chemtrail Scare for Fun and Profit” which you’ll find down the page at:
    Old prattle, indeed.

  42. Anonymous1 says:

    Apparently, I have to spell it out for you clowns. It’s like this. For example, lets say I have this lifelong friend of 50 years or so. I have grown to trust this person with my life. His word is like gold. All of our lives he has been telling me that he could never physically do harm to anyone or even hurt a fly because it is just not in his nature to hurt someone. Of course, I believe him because I trust him unconditionally. Then one day he is arrested for murder. The investigation reveals that he is behind a string of unsolved murders and he has been killing innocent people for most of his life. Well, naturally I am devastated and of course, I would never be able to trust him or believe anything he says ever again. His words have become meaningless because I was lied to for so long.
    Now, here we have a similar situation, except this time it is for real. For more than 50 years I have been lied to and deceived by a government that I trusted whole heartedly. Even when confronted with eyewitness accounts from people from all walks of life, they not only denied it, but they tried to make these people look like nut jobs and always had some fabricated explanation as to what they really saw and not what they think they saw. Of course, you know that I am talking about the ET/Alien disclosure that is under way. This site is no exception either when it comes to associating nut jobs with ET’s and Aliens and chemtrails. So, since the official government stance on chemtrails is outright denial and the same tactics that were used against UFO witnesses are now being used against anyone witnessing chemtrails, well… you get the picture. This is a disinformation website setup for the purpose of deceiving the public and attempting to discredit witnesses as it was done before. Your words have become meaningless.

  43. TheFactsMatter says:

    “This is a disinformation website setup for the purpose of deceiving the public and attempting to discredit witnesses as it was done before.”

    Liar. This is an informational website about persistent contrails. It is the belief of the regulars here that the trails referred to as “chemtrails” are nothing but persistent contrails. This site is an OPEN FORUM and all evidence is welcomed and encouraged. It just happens to turn out that everything that has been supplied AS “evidence” for “chemtrails” has been nothing of the sort! In EVERY case, so far, the evidence has turned out to be the ignorance of the one presenting the evidence! Is that anyones “fault”?! No, it’s TRUTH! And that’s what this site is about. PLEASE, feel free to provide ANYTHING as evidence on this site. Prove us wrong! We are all waiting!

    I understand that people make comments and call people nuts (among other things), but the actual information found on this site…again, not the comment sections, contain factual information about the trails in the sky. Feel free to expose anything you find as “disinfo”. I think that sort of thing is actually ENCOURAGED here. If the info is NOT the truth, I’m sure Uncinus would immediately correct it!

  44. Anonymous1 says:

    Meaningless dribble.

  45. jujubean says:

    The word is DRIVEL you stupid retard. I read your comments, you are dumb ass who has self appraised himself as a know it all. But you only state you are afraid of the government and give no facts.

    11 comments 0 facts to your case. YOU FAIL


  46. thefactsmatter says:

    “Meaningless dribble.”

    what about my post was drivel?!

    As I stated, if you have issue with the information provided in any of the articles, bring it up and it will be corrected! How can THAT be drivel?! I didn’t make any claim except that the information posted is factual! You can’t just claim that my assertion is drivel without providing some sort of rebuttal to anything on the site. Please tell me what you found on the site that isn’t known to be fact in the aviation/scientific community. I look forward to an example…got one?!

  47. So Anonymous1, your evidence to support the chemtrail theory is that several people believe they have experience of the government covering up UFOs?

    Wouldn’t that simply enable you to believe ANYTHING you imaging about the government? Do you really have NO OTHER EVIDENCE to support your belief in chemtrails?

    And, you know those guys saying things for the Disclosure Project are not revealing something new, right? They have all been saying their various tales for many years. There’s no “big reveal” around the corner.

    There is a connection here, of course. The Disclosure Project is run by Alfred Webre, who wrote HR 2977, which included a mention of “Chemtrails”. These are people who want to believe, for whom actual evidence is an annoying detail.

  48. Anonymous1 says:

    “Do you really have NO OTHER EVIDENCE to support your belief in chemtrails?”

    Did all of the ridiculed UFO witnesses have any evidence to support their claims? No. This did not change the fact that they witnessed a UFO. So what is your point?

    “They have all been saying their various tales for many years.”

    Tales? Distort it as usual. The fact is, these are former CIA, NSA, NASA, US MILITARY etc… employees with documented evidence of a government cover-up and disinformation campaign to deceive the American people. No different than what is going on here.

    “There’s no “big reveal” around the corner. ”

    The all knowing Uncinus predicts the future. Your amazing powers are awesome! Your weakness is patience.

    “The Disclosure Project is run by Alfred Webre, who wrote HR 2977, which included a mention of “Chemtrails”. These are people who want to believe, for whom actual evidence is an annoying detail.”

    Another failed attempt to distort the truth. The Disclosure Project is the work of Dr. Steven Greer. He currently has over 400 credible witnesses, with many of them in possession of ‘actual evidence’ but you try to make people believe otherwise by trying to hide the truth as usual.

    As with the UFO disinformation campaign, time is your worst enemy. Eventually the truth will prevail and you will disappear escaping any retribution for your participation in this immoral act of evil against the citizens of the United States of America and the rest of the world. That is why you hide yourself on the internet.

  49. Ah yes, Alfred Webre is just the congressional coordinator for the Disclosure Project. He runs the Institute for Cooperation In Space.

    Did all of the ridiculed UFO witnesses have any evidence to support their claims? No. This did not change the fact that they witnessed a UFO. So what is your point?

    Reports of UFOs at least have the quality of being unexplained. Reports of chemtrails have all been explained – they are contrails. They look like contrails, they act like contrails, they appear and persist when contrails should appear and persist.

    So then, are you just saying that your evidence of chemtrails is the eyewitness accounts of things that resemble contrails? No actual physical evidence?

  50. SR1419 says:

    Anon1 wrote:

    “Did all of the ridiculed UFO witnesses have any evidence to support their claims? No. This did not change the fact that they witnessed a UFO. So what is your point?”

    The point is that by definition they DID NOT KNOW what they saw- the objects were “unidentified”. Unidentified does not equal “alien”…They simply do not know what they saw.

    “chemtrail” Believers think they know what they see- despite no evidence, despite historical and scientific precedent to the contrary of their beliefs, despite a lack of basic understanding of atmospheric science. That is a crucial and fundamental distinction.

    As for hiding on the internet, put your words where your Anonymous beliefs are and point out any factual error or “lie” on this site. Rebut any of the science regarding the nature of contrails…

    Failure to do so will indicate your lack of conviction in your own beliefs and is the first sign that YOU will be the one slinking away into the Ethernet…as is typical of your ilk.

  51. Anonymous1 says:

    Still missing the point. Once a liar, always a liar. Your position on chemtrails mimics the official position, which can no longer be trusted. Your so called proof that chemtrails are just contrails is no different than the evidence that was presented as ‘proof’ that the object that crashed in 1947 was just a weather balloon. Proof which was backed up by scientific data and experts on weather balloons. Of course, that has now been revealed as a lie. Your so called science regarding contrails has been manipulated and tailored to accommodate your agenda. Debunking the operation. This is a major operation on a global scale which took many years to plan and coordinate. It is unlikely that the need to debunk it was not foreseen. This was a well planned operation at the highest level and no details were left out, including how to counter the actions of the people that notice, and procedures for debunking their claims of what they are witnessing. When it comes to top secret operations, we have seen that the military, the CIA and all involved with the cover-up will stop at nothing when it comes to lying, deceiving and manipulating the public to conceal the truth at all cost. History has proven it. Now you want people to believe that it is not happening again? To quote a famous evil doer: “Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me again……. well, you know the rest. (he didn’t) lol. So, gentlemen, I will torment you no longer because my services are needed elsewhere. To sum it all up, whatever you say cannot be trusted. If you say something, it probably means something else. You will stop at nothing to please your masters and continue your campaign of deceit an manipulation in the name of science to make it appear credible. Meanwhile, discrediting others who have no agenda, but are merely concerned about their health and the future of their children, wondering what have we done to deserve to be exterminated like insects. Perhaps, someday you will be judged for your contribution to the most treacherous act of evil ever committed against mankind. Remember, your days are numbered. It won’t be long now before the truth is revealed and your little scam will come to an end. If you can just have enough patience, it will all be over by the end of the month. I cant say that I will miss you, although I have learned a little on the way. The way that you guys operate has become quite predictable and routine. Then somewhat entertaining. Now, very boring. Remember, patience will provide you with the truth. Have a Shill-Tastic day gentlemen! Signing off.

  52. TheFactsMatter says:

    “….which can no longer be trusted. ”

    Why?! because you people say so?! Ridiculous from the start…..

    And, honestly, I haven’t made up my mind about “geoengineering” yet. “THEY” “could be spraying chemicals into the atmosphere as part of testing, but there is literally NO EVIDENCE that that the trails in any video or over my house have ANYTHING to do with any dispersal of any kind. Persistent contrails are a matter of atmospheric conditions and NO ONE has shown me that anything has ever been found from a sample from an actual trail. Which is what I’m waiting to happen BEFORE I come to my conclusion.
    NOTHING I have seen in ANY “chemtrail” video is even remotely compelling. It’s always simply evidence of the ignorance of the person who posts it! Things like “those are nozzles!!!!” when they are flap parts….and claims about gaps in the trails being the pilots turning the nozzles on/off are IGNORANT to the extreme end of the scale. It doesn’t GET any more obvious at points like that…that the person making the claim has NOT studied the subjects properly!

    “Ignorant” is NOT an insult, people. It just means that one doesn’t have an education in the specific subjects being discussed. I ADMIT that I am so very ignorant about so many things…such as sewing, politics, dog training, surfing, sailing…the list is infinite! But, the difference is I don’t go to forums about these subjects and post nonsense as fucking fact! I don’t go and purposely EXPOSE my ignorance to people who are obviously MUCH better educated in those subjects than I am.
    Chemmies do EXACTLY that, and they do it with such determination and flare! They even have VIDEO EVIDENCE of the spray programs! They make assumption after assumption after assumption and then PRETEND that all those assumptions add up to an actual education in aviation and atmospheric science. They (you?) covert ignorance into fact!

  53. MyMatesBrainwashed says:

    If you can just have enough patience, it will all be over by the end of the month.

    Excellent. A date to work on.

    You’re right about the patience though. I can hardly wait to hear the excuses of why it never happened.

  54. I think Anonymous1’s problem is that he is actually quite intelligent, and knows that any “evidence” he has does not stand up to scientific scrutiny, so he’s relying almost entirely on “where there’s smoke, there’s fire“, or “the government is evil, so they MUST be doing it“.

    Unfortunately without evidence, then “it” could be anything. So why chemtrails? Again the theory falls down for lack of specific evidence.

    A while ago, Anonymous1 (posting as “kgb”) said:

    First of all, if you were to just go outside and look up and observe what is taking place on a heavy spray day you would see how obvious it is. I have been studying it for about 2 years now and documenting it. Contrails eventually dissipate after they form. In fact, contrails only form under certain conditions and not every time a jet crosses the sky. The temperature and humidity along with the airplanes altitude are what determines the formation of contrails. When contrails do form, it would be a rare occasion to see one that lingers for hours or even all day, if that is even possible. Suddenly we have a new term labeled ‘lingering contrails’. This is to try to convince you that this is something that is ‘normal’. Well, anyone that has spent any time studying the sky lately knows that there is nothing ‘normal’ about what is taking place. On one particular day I observed an average of one jet passing overhead every ten minutes. Every one of them spewing their poison. I starts with a few lines in the sky, which look like normal contrails to most people. The difference is, instead of eventually dissipating, they continue to grow and spread out until they merge. By the end of the day the entire sky is blanketed with a thick layer that was supposedly formed from contrails

    And I think that from reading this site he probably knows that actually yes, it is “normal” for air traffic to cause such overcasts, and it always has been. So now, quite reasonably, he does not bring that type of claim up. He’s also a bit wary of the Aluminum claims now, perhaps recognizing their lack of scientific significance. I just wish he’d take the next step and apply his obvious smarts to getting some perspective on what he sees as “disinformation”, and I see simply as science.

  55. You’re right about the patience though. I can hardly wait to hear the excuses of why it never happened.

    I suspect that all that will happen is that the “What in the World are they spraying” film will be released (“WORLD PREMIERE: Saturday, Oct. 23, Atlanta, Georgia”), and all the theorists will point to it as somehow unassailable proof, despite it simply repeating the same old misconceptions.

  56. MyMatesBrainwashed says:

    Oh right! I might be eating humble pie then. I remember I didn’t believe in God until The Passion of the Christ.

  57. Mike says:

    It’s hard to read through it all – can I ask those who have done so….did “Anonymous” provide any data on anything at all?

  58. stupidisasyouknowtherest says:

    Folks- interesting, hilarious, entertaining. I hope Anon1 gets the therapy he/she needs. The people of science on here are great- thanks for keeping the light glowing amid the darkness of ignorance. SO… it’s now November 11- did I miss the great reveal predicted by Anon1? Was it the “mystery (not) missile?” And do the producers of “The Event” know he/she stole their plot line?

  59. Shane says:

    I was handed “What in the World are They Spraying” by a neighbor a few weeks ago. I found it convincing and scientifically valid, namely the the tests for chemical concentrations in the water with no other explanation. The ph in the soil changing was tested against previous indices and had changed from some dramatic stimulus. Also these chemicals were in the snow on a pristine mountain. They were many times above what was considered safe. The chemical ratios and chemicals are the sane ones they were talking about in the geo engineering ideas, and in the documentary they say the same chemicals are defined in existing patents. I found the documentary online here
    Many of the comments on this site are… very.. I don’t know, juvenile, both sides it seems. I know it’s hard not to take things personally but none of us OWN ideas. I have read several pages now on your site and none have dealed with these issues raised in the documentary. The ideas behind lingering contrails appear sound, ok, but what about the chemical ratios?
    From a simple level of perception, intuitively I have noticed changes in the sky since when I was young. I could be wrong, sure,but I don’t remember planes leaving trails that covered the entire sky 15 years ago. Not like this, not all the time. That made me interested to watch the documentary. I’m interested in evidence, I’m not interested in debate. I have no position or stake yet, but currently what I have seen on this site has not debunked the documentary.
    If it ” repeats the same old misconceptions” can you address the chemical tests or other things in the film? Why is there so much aluminum and barium on the pristine mountain and film on a remote pristine lake fed by a well not containing these chemicals? Where are those chemicals coming from? I also found the behavior of the people in congress, asides from Barbara Boxer, to be lamentable if not dodgy… If they are in those positions how could they possibly have not heard of chem-trails or geo-engineering?

  60. captfitch says:

    lots of questions, all of which have already been addressed on this site. You just need to read a lot.
    Intuition is a funny thing- it’s only recognized when reinforced positively. (if that makes sense)/ For instance, if my intuition tells me that I should take a rain umbrella and it rains I remember that. If it doesn;t rain I won;t need my umbrella and the intuition process is forgotten.

  61. TheFactsMatter says:

    “I don’t remember planes leaving trails that covered the entire sky 15 years ago. ”

    And I do. So, what are the differences and similarities we have? Let’s try to figure this out, rationally. I’ll start off by suggesting that there are a lot more planes in the air than there were 15 years ago. Especially with online shopping and overnight shipping anywhere (almost) in the world. A LOT has changed over the last 15 years. Couldn’t that be ONE thing that has changed over the area you live in? Personally, I have seen hundreds of thousands of flights out of many major airports around me. And a good percentage of them have been responsible for persistent contrails. This is just a fact of living in New England. There are many flights in/out/over. These trails have been known to me for as long as I can remember. I love watching them. I see no evidence that I’ve ever been sun deprived.

    So, are you willing to discuss this rationally? I mean, with verifiable information and not crap from some blog that some guy who never sees the sun (or the trails, in real life) because he’s obsessed with “chemtrails” and is afraid to go outside, made. Peer reviewed, unmistakable…no assumptions/speculations…no conclusion jumping. And remember, finding something at ground level, that you “believe” shouldn’t be there, is a FAR cry from evidence that it came from the trails we see when we look up. That’s just ridiculous…and worse. And, it’s assumption. There’s no evidence that anything found anywhere has come from these trails. If one can convince me otherwise, I’d be willing to change sides on this “debate” tonight.

  62. Ross Marsden says:

    I am a meteorologist. I was asked to be the guest speaker at a showing of that video production in the city where I live. I did not bother to address any of the detail about the testing. It is irrelevant to the question of what on earth they are spraying. There may be good reasons for the results of the tests, but none of them have anything to do with the trails in the skies. My talk focused on the physics of contrail formation and dissipation.

  63. MikeC says:

    Shane I think you will find that these 2 pages cover most of the “scientific” tests shown in the video:


  64. Shane says:

    I’ll take a look at those links. It is the tests that were convincing to me. If the ratios of the chemicals are the same as in patents that is quite a link. Having intuition about the sky being different is not evidence, no… it still seems you guys get really defensive , some, really fast. If I say I have questions it just means I have these thoughts. I’m not in a debate, nor do I have any ownership over the idea.

    –So, are you willing to discuss this rationally? I mean, with verifiable information and not crap from some blog that some guy who never sees the sun (or the trails, in real life) because he’s obsessed with “chemtrails” and is afraid to go outside, made. Peer reviewed, unmistakable…no assumptions/speculations…no conclusion jumping.

    There are too many terms of affect here. I think you are “jumping” to conclusions about me 🙂

  65. MikeC says:

    “If the ratios of the chemicals are the same as in patents that is quite a link.”

    Why and how is it “quite a link”? Can you show that ther is a link, and if so, what is its significance?

    Off the top of my head I can think of logical and simple reasons for standard ratios – eg that is the natural proportion the substance in the atmosphere or soil, or in a particular chemical composition.

    What are the “chemical ratios” in patents??

    Just stating that the ratios are “quite a link” is the sort of speculative non-information that conspiracy types like to spread around as if it actually meant something – if you have evidence or information to say then please say it!

  66. I’ve never seen anyone say the ratios are the same before. Where does it say that?

    I think the closest is that they do tests for barium and aluminum, and they find them of course, with them being natural. Then they see they are also mentioned in SOME patents (90% of the patents they list do not mention them.

    Is that about it?

  67. TheFactsMatter says:

    “There are too many terms of affect here. I think you are “jumping” to conclusions about me :)”

    What conclusion have I made about you?

    I simply asked if you were willing to discuss this subject properly.

  68. TheFactsMatter says:

    Oh, and by the way….

    claiming that ANY patent has anything to do with the trails in the sky…or has even been built or used, is an assumption. In order to properly discuss the trails in the sky, one needs to focus on the ACTUAL science/data, not speculation and assumption.

    If you claim that someones patent is responsible for the trails, it’s up to you to provide evidence to support that claim. You can’t write about the patents without showing they are relevant to the discussion. Well, you can, but you’re going to be called on it.
    Yes, I get it…bad people do bad things. Where is the evidence that anyone is purposely “spraying” these trails and for what purpose. Instances of past “spraying” on populations are NOT evidence that something is happening now.

    Also, Shane….you haven’t commented on my post. I started the discussion with a few claims, and you ignored them. Why?

    I’ll repost it here…

    Shane wrote:

    “I don’t remember planes leaving trails that covered the entire sky 15 years ago. ”

    And I replied with:

    And I do. So, what are the differences and similarities we have? Let’s try to figure this out, rationally. I’ll start off by suggesting that there are a lot more planes in the air than there were 15 years ago. Especially with online shopping and overnight shipping anywhere (almost) in the world. A LOT has changed over the last 15 years. Couldn’t that be ONE thing that has changed over the area you live in? Personally, I have seen hundreds of thousands of flights out of many major airports around me. And a good percentage of them have been responsible for persistent contrails. This is just a fact of living in New England. There are many flights in/out/over. These trails have been known to me for as long as I can remember. I love watching them. I see no evidence that I’ve ever been sun deprived.

  69. TXMarko says:

    Well, it is the day after Christmas, 2010. Uncinus site is still here and there is still no sign of the impending “Boy, do I feel stupid for disbelieving the Chemtrailers” regrets….

    One Truth that I have yet to see introduced here (at least on this thread) is Occams Razor.

    Anyone with ANY background in Aviation or Governmental Affairs understands that for Chemtrails to be true, then every schoolchild over the age of 10 would know all about it.

    Liquids/aerosols are HEAVY, and weight is something aircraft do NOT deal with easily.

    Not to mention the sheer volume of people involved in purchasing/delivering/uploading/dispersing any type of liquid/aerosol would assure exactly ZERO chance of secrecy.

    Occams Razor cuts very cleanly, especially with regard to Chemtrails.

  70. Donny K says:

    It’s funny how much disinformation is out there on this subject. The bottom line is: the government HAS a military weapon called “Chemtrails” (ref- H.R. 2977), and the Geo-engineers have already admitted that this IS happening, and they also admit that it’s Aluminum they are spraying, and casually admit that they haven’t done any studies of it’s effect on the human body. You can no longer ignore or dispute the FACTS!

  71. Janet Detwiler says:

    Donny K;

    “It’s funny how much disinformation is out there on this subject.”

    Yes, it really is, and the media certainly isn’t helping. I suggest watching this short video ~


  72. Thank you for posting the great content…I was looking for something like this…I found it quiet interesting, hopefully you will keep posting such blogs….Keep sharing…..

  73. Funny says:

    I heard one guy tell me that the reason we are having so many storms is “Rainmakers”, the contrails left by jet aircraft. There is no doubt the contrails hold frozen droplets of water, but is that enough to form all these thuunder storms that have developed lately, Heckl No! Cloud seeding can’t produce that amount of rain, only nature can. I would love to read about the amount of effect contrails have on the weather. It is so small that only occasionally would even a few drops last long enough to reach the ground; they would thaw and evaporate. If contrails caused that much effect on weather…Germany would have flooded out during WWII..

  74. Sean says:

    Here is a question for the mix. If contrails leave a lingering cloud and it takes a commercial airliner 30 minutes to get to 30,000 feet and all the commercial airports in the area are no more than twenty minutes away, then how could any of those planes leave lingering contrails over the city when they couldn’t possibly get to 30,000 in the time that they were over the city. WAKE UP PEOPLE. USE YOUR RIGHT BRAIN AND SEE WITH YOUR OWN EYES…

  75. JFDee says:

    That’s not a hard one:
    What you see are most likely air traffic routes not related to any close-by airports, connecting distant destinations.

    If you think there aren’t any over the spot where you make your observations, have a look at this:

  76. JFDee says:

    Should have added information to the image link in the previous post. Here is the caption:

    “As of January 2012, the OpenFlights/Airline Route Mapper Route Database contains 59036 routes between 3209 airports on 531 airlines spanning the globe, as shown in the map above.”


  77. Lance says:

    Uncinus, the moment you stated Aluminum as being natural, all your credibility went out the window.
    Maybe your the one who should do a little research and find out some facts.

  78. It’s 8% of the earths crust. It’s natural.

  79. JFDee says:


    there seems to be a common misunderstanding: the natural share of Aluminum in soil is bound in compounds, not in “free” form. There are no single Aluminum atoms or shiny particles of metal lying around (at least if you don’t look around a factory which processes Aluminum).

    These compounds are what we call minerals; their common appearance are “rocks” and “stones”.

    When soil is analyzed for its elements, the compounds in it are cracked with extreme heat. What you get is a reading of the raw material, the building blocks that originally formed the bits and pieces in your sample.

    Only then you can see the share of Aluminum, which is 8% on average. The share in your area’s soil may be higher or lower, depending of the local geological history.

  80. Lance says:

    thanks for your replies, so after living in a bauxite mining town for a few years where they crushed and processed Bauxite to extract Alumina to be made into “Aluminum” eventually. This expensive and time consuming process is not necessary after all. Why are you guy’s not millionaires?

  81. Aluminium is an element. Bauxite contains aluminum atoms. Bauxite is not “made into” aluminum, but rather the aluminum is extracted from it.

    When people talk about the 8% of the earth’s crust, or the results of water tests, they are talking about the percentage of atoms that are aluminum atoms. This does not mean you can dig up the soil and easily extract the aluminum from it.

    But it’s there, and it shows up in the test results.

  82. JFDee says:

    Bauxite is a mineral, but one that has more aluminum in it than other minerals.

    It’s not that easy to get rich with aluminum. It might be abundant, but to isolate it from the compounds and get it into the pure metallic form, you need lots and lots of energy, heat and electricity.

    Wikipedia’s entry about aluminum has a paragraph “Production and refinement”. But I’m sure you can find more detailed information.

  83. JFDee says:

    P.S.: To extract aluminum from soil, you would have to use a similarly expensive process like the one for bauxite – except that the yield of aluminum would be considerably lower. Not a very good idea.

  84. Lance says:

    sorry guys….I don’t know where you are getting your info from, but I can assure you that the process of making Aluminum from Aluminum oxide which is extracted from Bauxite is a difficult process and costly. You need to be very dubious about info from Wackypedia. “Alumina is a white granular material, a little less coarse than table salt, and is properly called aluminium oxide. Aluminium does not occur as a metal, but must first be refined from bauxite in its oxide form.”The Bayer refining process used by alumina refineries worldwide involves four steps – digestion, clarification, precipitation and calcination.”
    So the bottom line is….Aluminum does NOT occur naturally but rather in a different form which has to be extracted and processed. I learned this at school over 40 years ago. It still stands.

  85. MikeC says:

    Lance you are misrepresenting or not understanding what has been said.

    No-one says that metallic aluminium exists in nature. However aluminium atoms are part of the makeup of many soils – for example Britannica lists the general composition of Feldspars as

    “All the rock-forming feldspars are aluminosilicate minerals with the general formula AT4O8 in which A = potassium, sodium, or calcium (Ca); and T = silicon (Si) and aluminum (Al), with a Si:Al ratio ranging from 3:1 to 1:1.”
    http://www.britannica.com/EBchecked/topic/203864/feldspar/80018/Chemical-composition .

    And when you test for aluminium in soil that is what is being detected, unless you are doing specific tests for Al3+ ions

  86. Lance, I agree with what you say. But I’m not sure how you think it’s different from what we are saying.

    You understand that aluminum is an element, and that bauxite is a compound?

    The aluminum that is “in” soil is not metallic aluminum. It’s compounds, like bauxite, usually in some oxide or silicon form, like feldspars.

    Aluminium does not occur as a metal in nature.

    But the tests were not tests for metals, they just tested for aluminum, regardless of if it’s metal, or part of bauxite or feldspar.

  87. Lance says:

    my original post has been vindicated…thankyou. I never once mentioned those tests. I only wanted you to realize that Aluminum is not naturally occurring in nature. This is now understood by you. So in future you may state fact and not mislead. Thanks again.

  88. Metallic aluminum does not occur naturally on Earth.

    Aluminum atoms do.

  89. MikeC says:

    Lance wrote:
    “my original post has been vindicated…thankyou”

    you mean this one? – “Uncinus, the moment you stated Aluminum as being natural, all your credibility went out the window. ”

    I don’t see how that has been vindicated – you have been shown repeatedly that aluminium is completely natural.

    If you persist in the idea that every mention of aluminium on here has to refer to metallic aluminium then it shows a willful ignorance, not any sort of vindication.

  90. Lance says:

    come on guys, i’m assuming you are both intelligent people. So when you write “Aluminum”, the average person who may read this would have a picture in their mind of Aluminum. NOT Alumina (Aluminum Oxide). So that is misleading…yes….MikeC, I don’t think I need to go into great detail how Aluminum is made to you now do I..?????
    The bottom line is……..ALUMINUM IS NOT NATURALLY OCCURRING…….in the form that all know it as.

  91. tryblinking says:

    I think I see Lances misunderstanding. He appears to believe that any Aluminium found in a sample proves that it had to be present within that sample in pure metallic form.

    The point here is that, if the same number of aluminium atoms are present in two samples, *regardless of what compounds those samples are*, the same amount of aluminium will be shown numerically in the results.

    In short, the ammount of aluminium found cannot distinguish that from airborne dust, ground mining, industrial activity, agriculture or compounds added to the atmosphere. The testing process itself, by necessity, destroys the compounds they were in to tell you how much there is.

  92. P. Saunders says:

    Why can these planes be observed turning around in the sky – going back in the direction from which they’ve just travelled? (observed). Why do they turn their spray on and off without changing altitudes? (observed) Why do they form a large X or multiple parallel lines – often forming a grid work of lines? (With no airport in sight…over a relatively small community (also observed). None of these actions are regularly performed by either regular commuter airlines or commercial flights. Come on. I’d love nothing more than to disbelieve in geo-engineering (chemical aerosol spraying). Truly. The facts are tremendous, however, in supporting the current existence (application) of chemical trails – or geo-engineering – if that rolls off the tongue any easier.

    The evidence is overwhelming. Mass unexplained bird deaths, entire world-wide bee colonies disappearing, mass fish deaths, constant evidence of unusual plane behaviour (per above), weather modification companies (google them, there’s several), the fact weather is now a hedge fund, HAARP’s powerful technology, and finally – geo-engineers themselves. They admit to the use of the science, and discuss the most effective composition as fine metal particulates of barium, aluminum and strontium to be the most effective means of deflecting sunlight. They’re all completely mad to even suggest such a means of halting climate change of course – deflecting sunshine by spraying fine metal dust in our stratosphere? Fine metal dust that is a toxic composite and known carcinogen??? (see EPA and WHO re: toxic limits of barium, strontium, and aluminum). Unbelievable arrogance – geo-engineers. Duped military personnel (pilots) conducting the spraying and thinking they’re doing the world a favour. They haven’t been briefed of course as to the toxic effects their missions are having on their friends and family members.

    If you don’t believe anyone here that knows geo-engineering is already being conducted – then simply look the evidence up yourself. Start with geo-engineering symposiums which you can watch and listen in to. You Tube records many of these sessions, and they discuss geo-engineering w/metal composites. The information speaks for itself. It’s also available in the documentary ‘What in the World are They Spraying’. David Keith, Harvard trained geo-engineer, is a self professed, huge proponent since the 80’s of geo-engineering. His research is funded by Bill Gates. All the info you need regarding this genius madman is in the documentary above, and can also be viewed on You Tube.

    So here we are. Geo-engineers openly discuss the use of geo-engineering (chemical trails) to halt climate change at climate symposiums. Naturally then – the only remaining conspiracy is why anyone is denying it’s happening.

  93. JFDee says:

    There are symposiums about all kinds of issues. What is the indication that there is an actual program going on?

    Regarding “mad” geo-engineering proponents, it may be that the 2010 U.N. moratorium for large-scale projects in that area isn’t such a bad idea after all.

    Mr. Saunders, a lot of your other concerns are discussed in the articles on this blog and in the Metabunk forum. See the article index on the left and the forum link on the top.

    Just an example, referring to the grids (X patterns) you mention:

  94. MikeC says:

    P. Saunder wrote:
    “So here we are. Geo-engineers openly discuss the use of geo-engineering (chemical trails) to halt climate change at climate symposiums. Naturally then – the only remaining conspiracy is why anyone is denying it’s happening.”

    No – the conspiracy is why people persist in deliberately deceiving others by saying that talking about geoengineering is the same as doing it.

  95. P. Saunders says:

    MikeC wrote:

    “the conspiracy is why people persist in deliberately deceiving others by saying that talking about geoengineering is the same as doing it.”

    Here is a short list of weather modification companies practicing geo-engineering to affect the weather Mike:

    Evergreen International Aviation

    North American Weather Consultants Inc.

    Weather Modification Incorporated
    (Their slogan on their home page??? “When most people look up, they see clouds. We see potential.” I’m sure they do….)

    Weather Modification Association
    (This is telling – a list on their home page lists awards and honourable mentions to pilots conducting weather modification services – from 2003 to 2010.)

    Daryl O’Dowd – Weather Modification Services (Canada)

    Would you like more names – to prove that geo-engineering is ongoing, and is not a conspiracy? Perhaps you can tell me Mike, how I am deliberately deceiving others by proving the above weather modification, which involves planes spraying particulates to alter weather systems, is deceitful?

    I think we know who is deceiving who….don’t we?

  96. captfitch says:

    So what effect have these companies had on the weather? And what ill side effects has the modification caused? Health problems? You have established that the companies exist- what are they actually doing?

  97. P. Saunders says:

    @ captfitch

    For your information, we contacted CNN with an eye witness account of what we saw that day. No response. We also contacted our local M.P.s (local politicians) and also wrote to our Prime Minister. Two M.P.s thanked us for letting them know what we witnessed that day. We did not hear back from the Prime Minister’s office.

    You say you don’t understand why we would risk our safety that day. We were on a mountain path on a hike. We stopped briefly for water, and while looking out from our vantage point, we witnessed this plane in the distance spraying white, then brown, before heading back the other way. The plane wasn’t overhead, we saw it from a distance off our coast, perhaps 3 to 5 miles off, at a considerable height. The behaviour was odd enough that it caught our attention.

    Why don’t you go on the websites I provided for an answer to your question? Research each company yourself, and ask them what they spray in order to modify the weather if you’d like to understand the science of their applications.

    Here’s one metal compound they use, as I watched a You Tube video recently where a man took a hidden camera into a weather consulting company, and asked them. They say they used silver iodide.

    Here’s a small section about silver iodide from Wikipedia:

    Other names
    Silver (I) iodide
    CAS number 7783-96-2
    ChemSpider 22969
    UNII 81M6Z3D1XE
    Molecular formula AgI
    Molar mass 234.77 g/mol
    Appearance yellow, crystalline solid
    Density 5.675 g/cm3, solid
    Melting point
    558 °C
    Boiling point
    1506 °C
    Solubility in water 3×10−7g/100mL (20 °C)
    Solubility product, Ksp 8.52 × 10 −17
    Std enthalpy of
    formation ΔfHo298 −62 kJ·mol−1[1]
    Standard molarentropy So298 115 J·mol−1·K−1[1]
    Hazards – EU classification – not listed
    NFPA 704

    “Except where noted otherwise, data is given for materials in their standard state (at 25 °C, 100 kPa). Silver iodide is an inorganic compound with the formula AgI. The compound is a bright yellow solid, but samples almost always contain impurities of metallic silver that give a gray coloration. The silver contamination arises because AgI is highly photosensitive. This property is exploited in silver-based photography. Silver iodide is also used as an antiseptic and in cloud seeding.”

    Of course – if you have a problem with this answer – you can always write to Wikipedia and let them know you disagree with them too.

    Finally, I find it extremely offensive that you’d suggest that we perhaps attempt to profit from geo-engineering/chemical trails in some way by selling something. We find it a disgusting, arrogant atrocity that geo-engineering for weather modification or any other purpose can be allowed to occur without the express permission of everyone’s consent. It would seem weather modification companies and geo-engineering science does not agree. My mom died of cancer with no history of it in our family, my father-in law in September, and my Aunt from breast cancer recently. Something in our environment is affecting people’s health adversely. If geo-engineering had anything to do with it – and as David Keith says – they don’t understand the toxic effects of aluminum yet – then toxicology experiments must be done before dumping anymore of these substances on us.

    Wishing good health to you and your family.

    Patti Saunders,
    Victoria, B.C.
    Canada (How’s that for anonymous?)

  98. JFDee says:

    Cloud seeding was done in the open for 60 years or so. To call it “geo-engineering” is quite a stretch.

    Besides, it has nothing to do with jet trails. See:

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