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Twilight Zone Contrails

I was watching the first episode of The Twilight Zone, Where is Everybody, made in 1959, and I noticed that the movie poster had a nice depiction of some persistent contrails forming a grid:




I don’t think it’s a real poster, but it’s a real movie (Battle Hymn, with Rock Hudson), and a real 1959 episode of the Twilight Zone.  Just goes to show, contrails have been in American popular culture for quite a long time, at least fifty years.

If anyone recognizes the original image, please let me know where it’s from.

And while we are on the subject of posters, check this out:


38 thoughts on “Twilight Zone Contrails

  1. Singe says:

    I wasn’t sure how to go about contacting you personally, Uncinus, so I’ll just comment here instead. I recently came across a 50’s ad for the Air Force which has several animated bits in it showing contrails. I saw it and thought it’d be something you’d like.


  2. Toni says:

    Thanks Uncinus for this website. I’ve encountered some foolish people upon this proposed chemtrail conspiracy. As a weather enthusiast myself, i have knowledge about how the atmosphere works and still find it quite amazing how some people (usually less educated) doesn’t even handle the basics of condensation and cloud formation. This site absolutely rocks! 🙂

  3. MyMatesBrainwashed says:


    Firstly can I say a this is a fantastic site, unicus.

    I was dragged into this conspiracy a while back now by a friend armed with a video. It caught my attention, things seemed odd the way that this video explained them.

    But I come from a science background and so prefer proof over hearsay, looked more into it and am more than happy with what science tells me compared to the lies blatently sold in these videos/websites.

    One thing that has annoyed me throughout my research is the cries of disinformation from the conspiracy theorists. Any evidence to the contrary of their belief is seen as disinformation. But what really winds me up is that their beliefs have been built on disinformation in the first place.

    So, I was wondering if you would do a piece on disinformation? There are lots of sources of FAQs for chemtrails with this disinformation in and I think it would be good to show these up as disinformation.

    For example, there’s the bit in the video about the whole “it wasn’t like this when I was young”. Disinformation right there, central to the belief of chemtrails. You have more than adequate proof that planes were forming consistent contrails when we were young, heck even before I was born.

    Another, taken from a chemtrail FAQ on the internet “According to the U.S. Air Force, jet contrails form above 33,000 feet when hot engine exhaust momentarily condenses ice crystals into pencil-thin vapor trails that quickly vanish like the wake behind a boat.” I haven’t googled for specifics from the US Air Force, but I find it highly unlikely that this is their explanation for contrails, and if not should be shown to be the disinformation it is.

    I know that most of this information is here on your site, I just think it’d be nice to put some of it together to show what disinformation really is.

    Keep up the good work. Peace.

  4. In conspiracy culture, “disinformation” is deliberate lies designed to confuse or obscure the truth. The examples you state are not actually deliberate, but rather are misunderstandings, or simply repeated misunderstandings.

    When someone says “it wasn’t like this when I was young”, they really mean “I don’t remember it being like this when I was young”, which is quite correct. The problem is their explanation for why they don’t remember.

    The military, of course, does not say that contrails quickly vanish. But then contrails actually often DO quickly vanish. So really this is not disinformation, just incomplete information. Unfortunately there is simply too much of this to refute every single instance on the internet. You could easily just point people here to get the true picture from the military:


    Where you find the original quote in the second paragraph:

    Vapor trails are formed only under certain
    atmospheric conditions and create a visible atmospheric wake similar to a boat propeller in
    water and usually dissipate very rapidly

    Along with a point-by-point refutation of the central points of the “FAQ”

  5. MyMatesBrainwashed says:

    Hmm. I dunno. 10-12 years in and still using incorrect information to lure people in?

    I’d call that deliberate.

    But I don’t know if I’m making a conspiracy out of a conspiracy, lol.

  6. I think there are probably some in the “chemtrail” conspiracy crowd who don’t believe it, but just argue for it for recreation. See, for example, the flat-earthers:


    Obviously wrong, yet still they argue every point. Many of them are clearly just having fun, yet there are all people on both sides of the argument who take the argument seriously.

  7. MyMatesBrainwashed says:

    Goofs for Zulu

    Anachronisms: Airliner contrails are visible.

    Taken from -> http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0058777/goofs

    Might be worth trying to get a screenshot.

  8. gg says:

    why do i waste my time – youll never post this link
    it would blow your whole gig


  9. “Armed Skeptic” posted that link yesterday.

    Which bit of it blows my “gig”?

  10. Wombat says:

    Hot exhaust plus cold air with just the right moisture level in it equals contrail…simple as that.

  11. Virga says:

    Hi, I just found this picture. It is from 1966 about 5 new air services within the netherlands (note the 5 contrails).

    The title reads:

    “This morning the 5 fastest highways appeared in our skies”

  12. Excellent photo, I’d love to get a larger version. Is there maybe an online archive of that newspaper?

  13. Virga says:

    I will check, but I can’t promise you anything. The image was taken from an old newsreel.

  14. Dude says:

    Lying bastards:

    NASA announced they found Planet X in 1983 then said it was a mistake.
    They LIED!

    This is what theyre hiding with the chemtrails sprayed every day globally. Its the reason for the increase in quakes and volcanoes and for the doomsday seed vault.

    It is also the warning for the war of Armageddon which will see America destroyed by Russia, China and the SCO on the day of the next us/israeli false flag to invade Iran.

    News here:

  15. Tarhim says:

    Dude: its waaay past 10th October and no nuke anywhere. So much for you links.

  16. Jessica D says:

    Dear Uncinus,

    Why is no one currently allowed to register?

  17. Jessica D says:


    I came across your site a while back and admit that your explanations, rationales, evidences, and experience warrant consideration by anyone considering learning of this topic. I learned of it several months ago and aimed to debunk it. I never would imagine or want to believe such a phenomenon exists today. However, my reality testified this to me despite what I wanted to believe to be true. I live in a relatively small city…. Douglasville, Georgia. One day I awoke to go outside and get fresh air. I noticed that there was a certain smell that was unappealing and that the sky was smoggy. I simply thought it was my imagination and brused it off. Later that day however, I noticed several planes criss-crossing over my sky back and forth. I thought of the chemtrail theory and wondered if I was witnessing this personally or if I simply was apart of an air show as these aircraft were not flying normally to be commercial and appeared to constantly be flying as if they were not headed in any particular direction. I recorded these things hoping to find answers. I contacted several bases and researched flight times for local airports leading me to no reasonable conclusions. I then began noticing later that week that appearance of white particulates on everything around my home. I contacted several agencies and eventually spoke with a local EPA official regarding it. I was told that they were very “pick and choosy” regarding their acceptance of samples. I was told to cover these samples and not tamper with any evidence. I conclude that they agreed to come to my home because I was a medical professional(RN) seeking the benefit of those around me and myself. They scheduled a time to arrive at the beginning of the following week and I did what they had asked.

    At night, I noticed what appeared to be web-like things hanging within the sky. I thought I was imagining or seeing things, but could not fathom what I had witnessed. I researched the issue only to be led to chemtrails and then a disease that has been termed, “MORGELLONS.” I did minimal research as this reality shocked me if it were true. The symptoms of this so called disease consisted of many strange and unfathomable things. People were reporting the appearence of varying colors of fibers coming from their pores. I thought it was bogus and warranted more research. While researching, I felt a tingle on my arm. I began to look at my body and probably started to become paranoid at what I was researching. I saw a tiny white hair, but thought it was most likely from my clothing. I then went into the bathroom and rubbed alcohol all over my arms. To my surprise, several hairs began to grow within seconds. I brused this off as I was not convinced that such a condition were real or supported with scientific evidence. I then went to buy products to soak in aiming to draw anything from my body. Surprisingly, I witnessed many strange and unfathomable particulates come from my body. I photographed them all because I knew no one would believe me. During my research, I had learned that people were called, “crazy” for such a condition and that no treatment options were available. I learned that the CDC was forced to research this pathogen but minimal funding was provided and they still haven’t released their findings despite that they stated they would in Jan 09. I was now introduced to a strange and unfathomable pathogen that was undefined, untreated, unaddressed, and unfathomable to say the least. Have you ever heard of it?

    The reason I address this is because I have found that most chemtrail debunkers cannot address why web-like things are now on everything and in everyone and the numerous scientific evidence that has been done correlating chemtrails with these fibers. I did not present symptoms until after I had been recording these things nor have I ever witnessed such numerous aircraft flying on certain days, but not all. I also have planes that fly around my home all night long that no one has been able to classify or address….will you help me with your knowledge of these things? Will you review my videos and answer my important questions or will you react like everyone else continuing to testify to me that this is a reality worth acknowledging and accepting…..

    My first video I made of “chem/contrails”
    The fiber problem…
    My scientific and observational analysis
    Compilation of the aircraft planes at night….fly all night long!

    Looking forward to your reply…

    A researchers story…

  18. SR1419 says:


    I know you addressed Uncinus so, perhaps you do not want to hear what I have to say…but

    Your video appeared to show nothing but cirrus clouds and contrails….

    Are you familiar with cirrus clouds (clouds of ice- not water droplets) ? Contrails are very similar. I suggest your research images of the various types of cirrus clouds to see examples identical to the ones you filmed in fear.

    You state that “chemtrails” supposedly originate from “multiple ports” and yet show a video of trails appearing to originate from the engine.

    You purport that “chemtrails” often come with rainbow hues…and yet it is ice and water that refract sunlight for rainbows…not metal.

    You assert that “chemtrails” occur at altitudes that contrails cannot form. What altitudes would that be? Contrails can form at any altitude depending on the temperature.

    Do you, in fact, know the altitude of the planes you were filming? It clearly looks very high up.

    What are the environmental conditions that support persistent contrails? Do you know for a fact that those conditions did not exist at the altitude and time of your filming?

    You say contrails spread out “only slightly”. Where did you learn that? The scientific evidence of the last 40 years entirely disagrees with that statement and the corresponding scientific literature abounds with documented examples of contrails spreading out and entirely covering the sky in a haze of cirrus clouds. This site has many links to papers and photo examples.

    I suggest you research the term “contrail cirrus” to further your knowledge.

    The spreading of any given trail is dictated in large part on the upper level winds in any particular area and the idea that “they” can control the spreading of particulate matter in this dynamic region does not hold scientific merit.

    You say “chemtrail” aircraft “ALWAYS fly in zigzag or circular patterns” …and yet your video show planes flying on straight vectors with no zig or zag or circling…can you explain?

    Your video then shows several planes leaving no trails- insinuating that they are “spray” planes just not spraying…hard to tell from the shaky camera but they appear to be multicolored planes suggesting commercial aircraft.

    You do realize that you live about 15 miles as the crow…er…plane flies from the busiest airport in the World?? right??

    …and then you say this:

    “why web-like things are now on everything and in everyone and the numerous scientific evidence that has been done correlating chemtrails with these fibers.”

    Just not observed reality.

    Can you point to one legitimate scientific study that conclusively links contrail contents to anything on the ground??

    Just one.

    I suggest you further your study with information on Fall rates and dispersal theory to understand how particulate matter in the atmosphere 7-10 miles above you will not fall directly down on you but instead travel 100s or 1000s of miles before…in ever…reaching the ground.

    Any comments?

    Good luck in your research.

  19. JazzRoc says:

    Jessica, you say: “I can observe that we now live in an energized electrical bath maintained by the concentrations of metal particulates and constant emissions from microwave towers, cell-phone towers, radio towers, satellite transmissions, electric lines and wi-fi systems. Now consider the pervasive presence of polymers in plastic water pipes, plastic plants, plastic clouds, food wrapping, car interiors, plastic clothing and plastic Christmas trees. Plastic is in a constant state of degradation and hence vaporization.”

    Quickly, you’re in a bath of radiation almost all the time. Almost all is of such low energy, or from a source so distant, that nothing at all has any effect whatsoever on you. The only exceptions are first, cosmic rays.
    These are so powerful and reactive that they reach down through the atmosphere through a cascade of diminishing collisions of lowering energies, and STILL may alter the DNA in your reproductive system.
    Then solar radiation in the UV. The atmosphere reduces greatly the highly-energetic part of the UV radiation, but sufficient may remain to give you skin cancer.
    Then again granitic rocks are radioactive, so you should avoid living too close to them, and radon gas may seep up through the ground and also damage you with ionizing radiation.
    Finally, excessive use of cellphones may also subject you to ionizing radiation.


    Secondly, ALL PLASTICS ARE POLYMERS. The term you were hunting for was “plasticizer”. Many pure polymer plastics are transparent brittle materials. Their mechanical performance is “improved” by dissolving in a plasticizing oil which is naturally soluble in the original brittle material. PVC is the classic case.
    You have a point here. These oils are more often than not carcinogenic.
    I personally preferred to buy second-hand cars (rather than new ones) for this reason. It’s always a good idea to back off from such fumes, and especially if you are smoking a cigarette as well. Many plastic products have a skin coatings of mold release agents, which may be other light-fraction and possibly teratogenic oils which are freely absorbed by human skin.
    But the general natural ageing breakdown of artificial polymers does not produce TRULY deadly organics such as dioxin (the way combustion can), but products which are naturally digestible by the Earth’s bacteria. In fact this latter group is so completely adaptable evolutionarily that I’m quite confident that no matter what organic plastics Man devises, a bacteria will rapidly evolve to exploit it as a new food resource.
    So you are definitely worrying unnecessarily, unless you smoke, live in a granite cave during the night, and stand on mountain-tops all day, wearing plasticized PVC clothing – and using a cell-phone.

  20. JazzRoc says:

    “we now live in an energized electrical bath maintained by the concentrations of metal particulates and constant emissions from microwave towers, cell-phone towers, radio towers, satellite transmissions, electric lines and wi-fi systems”

    I forgot to mention that dbootsthediva of YouTube is the acknowledged “expert” on such matters. Go and find her.

    You’ll find her smoking, living in a granite cave during the night, standing on mountain-tops all day, wearing plasticized PVC clothing – and using a cell-phone.

    Her garden will be quite dead for lack of water.


  21. Shilltastic says:

    Jazzroc, You are, and will forever be, my hero! I’m so glad to know you.

  22. Steven of the parkbench says:

    These are the questions I have from your bottom line statement.

    Uncinus: You would need a special delivery system on the airplanes.
    How special? Doesn’t the military has all sorts of easy add-ons that are top secret and unlimited budgets?

    Uncinus: You would need a special fill system.
    Again, special? Are there are hundreds of chemical transfer systems in the private sector alone?

    Uncinus: You would need independent tanker trucks.
    I suppose he has me on that one. All truckers and supply companies are highly secure. Wait a minute, doesn’t the military have tankers?

    Uncinus: You would need a separate supply chain.
    Why? People in manufacturing positions are told what to mix. The labels are supposed to be correct. Have we never have recalls in the private sector?

    Uncinus: You would need thousands and thousands of people to hold their tongues, and never have even ONE person leave any incriminating evidence in a safe deposit box to be discovered after their deaths.
    Given unlimited resources and people who are under the threat of death or the death their families, or pets, or easily discredited especially by slick web sites and the news media in general. (Although it probably never happens, is it possible that someone’s school and employment or even military records could ever messed with?) Do you believe that intimidation of this scale can keep people permanently quiet or, at least, unbelievable types that sit on park benches muttering?

    I suppose what bothers me about chemtrails is that there is smoke there, literally. Where it wears in a bit is that there is even a chemtrail conspiracy. I doubt that there is a way to tell the difference between chemtrails and contrails because of design. If chemtrails exist and they are filled with docile reactions for the populous, how could anyone tell unless they follow the TV Guide listings for the most popular TV shows, or POP music, or fixate on MTV?

  23. I think you meant to respond to this post:


    Which was written by Boenoid, not me.

    By special, Boenoid mean basically large and separate, obviously not impossible to do, but very difficult to do secretly.

    Uncinus: You would need thousands and thousands of people to hold their tongues, and never have even ONE person leave any incriminating evidence in a safe deposit box to be discovered after their deaths.
    Given unlimited resources and people who are under the threat of death or the death their families, or pets, or easily discredited especially by slick web sites and the news media in general. (Although it probably never happens, is it possible that someone’s school and employment or even military records could ever messed with?) Do you believe that intimidation of this scale can keep people permanently quiet or, at least, unbelievable types that sit on park benches muttering

    Tens of thousands of people involved over two decades, and nobody lets anything slip?

    It’s perfectly simply to anonymously email something, or mail a thumb drive to Wikileaks, or any of the conspiracy sites. Why have they never got anything like that? Do you think that infowars.com, etc, are censored?

  24. Brian Russell says:

    Thanks you very much, uncinous. I was taken in a little by this conspiracy theory at first, having seen how clouds would form out of contrails as in some of the time-lapse photography on youtube. But I am always glad to know the truth, and when someone can give good arguments for evidence and present it in a way which removes doubts, it’s of great service.

    Governments and corporations are by definition, conspirators – they are self-serving and secret organizations capable of sociopathic behavior when there is a conflict of interest. So to just call something a conspiracy theory is not an argument, nor can one argue that large conspiracies are impossible. The repeated mass-murders and genocides of the last century prove that conspiracies of the largest scale, complexity and viciousness are possible.

    Luckily, there are independent observers like yourself who take the time to sift through the arguments and find facts to demonstrate your conclusions, and the ability to self-publish.

    I put a link to your website on the wikipedia chemtrails conspiracy theory article because I think it’s the best source of information on this controversy.

  25. JazzRoc says:

    Steven of the park bench:

    I doubt that there is a way to tell the difference between chemtrails and contrails because of design.

    There is certainly proof of there being NO “chemtrail” components in contrails.
    It is in the GAP you see before the engine exhaust freezes in the -40 stratospheric air.

    Aluminum, even in the smallest proportions, would turn that gap WHITE.

    Bariumum, even in the smallest proportions, would turn that gap GREEN.

    So it appears that even the DENSEST trail is metal-free.

    The normal response is then “Not through the engines, Spray nozzles are used”.

    But spray nozzles are yet to feature in ANY YT vid. (Unless you thinking of the icing test spray special assembly which sometimes turns up.)

    To prove that “chemtrails” exist at all you have to PROVE a method of delivery. If you cannot do this, then your theory lacks essential evidence, and has no greater weight, for instance, than the theory that there are fairies at the bottom of your garden.

  26. Anonymous says:


    Some underestimate the clowns running interference ………………. and never mind the barium and aluminum levels found on my plant leaves submitted for lab analysis. I believe in being thorough. If you do not understand Hegelian Conflict resolution many of you will be unable to unravel how modern brainwashing works.

  27. Anonymous says:

    Please submit lab results that say these chemicals come from the trails in the sky, or admit you are jumping to conclusions. I’ll even go a step forward and call you a liar. You gave no sample/analysis.

  28. Anonymous says:

    Ah, so we have reached character assassination. When you can explain the salient points of Hegelian Conflict Resolution I indeed will show your the lab results.

  29. Anonymous says:

    Hmm, interesting, my post was deleted. Again, I say, Explain the salient points of Hegelian Conflict resolution and I will show you the analysis. If you do not understand tis find………………….but you will have no defense in being inculcated with superfluous fluff that will mitigate linear thought.

  30. Again, I say, Explain the salient points of Hegelian Conflict resolution and I will show you the analysis.

    Why is it necessary to keep it a secret? Just post it. Surely someone will understand. This is a public forum. What are you going to do, wait for the entire world to understand your frame of reference before you say anything?

  31. Ross M says:

    Hey Mr Hegel’s Disciple, the trails you see in the sky are just contrails. You do not need to invent a scheme as elaborate as chemtrails to explain everything that is observed, including the barium and aluminum levels you are finding on your plant leaves. That stuff is not coming from contrails; I am quite certain about that.
    To paraphrase a post I saw on GLP recently which sums it all up:
    “What makes you think that jet exhaust is any different when a contrail forms than when a contrail doesn’t form? Are you really that stupid? Jet exhaust is identical whether you see it or whether you don’t. And, you’re not being sprayed from an altitude of six miles.”

  32. faithinscience says:

    And I’ll also say this…The analysis had better be genuine and NOT the one we’ve all seen in every forum dedicated to the “chemtrail” hoax. You claim to have an analysis from YOUR plants. I want to see it, and if you don’t provide it, you are a liar. It’s not character assassination if it’s TRUE! It’s simply revealing the true character. Also, I will still be requiring ANY and all evidence that show that anything you find on your plants came from the lines in the sky. Your assurance that it has, is just no where NEAR enough for me! You are accusing people of doing something…you need MUCH more than the circumstantial nonsense that has been passed around for the last decade +. What the conspiracy theorists accept AS evidence, is nothing of the kind. I’m still waiting for even a remotely convincing bit of evidence that shows that anything is being deposited in the sky within these EASILY explained (through ACTUAL scientific study, not the pseudo-research that conspiracy theorists rely on.) trails. All I see is the same non-stop nonsensical claims…and NOTHING to back them up. It’s getting quite ridiculous. You people just rehash the same mistakes over and over and over. It’s amusing and sad.
    It must be humiliating to be a “chemtrail” believer. If it isn’t, it should be.

    I’m still waiting for a certain someone to show me a single mistake on this site. Just another nonsense claim I guess…

  33. faithinscience says:

    And another thing….Let’s all stop pretending that one source of information is just as good as another. There is NO WAY that anyone can convince me that it’s sensible to accept “truth” from those who have never properly studied the subjects. Peer review and the scientific method are how we gauge truth. Not through guesses, conjecture, misunderstanding, belief, assumption, speculation and pure wishful thinking. It’s just SAD what passes for information within the “chemtrail” believer community. Pathetic is the only word that accurately describes the attempt of those in that community to educate themselves in this particular subject. No, I’m not going to mince words here…anyone who has accepted the hoax as fact, given the complete LACK of evidence, PROVES their lack of education. I’m not pointing out anything that isn’t already common knowledge within the community of those of us who have bothered to educate ourselves in the subject. Please, if there is incorrect info being put on this site, please provide evidence to support the claim.

  34. ruffneck says:

    History is also a good method to see were the truth lies, or maybe I could believe in the owned media. The media never lies and its not raining oil in the southern states and smoking wont kill you. If one were not to suspect the powers that be, it would make you a complete idiot. Did BP release the M.S.D.S on that corexit shit? I should know all about that or maybe I skipped that class. Pathetic are the people that believe ever thing is all good, dont question, just do, serf.

  35. But anyone who uses terms like “Hegelian conflict resolution” is obviously thinking that they ARE educated. His request that you be able to explain Hegal before he reveals his results seems to indicate he thinks he’s vastly more educated (or at least aware of what is “really” going on) than we are.

    “Hegelian conflict resolution” is not even a real concept. If you search for the term, you’ll see a smattering of usages on various conspiracy minded web sites. They use it to indicate an artificially created conflict that is used to control a situation towards a desired outcome – specifically one used by the powers-that-be to control or dupe the masses.

    This seems to have its origins in the anti-communist roots of modern american conspiracy culture, possibly combined with the writings of Karl Popper. Marxism is partly built upon Hegelian Dialectic. Hegelian Dialectic (and dialectic in general) is a method of determining the truth by rational discussion. This in turn is based upon Socratic dialog – which is basically the art of talking about a thesis to determine its veracity (which is what I’m doing here).

    Hegel more formalized this as the synthesis of thesis and antithesis – where consensus arises as a result of rational conflict between specifically opposing ideas. (Socratic dialog does not require a specific antithesis). Hegel framed history as a continual surging cycle of such naturally arising conflicts, both large and small.

    Somewhere along the line, this idea was corrupted in conspiracy circles into the idea of deliberately creating conflicts between thesis and antithesis (at least one of which is artificial) in order to create a specific result. History is then narrowly re-framed as being essentially deliberately scripted (Popper pointed out the obviously flaws in this theory in the same work that the theorists quote to suport it).

    An example might be the 9/11 attacks and resultant invasions of Afganistan and Iraq. The argument would be that the illuminati engineered the attacks specifically to create the wars, and to distract the public from their other machinations.

    The problem with this argument in the context of chemtrails is that it can equally be applied to the chemtrail theory itself.

    Consider: what is there to suggest that the chemtrails theory is not something artificially created to distract people from the real problems? Theorists devote all their time chasing illusory malignant lines in the sky, allowing big business to carry out some other nefarious plan.

    So, no, an understanding of the theory of Hegelian conflict resolution is not a necessary precursor to a scientific discussion of if something unusual is happening with contrails. The Hegelian theory cuts both ways here, and hence for the purposes of determining what is actually going on, it is irrelevant.

    Science on the other hand, a set of well argued rational hypotheses based on the actual evidence, is what is really needed here.

    So where is your evidence? Where is your science?

  36. JazzRoc says:

    I just want to say that the last two commenters have all my support.
    The first takes it for depth of expression, the second for calmness and rationality.
    I would give a lot for the latter, but the former is still greatly appreciated.
    “Science on the other hand” needs “a set of well argued rational hypotheses based on the actual evidence”.
    Don’t have high expectations… that’s all… 🙂

  37. Ross M says:


  38. ruffneck:

    If one were not to suspect the powers that be, it would make you a complete idiot.

    Very true. But you need to use science and reason when suspecting them. What is the actual evidence that they actually did any particular thing? What is the evidence that chemtrails are being deliberately sprayed? You can’t just suspect and then make up a theory because it sounds like the type of thing they might do.

    Did BP release the M.S.D.S on that corexit shit? I should know all about that or maybe I skipped that class.

    Yes they did:

    But again, just because BP is evil, it does not necessarily follow that contrails are chemtrails. You need some actual evidence to make that assertion.

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