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How Long do Contrails Last?

Q) How long do contrails last?
A) According to all the books on clouds in the last 70 years, contrails last anywhere from less than a second, up to several hours. If depends on the atmospheric conditions at the altitude the plane is flying. It’s unrelated to the weather on the ground.

This is an oft-asked question. The answer is reasonably straightforward, but misunderstanding is common. To understand why a contrail can last as little as a fraction of a second, or as long as several hours, you need to understand what a contrail is, and how it forms.

Here’s another question, which has the same answer:

snowflakecvr2.jpgQ) How long does a snowflake last?

Why is this basically the same question? Because contrails are generally made of ice crystals. Jet exhaust contains a lot of water vapor (the chemical reaction actually produces more water than there was originally jet fuel), and when this gets shot out of the back of the engine at 2000MPH, it hits the frigid air (typically colder than -40 degrees), and the water vapor condenses and freezes, very quickly, into tiny ice crystals, just like snowflakes.

So why do these ice crystals sometimes stay around for a long time, and sometimes vanish in seconds? The temperature is well below freezing, so they can’t melt, can they? This is puzzling because it involves something that most people know nothing about “sublimation“.

Sublimation is when a substance (in this case, water), goes directly from being solid to being vapor (a gas), without actually melting into a liquid. It’s like evaporation, except instead of a liquid evaporating, it’s a solid (ice). If the air is dry (i.e. there is little water vapor in it), then the ice crystals will quickly sublimate into vapor, and the trail will vanish quickly.

However, if the air already has a lot of water vapor in it, then the ice will sublimate slower, and the trail will last longer.

If the air has so much water vapor in it already that it can’t hold any more (i.e. it’s “supersaturated”), then the ice crystals can’t sublimate, and so the contrail will stay around for a long time. The ice crystals might even attract water from the air, if there is enough, and the contrail will get thicker. Winds might make the contrail spread out to even cover the whole sky.

The above is a simplification, as other factors like temperature, pressure, and sunlight have an effect. But it explains the basic reasons why some trails last only a few seconds, and some can last for hours, and spread out to cover the sky.

Finally, there is one more way of asking the question:

Q) How long do clouds last?

This is the same question because contrails are clouds. Contrails are physically very similar to cirrus clouds (except they are long and thin), and so they act almost exactly the same. You see cirrus clouds that last for hours, so why not contrails?

References – note the dates

“A Color Guide to clouds” from Richard Scorer & Harry Wexler, 1963

1972: Richard Scorer – “Cloud of the worlds”

558 thoughts on “How Long do Contrails Last?

  1. Evan, while air generally gets colder as you get higher, it does not always get drier. Often humidity can increase at higher altitudes, which is probably what you saw.

  2. Evan Benford says:

    But speaking in generalities air is much thinner as you get Higher and can hold less water resulting in less humidity. Still the difference here was too drastic of a case for it to be the same. Also at lower altitudes you have higher temperature which results in ice crystals melting faster, but you also have higher humidity which results in them lasting due to the super saturation this article talks about. That should create some balance. Inversely at the high-altitude you have very cold temperatures which result in ice crystals staying frozen, but you also have thinner air resulting in less humidity which means they should evaporate quick as the air isn’t vapor saturated. There is a balance between the two. However my point is the difference between both of these trails was far too drastic for them to be from the same source, not to mention the multiple studies done on these trails which show them containing heavy metals.

  3. MikeC says:

    You should have a look at some atmospheric soundings – the realtive humidity can change massively in a few thousand feet.

    Here’ a site of atmospheric soundings in the US – humidity is tablulated under “RELH %” and simple to read – http://weather.uwyo.edu/upperair/sounding.html That will give you a better idea how humidity can change with altitude than simplistic rules. Click on any location – click on several of them.

    And clearly the difference was NOT “too massive” – other jets were not emitting trails at all by the sound of it – because they were in conditions that were not conducive – they had an even greater difference.

    clearly the trails from the 2 aircraft were NOT from the “same source” – they were from 2 different aircraft in 2 different sets of atmospheric conditions. Probably you mean the different was too much for the same mechanism – but that is clearly not true eitehr,as per most jets not emitting any contrails at all most of the time as I mention above.

    For an example of how different contails are generated have a look at this paper – http://elib.dlr.de/9281/1/AIAA-2715-2000.pdf – particularly look ath e photo at het bottom of page 1085 (no it isn’t 1080+ pages long – it is only about 200kb! :)) – note the jet making a contrail, and het 2nd jet not making a contrail at all – at the SAME altitude – such is the small difference in conditions that can result in contrail/no contrail, and also affects contail persistence.

    This paper is bigger (5.6mb) and a lot more technical, but talks about contrail persistence in great detail – http://tinyurl.com/cngjdcf

  4. Jay Reynolds says:

    Don’t be fooled by the claims of “multiple studies showing heavy metals.”

    These are discussed in detail here:

    What has been found are perfectly ordinary levels of soil minerals in rainfall, that is all.
    The same levels as found for over forty years. The people such as Michael J. Murphy, Francis Mangels, and Dane Wigington already know that what they report is the same as there has always been, yet they stubbornly refuse to address the discrepancy, and continue making their baseless claims. I should know, I have had numerous communications with them which they won’t talk about.

    They know they are wrong, but have dug themselves such a deep hole that they can’t escape from it.
    The sad part is that people like you have been duped by Michael J. Murphy who has no visible means of support other than shilling you more money to make more propaganda films to make the same discredited claims.

    But don’t simply accept what I say, I challenge you to challenge Michael J. Murphy & Co.
    about why they won’t address the documented facts that what they find in rain and snow are no different from what has aways been found. Perhaps if enough people bring this up, they will be forced to deal with the facts.

  5. Evan Benford says:

    Sorry Jay but I’ve never heard of Michael J Murphy nor have i seen any of his documentaries or heard any of his conspiracy talk. I’ve not funded or giving anybody any money based off of my ideals. I’m simply a concerned citizen that does not turn away when hearing something that sounds somewhat far-fetched because I do not believe everything in the world is always right. I make sure that I filter out BS stories and attempt to focus on claims that have substance. In my spill above I simply point out some general rules of humidity and actually the link that you posted to the table information shows just that when you get to more extreme distances. Surely there’re other factors that make it fluctuate in the intermediate layers of the atmosphere, but I’m no meteorologist. But the humidity was just a point, nothing more and I wouldn’t base by accusation of Chemtrails in a factor that doesn’t affect chemical trails. From the other link about debunking chemtrails I’m not talking about studies in which soil is tested. I’m talking about people who literally see the contrails fall down into particular matter onto the ground from above and the results contained heavy metals that are multiple times the safe limit or there naturally occurring level in air samples. Not to mention contrails changing in the middle of the air completely as shown in this video. Atmospheric conditions changing on such a dime to do this has yet to be explained… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q28dQaaLQGQ&sns=em

  6. SR1419 says:

    Atmospheric conditions often change “on a dime”.

    Why is there a cloud in one spot but not in another spot only feet away?

  7. SR1419 says:

    …and as for the video that you linked- have a look at this and tell us what you think:


  8. MyMatesBrainwashed says:

    see the contrails fall down into particular matter onto the ground from above


  9. Jay Reynolds says:

    “the results contained heavy metals that are multiple times the safe limit or there naturally occurring level in air samples”

    Where are these results?

    What are the safe limits?

    Which heavy metals?

    Why so shy about citing the source for your evidence, since you are the one making this claim?

    Everybody knows where this idea came from….

  10. Steve Funk says:

    Evan, the behavior of water vapor and water crystals depends on relative humidity, not on the absolute amount of water vapor in the air. At higher elevations, it takes less water vapor to reach the saturation point.

  11. Evan Benford says:

    It is very easy to get absorbed Into debating every accusation that exist from people who also LOOK for ways to debunk every Chemtrail lead. But sorry SR1419 I do not believe that is evidence. You never know why he posted those comments. I could post the most legitimate video proving a conspiracy and be forced to say “haha you guys are ridiculous kidding” and all the legitimacy even though it’s true is gone. U have to admit that there is evidence both ways. You make it seem like the government won’t take measures to cover up spills. There are many conspiracies, some have clout, and there is a reason many are still ongoin en masse. But please look up horizontal variations in the atmosphere and relative humidity. The table you posted shows humidity changing over large distances in the atmosphere. That is a vertical change. Horizontal change is a lot less and won’t happen on a dime with vapor being injected into the same air area as fast as a jet engine does should not yield that much of a change on a contrail. That change however may exist when a large certical change is present. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=okB-489l6MI&feature=youtube_gdata_player

  12. Evan Benford says:

    And yes Steve I exhibited that understanding above. Thinner air holds less water.

  13. SR1419 says:


    Why are there gaps in clouds?

  14. JFDee says:

    Evan Benford said:

    “Horizontal change is a lot less and won’t happen on a dime”

    I assume you have done some research, but if you would like to discuss your results, why not give the links to documents and statements that support your claim?

    You posted a video link but the video is sort of long. If there is a statement about horizontal humidity variation in it, please give the corresponding point in the timeline, like “3:32”.

    BTW, the central claim (Barium) in this video was based on a mistake of the reporter which he has admitted later. See:

  15. Sarasota says:

    I have been on this planet, 62 years and I have never seen in the last decade or two such profound and strange cloud formations, in the morning dark blue skies, but by 6pm after many jet contrails, a hazy misty light blue, then after this same progression of blue to hazy blue, some days cloud burst, with no rain predicted. On other days a rainbow ring around the sun after the contrails stop. Sunsets and sunrises with intense multi flourescent colors,that I have never seen before. I have been a boater for over 40 years, and in the last decade have seen waterspouts, strange blanketed ripple clouds, 45 to 50 degree days with snow fall, hail with just thin opaque cirus clouds, formed by contrails. I have seen dark green intense thunderstorm clouds, dropping up to 4 inches of rain in less than an hr. then see another group of storms last for up to 6 hrs. That was uncalled for in the 50s to the beginning of the 80,s. My common sense smells something fishy, I know about HAARP, and Tesla’s confiscated oscilators plans on frequencies, I know that the U.S Air Force seeded clouds on the Ho Chi Minh trail in Vietnam, to make the monsoons more intense to stop armament shipments stop, I also know President Eisenhower warned us in 1960 about the industrial Military Complex. that could wage war, at will if they gained too much power, then JFK WAS ASSASINATED MONTHS AFTER HE SAID HE WANTED TO PULL ALL ADVISORS AND TROOPS OUT OF IINDO CHINA. Maybe they now can bio engineer the weather. I never was a conspiracy fanatic, I just know something just is not right.

  16. Jay Reynolds says:

    Many of the things you describe I have seen many times over my own 57 years on this planet.
    I understand these things, partly because I have taken a college class in meteorology, which I very much enjoyed.
    Isn’t it interesting that of tens of thousands of atmospheric scientists, and a similar if not larger number of pilots who literally spend their lives right up there in those clouds you only see from miles below, that not one believes as you do?

    Perhaps you are mistaken about some things. Storms dropping 4 inches per hour, for instance, is not at all unprecedented, and storms lasting far longer than six hours is not unusual either.

    I would suggest that you need to take a class in meteorology. They are available at most technical colleges. Storm spotter classes are given free in most parts of the USA, they are always looking for volunteers, and you could connect with people who have real knowledge and interest in weather matters.

    I find it interesting that you had no argument with any of the information actually shown on these pages.
    That speaks highly for the quality reference matter and well documented nature of what you found here.

  17. Sarasota says:

    The Industrial Military Complex, as Dwight D Eisenhower, warned us about in his farewell speech as he left office in 1960., has erased people like JFK, RFK, MLK, for trying to stop their Vietnam escalation plan, to get corporations like the failing BELL HELICOPTERS, flourishing Boeing aircraft, F4 Phantoms, Colt M16, DuPont Napalm, Etc, to make ungodly profits on a full blown war.in which in turn killed 58,000 innocent young men and women who thought they were fighting for our freedom. Who knows how much power they have established now as we speak, and how many coups to destabilize countries into war, and how many False Flag ops, have they created since VIietnam. I do know from former Air Force personnel that they seeded the clouds over the Ho Chi Minh trail to,flood out arms transports, because they failed with other methods like B52 bombings. If they did this in the late sixties, they probably have them technology to Chemtrail the skies at will, discrediting any one with credible power to stop,them. This country lost its innocence the day the Industrial Military Complex killed,one of it’s most charismatic leaders, and put us all in eternal wars every decade since. For more info , Look up HAARP, AND Chemtrails.

  18. Sarasota says:

    Jay , if you believe that Oswald was just a crazy lone gunman, who did the nasty, and UFO’S do not exist whether they are ours, theirs or extraterrestrial in which I had a close encounter in 1965 . . Then you could easily believe that your country is good, wholesome and for you religious people , god fearing. That would never put it’s people in harms way.

  19. Don Gisselbeck says:

    Yet another fine example of crank magnetism at work (http://rationalwiki.org/wiki/Crank_magnetism).

  20. Strawman says:

    “I was never a conspiracy fanatic”

    Two posts later, that seems unlikely.

  21. Rick says:

    The reason a contrail is visible is because warm moist air comes into contact with cold DRY air. Cold air is inherently dry. That’s why we say relative humidity. The humidity is relative to the temperature. Cold air cannot hold as much moisture as warm air. 100% humidity at -40 degrees is far dryer than 100% humidity at 80 degrees. So to say that contrails linger for hours because the air is moist is a contradiction. Even if cold air is supersaturated it will be dryer than the air left behind by an aircraft and will quickly absord that moisture causing the contrail to quickly dissipate. Clouds are at a much lower altitude therefore in a higher temperature atmosphere where the air can hold more moisture. The clouds do not give up their moisture to the ambient atmosphere because the atmosphere isn’t as dry. That is why clouds will linger. Also with clouds you are talking about massive amounts of water vapor, not the minute amount left by an aircraft. No way that a contrail should linger for hours.

  22. I think you spotted the flaw in your reasoning. Contrails ARE clouds. They persist as long as clouds do. A contrail simply triggers the formation of a cloud in ice-supersaturated air. The fact that its cold and thin simply makes this easier.

  23. Alexey says:

    Rick said:

    “Even if cold air is supersaturated it will be dryer than the air left behind by an aircraft and will quickly absord that moisture causing the contrail to quickly dissipate.”

    Rick, you are mistaken here. Relative humidity is the ratio of actual amount of water vapor in air to the maximum amount of vapor that air can hold at given temperature and pressure. If air is saturated so that it cannot hold more vapor, the excess vapor will condense into clouds.

  24. Jay Reynolds says:

    Rick wrote:
    “Clouds are at a much lower altitude therefore in a higher temperature atmosphere where the air can hold more moisture. The clouds do not give up their moisture to the ambient atmosphere because the atmosphere isn’t as dry. That is why clouds will linger.”

    Rick, some clouds called cirrus exist in cold air at high altitudes of around 4-8 miles. They are formed by ice crystals. They can linger.

    Contrails are cirrus clouds too, but are formed by water vapor from jets. They can last all day just like other cirrus clouds do. There is lots of moisture in jet engine exhaust, around 1.4 pounds of water is produced for every pound of fuel burned. These are facts the chemtrail websites won’t tell you though.

  25. Jay Reynolds says:

    Here is another reference you won’t find on chemtrail websites.
    “Measurements of the Growth of the Ice Budget in a Persisting Contrail”, written in 1972.

    It mentions that since 1953 Appleman and others have known that the ice introduced by the engine exhaust isn’t the whole reason why a persistent contrail persists. They actually flew up into such a contrail, collected ice crystals, and measured the “ice budget” just after formation and some time later.

    What they found was that the original ice crystals grow by accretion of moisture out of the “supersaturated with respect to ice”” air and onto their surfaces. The budget showed that after a time, the density of the contrail after such growth amounted to growth of FOUR orders of magnitude!

    That is, 10,000 times more dense than the original contrail.

    You can read the science for yourself:

  26. JFDee says:


    there seems to be a bit of a tangle-up with the word “moisture”. You are right that the air at high altitude holds a smaller absolute amount of water. The important point is that it can still be saturated with water; sometimes when it’s cold enough it can’t even hold a fraction of the absolute amount that lower, wamer air can.
    That’s why you can get clouds at jet plane level. Clouds are moisture that the air can’t hold anymore, regardless of the absolute amount.

    When we “feel” moisture or dryness, it’s also related to the relative humidity. Warm air can hold plenty of water and still feel dry.

  27. snaarrfff says:

    Chemtrails exist and jus how we spray roachez man has used chemicals in warfare against man for many years…for tha government not to spray chemicalz from planes would be a bigger shock than them actually doing it…i question the logic of the genius who created this site.

  28. JFDee says:


    I’m sure you can point out specific errors on this site instead of just questioning the general logic of its creator. Historical events are no evidence for contrails being anything else than frozen water vapor.

  29. 4chan says:

    I read from some chemtrail conspiracy site that the government was adding a poisonous additive to fuel to make “chemtrails”

    Although I hardly believe it to be poisonous, could contrails be caused by a fuel additive or fuel composition in itself?

    On a side note, sounds like chemtrail conspiracy theorists are becoming less radical.

  30. Strawman says:

    The additive causing contrails is H2O, water.

  31. Sure, but you’d be able to test to fuel to see what was in it.

    Water is not added to fuel, it’s a product of the combustion.

  32. snaarrfff says:

    Chemtrails are making people sick daily…we continue to accept them as mere water vapor…absolute nonsense…thanks to tha internet and social media people are opening their eyes n ears…reap tha whirlwind!

  33. JFDee says:


    people are getting sick daily from a variety of causes. What made you convinced about a definitive correlation to jet trails?

  34. Steve says:

    It is interesting, I have been watching the skies for 20+ years, I enjoy the sun and have lived near the beach all my life, watching the contrails criss cross the sky, sometimes actually grid it out, I have seen what was a clear sunny day turn completely hazy and overcast. Is it really fair that air traffic can control our weather for the day? This is happening on a daily basis now, it is more unusual to not see these contrails?
    I would like to point out that I have never seen a contrail from commercial air traffic,I see planes constantly that do not have any contrails or they dissipate shortly. The weather in the So Cal area is now based on contrails, If my car left everyone in a fog I’m sure I would be ticketed. How is it that ” Chemtrail Forecast Systems ” on Face book can accurately tell how bad the contrails will be? When we don’t have sunny days anymore due to contrails I think there is a problem?

  35. Jim in metro Boston says:

    In a recent survey of corporations of the best countries to do business in, the USA ranked on the bottom of the list. Why? Distrust of institutions, i.e. government. This is epidemic. is it really Any wonder people on an instinctive level think their govt. Is trying to kill them. I think history has taught us all not to trust those in power. Just trying to explain the proliferation of belief in chemtrails. ( Interesting that my spell checker recognizes Chem trails.)

    On that vein, the skies are whiter, due to increased atmospheric water vapor, aerosols (not from chemtrails) and halogens.

    Increased atmospheric water vapor increases the frequency of conditions that lead to lingering spreading contrails.

    So people claiming things look different up there is normal and accurate. Take that in to consideration when debunking and explaining things.

  36. captfitch says:

    I don’t know. I don’t think it’s that markedly different. I think it may, at most, a combination of slightly increased upper-air cirrus due to air traffic plus the effect of confirmation bias. Everyone has addressed the both aspects here. It’s up to the chemtrail believers to accept those two things.

  37. Jay Reynolds says:

    How is it that ” Chemtrail Forecast Systems ” on Face book can accurately tell how bad the contrails will be?

    Google “fake meteorologist Kevin Martin”. He is using a photoshopped water vapor image to hoax you into believing he can forecast “chemtrails”, and you got zoomed.

    Higher water vapor levels support persistent contrails, that’s all.

  38. Strawman says:

    Steve, contrails don’t control the weather, it’s the other way around. If the atmospheric conditions are right, contrails will persist or even spread.

  39. Steve Funk says:

    The “chemtrail forecast system” is based on atmospheric conditions. When weather balloons preduct saturated rh and temperature of -40 or below, it predicts persistent contrails.

  40. And did LAC leave persistent trails at high altitudes? Because that’s the issue here.

  41. snaarrfff says:

    Tha issue is that science says chemtrails dont exist…if u spray a chemical in tha air such as tha lac experiment did would that not be a chemtrail…if tha trail waz persistant or not it would still leave a trail no…nobody is saying contrails dont exist…but u say chemtrails dont…if i spray raid in tha air will it not leave a trail of some sort…weather or not its visible is really irrelevant…tha fact remains there is a trail if a chemical is released into tha air as in tha lac experiment!

  42. snaarrfff says:

    http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Operation_LAC#section_8. Read and make judgments for yourself.

  43. Jay Reynolds says:

    The same planes that make persistent contrails during some weather conditions make invisible trails during other weather conditions. Snaaaarff, why worry more about the visibe ones, when the invisible ones are exactly the same? If they wanted to spray something bad, don’t you think they would have figured out a way to make them invisible by now? Chemtrails just don’t make sense, contrails that change wth the weather make more sense.

  44. snaarrfff says:

    As i stated earlier visible or not is irrelevant…tha definition of a chemtrail seems to be tha root problem…i figure any trail visible or not from chemical spraying is tha definition of a chemtrail…scientist and people who love to argue would say tha def of a chemtrail is a visible line in tha sky from a plain…obviouzly this can be a visible contrail or chemtrail…facts are tha u.s. government has sprayed tha skys with chemicals for decades now without allowing tha citizens to know…when this is done it is a chemtrail…now that we hv properly defined tha word chemtrail lets discuss tha issues of why do they continue to use tha american people as guinea pigs for their experiments…obviously what goes up must come down into our childrens water and air causing rashes asthma headaches amongst other things…it saddens me to see educated individuals who accept what their superiors and government say as if it were tha word of god when history has shown they dont hv your best interest at heart…open your eyes and ears and use your judgement…grow some balls and do something about it your childrens futures are at stake…but thats about it!

  45. MyMatesBrainwashed says:

    nobody is saying contrails dont exist

    Plenty of people claim persistent contrails don’t exist. Just look at some of the sites promoting chemtrails. Many will tell you that contrails cannot persist.

    now that we hv properly defined tha word chemtrail

    A chemtrail was well defined before you came along. Those lines in the sky produced by aircraft more commonly known as persistent contrails.

    It doesn’t need defining any more than that unless you just want to argue that you should be allowed to call something a chemtrail because the original definition is false but you don’t want to admit you’re wrong.

  46. JFDee says:

    snaarrff said:

    “it saddens me to see educated individuals who accept what their superiors and government say as if it were tha word of god”

    You can’t possibly refer to the folks hanging around here, can you? I think I can speak for most when I state that we are relying on reproduceable science and knowledge, not on some sort of government authority. Big difference.

    (BTW, whom are you relying on for all those chemtrail ‘facts’)

    Speaking of the capabilities of the U.S. government (or any government, for that matter), they would never come close to being able to pull a thing as big as daily spraying of chemicals with thousands of people involved and keep it sealed. Look at how they botched the Iraq/WMD issue !!

    See this article:

  47. snaarrfff says:

    They would never pull it off…lol they have its fact do yur research…jus click on tha previous link i provided and read…theres high school kids out there who know more about history than u!

  48. MikeC says:

    Snaarf – that previous link shows a whole lot of cases where small numbers of people were involved – and that are known to have happened – ie they are NO LONGER HIDDEN!

    It is not a good example of thousands of people knowing – probably hundreds of thousands – and not one single leak ever, in the age of ubiquitous cell phone cameras and the internet. Heck even the Manhattan project – in a time of war and much less pervasive systems of communications – was probably known to the Russians before the bomb was dropped!

  49. MyMatesBrainwashed says:

    theres high school kids out there who know more about history than u!

    And there’s primary school kids who can spell better than you. So what?

  50. snaarrfff says:

    http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Plan_Columbia#section_9 read yet another instance of tha u.s. spraying what they refer to as peasants…u argue semantics…all tha while tha real issues go unheard because u refuse to get past yur pettiness…rather pointing out grammatical errors etc…taking tha stand that yur government would never do such a thing is pure ignorance…showing such obedience to yur masters in my eyes makes u less than a peasant…more like a dogg!

  51. MikeC says:

    snaarff – that spraying is done in some circumstance, that we DO know about, is not evidence of a secret plan to use airliners to spray us.

    There is lots of spraying done – insecticides for example in places subject to plagues – even in het USA today.

    But ther is no evidence whatsoever that contrails aer anythign but contrails – there is no evidence that “something” is being put into fuelthat should not be there, ther eis no evidence of any strange mechanisms on airliners to spray anything.

    By all means be suspicious of the Govt and question it – but when the answer is right ther in front of you, and has been for decades, it is jsut silly to go on insisting that a million people in het USA aer in on a plot to do “something” that no-one can actually identify, using means that no-one can discover, and for which no-one, ever, has come foreard to whistle blow on.

    In addition to all that lack of evidence there is no evidence of any materials being loaded onto planes, no operating manuals, no weight and balance calculations, no maintenance manuals, no strange trucks backing up to airports or fuel farms, no tests of fuel.


  52. snaarrfff says:

    Brother your ignorant…after all tha facts u refuse to see that there is no loyalty to anybody or anything but power and control of which u have none…u have none because u refuse to open your eyes and accept reality…tha first step is to understand tha top 1% are the enemy…modern day slavery makes what happend in tha past look like bubblegum money…unless u are part of tha worlds so called elite which i know yur not…stand up and sound off like youve got a pair or reap tha whirlwind!

  53. JFDee says:


    so what is the specific evidence that high-altitude trails are anything other than water ice crystals?

    Not historic analogies, not pictures or videos of persistent contrails – something substantial, I mean.
    What’s the single most important fact that made you convinced?

  54. MyMatesBrainwashed says:

    read yet another instance of tha u.s. spraying what they refer to as peasants…u argue semantics…all tha while tha real issues go unheard because u refuse to get past yur pettiness…rather pointing out grammatical errors etc…taking tha stand that yur government would never do such a thing is pure ignorance…showing such obedience to yur masters in my eyes makes u less than a peasant…more like a dogg!

    I would like to response but I’m drowning in hypocrisy.

    Try discussing the subject instead of just telling the world you think you’re better than everyone else.

  55. Pontius says:

    Are people really getting sick and blaming the sky? I’m all for conspiracy theories, but I haven’t had a headache in 10 years (that I can remember) that wasn’t caused by alcohol the night before. I have learned to understand what foods make me feel good and what foods I need to avoid. I exercise, I spend a lot of time outside under these “chemtrails”. I wonder mostly, just how healthy are you people that suddenly feel ill and blame the government?

    Note – I am sure that the World trade Center was brought down by a controlled explosion – why would the other tower fall hours later after not being touched? I also find it curious how the cops found the Connecticut school shooting weirdos rifle in his trunk after he was shot and killed in the school, but somehow the rifle was used in the school shooting. It’s weird that the guy who fake cried after laughing on the interview, Robbie whatever, was not questioned more.

    Our government writes the stories that get people worked up and willing to waive certain rights. They do a lot of crazy crap, but I don’t get the chemtrails. The majority of Americans are already fat, dumb, and sickly.

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