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“Chemtrail” Aircraft Photos

Several planes look a little odd, or have attachments that look odd, and so some people feel they must be part of a decades long conspiracy to spray stuff into the atmosphere to alter the weather or reduce the population. That’s obviously nonsense, but what are these strange planes?

[Update: there are many other photos like the “barrel” interior below, I’ve collected a lot of them on Metabunk]

Here’s one making the rounds, scary looking barrels, and a sign on the wall that possibly says “Hazmat inside”


What is it? It’s a Boeing 777-200LR Worldliner, specifically it’s WD001, a plane that was used for flight testing. The original photo can be found here – note the “Hazmat” text was added later. The barrels contain water, which is pumped around to shift the center of gravity to test various flight characteristics.

Here’s a description of a similar setup from the 2002 book, “Inside Boeing, Building the 777”, page 76., describing tests done in 1994.

From Boeing’s blog:

Remember, we test at the extremes of the weight/CG envelope. This requires us to control the CG during ground and flight conditions. We can move weight, in the form of water, forward or aft with the use of the water ballast system. This system is comprised of 48 barrels, each capable of carrying 460 pounds, connected by tubing to a pump. A computerized system tracks fuel placement, fuel burn, people placement, ballast, flap setting, landing gear position and water barrel quantity. The information is processed to display the airplane’s current CG. We move water or specify fuel tank usage to configure the CG within the specified test requirements.

Why are there overhead luggage compartments? It’s a test plane, and for FAA certification they have to demonstrate that everything works. That includes stuff like the emergency oxygen system, and more minor things like the luggage compartments. It’s a requirement that they don’t pop open in flight – so that needs to be tested. They are also handy for stowing the engineers’ stuff.

Here’s some pictures from Boeing:


And a lot more photos can be found on Boeing’s site.


This one gets a lot of use in the “chemtrail” forums:


Particularly because of the unusual collections of pipes sticking out in various places. There’s those two at the front, and then there is a group over the wing. Here’s some close ups



Very sinister looking tubes, but why are half of them facing the wrong way?

The plane is not for spraying the atmosphere, it’s for sampling the atmosphere. It’s a research aircraft, registration N701BN, operated by th e department of energy’s national labs. It’s pretty much one of a kind, so it’s hardly likely to be responsible for all the persistent contrails we see every day. The research is mostly on pollutants in the atmosphere, particularly from coal and oil burning power plants. But they also investigate the properties of clouds, which includes contrails.


Here’s another photo you see in “chemtrail” videos, with the implied suggestion that it’s some kind of evil spraying device:


Actually it IS a spraying device, but quite innocuous. It’s on an NKC-135A (55-3128) with the refueling boom modified to spray water. This used by the air force to test icing of planes in flight.

Here’s the original photo:

See also: https://www.safaq.hq.af.mil/news/march04/raptor.html


Here’s some more details:



This plane is quite interesting:


It’s an E-6B “Tacamo”. This photo shows it dumping fuel (photo from tacamo.org). The E-6B is used by the United States Strategic Command as an airborne communication center. You can see the navy logo on the right wing. The E-6B is a modified version of the Boeing 707-320, and the fuel vents have been moved from the wing tips to between the fuselage and the engines in order to separate it from the communication equipment in the wing tips. This is what the wing-tip ESM/SATCOM pod looks like:


It looks like this odd assemblage is also creating some wingtip vortex contrails as well. The plane is pretty much all white, which is something you hear mentioned from time to time in “chemtrail” conspiracy theories.

Here’s another photo of the same plane, taken from a “chemtrail” YouTube video:


It shows the opening and drogue  for the ELF trailing wire antenna. This is a very long wire antenna that is extended behind the plane for several hundred feet and used for communications with submarines. The “drogue” is just a cone-shaped weight. Here’s a close-up



This plane also looks at first glance like it might be dumping fuel (click image for full sized photo):

But the trails are actually coming from six smoke generators. It was part of a NASA test to study wake vortices, you can read about it here:


Six smoke generators were installed under the wings of the 747 to provide a visual image of the trailing vortices. The object of the experiments was to test different configurations and mechanical devices on the747 that could be used to break up or lessen the strength of the vortices. The results of the tests could lead to shorter spacing between landings and takeoffs, which, in turn, could alleviate air-traffic congestion.

Here’s another image of the same plane:


This plane also occasionally get brought up in chemtrail conspiracy groups:

This is obviously not a contrail, it’s far too low and the trail is dropping too rapidly.

It’s a Boeing 747-100 “Supertanker”, modified by Evergreen Aviation, the only one of its kind. Specifically designed for fire fighthing. That’s it dumping water.   Here’s some more recent photos.

Here’s a video of it in action, titled “B747 chemtrails”. It’s interesting reading the comments, as the first comment correctly identifies what it is, and then everyone else just ignores that and starts speculating.


This one looks like a plane spraying stuff. But again it’s rather close to the ground. It’s actually taking off with the assistance of rockets. It’s not spraying, that’s just rocket exhaust.


This particular plane is a Boeing B-47B, rocket assisted take off, April 15, 1954. An no, that’s not a contrail in the sky behind it – it’s rip in the photo. Click on it for a large version from Wikipedia.


This one is used for cloud seeding. It does not actually spray anything but uses silver iodine flares that are either ejected, or burn in place.


It’s operated by the Sandy land Underground Water Conservation district of Plains, Texas, as part of their SOAR program. They have some more photos of similar equipment on their site. They are all small aircraft not capable of getting to the above 30,000 feet where contrails normally form.


This next photo is also of silver iodine flares, fixed underneath at large plane.


These also show up in “chemtrail” literature. They are sold by Weather Modification Inc, they make a range of weather modification equipment. About this one they say:

WMI racks for ejectable flares are mounted on the belly of the aircraft fuselage. Each rack holds 102 cartridges. When fired, the pyrotechnic is ignited and ejected from the aircraft. In this configuration, the WMI Lear 35A is equipped with four 102-count racks for ejectable glaciogenic pyrotechnics, a total of 408 flares.

Here’s another, this time from North American Weather Consultants, Inc.


About which they say:

This aircraft-mounted cloud seeding generator is fixed in place, and can burn a silver iodide solution during flight.


This one is the “Mk.32 drogue-type underwing pod on the Armée de l’Air Boeing C-135FR Stratotanker” (“93-CC”- s/n 63-8472 of GRV 93). It’s an in-flight refueling system on a French Boeing C-135FR Stratotanker, photographed in Canada, Feb 2005.

See: http://www.baha.be/Webpages/Navigator/News/tanker_flight_240205.htm

The following is supposed to be a plane that has “chemtrail aerosol nozzles” over three of the engines.

In reality, this plane N707MQ is a Boeing 707-320B. The engines are Pratt & Whitney JT3D-3:


It should be perfectly obvious that the “nozzles” are facing the wrong way to be spraying anything. They are actually turbocompressors, which are driven by engine bleed air, and are used to pressurize the interior of the plane. There are only three, as that’s all you need. Here’s a discussion:




1,442 thoughts on ““Chemtrail” Aircraft Photos

  1. Captfitch says:

    So then since my planes haven’t been modified and civilian planes as a whole haven’t been touched, that leaves only military?

    You’d need to show evidence that the chemtrails were coming from military aircraft. That’ll be tough. In the many years of flying I have seen less than ten military aircraft in flight. There’s just not enough military aircraft to create the activity described by so many believers. Especially when you consider the witnesses from all around the world.

    When it comes down to it you have to pin the activity to commercial, civil aircraft, and the activity has to be non-biological. What do you think of my above post? How can you get past the fact that the air is directly sampled by people every day all day long.

  2. thatmaned says:

    If I were trying to conduct a clandestine operation with airplanes, I’d make the airplanes appear as regular passenger planes. So, when all these people are observing them, theyll think theyre passenger planes. It doesnt take a rocket scientist to figure that one out.

  3. thatmaned says:

    Let me ask you this… And I know this is off subject, but it relates to how critical you are with what you chose to believe or disbelieve. Do you believe that an airplane flew into the pentagon on Sept 11, 2001? If so, why? What evidence is there of that having happened? Can you find 1 picture, video, witness or audio recording of a plane flying into the pentagon? Can you find 1 picture or video of even a piece of plane wreckage or even an engine anywhere near the pentagon? I cant. At all. Not even on the internet. At 1st, I believed the whole story. But then, someone pointed out the fact that there are no pictures or video footage of a plane hitting the pentagon, nor is there any airplane wreckage, nor does the blast hole match that of what a 747 would make. So, I had to look deeper into it, and I’ll be damned if he wasnt right. I am convinced that no fucking plane ever flew into the pentagon. But, its like why would they lie? I still dont know the “why”. But I do know that we were lied to. And that makes me a suspicious and skeptical of any explanation that so readily dismisses the idea of a government cover up.

    So again, I challenge you to find ANY, and I mean ANY!!!, evidence or pictures or video footage of a plane crashing into the pentagon, and when you dont, do a little more investigating. You’ll end up asking yourself “WTF?”, I guarantee. Im not saying I know what happened or why. All I know is that we were told a plane crashed into the pentagon, and thats bullshit. No plane ever hit the pentagon.

    I bring this up to shed light on the fact that the government does carry out unknown operations, right in our faces, but lie to us about what is happening. Many people simply accept the explanation and call others fools for not.

  4. Strawman says:

    Trying to argue for one conspiracy theory with another conspiracy theory. Not a good idea.

    If believing no plane theories is critical thinking for you, well, there’s your problem. It’s not. The theory ignores whatever doesn’t fit into the picture it wants to paint. That’s not critical thinking, that’s agitation and ideology.

    You can distrust government all you want. Me, I do distrust government and states. But that doesn’t mean I go for wild goose chases. Personally, I find conspiracy theories to be useless or even harmful for political action.

  5. Thor says:

    I apologize for moving away from “chemtrails”…but…

    Ed- a 30 second google image search “pentagon plane debris” will yield you plenty of pictures…

    There are A LOT of eyewitnesses…

    See here for more discussion:



  6. Captfitch says:

    So where are all the planes parked that are military planes disguised as commercial planes? People document chemplanes flying over Las Vegas on the interweb. They are supposedly commercial planes that can spray Chemtrails. People get on and off the planes. How does that theory work?

    But really this is enough. No more what ifs, no more conjecture and certainly no 9/11. That’s what metabunk is for. Show me something new, bring something new to the chemtrail evidence. If its an ongoing program you should be able to produce something. I’m not going to use my “gut” either.

  7. thatmaned says:

    Man, ive seen videos of the explosion. The explosion wasnt caused by a big ass 757 passenger plane hitting it. The pictures and diagrams shown in those links are lousy attempts to add truth to a bullshit story. If a plane really flew into the pentagon, it wouldnt even be debatable because the hundreds of cameras in the area would have caught it. All camera footage in the surrounding area was imediately confescated by the FBI, and then released gradually and piecemeal. And still, none of it clearly shows a plane hitting the pentagon. There’s a few pics here and there, with a little piece of what looks like it could be a piece of an aircraft. But thats the only evidence of a plane hitting it. Everything else is just hear say. The evidence of a plane NOT hitting the pentagon is more abundant than the evidence suggesting the contrary. Again, the actual camera footage shows an explosion that IS NOT caused by a plane. In other words, video footage shows the explosion being caused by a source other than a 757 Passenger plane.


    Thats a video posted by someone who actually believes that a plane hit the pentagon. Look at it, and tell me that you can without a doubt say that a 757 passenger plane hit the builkding and started that fire. When I look at the video, I dont see a plane. And why is this pretty much the only video available? You’d think there’d be a lot more footage from a lot more cameras. Its the pentagon, for christ sake. There’s only 1 camera to surveillance the pentagon? Ive heard the explanation that they happened to have shut the camera’s off that day for a test. Really? All of them? Except 1? Right. And the way the plane would have needed to be flown to hit the building the way they say it was hit is virtually impossible to do with a 757 passenger plane.

    I dont buy it. The video shows something that isnt a passenger plane setting the pentagon on fire. Because of my discovering that that story of a plane hitting the pentagon is bullshit, im not so quick to dismiss the chemtrail theory. No tellin with these guys. lol

  8. Captfitch says:

    But what does that all have to do with chemtrails?

  9. Captfitch says:

    Never mind, I see you made the “logical” connection. It seems that even if someone points you to evidence in either case that contradicts what you believe then it must have been tampered with huh? Where did the government hide the plane? Did they kill all the occupants off site? The radar tapes with transponder code and all comm tapes are all fake?

  10. MikeC says:

    Building large a/c is not a trivial activity – there are apparently hundreds of a/c making “chemtrails” every day – who do you think builds tehm? where? Who maintains them? the military?? OK – sure – where? how many service(wo)men are at these bases?

    ‘cos they sure aren’t being made by Boeing or Airbus. The “Skunkworks” can make small numbers of large aircraft – but sooner or later they get transported out of there and even in the dead of night people notice. somethign the size of a 767 or 777 or A380? You seriously think that having hundreds of those flying around would go unnoticed?

    Sorry – but IMO you are building a series of fantasy conditions in order to avoid facing the reality that there is no real basis for your belief.

  11. Captfitch says:

    Yes, I agree. It’s all a big fantasy to support the paranoia. When you expect black helicopters, every helicopter looks black.

  12. Strawman says:

    Ok. This discussion should actually be on “Chemtrail “Aircraft Photos. That’s what the page title says, at least. Anything to contribute?

    I mean, the advantage of this site is, that it allows you to argue about concrete, verifiable data with a minimum of speculation. Nevertheless, chemtrail advocates feel the need to discuss anything but this. Gee, I wonder why?

  13. MyMatesBrainwashed says:

    But, correct me if i’m wrong, but at certain altitudes, pretty much anything thats sprayed will condense. Youre saying if its not water, it will dissipate quickly. So, are there no other chemicals that disperse at the same pace or even less rapidly than water? Because thats basically what youre saying.

    Are there or aren’t there?

    A lot of your argument appears based on ignorance.

    Don’t know the answer? Choose the one that suits then.

    Anything sprayed will condense? Not even sure where to start with that one. In order for something to condense it has to be a gas, so that narrows the anything down a bit. If a gas condenses then it becomes liquid.

    But that’s not what a contrail is. A contrail is ice. The solid phase of water. So it’s not about condensing anyway.

    Weirdly enough your questions could actually get you to the right answers. Because what you are looking for is something that acts like you see at those temperatures and those pressures.

    Guess what? That something is water.

    If you find something else that does then let us know.

  14. thatmaned says:

    MyMatesBrainwashed says:

    “Anything sprayed will condense? Not even sure where to start with that one. In order for something to condense it has to be a gas, so that narrows the anything down a bit. If a gas condenses then it becomes liquid”

    I thought I demonstrated my understanding that concept. I mentioned before that virtually any gas will condense at cold temperatures. The term contrail only refers to the physical properties of the trail and not the chemical properties. I said that before.

    All im saying is, how do we know that the government has not secretly acquired or sanctioned the building of planes that resemble passenger planes when seen from the ground, but are in fact planes fitted with devices similar to those shown in the pics on this site, used for spraying…. say, bromacil. The rather sudden and recent outcry has been because the trails that we’ve been seeing today SEEM kinda different from what weve seen before. The trails are a lot more prolific. A contributing factor to that difference may be that in addition to the normal contrail activity, there is an added agent, making them have a different appearance. There also seems to be a lot more of these trails than there were just 10-15 years ago. Is there really that much more plane activity? The economy is worse than it was 10-15 years ago. I work in logistics, so I know for a FACT that there is less plane, ship, truck , and train activity today than there was 10 years ago.

    My mentioning of the pentagon was to point out that the government has blatantly lied about whats going on. And that particular case is rather relevant, though not directly, because it involves airplanes.

  15. thatmaned says:

    And If yall really believe that an airplane hit the pentagon, then im pretty sure you’ll believe just about anything that explains away all government conspiracies. You probably believe that our government has never clandestinely carried out any operation and lied to the public about it. If you believe that, then Id like to sell you the Golden Gate Bridge over here in San Francisco for $100. Thats real cheap! Get it while you can!

  16. thatmaned says:


    You ask if I think the transponder tapes were fake. Dude, im just a regular old citizen. Im not a mastermind. But even I know, if I wanted to make it seem like some jihadist terrorists crashed a plane into the pentagon, to make sure I produce some evidence that confirms that – which would include a fake ass transponder tape. And im not by any means a CIA covert operations strategist. Thats just common fucking sense. So yes, I think the tapes are faker than the voice I put on when my teacher called and asked to speak to my dad when I was in the 10th grade. The idea of a fake transponder tapes isnt even complicated. I coudlve done that in highschool. How hard do you think it is to produce a bullshit audio clip?

    Whats not hard is to fake a plane crashing into a building, which is why you never seen a plane crashing into the pentagon. Youve only seen the bullshit proof.

  17. thatmaned says:

    I meant what “IS” hard, in that last comment

  18. Captfitch says:

    Ok, are any of the planes pictured in this thread any thing other than what uncinus explains?

  19. thatmaned says:

    No, these pictures arent anything other than what he’s explained, I dont think. But, thats exactly why uncinus has access to them. Let me ask you this, have you ever seen pictures or videos of Osama Bin Laden’s body being dumped into the ocean? No. My point: There are some things that the government will NEVER allow the public to see. These pics only prove that planes can be modified to spray shit. Im not saying that these ARE the planes.

  20. Marcel says:

    “No, these pictures arent anything other than what he’s explained, I dont think. But, thats exactly why uncinus has access to them.”

    You to can have access to the photos, they are not secret.


  21. MikeC says:

    So you know these planes exist, even tho they are so secret that there are no pictures of them at all, and no other evidence – despite this, you are privy to their existence ahead of everyone actually working in aviation?

    Sorry – that’s just another fantasy you have concocted to avoid reality.

    And I didn’t ask you anything about transponder tapes that I recall.

  22. JFDee says:

    thatmaned said:

    “My point: There are some things that the government will NEVER allow the public to see.”

    Planes making trails are not exactly hidden secrets, are they?

    Plenty of enthusiasts around the world are using large telescopes to take pictures of planes at travelling altitude. We had one guy from Poland leaving a post here – have a look at his website:

    There are several other sites like this; one (from Belgium) has even a specialized gallery for contrailing planes:

    It is not plausible that these people are all “contained” or controlled in some sinister way.

  23. Strawman says:


  24. Captfitch says:

    Maybe you’re right. But there was a time I really thought Ed could be turned from the dark side.

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  26. thatmaned says:

    You guys keep missing the point. Im saying Uncinus has access to these pics because they are pics of harmless planes.

    Also, I never said I KNOW that there are chemtrail planes. In fact, I said I dont know, but I suspect something, and I certainly dont rule out the theory. I’m not ahead of anybody, but, for the 4th time, Im aware that the government has lied to the public about what was going on.

    Again, you guys obviously believe that the government has never and will never carry out an operation and lie to the public about it.

  27. thatmaned says:

    And whats crazy is… you guys are quick to call people “trolls” and “crazy”, and yet you believe an airplane crashed into the pentagon even though video footage confirms otherwise. Thats how I KNOW you guys will believe anything thats anti-conspiracy. Maybe you dont like the idea of your explainable reality having unexplainable events. Who knows.

  28. JFDee says:


    I for my part am not calling anybody names; I think we are having a good discussion here.

    About the issues: I don’t see anyone around here who will trust governments blindly. The fundamental difference to your position is simply that we want to see more than a historic analogy to assume a crime.

    Where is the smoking gun? Where is the plane that we are not allowed to see? Where are the effects of deliberate chemical spraying?

    A “bad record” alone is not enough to accuse someone. You also need an actual crime.

  29. Captfitch says:

    No, I’m not saying that everything the government is or has done has been on the up and up forever but this whole thing is just like the moon landing. Despite all the evidence to the contrary people still believe we haven’t been there.

    This isn’t even really about Chemtrails or other theories at this level. We’re deep into logic and argument and reasoning.

    I believe needs to be backed up with something other than, because its been done in the past, or because my eyes don’t lie or because YouTube sys so.

  30. Alhazred The Sane says:

    My question to Ed: If American Airlines Flight 77 didn’t crash into the Pentagon, what happened to it? And what happened to the 64 people on board?

  31. Strawman says:

    That’s off topic here. If you want to indulge in his fantasies, please do so at metabunk.

  32. Alhazred The Sane says:

    “That’s off topic here. If you want to indulge in his fantasies, please do so at metabunk.”

    Who are directing your comment at, Strawman? It’s not clear.

  33. Jay Reynolds says:

    You and others can identify these planes if you like. Do so, then you will have something to base your assertions on. here are my best suggestions:

    I see that there is even a group forming to get this done:

    If you don’t do it, then you show that you really don’t care to know.
    You need to ask yourself the reason why that would be.
    The answer might reveal something about you.

  34. Strawman says:

    Dude, we know that film. It’s rubbish.

  35. Captfitch says:

    Just so everyone knows, that’s one of the two regular spraying videos so don’t click the link as it will count toward the total views.

  36. Marty says:

    Lets face it, anyone who firmly believes in chemtrails (whether they are real or not) and firmly believes that it is a conspiracy by the government and/or any government agency, will always use the “it’s a cover up site” kind of comment as a come back to anyone who suggests that it is all a lot of rubbish.

    Vice versa though, so at the end of the day it boils down to which side of the fence you sit on – you take your pick, you believe what you choose 🙂

  37. Strawman says:

    Nope. This site is not meant for people who already have a conspiracy mindset. It is exactly for people who want to check the facts on a conspiracy theory. That is: people who have just heard about it, people “on the fence” etc.

  38. Strawman says:

    That is: I don’t see much sense in discussing with people who have that kind of mindset. And lately, the ones that came here were merely trolling.

  39. Captfitch says:

    Trolling or not, and on either side of the argument, it just appears that this site was set up to debate because of all the debate. It’s actually mainly here to inform. Hopefully it grabs a whole bunch of people who heard from their brother’s girlfriend’s sister that chemtrails are real. Now they can walk away with the facts.

  40. Boondie says:


    Anyone who talks about these allegations with these “chemtrails”, please explain me a fev things, I realy want to know.

    Governments why “cooking” people, and not investigate it? If investigated why theres no data released that can be accessed worldwide? I mean trustable data, invested by; investigated by; (both investors and researchers) who they are / their studies; what they have found (including whole data of atmospheric research).

    I personally think none want to refute it at all. This is true to everything of what lead goverments say: “never show you, that you are wrong” in any matter, including 9/11 too. Pictures and saying something ain’t enough to do, to be 100% sure.

    Upon this matter there’s noone on any side – true/not true – that shows you any data that he ain’t wrong, just pictures and a lot of talk. All of you are talking on a belief of someone, an issue wich never been researched by. On calculations that are’nt authentic.

    Or i mistake and those with the theory have paid scientists for calculations on atmosphere four years ago and now? I have’nt seen that. Also i don’t know why people so much care about others poisoning them, when they poison themselves with everything they can (How many m2 aluminum you personally trash in one week, that ends up burrowed under the earth in landfills? In the degradation process of that aluminum, it distributes in soil and ofcourse its particles can also be found in water and in rain.) Humanish stupidity to say that the destruction of nature is others fault, not our own.

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