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Chemtrail Myths

Some people believe that the government is spraying something into the air, and this creates unsual looking contrails. They call these “chemtrails”. Now, there is no real evidence that “chemtrails” are real, but there are several myths on the internet about “chemtrails”. All these myths can very easily be shown to be false, and I’ve gathered the most popular myths here as a little time-saver for the person who has encountered “chemtrails” for the first time.

Myth #1Normal contrails don’t last very long, but “chemtrails” last for hours and sometimes spread out.

False – Contrails fade away, or persist, or even spread out to cover the sky, depending on the weather conditions. you can confirm this by looking in an encyclopedia. such as the Encyclopædia Britannica

[Contrails] may last for several hours. The trail may be distorted by the winds, and sometimes it spreads outwards to form a layer of cirrus cloud.

For more info on this myth, read “Persisting and Spreading contrails

Myth #2 Contrails have been observed to persist and spread when the humidity was too low, so they must be “chemtrails”

2004chambersgraph.gifFalse – Nobody has ever measured low humidity within a persisting contrail. The fact is it is very difficult to measure humidity in a specific region at a specific altitude, at a given time, the best you can do is make a rough prediction. Measurements are made by weather balloons at just a few stations that average 235 miles apart, at 12 hour intervals, and then local predictions are extrapolated from this. The weather balloons can drift as much as 100 miles in their ascent, so you never know where the measurements are coming from. Humidity can vary by as much as 80% in a 12 hour period, and vary by similar amount over just a few miles. The fact that the contrail is spreading is actually a far more accurate indicator of high humidity than the available humidity predictions. NASAs own experiments (right) show persisting contrails over a large range of calculated humidities, even down to 10%.

Myth #3 – Long lasting contrails have appeared in “parallel lines”, “grid” and “X” formations, which are not normal, so must be “chemtrails.

False. Well, the last bit is false. Yes, contrails make all kinds of patterns in the sky, simply because there are a lot of planes flying overhead, and they fly in all directions. This is pretty much a function of where you live, and the prevailing winds. For example, if you live the Willamette Valley, Oregon, the overflying planes are nearly all North/South, so you’ll get parallel lines. If you live live in more central place, like North Texas, you’ll get planes flying overhead in every direction, so you will get “X” patterns (and “H” and “grids”). If there’s enough wind, and the trails last long enough, then the grid might spread out to cover the sky.

Myth #4 – A bill to ban chemtrails was introduced into congress by Dennis Kucinich, but quickly had chemtrails edited out.

False – HR 2977 was written by a bunch of UFO enthusiasts intent on exposing a conspiracy to suppress alien technology. Dennis Kucinich did not write the bill, he not know what chemtrails were, and when he found out, he distanced himself from that language. The bill was re-written in order that it might pass. See the full article: Kucinich, Chemtrails and HR 2977.

Myth #5 – Public Law 105-85 gives the military permission to experiment with chemical and biological weapons on humans, without their consent

False – 105-85, Sec. 1078, actually prevents experiments except for peaceful purposes, and those can only be performed if informed consent is obtained from each test subject. It’s basically the same procedure as for human drug trials.


Those myths are really the basis of the “chemtrail” conspiracy theory. There is more, of course, like the halos and sun-dogs that you sometimes see (normal atmospheric optical effects), the dark lines (shadows of varying types), the stuff on the ground (unconnected). But these things really get to the heart of 99% of the chemtrail argument. After they are dispensed with, the theory holds about as much water as alien mind-control implants.

Let me know if you’ve got something else you’d like investigating, and I might add it here.
Just leave a comment below.

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  1. Michael. The most likely explanation is that A) there is dust in the air, and B) the test results were misinterpreted – which happens quite often, if you look around at some of the articles here.

  2. Artyom says:

    Yes, it isn’t a secret about modifying weather. ВВС РОССИИ (Russian Airforce) are planning right now to do a mass cloud seeding operation to try and put out all the peat bog fires that are occuring all throughout Russia. I am sure this can be misinterpretted. Here, they almost always write when they are going to do it and everyone knows this program and understands it.

  3. Ross M says:

    Michael. Did the contractor take some samples at your music teacher’s neighbour’s house and other locations in the vicinity? Did some other people have their blood tested? What are the results? Samples and measurements at one place are pretty meaningless.
    And how do you establish a link with the (what shall I say?… ah, yes) “trails in the sky”?

  4. You have obviously gleaned your “research” from the shallow end of the information pool or are simply another sheeple living in denial. Either way, you are part of the problem, not the solution.

    All I can add is……Baaa-aaa-aaa!

    You should do some real research instead of regurgitating this mainstream fluff. Take a swim in the deep end with the grownups.


  5. SR1419 says:


    your contribution to the debate is profound- if not enlightening.

    Have you anything of substance to contribute? Or just assumptions and attacks?

    Care to point out a single fact on this site that is wrong?

  6. Hmm, “do some real research”? Why?

    Why exactly do we need to do research? If it’s all so evident, then why is there nowhere on the internet where the best evidence is laid out in a simple and straightforward manner? I even tried to help get this started myself, but no evidence was forthcoming.

    Rainbojangles, presumably you’ve done all the research. Could you just summarize it?

  7. michael says:

    She did tests in her house and out in the street. She will soon be doing water tests. The way i establish a link is by seeing the dust fall from the sky, and then getting results that it is already in her blood.

  8. Clear if there was stuff falling from the sky, then it would affect everyone and all windows in the area equally. So why is it just her windows and her blood? Why has nobody else noticed anything odd?

    Read this, it reminds me of your story:


  9. Artyom says:

    HAHAHAHA!!! @ bojangles! XD your contribution to the debate was the addition of humor. Thanks for the laugh. )))))))))

  10. michael says:

    Yes thats the same thing i asked myself when i first found out. Just hoping someone would have an explanation…

  11. Well, my explanation would be that most likely her tests did not actually show unusual levels of barium. It’s easy to misinterpret test results, and attach significance where none is due.

    Barium is found naturally in the environment, in the air and in water, in varying concentrations. Finding barium does not indicate any more than finding, say, iron.

  12. Artyom says:

    Also remember, dust on a window can come from ANYWHERE!!! If there is a high concentration of a harmful compound, it is a concern to anyone. However, the contrails are seriously the least likely sources considering the route it would have to travel. Imagine I dumped a box of baby powder off the Eiffel Tower, do you imagine it would land on you? Go even higher and the air moves with much more violence. Even in terms of logistics, this whole conspiracy is nuts. Think how much alleged chemicals have to be prepared, shipped, stored, and placed on planes. How much money would that cost???? How many people involved would there be if it is on a global scale? Pilots and mechanics know every detail. Manufacturers have client guests and would have to explain to them what any modification would be and what for. If those contrails aren’t real, that means DuPont, DOW, and other companies would have an extremely large money trail that it would be too obvious to hide. When they do weather modification, they don’t hide it, you can watch videos of it. If the government were to apply a chemical or biological agent to the people, it would look a lot more like crop dusting(jet flies over, people HUH?, then something foul happens). There are also videos of BP having airplanes flying, spraying corexit. There are videos of C-130’s spraying defoliant in Vietnam. However, there is NO evidence that chemtrails exist. A lot of people take my examples and say that is why they exist, but it isn’t. If you find any real evidence other than contrail observations, it would be nice to share. However, testing rain water and dust around the house will never tell a person what is contained in a contrail. Contrails have been documented long before this nonsense ever took hold in the human mind.

  13. faithinsciene says:

    “Rainbojangles, presumably you’ve done all the research. Could you just summarize it?”

    This is the equivalent of asking a “chemtrail” hoax believer to leave and never come back.

  14. faithinsciene says:

    “However, testing rain water and dust around the house will never tell a person what is contained in a contrail.”

    One has to wonder why there are so many (WAY too many) folks out there who just don’t understand the importance of this.

  15. Joe says:

    Dip Dofus writes: “You have no ability to state unequivocally that aluminum compounds are not being spread in the atmosphere…”.

    And you can’t prove that there’s not a teapot in orbit between Earth and Mars (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Russell's_teapot).

  16. Chris Robinson says:

    Thankyou Uncinus, as a fellow pilot I appreciate the time you take to do this.

    It may also be useful to point out that through the combustion of every litre of kerosene many more litres of water vapour are produced in the process.

    2C12H26 (l) + 37O2(g) —> 24CO2(g) + 26H2O(g)

    Hence the reason these clouds seem to disappear, stay and spread out in much the same way your standard cloud does.

    Hopefully the chemtrailers wont find a way to argue with me equation.

  17. JazzRoc says:

    Chris Robinson:

    Hopefully the chemtrailers wont find a way to argue with me equation.

    They never find it necessary to understand the arguments of those that confront them – so they don’t bother trying.
    They are already in a fog of misunderstanding and fear, have looked up the “rules of misinformation”, and conclude that you’re applying these when you confront them.
    I reckon your formula for kerosine should read C10 H22 (decane) – but in essence you’re correct, and the combustion of kerosine produces CO2 and H2O.
    The “Contrails to Cirrus” link on the upper left shows how in ice-saturated conditions this water SEEDS the deposition of up to ten thousand times more water as ICE upon the (initially) microscopically-sized ice crystals of the condensed trail.
    Ice-saturated conditions have ALWAYS EXISTED in the stratosphere, but there are reasons to suspect that the increase in passenger aviation might TEMPORARILY increase the proportion of the ice-saturated stratosphere upward from its known proportion of 17%. This increase will ALWAYS be temporary because ice FALLS.

  18. I guess if the CFR is for it, it must be good for you….


  19. Where exactly does it it say they are for “it”? The CFR projects seems to be about avoiding geoengineering if possible, and constraining and regulating it if unavoidable. Certainly nothing there suggests it has already been done.

    Can you explain why they should NOT be discussing it?

    There are a variety of strategies, such as injecting light-reflecting particles into the stratosphere, that might be used to modify the Earth’s atmosphere-ocean system in an attempt to slow or reverse global warming. All of these “geoengineering” strategies involve great uncertainty and carry significant risks. They may not work as expected, imposing large unintended consequences on the climate system. While offsetting warming, most strategies are likely to leave other impacts unchecked, such as acidification of the ocean, the destruction of coral reefs, and changes in composition of terrestrial ecosystems. Yet, despite uncertain and very negative potential consequences, geoengineering might be needed to avert or reverse some dramatic change in the climate system, such as several meters of sea level rise that could impose disaster on hundreds of millions of people.

    Unlike the control of greenhouse gas emissions, which must be undertaken by all major emitting nations to be effective and is likely to be costly, geoengineering could be undertaken quickly and unilaterally by a single party, at relatively low cost. Unilateral geoengineering, however, is highly likely to impose costs on other countries and run risks with the entire planet’s climate system.

    This workshop will focus on the question of strategies for constraining and shaping geoengineering. We will explore formal, legal strategies as well as informal efforts to create norms that could govern testing and deployment of geoengineering systems and their possible undesirable consequences. We will probe whether it is possible to limit the use of geoengineering to circumstances of collective action by the international community in the face of true global emergencies and what might happen when there are disputes over when the emergency “trigger” should be pulled.

  20. They should not be discussing any of this because none of it exists according to you. If you think they have not been testing these theories then you are either stupid or into disinfo. Can you name 1 good thing the CFR has done for this or any other country? Willful idiots unite!

    This is just one small event and and one small paper. There are hundereds on this topic alone. The list below is a very small sample of what these degenerate freaks are doing “for our own good”. As if they know better. Well, I’m sick of beautiful blue skies turned to a rotten haze after the planes make their passes over where I live. The evidence is being assembled daily and is there for all to see. Just a few short years ago, the mere mention of geo-engineering was met with laughter, well now it is in the open.

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    12. American Association for the Advancement of Science, “Should We Study
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  21. Artyom says:

    Weather modification hasn’t been laughed at and has been studied and used since 1950’s and 60’s. It is based on nucleation. The Silver Iodide is a particulate that attracts water molecules until they form drops of water. Here is a good ol’ video on weather modification. Rainmaking(1968) Note the year this video was made. Geo-engineering was beginning to be discussed in the around 1991, but only started gathering an audience because of global warming. Anyways, what does geo-engineering, CFR, and weather modification have to do with contrails? Contrails are like clouds and they form through the aircraft’s interaction with the atmosphere. Some argue their effects, being extra clouds, is having an effect on the climate. Like being extra clouds. Consider water vapor is the number one greenhouse gas comprising around 70% of the greenhouse gases. As for blue skies, I see them all the time. Nothing changed unless you live under a high traveled air corridor. Then as the atmosphere changes due to weather fronts moving, barometric pressure, and humidity, the flight paths that remain leave those long lasting contrails.
    This site has nothing to do with CFR or Dis-info. You can learn these things at any place of education, it is contemporary science. CFR may have evil intentions, AGW maybe a hoax to generate profit for hijacked green groups and giving way for Frankenstein type scientist to unleash mad ideas of geo-engineering, I don’t know…, but it has NOTHING to do with contrails. The spraying of Corexit was documented. Here is a Air Force crew responding to the Oil Spill in the Gulf. This is what spraying looks like. This isn’t even hidden. It even shows how sprays are really dispersed… Corexit Chemical Spraying This site only informs people of contrails. Linking other spray programs, geo-engineering, HAARP, and other things are loose associations based on assumptions that does the public no good. This site just protects aviation by gathering a all the common contrail history and making one page. The rest of the scientific community looks at contrails as fundemental knowledge.

  22. SR1419 says:


    “laughter”? Weather Mod and “geo-engineering” has been a serious topic for decades- don’t forget “Owing the Weather in 2025″…

    All those articles…and I am still confused as to how seeing a persistent contrail is supposedly evidence of “geo-engineering”- given the nature of contrail behavior and its historical precedent.

    Can you clarify?

  23. Armed Sceptic:

    They should not be discussing any of this because none of it exists according to you.

    “According to me” there is no evidence that people are DOING geoengineering. There’s a vast amount of evidence that they are TALKING ABOUT geoengineering.


    Thank you for all the evidence that people are talking about geoengineering. We get it. They have been talking about it, quite openly, for many decades. Now – do you have any evidence that they are actually doing it?

  24. TheFactsMatter says:


    Quoted for truth. And I can’t understand how so many are able to make that leap in logic…and then aren’t able to see that they shouldn’t. I couldn’t imagine living life like that! Where everything you’ve “heard about” is absolute fact. It certainly does explain a propensity for conspiracy theorists to accept so many varied and unrelated conspiracies as “fact” (but, “the government” is always involved!). Let’s face it. These people DO “believe” that chemtrails are fact…based on the evidence that they assume is correct. Nothing can change that. They are indoctrinated. I say, let’s have some fun with it! Yeah, I know I go WAY over the top sometimes…but, damn, it’s so interesting to witness their behavior. I have to poke them once in a while…stir ’em up a bit. And they don’t disappoint! They fascinate me!!!

  25. Artyom says:

    “Yeah, I know I go WAY over the top sometimes…but, damn, it’s so interesting to witness their behavior. I have to poke them once in a while…stir ‘em up a bit. And they don’t disappoint! They fascinate me!!!”

    Is your favorite believer, TrutherD1? ))))))

  26. TheFactsMatter says:

    No, not really. But, that person is fascinating. No doubt about it! He/she is an absolute treasure! There are so many and they are all fascinating! They have convinced themselves of so many things based on so little knowledge. It’s impressive!

  27. Artyom says:

    My favorites are the ones who really believe that “chemtrails” hide the planet of Nibiru. XD

  28. TheFactsMatter says:

    I giggled when I read that.

  29. Marvin says:

    It’s amazing to me how easily people will buy into conspiracy theories and how hard it is to get people to understand basic logic.

  30. Don, that etc group has some very valid concerns about geoengineering. It’s certainly something that needs discussing, and something that might be considered to be used in the futures. However, there’s no actual evidence that it’s being used now. Certainly not with contrails, contrails look and act the same as they always have.

  31. Mike says:

    Yes concern about the possibilities of ACTUAL geo-engineering is quite widespread – eg see http://www.royalsociety.org.nz/2010/09/15/geo-engineering-implications-an-interactive-workshop/ – if you’re in New Zealand in March next year it might be worth a look 🙂

    but that is real science, not illogical and unsupported fantasies.

  32. debris says:

    no comment.. information dissemination… make up your own mind

  33. debris says:

    watch the vids… this is rather obvious, at this point… I was very skeptical myself, until a few days ago… allow data to lead the way in your thinking, everyone.. namecalling does NOT further
    understanding, really… as far as I know, anyway! 😉 the data re. water testing is quite alarming
    … and having worked in schools for many years, with a mother and grandfather who were also teachers/principal… and having a very long interest/study of human nature/disfunction… there is definately some quite amiss in current society… WHERE, HOW, WHY…?? bears scrutiny… not ‘myth debunking’ please refocuss your considerable efforts ‘Unicus’… this kind of thing is obfuscation, at best

  34. TheFactsMatter says:

    “this kind of thing is obfuscation, at best”

    Yeah, those damn facts always get in the way of the spread of ignorance…dammit!

  35. TheFactsMatter says:

    So, just so we are clear…

    Earthly elements found at ground level is an indication NOT of what our earth is comprised of, but what is is the trails, simply because at some conference, an idea about spraying elements came up. And evidence that these elements are actually IN the trails, that a certain segment of the population refers to as “chemtrails”, isn’t all that important or necessary. The accusation coupled with some references to a discussion at a global warming conference is MORE than enough “evidence” that there is a global “spray program” in full swing right now.

    Got it! Thanks!

  36. Ross M says:

    … the scrutiny of the bears? debris, please explain.

  37. Mike says:

    Check the soil next to a major road, vs that in the back garden off some quiet suburban side street for evidence of what _really_ puts “chemicals” into environment at ground level!

    Way back in the 80’s when they still had lead in the petrol here soil next to roads had hundreds of times the concentration of lead that soil elsewhere did.

  38. Steve says:

    Here’s the video “What in the World are They Spraying” starting with pt.1 Have fun, just came out today on YouTube

  39. TheFactsMatter says:

    Steve, I couldn’t get through the first episode.
    The fact that it starts with the KSLA report and then moves into the assumption that what we see are trails of aluminum…without ANY evidence to support the claim, was enough for me. Then, to top it all off…the suggestion that “sub micron particles” are not found in nature and must be purposely being “sprayed” on us was the last straw.

    I can’t stomach another minute of that farce…

  40. TheFactsMatter says:

    It would be nice if anyone could break down the “documentary” a bit for those of us who are unable to watch it. Is there ANY point in the “documentary” that the trails we see in the sky are shown to contain aluminum or barium, which is purposely placed there in an effort to accomplish any goal at all…without a huge assumption being made?!

    At one point in this “documentary”, the person making the video, I think his name is Mike Murphy, suggests that the speaker at the geoengineering conference had some odd behavior when talking about testing the impact of alumina on the health of people. At that point he is TOTALLY projecting his ‘gut feeling’ about why someone behaved as they did. And to be honest, I just didn’t see it…at all! The guy was simply stating the facts about the research up to that point. What is “read into” what he says, is OPINION. What bothers me is how quickly Mr Murphy’s “opinion” turns to negative skepticism about someone he has never met before. I have to wonder how many watching the documentary actually felt the same way.

    Could someone please review the whole movie? Is that OK with you Uncinus?

  41. Steve says:

    I made it through all 7 pts of this video without finding one simple fact that hasn’t been addressed by this site as completely misunderstood information. The video completely exaggerates its findings about tests for aluminium found at Mt. Shasta and literally takes this bogus information to the halls of Congress demanding Reps and Senators take action to prevent and stop the “spraying operation”. All of the congressmen look at these flipcam chem-trail lobbyists like their recent escapees from the nearby insane asylum. Each one of these fools are members of We Are Change Los Angeles a 911 “truther” group dedicated to waking up the “sheeple” to their completely debunked version of what happen on 911. As a note I was interviewed on tape by Michael Murphy for over an hour explaining what is wrong with the premise of “chemtrails” but my extensive explanation was completely left out of the video obviously because they didn’t want the simple truth to interfere with their ignorant bias report.

  42. I’ve put up a quick rebuttal here


    I’ve not watched the whole film, so if there’s other bits that need addressing, please let me know, or have at it in the comments sections, and I’ll update the article as needed.

  43. Anne says:

    Your explanations are Bullshit. The days they let us have sun…there are no chemtrails nor contrails nor little jet activity at all.Also I can clearly see with my own eyes that they are military tankers. As well my family and I have correlated illness with heavy days of spraying.Think!!!!Not enough aspartame-fluoride or chems me can dumb me down that much man.

  44. TheFactsMatter says:

    “Also I can clearly see with my own eyes that they are military tankers.”

    Sure ya can…

    It must be true, because YOU say so!

  45. John Hancock says:

    “Don’t trust your memory. Trust photographs. Your memory differs from photographs.”

    First thing to come to my head:

    “War is peace, Freedom is slavery, Ignorance is strength.”

    You’ll get cancer like the rest of us.

  46. Stupid says:

    @ Anne. She said, “Also, I can clearly see with my own eyes that they are military tankers.”
    No one can see what kind of plane is flying at +30,000 ft.
    If you claim can see it with your eyes, then surely you can take a photo of it (cameras can zoom beyond our normal eye resolution, like binoculars.)
    Please post pictures, and prove us wrong.


  47. Stupid says:

    addendum….I said, “No one can see what kind of plane is flying at +30,000 ft.”…I’ll add, ‘with our normal eyes’.

  48. Truth says:

    Do you think you’re safe? Do you think you’ll be spared because you helped deceive us? Do you think anyone who would poison every living thing on earth would so much as bat an eyelash when you die? Your bold-faced lies hold no basis in science or reality, and are only helping the truth to emerge. I pity you. You are no doubt lonely and desperate for acceptance. The men you work for are merciless and care only about themselves and their quest for absolute power. Your loyalty will not be rewarded. Your death will be ignored. Your legacy will be forgotten.

    It is not too late. You can help turn the tide, or you can be swept away by it. Give up this exercise in futility. You may succeed in convincing the most brainwashed of the masses but you can never stop the truth. Which side will you choose? Will you continue to deceive us and be doomed to the same grave as the ones you betrayed? Or will you find the good in your heart and speak the truth, aiding in the reclamation of a free and peaceful planet; absolved of your sins and admired for your courage?


  49. If you find any mistakes on the site, I would be more than happy to correct them. Just quote the relevant part, and explain why it’s wrong, then I’ll fix it.

  50. Gaye says:

    One surely would have to wonder that if they were really going to try and knock off the population, why would they do it in broad daylight where everyone can see, surely they would do it at night while people slept.

    People are getting sicker, yes, but animals do not seem to be.. If people looked into what horrific chemicals are in our immunisation, our food/water along with chlorine and fluoride etc they would see that they do not need to go to the incredible expense to spray the air to make people sick..

    Really, to knock off the population (eugenics), immunisation is the best way to do it.. this way people will not suspect until it is tooo late, if at all. People would not associate sickness and deaths with the chemicals in immunisation as it generally takes years to manifest itself in different diseases and cancers, (so they can keep on injecting without being discovered) . The people pay taxes to have poisons pumped into themselves and their babies, and in the process pharmaceutical companies make trillions out of it, so immunisations is a much cleaner way to make people sick/die, but using chemtrails costs trillions.. Look up what is in immunisations or the dangers of immunisations and you will be horrified, plus “the Pharmaceutical drug racket”, and you will see that they do not need to use chemtrails.

  51. captfitch says:

    So why are people who inhabit locations where immunizations are rare or non-existent so much sicker than those who are mass-immunized? Whatever these immunizations are I much prefer them to polio or small pox. Please inject me and my children. I will gladly pay.

  52. Gaye says:

    captfitch, you are right, they are sicker because their life style and conditions are not good. Our health has improved more and more as we better our conditions.
    One of my grandchildren had to be on a monitor for 6 months after her immunisation. Luckily we did not put her to bed when we got home after her injection and she went blue in my arms, and has suffered ever since. We immunised our our healthy kitten after we got him, and he was dead within a week with cat flu.. and yes she could have had it before, but even though the cat flu is highly contagious, all the rest of the litter was ok. My daughters puppy was dead within 12 hrs of his immunisation.. he was healthy and playing before that.

    My husband who has been a principal of both state and private schools says that he has never seen kids sicker in his life as they have been for the past 30 years.. no, not with the mild child hood diseases like measles etc but with asthma, ADD, diabetes, excema, leukemia, cancers, etc, and so many children today are on so many tablets, and as an ex nurse I am horrified at the hospitals being full of so many sick children now, and of course what is in our food/water also contributs to that as well.

    You obviously did not read the site on “The Pharmaceutical drug racket”.. but that is ok, we all don’t have to think the same.. Thank goodness…
    I am 65, and my husband is 68, he is still teaching, he travels over an hr to work and same back.. he plays golf on Saturday, and is doing a Ph.d as well, he is also on a state education committee.. and we entertain most weekends, and neither of us are on any tablets, I have a grandson three days a week and will be teaching him at home when he is 5, etc etc. I also organise building houses in my spare time.. we are not immunised at all and I cant remember the last time I had the flu.
    Good luck as you and yours grow older…

  53. captfitch says:

    I see that many of your conclusions are based on personal past experience. Therefore I may make equally valid points in stating that all of my children as well as myself and my spouse have been immunized and we have had no ill effects from such activity, proving that immunizations are very safe for everyone.

    Since this is a contrail site I will respect Uncinus and make no further discussion regarding this issue.

  54. g says:

    you guys arent lying but check this out

  55. BoredinChemClass says:

    Okay, so about half way down the page I got bored of the back and forth arguing and decided to just scroll down and put in my two cents, so sorry if someone had already mentioned what I’m saying here. A lot of the posts in the beginning referring to people’s “perfect” memory, and even recent memory, really annoyed me. How many people look up and remember the details? I remember looking at the sky when I was younger and finding shapes but don’t remember any of those shapes. I don’t remember even seeing a contrail. But I bet as soon as I get out of this class I will start looking and find some of these trails. You don’t start looking for things until you find them significant. Take the guy who remembered clearly the contrails from his childhood. They were significant to him so he remembered them. The human body is imperfect and leans towards efficiency.
    Now addressing the actual argument, there is a small possibility of “chemtrails” but what constitutes a “chemtrail” exactly? That’s what I want to know.
    Also, for those who expect Uncinus to dispute every single one of your “facts”, this is this guy’s hobby. He has a life. He can’t be expected to reply quickly without taking pages to find arguments against all of the links you send him, especially when you rain about 20 more facts on top of that. All I know is that if there are chemtrails, well I’m not dead and the life expectancy of the average human being is still in the 70’s-80’s. The ecological problems potentially caused by these things are even less significant then the ones that have been caused by over hunting or the fertiliser used in our crops causing dead zones. I don’t believe in them but if they do exist, they aren’t as significant as you’d think.

  56. Their ops are much lower than 30K around here. The sweet spot is around 6K. Very easy to see they are not commercial nor are they on any reported flight paths. And yes, it is because “I” say so….. oh and thousands of others in my area. The sheep are starting to catch on though.

  57. It’s very easy to measure the height of a plane with a camera if it’s under 10K. So why don’t you? Then you’d have some evidence.


  58. MikeC says:

    “Also I can clearly see with my own eyes that they are military tankers. ”

    Yep – military tankers make contrails too.

    Immunisation doesn’t seem to be working as a population control system. My father, myself and one of my sons are somewhere “measurable” on the “Autistic spectrum” & 2/3rds of us predate MMR……

  59. jim says:


  60. MikeC says:

    1/ There hasn’t been for quite some time.
    2/ Cleverleaf – ah…invented by the clever minds over at Carnicom…..2 anonymous emails in 2000 – 1 from an airline mechanic who obviously has a grudge & who’s “description” of how aircraft maintenance works is pretty useless (I’m a mechanic too….), the other from a manager who’s description is nonsense – why would there be any documetns at all for example?? Like most aspects of the chemtrail hoax this one asks for total belief based upon unsupported statements that cannot be checked for veracity – completely worthless as evidence of anything.
    3/ Just because many people are deluded doesn’t mean it is happening either.
    4/ Nice sentiments. Sadly I suspect the chemtrail hoaxers will never be bought to justice for any harm their paranoia may cause.

  61. Ross M says:

    MikeC, if I am correct in 2 guesses, simultaneously, I reckon jim lives about 200 km north of you. If so, that would make me an expert… by a certain measure.

  62. TheFactsMatter says:

    Hey Jim! You left your caps-lock on!


    There has NEVER been any question. No evidence = no “chemtrails”.

  63. MikeC says:

    RossM – are you the same guy Clare Swinney likes so much? If so then he would live about 200km north of you too 🙂

  64. TheFactsMatter says:

    “Clare Swinney”

    First time I’ve seen that name…so I googled it…WOW!

  65. MikeC says:

    Yeah – she’s a lot of fun. See http://nutbarsnz.wordpress.com/ “Conspiracy Nutbars of New Zealand” for other cases of downunder delusions.

  66. TheFactsMatter says:

    That’s great stuff! It’s funny how these people believe that geoengineering and persistent contrails MUST have something to do with each other, even though there is absolutely no evidence to support the claim, just because these things both occur in “the sky”. And then they take it to the very next level of strange and assume that cloud seeding has something to do with GEOengineering (by definition, it couldn’t). Cloud seeding is a localized procedure which can only be used in specific conditions. Pilots don’t go around “spraying” clouds all willy-nilly and hope to get a reaction out of the clouds.

  67. Evan says:

    lol, idiots always get swept up in stupid paranoia. It makes them cool and unique to their friends to point at the heavens and say, “That’s not what you think it is. It’s a vast intercontinental conspiracy to kill us all!”.
    Talk about sheople. Conspiracy theorists never have science, and everyone who DOES have science is, to them, a disinformation agent. How can you win against such a stubborn fool?

  68. Kelly says:

    @Evan, pfft you’re a bloody sheeple! Wake-up and research properly!

    Uncinus, you are either someone who hasn’t done their homework properly or you are working for someone to provide them with incorrect info!

    Ok you’re saying that chemtrails don’t exist….. oops the UK MoD have admitted to spraying our skies between 1940-1979 and have ‘disclosed’ what they have sprayed. When asked if this is still going on Sue Ellis from Porton Down said that they can not comment on any ongoing research.

    There is a big difference between contrails and chemtrails. At the beginning of December I looked out to see 5/6 planes in the skies literally criss crossing each other, as they got so far they turned around then went the other way and did it again. As the planes eventually parted they left behind them a big mess of thick chemtrails in the form of a lovely pattern!

    Considering you know so much, explain why the governments have admitted to doing something that YOU say doens’t exist? Tell me why when asked if this is still ongoing Porton Down have stated that they can NOT discuss ongoing research. Lastly, please explain to me why I along with other people saw these planes in the skies criss crossing each other then turning around and doing it the other way.

    I look forward to your reply 🙂

  69. dz says:

    Were the planes still making their trails as they were turning around, or did the trails stop until their return trip? Did you visually see the aircraft in the process of turning around? Would like to see photos if you have any. If not, maybe photograph next time?

  70. Kelly says:

    Hi dz,

    The planes carried on spraying as they turned. My partner took photo’s, if you send me your email address I will send them to you. Alternatively mail me at [email protected] and i’ll send them to you.


  71. Kelly says:


    Sorry, I didn’t fully answer your question. Yes we visually saw the aircrafts. We where sat by the windows and my partner noticed them first. We have known about chemtrails for a long time and we have seen aircrafts that have left chemtrails but they have always flown one way as though they are just flying back to base/airports. We had never seen something so obvious and in your face than what we saw, I phoned my friend who lives behind us and told her to look up and she couldn’t believe it either.

  72. dz says:

    Or perhaps you can post them on the site here for all to see.

  73. Kelly says:

    Yes of course, i’ll have a look where to post them.

  74. Kelly says:

    Ok, I got my partner to put them on his website:
    Have a look, see what you think. The very last picture shows what the skies look like later on.

  75. Thanks for the photos Kelly. But they don’t show planes turing around while spraying. That would leave a U shape. All that is in your photos are small course changes of about 5-10 degrees. Just normal air traffic.

    Real turns would look like:

  76. dz says:

    Nice photos on your partners site, Kelly. But I think what Uncinus posted was more what I was looking for.

  77. Kelly says:

    You’re welcome for photo’s. Maybe I used the wrong wording when I said that the planes “turned around then went the other way and did it again”. The planes were spiralling around. We captured the best photo’s that we could get to tell the story so to speak.

  78. If they were spiraling around, you would have photos of spirals. These are just normal commuter planes travelling overhead in both directions. There are occasional small course changes (as is normal), but no indication at all that a plane ever came back over the same region of sky.

  79. Kelly says:

    Why did the planes go back and forth and criss cross each other? 5/6 planes flying in the same space criss crossing each other making patterns, how to you explain this?

    Why would you whitewash chemtrails yet the UK government admit to it? Why would they admit to something so serious that they haven’t done?

  80. TheFactsMatter says:

    The “UK government” has never admitted that the trails behind airplanes contain chemicals which are intentionally being sprayed onto people. The government has admitted something entirely different and the “chemtrail” community has misinterpreted their admission to mean something completely different.

  81. TheFactsMatter says:

    Which patent are you suggesting has anything to do with the trails in the sky?!

    Do you understand what a patent is?! I don’t believe you do.

  82. TheFactsMatter says:

    “Ok you’re saying that chemtrails don’t exist….. oops the UK MoD have admitted to spraying our skies between 1940-1979 and have ‘disclosed’ what they have sprayed. When asked if this is still going on Sue Ellis from Porton Down said that they can not comment on any ongoing research.”

    Please provide ANY evidence that when “they” sprayed it looked like the trails we all see in the sky. You are ASSUMING that this incident and the trails have anything to do with each other…why?! I don’t see the connection simply because there is no evidence to connect these two unrelated things together…Why do YOU?!

  83. That’s patent list is almost entirely unrelated to contrails. It’s just like someone searched for a few key words, and then made a list of patents without actually reading them.



  84. dz says:


    Is that “u-turn” photo one that you took?

  85. No, it was taken near Portland, Oregon on December 11th, 2005, at around 11AM. I can’t recall where I found the image. I used it in this post:


  86. Kelly says:

    lmao, who do you think you are?! Do NOT patronise me!

    I believe that you haven’t read EXACTLY what I have put, try doing that before you open your mouth!

    1. I stated that the government have admitted to spraying the UK between 1940-1979. Where do you think these chemtrails came from? Hot air balloons? Oh, so they sprayed our skies but not not with intentions of spraying us people. It’s like me saying that i’ve gone into town firing a gun but not intending to hurt someone!

    2. The patent shows that the powers that be have the right type of equipment and methods, if you know what I mean. What have I said to make you think that I am a retard that doesn’t know what patent means?

    3. I’m not going to get into an arguement with you because arguing with people like you is like arguing with a religious person to convince them that there is no god! 🙂

  87. SR1419 says:

    Kelly Said:

    “I stated that the government have admitted to spraying the UK between 1940-1979. Where do you think these chemtrails came from? Hot air balloons? ”

    Kelley- if you look closely at the details of the admission- they were low level applications designed to effect a specific population. Only 2 of the tests were done using aircraft- the rest were either from the back of vehicles driving around or from ships off the coast…none of the applications resulted in persistent trails at high altitudes.

    Nonetheless, the reality that the British government tested pathogens on its population does not change the reality of atmospheric physics that determine contrail behavior in the sky.

    Some contrails persist, spread and cover the sky in a haze. Its basic science. It is indeed a scientific FACT…so, seeing one do so shouldn’t be construed as something else simply because you do not trust your government.

    You chastised Uncinus for not doing his “research” …perhaps YOU should research all there is to know about atmospheric science before having the hubris to think you understand what you see in the sky…

    Just saying… 🙂

    BTW- Unicinus- happy new year and nice new look…looking forward to checking out the new site.

  88. TheFactsMatter says:

    Kelly, all I am, asking for is something other than YOUR assumptions that these trails are something to worry about. So far, all you have provided is evidence of your beliefs. You haven’t provided evidence that anything on the patent list has anything to do with the trails we all see in the sky.

    I’m not asking you to argue with me, I’m asking you to back up your claims with evidence. Trust me, I have no desire to argue with you about the “chemtrail” religion.

  89. GirlMatter says:

    Thanks for this site. Just wanted to mention that I’m 42 and have been watching the skies my whole life. As a kid I lived in Oklahoma so there were plenty of clouds, storms and airplanes from the nearby air force base to keep me interested. I do not see ANYTHING DIFFERENT in the skies. I do think there are real issues we should focus on, things to be concerned about, but not this. How about striving for quality drinking water and air not polluted by our own automobiles and factories? Seriously, the government doesn’t need to poison us.

  90. Tootsall says:

    I am old enough to remember the ground-shaking sound of a flight of Lancaster bombers. I was born and raised in an airforce family and spent the first 18 years of my life living on airforce bases on two continents. I live in the western prairie where you can watch a contrail coming from the east as it rises above the horizon and follow it until it disappears into the west over the horizon for approximately 20 minutes (that’s 200 miles at normal commercial jet speeds)…this happens in the early morning when backlighting by the sunrise in a low humidity atmosphere is perfect for observing contrails. This by way of establishing that I’m reasonably familiar with contrails. I am a retired engineer with some experience in gas turbine design; I have not and have never been employed by the government or military of any nation.

    The first and ONLY remarkable thing about contrails was the notable absence of them in the prairie skies overhead immediately after 9/11! It was positively weird.

  91. Joe J says:

    “Mercury is no longer used in vaccines”


  92. R Guinn says:

    I live under the path of an international airport so we have many planes fly over our house every day, also, there is a smaller domestic airport nearby where small planes take off and land constantly. Several weeks or even a few months can go by without seeing chemtrails, only jet contrails at very high altitudes which disappear within an hour or so. In this period of several weeks of clear skies but regular aviation traffic, there can be a variety of different weather conditions. Then suddenly, such as was the case in May 2010, what appears to resemble unmarked military jets fly over us from Washington State, they looped over Victoria and Vancouver and returned towards Washington State leaving behind chemtrails that turned our previous blue skies into a mass of silvery plasma. The spraying went on for 2 weeks in May 2010 and then stopped and we only noticed more spraying in the fall for a few days and none since then. We are expecting the spraying to resume in the spring again just in time for planting season to begin. Analysis that has been conducted on air samples taken after spraying show high levels of aluminum and barium in nano-particulates. Aluminum has a detrimental effect on crops as well as on human health. Is it just coincidence that Monsanto is currently patenting GMO’s that are aluminum resistant to replace crops failing now due to aluminum poisoning? We are seeing a 70% increase in childhood asthma which should raise alarm bells. Bees are dying, birds are falling already dead from the skies suffering blunt force trauma or suffocation while in flight. Morgellans disease was at first laughed at by doctors because it was not in their medical texts and therefore the sufferers must be crazy in the head, until ABC did a show and asked the FBI to identify the strange fibers squirming out of peoples skin. The fibers, which of course doctors assumed would prove to be from the environment, remain unidentified to this day as neither man-made nor natural. Whether there is a link to Morgellans and chemtrails remains to be proven and hopefully soon the mystery will be so

  93. MikeC says:

    I can’t comment on your contrail observations other than to say that such anecdotal complaints and presumptive connections and conclusions are pretty common, and impossible to investigate due to lack of specificity.

    Aluminium poisoning has been known for decades – it took genetic modification to be invented before anyone could shift genes for plants that are aluminium resistant to be put into crops that are not.

    there is a LOT of land that suffers from it – maybe 20% of the earths soils suffer it. Solving it will make billions for the company that does so, and also for farmers. Eg see http://www.technologyreview.com/biomedicine/21454/?a=f

    And it is not jsut Monstanto looing at it – eg see http://webapp.ciat.cgiar.org/epmr_ciat/pdf/poster_20_epmr07.pdf – identifying resistant bean genotypes – 40% of bean growing land world wide suffers from aluminium poisoning resulting in yields 30-60% lower than otherwise.

    Coincidence? No – just scientific progress and the hunger and profit motives!

    Morgellans disease is closely identified with delusional parasitosis – something that is well established and has been known about by hte medical profession for at least 70 years – but it is not well known.

    birds have always fallen from the sky – see the metabunk companion site to this – http://metabunk.org/content/137-Dead-Bird-Panic-How-Media-Focus-Distorts-a-Subject

  94. Janet Detwiler says:

    Hi, R Guinn ~ It sounds like we live fairly close to each other. I’m in Seattle, and I also live under the flight path of an international airport (SeaTac). Our Pacific Northwest does have a tremendous amount of air traffic, and we also have above average conditions for persistent lingering contrail formation for a good part of the year. There are large numbers of aircraft flying over this region at high altitude heading for other destinations also, and those are the aircraft I’ve spotted leaving lingering contrails. I have found that even using a good pair of binoculars, I cannot get a good enough bead on a plane flying @ 30,000 to see any markings on it whatsoever. It is also impossible for me to distinguish any color on aircraft flying at high altitude and they all look “white: to me, but perhaps that’s because I’m 53 years-old and my eyes are going bad.

    Regarding bee die-offs, scientists discovered the culprit(s) of colony collapse to be a combination of a virus and a fungus ~ http://www.nytimes.com/2010/10/07/science/07bees.html ~ That’s just a NYT article, but there are scientific publications re: this subject on the web also.

    I first noticed this phenomenon in 2007, and I hate to admit it now, but I kind of freaked out for a while. I wish I’d read more info from sites just like this one, rather than reading from sites that have no scientific data to offer.

    I’m kind of new around here, but I have learned a lot from this site. There’s a lot of data here and it’s fascinating reading.


  95. Living near an airport is no guarantee of seeing contrails. I live near Santa Monica airport and LAX. None of the planes landing or taking off from those airports are likely to leave a visible contrail except in unusual conditions. They simply are not high enough.

    Any straight contrail overhead is something that was fly between two different airports, probably hundreds of miles away.

    I suspect your two weeks of contrails was simply the results of unusual weather during thouse two weeks, that resulted in the atmosphere in your area having a larger volume of air suitable for contrail formation and spreading.

  96. Janet Detwiler says:

    Dang it, Uncinus, that’s what I was trying to say (“Living near an airport is no guarantee of seeing contrails”). It’s the aircraft flying over my area to other destinations that leave visible contrails.

    Here’s a good time-lapse of some east/west air traffic flying over Vancouver and leaving visible contrails, Vancouver BC, Summer of 2008.

    [KatKam, June 24/25, 2008. Downtown BC, Canada] ~ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gXz03kLZOm0

  97. captfitch says:

    I think that the statements regarding the observers’ proximity to airports is an attempt to establish credibility regarding observing aircraft.

    It’s sort of like stating that you live near the ocean so you know lots about water.

  98. Nate says:

    Thanks for the making this site. I personally do believe in government corruption and a NWO conspiracy, but I see this chemtrail issue taking too much attention from stuff that actually matters. I don’t believe this is misinformation. I don’t believe you’re a government puppet. I don’t know when jet streams turned into chemtrails. I remember watching them as a kid in the late 80’s, and I do remember them breaking up, I remember them looking exactly the same as they do now. People that say otherwise just don’t remember correctly as you said. This is coming from someone who believes in the NWO plot, that the pope is the antichrist, that 911 was staged by the CIA. Those are all true…however do you people ever think that all this sci-fi crap, and chemtrails talk could actually be a plot by the powers that be to distract us from other conspiracies? I personally think they laugh about this stuff in their little secret meetings.

    Once again, great site, and thanks again!

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