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Barium Chemtrails on KSLA

Brief Summary:
  • Samples of water were collected in August 2007, in Stamps Arkansas, by leaving some bowls outside for a month
  • The resultant dirty water was tested by KSLA and was found to have the same amount of barium in it as most municipal tap water.
  • The reporter misunderstood the results, and said there was a lot of Barium
  • The reporter now admits he was mistaken, and that he found no evidence for chemtrails



Some conspiracy theorists think that persistent spreading contrails indicate some kind of deliberate aerial spraying, probably by the government. They speculate as to what could be in these trails, and one of the most common things they claim is barium.

Some people are so obsessed by this idea that they have rainwater tested to see if it has barium in it. They usually find some, and then trumpet this as evidence that their theory is correct.

Unfortunately they are wrong. I’ll explain why, but first, some basic science.

What is Barium?

Barium is a metal, like calcium. You never find it in its metal form (outside of a lab), as it oxidizes rapidly in the air. Instead you’ll find compounds, usually barium sulfate or barium carbonate. Barium compounds are used in the plastics, rubber, electronics and textile industries, in ceramic glazes and enamels, in glass-making, brick-making and paper-making, as a lubricant additive, in pharmaceuticals and cosmetics, in case-hardening of steel and in the oil and gas industry as a wetting agent for drilling mud. Barium in water comes primarily from natural sources as it is present as a trace element in both igneous and sedimentary rocks. Barium is generally present in air in particulate form as a result of industrial emissions, particularly from combustion of coal and diesel oil and waste incineration.

µ and Parts Per …

When you measure the concentration of a substance in water, you can express it in various ways. You have to pay attention to units when converting from one way to another.

A liter of water weighs 1 kilogram, which is 1000 grams.

A milligram is 1/1000th (a thousandth) of a gram. 1mg = 1 milligram = 0.001g

A microgram is 1/1000000 (a millionth) of a gram. 1ug = 1µg = 1 microgram

Note that last line, because it’s important. The symbol µ is the greek letter “mu”. In measuring, it’s used to mean “micro”, or “millionth”. (To type µ, hold down the Alt key, type 230 on the numeric keypad, and then release the Alt key). Since it’s difficult to type, it’s often written using the letter “u”. Make sure you understand the difference between a milligram (mg, 1/1000th or a gram) and a microgram (µg, ug, 1/1000000th of a gram). A milligram is thousandth, not a millionth. It’s a little confusing sometimes.

A microgram is a millionth of a gram, so it’s a billionth of a kilogram. Since there are 1000 grams in a kilogram, and 1,000,000 micrograms in a gram, there are 1,000,000,000 µg in a kilogram. All this is basic high school science.

Concentration in water is measured as ppm, ppb, g/L, mg/L, µg/L. These are parts per million, parts per billion, grams per liter, milligrams per liter and micrograms per liter. We can convert between these easily:
1 ppm = 1 mg/L = 1000 ppb = 1000 µg/L
1 ppb = 1 µg/L = 0.001 ppm = 0.001 mg/L
(remember that 1 Liter is 1000 grams, so 1 mg in one liter is a thousandth of a gram in one thousand grams, or 1 part in a million).

Chemtrail claims

This video is very popular right now. Claiming that water was analyzed and found to have barium in it.


airteamimagescom.jpgThe video was taken in Stamps, Arkansas, which is not entirely surprising as that’s in a region of the US the might be renamed “Contrail Alley”. It’s at the intersection of the cross country routes between the West Coast, and the major airport in Atlanta, Orlando and Jacksonville. Stamps is midway between the two major regional VORs (Texarkana and El Dorado), right next to the major East-West airway Victor V278, and on the edge of a MOA that traffic has to skirt occasionally. It’s also directly below the Atlanta to Dallas, San Antonio to New York and Houston to Chicago flight routes. On just ONE of these routes (Atlanta to Dallas) there is a scheduled commuter flight, directly overhead, at contrail altitude every 15 minutes! The same frequency of flights is found on the Houston-Chicago route, which crosses at right angles almost exactly overhead. Hence, when the weather is right, it is inevitable that you will see contrails in a grid pattern, “a giant checkerboard”. See this Google Earth file: airlines-over-stamps.kmz

ksla-jar2.jpgBut back to the video. It shows a jar of dirty water (collected 9/1/2007), which was collected by Bill Nichols. He’s posted some comments on the YouTube video describing how he collected the water:

it was rainwater. i collected it in two separate bowls on the hood of a pickup truck in my backyard. we are 25 miles from the nearest interstate. this is a very poor county, the only industry is chickens, logging , farming, a little oil—no coal burners or anything like that. i wasn’t looking for attention. i was looking for answers, ksla said they would pay to get it tested. i dropped it off, and they asked my opinion

i put 2 clean bowls there specifically because i wanted to catch what was falling. i don’t recall exactly when i put the bowls there, but they were there for about a month before i contacted ksla. the goo that i caught was full of barium. have a cool day!

Pause for a second, and consider if you left a bowl out for the month of August in rural Arkansas, what would you expect to find in it after a month? Some dirty water? Perhaps a little dust? What’s dust made of outdoor? Dirt, dried topsoil. What would you expect to find in the dirt in Arkansas – one of the richest sources of barium in the US? You’d expect a bit of Barium – but did they actually find any more than you’d get in tap water?

This dirty water was tested, the test results are available in full here. You can also see the results in the video, at around 00:55 to 00:59. Here they are pieced together.


And just to be clear, here’s a closeup of the results, and the units:


That’s quite straightforward right? Barium found at 68.8 µg/L. That’s 68.8 parts per billion. Now listen to the audio at that precise point (also transcribed on the KSLA web site):

“The results: a high level of barium, 6.8 parts per million (ppm), more than three times the toxic level set by the EPA”.

Immediately you can see something is wrong here. it’s 68.8, not 6.8, and it’s not parts per million, it’s parts per billion. So it’s actually 0.0688 parts per million.

And what of “three times the toxic level set by the EPA”? They are referring to the EPA Limits, as quoted by the CDC:

“The EPA has set a limit of 2.0 milligrams of barium per liter of drinking water (2.0 mg/L), which is the same as 2 ppm [parts per million].”

So the EPA limit is 2 ppm (2000 µg/L), and the tests actually found 0.0688 ppm (68.8 µg/L), just 3.4% of the allowable limit.

That limit’s not really a “toxic level” either. There’s no evidence that it would be toxic even at that level (which, remember, is 29 times higher than what was actually found). The world health organization has set a drinking water level of 7 ppm after doing studies into the health effects of barium.

Barium has always been in water

The WHO also reported on the barium levels in drinking water (meaning, from a tap, not some dirty puddle) and they found:

In a study of water supplies of cities in the USA, a median value of 43 μg/litre was reported; in 94% of all determinations, the concentrations found were below 100µg/litre (IPCS, 1990)

So the average was 43 µg/L, but most were below 100µg/L. This means the amount of Barium found in this supposed chemtrail residue was about the same as was found in the municipal water supplies in the US, back in 1990. This is pretty low, it varies with geography based on the type of rocks in the aquifer. In Tuscany, Italy, the Barium in drinking water was around 1000µg/L (1ppm), high, but still within safe limits.

The amount of barium will also vary based on the weather. Very heavy rains will leach more barium out into the groundwater. So you’d expect more barium after very rainy seasons. This is actually what you find if you look at the historical records in California (which has very uneven annual rainfall). You see spikes in barium whenever there is a wet year after a dry year. Recent years like these are 1991, 1995, 1998 and 2004 (2001 and 2003 also spiked to a lesser extent). The expected peaks were confirmed by the results of Rosalind Peterson at California Skywatch.

So what’s going on here? Chemtrail theorists are constantly claiming that “chemtrails” are made of barium, and that it’s affecting our health. But whenever water is tested, it is found to have perfectly normal levels of barium, which vary as expected based on the rainfall. In the cases where they claim it’s got an unusual amount, this is just a misunderstanding of the units and limits involved.

Yes, there is barium in the drinking water, there always has been, and always will be. Trace amounts, mostly from the environment and some industrial pollution. It’s a very small amount, and not dangerous. There is no evidence to suggest it has anything to do with “chemtrails.”

Update #1: 5/2/2009

Jeff Ferrall, the reporter in the story now says:


Yes, I did make corrections to my first report, which originally aired almost 2-years ago now… after quickly realizing my very embarrassing mistake. I was not happy with myself. Unfortunately, the first version of my report got out to the internet before I could make the correction(s), and the wrong version is shown repeatedly.

My feeling is, and maybe you’d agree, that if such aerosol mixes were created and loaded into jets with either a separate/independent dispersal method other than the exhaust, or actually in the fuel itself… somewhere, somehow, you’d expect someone to talk. I have not heard that yet.

I also interviewed the scientist who originally patented what some believe was a precursor to so-called chemtrail technology. He’s a very kind, helpful man who could not have been more helpful. He says he knows nothing about any such conspiracy.

There’s also a mention of this story In Skeptical Enquirer magazine:

Update#2: 3/14/2010

More people make the same mistake.  This time someone in Austrailia, and the story was picked up by a Los Angeles environmentalist.   Again mg is confused with µg, making the results 1000 times as high:


976 thoughts on “Barium Chemtrails on KSLA

  1. Dallion7th says:

    “Save the Humans” from the Humans…. You have been raised by lies since you wre a kid… Your parents gave you the biggest lie when they told you there was a santa claus, but at least they came clean when you figured out the truth. Lets face it this chem trail spraying cost big bucks when our states and country is going broke.
    Lets face the facts here Kids…. Our government is spraying us… Simply it is population control and weather modification, which still results in population control.
    Their even spraying Maui. Thecoral reefs are dying there, and everyone blames sunscreen. Why would they fly so many miles to spray a small island?? An island where everyone goes to bask in the sun It is not to protect them from our Sun’s solar rays.

    Just muddy up the waters by making this obvious extermination of man something crazy… my god why would anyone want to control the population by killing everyone and bring back a world of stupid slaves whom worship these wealthy 300 men whom call themselves the “comittee of 300.”. Oh and there is a guy calling himself santa but please don’t let that muddy up what I just stated. D7th

  2. HumanBeing says:

    ACTUAL GOVERNMENT DOCUMENT (CL02) explains beginning to end how ALL weather is modified by government.

  3. captfitch says:

    Well I wish those government overlords would turn the heat down!!!! It’s freaking hot!!!!!!

    And my lawn needs water too so make that happen.

  4. That appears simply to be an email from Andrea Psoras, to the CFTC. A stamp on something saying the CFTC received it does not make something an “official government document”.

    It’s just a collection of various conspiracy theories, ending with the idea that the recent earthquakes are signs from god heralding the end of the world, and that everything is an illusion.

  5. Alder Stone says:

    Uncinus, I’m not going to get tangled up in this set of arguments. You’re doing an excellent job all by yourself (with the help of a few other logical thinkers in the midst of a torrent of logical fallacy.)

    I’m just commenting to offer a very heartfelt THANK YOU! for your work addressing this chemtrail hypothesis (*) with an understanding of basic science and the application of critical thinking skills, especially logical fallacies. (* The chemtrail idea does not qualify as a theory, and is at best a hypothesis; but that misnaming reflects a general public misunderstanding of the distinction between “hypothesis” and “theory”).

    I’ve been following this chemtrail hypothesis idea for years. I’ve researched it time and again, usually because a few SHRILL students in my classes (or a few others who have egged me on from the sidelines) have insisted that I check out the latest “evidence”.

    (I have a PhD in ecology and evolution. Taught college-level biology and mathematics for 8 years, then branched off as an independent educator teaching systems sciences, life sciences, geophysiology (Gaia theory) and climate change for the last decade. Climate change has been a major focus for the last five years, and this chemtrail conspiracy just confounds the legitimate research on the role of aerosols in climate change.)

    When I do revisit the so-called evidence for the hypothesis, I consistently find hearsay, anecdotal evidence, and poor science (not fit for a middle school science project) all laced with logical fallacy.

    I’ve never found one – NOT ONE – paper about this issue published in a professional journal of science like Science, Nature, Journal of Atmospheric Science, Ecology, etc. Instead, I find scientists consistently publish statements attesting that there’s nothing to this.

    Of course, the conspirators then claim that the scientists themselves are part of the cover-up, which is total rubbish. It there were anything to this, the scientists would be all over this, just like they are all over global heating and climate change, even though the government – notably the former Bush admin – did everything they could to cover it up.

    It’s very notable to me that the premier climatologist in the US – James Hansen, who has considerable expertise in aerosols, and recognizes there importance in global dimming, which is artificially cooling us by 1 – 3C – does not acknowledge the ‘chemtrails’ hypothesis. Neither does James Lovelock (whom I think is an even better climatologist than Hansen).

    My consistent advice to the ‘chemtrails’ people is this: Want to sell your case to the public? Fine. Take your evidence – such as it is – to a reputable atmospheric scientist, meteorologist, or – preferably – atmospheric chemist. Get her or him interested in your project, have them put together an experimental design using appropriate statistical models, engage a reputable chemistry lab to do rigorous hypothesis testing. Write up the results, and publish in a journal. I’ll even be happy to read the pre-publication paper.

    Anyway, I found your web site a year or so ago, and have found it to be a beacon of logic amidst the shrill screams of illogic that dominate the search engines on this topic. (Another beacon on this and other ‘conspiracy’ ideas is Robert Carroll’s Skeptic’s Dictionary. Here is his entry about chemtrials: http://www.skepdic.com/chemtrails.html )

    I’ve never commented here before, so just wanted to take a minute and offer thanks.

    Keep up the good work. What you are doing is important.

  6. Donna Esposito says:

    I live in the great San Joquin Valley. We know crop dusting; we know Lemoore Naval Air station fighter Jets. We know commericial airplanes; not too many come and go here. lemoore and commercial airlines fly low comming and going. It is called landing and take off. So to see 6 or more jets crisscrossing the sky leaving white plumes that start to spread out forming a cover is very odd. This is happening almost daily. They cross hatch constantly. This is not normal. So come on out and see for yourself before you make up your mind. I have been asking around and pnumonia is way up among the hospitals. For getting a cleanner air rating, lung ailments have jumped sky high. Come on down Mr. Scientist and help an old, stupid woman distinguish between normal and odd. I have lived with normal all my life. This is very odd.

  7. captfitch says:

    Why do you need anyone to come down there when this whole site is here for your examination. He hides nothing.

  8. Thanks Alder! Great to get positive feedback like that.

  9. Jay Reynolds says:

    So you think there are no commercial jets criss-crossing over the San Joachin Valley?
    Scroll in or out to zoom, left click your mouse and hold to drag. Click on ‘Earth View” to see the terrain.
    You will be AMAZED at how much flight traffic is over your head.
    here is your link:

  10. zipidydoodah says:

    [img]https://contrailscience.com/wp-content/uploads/MY CAMERA 4-1-2011 041.JPG[/img]
    Not worth the effort to convence you – you already have your mind shut

  11. Alexey says:

    Nice April Fools Day picture, Zipidydoodah 🙂

    This is a natural and commonly occurring cloud formation that has nothing to do with the plane trails. Why not to check the satellite images of the area on that date and time (2011:04:01 13:34:22 ?)?

  12. SR1419 says:


    convince me of what? that the atmosphere moves like a fluid and thus causes clouds to take wave like patterns??

    thats a pretty standard formation…something I have witnessed my entire life…and something others witnessed long before me..as this book on clouds from 1905 can attest:


    Many pictures in there of similar formations…and I am sure your mind is open right?

  13. Ross Marsden says:

    Altocumulus undulatus !
    My favourite after “mackerel sky”.

  14. Dude says:

    I’ve scoured through the many comments, one subject seems to be missing,


    I know that when I was younger the contrails did not linger like they do today.

    I am staying in Malaysia, they occur in all kinds of weather here. I have seen two jets following each other, one contrail disappeared, the other lingered for a very long time wafting and becoming cloud like.
    I believe it may have to do with an attempt at UV protection.

  15. SR1419 says:

    Dude wrote:

    “I know that when I was younger the contrails did not linger like they do today.”

    Yea they did…there are just a lot more of them now…and you probably didn’t notice them…until you did and then you see them….When did you first notice? Did they exist the day before?


    as for 2 jets- same sky- different trails:


  16. Jay Reynolds says:

    “I’ve scoured through the many comments, one subject seems to be missing,


    Project Cloverleaf was a hoax where someone anonymously emailed Clifford Carnicom who just put it out there as if it was fact. Nothing supports it, eleven years later.
    Here is when it started:
    Think about it, the email says the person feels guilty, but doesn’t give anyone any real confirmable information.
    Why would someone take suc a risk yet not give anything for anyone to go on?
    And why hasn’t anything further come out of this if ordinary airline managers and mechanics al know about it?
    Doesn’t this reek of hoax? If not, simply get someone into the business and find out.

    This was a fail, unless one simply wants it to be true.

  17. CT McG says:

    If the ‘trails’ are contrails formed after jet fuel exhaust then what the hell is this video evidence of an unmarked jet spraying? Not just spraying but turning it the nozzles off then back on again.

    Spraying caught red handed

    If you catch the chemical haze at a particular angle relative to the sun, such as if you wore sunglasses and observed the chemicals passing over the sun about mid day, you’ll notice the refraction of light much like an oil slick on the surface of water resulting in red and green hues. If it were only clouds or contrails it would NOT refract the sun light like that, especially when it is not holding moisture. The refraction of the sunlight is a tell-tale sign of micron size contaminants floating in the air.

    There are many purposes to spraying the chemtrails. Poisoning the masses is just a convenient side effect. Do some research on electro-sensitivity of top soil and how it relates to micronic aluminum particles, its harsh effects on organically grown crops, as well as the ability of genetically altered crops to be able to grow.

    What about the polarization of micronic metal particles using electromagnetic waves in order to create holographic phenomena?

    What about the patents for hologram technology using strontium barium niobate?

    The intelligence behind the spraying are intending to blanket the entire earth with their chemicals not to target a select populace. The idea is to project holograms into the strontium barium niobate saturated atmosphere and to control the growth of crops. The poisoning and dumbing down of the nations is just one of the convenient ‘side effects’ of the spraying, not the main purpose. Once the grand light show is in full effect many people will attempt to create their own communities and break off the grid only to find that their organic crops will not grow in the electro sensitive soils. They will be forced to participate in the new world commerce in order to purchase their gm food. Has anyone noticed the declining performance of organically grown crops relative the increasing performance of the tasteless genetically modified produce? I have.

    The airborne chemicals also serve as a useful tool for observing the electromagnetic harmonics pulsing through the atmosphere, sometimes the ripples -even the crosshatch ripples of criss crossing electromagnetic harmonics- become very defined and visible. If you owned a scalar wave device large enough to project emfs across the country wouldn’t you want someway to observe its patterns and calibrate it accordingly? Chem trails serve well for this purpose as well.

    The truth is in your ability to observe and think for yourself. Read and observe everything including your own skies then decide for yourself. There are many disinformant agents at work.

  18. captfitch says:

    If your first proof (the tanker video) is wrong within the first 15 seconds (about the nozzles) then why should believe any of that video?

    Do you contend that those are not flap actuators?

    If I spray my garden hose in the air I see colors like red and green. Is my water supply contaminated and if so why am I not sick?

    I had great organic produce in my back yard this year- if a random sample like my yard is ok then what is the program accomplishing?

    You have to turn off your cell phone on a plane. If the plane is so sensative to interference why don’t the waves you speak of bring down hundreds of planes?

    If you would just STOP reading everything and start thinking for yourself then many of the points you make don’t make any sense.

  19. CT McG says:


    Your garden hose is spewing water which refracts light. But a thin translucent “cloud” passing over head with no water in it and no rain in sight is refracting light? It must be something other than water refracting the light in the “cloud”.

    I am not understanding where the debunking of that video is coming from. Please post a link to the info. As far as organic produce. I ran an online grocery delivery business for the last two years and have noticed the rapid decline in the aesthetic quality of organic produce over the last couple years.Granted I haven’t officially documented the changes in organic produce so I won’t continue on that tangent.

    If planes were so sensitive to emfs then why allow the radio towers to continually operate? I’m not sure everyone obeys order perfectly and turns their phones off either, so planes are not as sensitive as you say they are. If they were, you are right, theyd be dropping out of the sky all over the place. The planes for the most part are unaffected by the emfs, the Chem trails become polarized by the emfs.

    I love your advice, “STOP reading everything”. Right. Kind of like saying , just be a sheep and everything will be okay.

  20. Clouds are made of water droplets or ice crystals, so they refract light.

  21. MikeC says:

    You are wrong thinking there is no water in the “cloud”.

    What you are seeing is moisture condensing out of teh air as the air is cooled by dropping in pressure as it flows over thr top of the KC-10 wing – you may remember the gas laws from year 10/11 physics – pV=nRT and all that 🙂

    If the air has high humdity then the temperature drop can be enough to cause moiusture to condense out.

    the “nozzles” that tanker enemy identifies are teh flap tracks for all DC-10 and MD-11 a/craft – you can see multiple images of them at this page – http://www.airlinercafe.com/page.php?id=392

    Or you might like to have a look at this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TteSCwh3sIs – which explains what you are seeing in tanker enemies falsified video.

  22. CT McG says:

    Ok cool. learning everyday.

  23. SR1419 says:

    CT said:

    “It must be something other than water refracting the light in the “cloud”.”

    others have mentioned it above but clouds are either liquid water or ice…both refract light resulting in various displays- see here for more info:


    aerodynamic contrails- which is what the Tanker video is- are well known for their “rainbow” effects:


  24. New World Disorder says:

    Uncinus my dear, it is so obvious that if you’re not only a miserable human being who was paid to do this crap, then you’re just one of them sorry reptilians…and i really feel sorry for you and your sorry race, who can’t evolve and reach the higher levels of existence as humans do. You must hate yourself and the Creator, for being made so inferior to human beings, which are the Royal Race in the Universe. Your “intelligence” and knowing of “scientific facts” which are for the most times – “fabricated reptilian facts”, will not help you ease your sorrow and pain for not being able to evolve.

    I wish you more of a luck in the next life-time, and i wish you someday ascend, and be born as a human being, and see how beautiful it is.

  25. What do you find odd about it? The gaps? The twist? The persistence? All off those are features of a normal persistent contrail.

    Gaps are due to variations in the atmosphere

    Twists are due to swirling in the atmosphere.

    Persistence is something contrails do if the ambient humidity at altitude is above 70% (hence saturated with respect to ice).

  26. New World Disorder says:

    haha, fool….i will only say – nice try…but you know what? I got news for you…and the news is – people are not that stupid as you prefer to think. People actually REMEMBER their lives and the skies 10, 15 and 20 years ago. And back then, there were no “contrails” like this today, ok? The explanation that it’s because of the increase in air-traffic is maybe enough for the telletubbies’, but not for us intelligent humans, sorry.

  27. Plenty of people remember persistent contrails. Plus it’s actually what we see in photos, and in books on the weather from the period, as well as newspaper articles, and in science books.

    Maybe you just lived somewhere that did not have much flyover traffic at the time. Or maybe you just did not remember.

  28. Critical Thinker says:

    Unicus, clearly being a reptilian invalidates your opinion, lol.

    The absurdity of this chemtrails conspiracy never ceases to amaze me. To me the biggest problems among chemtrail believers are lack of critical thinking skills, lack of knowledge of the scientific process, and a profound misunderstanding of what constitutes good research. They often seem to have trouble with basic unit conversions as well…

    For chemtrail believers reading this post: WATCHING HUNDREDS OF YOUTUBE VIDEOS MADE BY CHEMTRAIL CONSPIRACY THEORISTS IS NOT RESEARCH. Whew, I feel better already.

    New World Disorder – is it any wonder that you didn’t see something you weren’t looking for? Did you, by yourself, come to the conclusion that we are being sprayed with chemicals, or did you read about it on the internet and then go outside and look up? I know which it was, and you do too. Be honest.

    As a scientist and aviator, I thank you Unicus for doing what you can to dispel this silly “theory”, and for bringing just a little more sanity and reason to the world.

  29. My mother named me says:

    Are you totally ignorant of the numerous cloud seeding campaigns that have been going on since the 60’s? These campaigns are no secret, nor are the ingredients that are spewed into our only air a secret. After all the years and untold (tax-paid) money spent to supposedly artificially create “better” weather, nothing has changed for the better with the atmosphere. Storms, droughts, fires, crop failures, mass animal deaths, rising rates of asthma & horrid diseases that further destroy, the list goes on and on and on, just gets worse. We are not so stupid we don’t know the difference between aircraft contrail exhausts and intentional chemtrail dumping projects.
    I have seen with my own eyes the white shark-shaped double barrel, unmarked, barely visible even when close chemtrail planes here on many occasions. Usually the white, wingless, soundless tube shaped monitors circle the area being poisoned. I have personally watched the same craft go back and forth and around to box an area in all day long! NOT a passenger plane/jet doing this. As broke as the passenger plane companies are, do you think they would waste money on fuel for joy rides lasting 10 hours? Thousands, if not millions, of us have been watching the skies, taking pictures, communicating with others all across USA.
    It’s hilarious the fed-gov shames cigarette smokers, denies propellant asthma inhalers, and demands vehicles emit less fuel as if those are to blame for crappy skies. Yeah, get the public to pay for the poisons that are killing them, while blaming them for the troubles, destroying the food supply so more will die, make the pilots think they’re doing something beneficial.
    Who pays for this site? Who pays you to do this kind of work? Whose kool-aid did you drink?
    What is happening here is an example of evil deceit.

  30. Jay Reynolds says:

    “my mother named me”, before you claim that what you see are not passenger jets, you need to actually prove that point. I have made some common sense suggestions for how you could do that. Please checkit out and get back to us when you have some proof.

    Oh, and by the way, who pays you to promote this hoax?
    Are you working for someone to sell aluminum dioxide as a health supplement?


  31. Matrim Cauthon says:

    Since my previous post was deleted…Here it goes again. Uncinus and more than half the other posters on here are Gov. paid shills(if its not uncinus posting again and again). (b4 MikeC or other shills post wanting proof of this) How much are they paying you guys?Let’s watch Mike C post 2 mins after me, like he has nothing in the world better to do. I loved how you put that picture up of childrens mylanta to explain how the child in “what in the world are they spraying” had aluminum found in her hair sample. Your “science” astounds me. Or maybe your stupidity. You can fool a few, but not the folks with their eyes open. The previous poster Tony has the gyst of it. You guys need to stop selling out your fellow homo sapiens. Get a real job plz.

  32. Matrim, you previous post is here:
    it said:

    clearly…Uncinus=gov disinfo agent.

    I’m not though, I’m just some guy.

    If you see something wrong on the site, then tell me what it is, where it is, why it is wrong, and I promise I’ll correct it.

  33. New World Disorder says:

    Matrim, don’t be so sure that they are homo-sapiens. 😉 There are only 2 options of course…either they are just a pitiful humans who sold their souls and (knowing or not) work for the lizards that control the whole fucking planet, or they are lizards or at least reptilian-human hybrids themselves.

  34. New World Disorder says:

    And of course that Uncinus, “Jay Reynolds”, “Critical Thinker”, “CT(<-!?)" "MikeC"….are the same sorry person…you failed so miserably "Uncinus".

  35. captfitch says:

    So the government has the power to spray everyone with dangerous chemicals yet it’s not able to actually cover up the operation and the best defense its come up with a debunking website?

    Seems a lttle far fetched.

    Oh- and I am not Uncinus.

  36. rob says:

    i’m not uncinus, and nor’s my wife…

    (just a little english monty python humour).

    strange that they can apparently ‘cloak’ the planes, but the chemtrails spewing out of the cloaked planes are huge and bright white…. you’d think they’d be spraying something that was optically clear, if it was a ‘secret global spraying programme’…. i wonder how many p.p.m. are required to make the trails visible from hundreds of miles away? it must be a hell of a cargo to carry… all that criss-crossing… all those mind controlled slaves emptying sacks of barium and aluminium dust into a huge hopper in the back of the planes… must be using AN-225’s.

  37. Alexey says:

    rob said:

    “I wonder how many p.p.m. are required to make the trails visible from hundreds of miles away? it must be a hell of a cargo to carry…”

    It’s a dangerous thought that no chemtrailer can afford to think about. If they could add figures up, they would see that no AN-225 or similar plane could carry such a huge amount of cargo.

    On the other note, when a plane does spray something other than exhaust, e.g., it is generating smoke or dumping fuel, the trail does not last but dissipates rather quickly. At high altitudes non-vapor trails probably would be indistinguishable in appearance from ordinary (short) contrails.

  38. I think they would differ though. A short trail narrows, and then vanishes abruptly. A trail of powder would sink and spread, and gradually becomes wider and more diffuse. See:


    (although that’s also evaporating, so not a good example).

    The issue of optical depth is a good one though. Most (>99%) of the ice in a persistent contrail comes from the air, not the fuel. So for a plane to create a trail as optically dense as a persistent contrail, it would need to spray (at least) 100x as much material as it burns fuel for the length of the trail.

  39. tryblinking says:

    I’m actually Spartacus.

    ‘New World Disorder’, the fact that you advertise your belief in Lizard Overlords argues against your credibility far more efficiently that anyone here could care to.

  40. MikeC says:

    No, I’m Spartacus!

    I also live in New Zealand – so I must be, because this is where Spartacus comes from, along with Xena & Hercules, & I think I had 2.6 seconds on screen in Osgiliath as a Gondorin Soldier…it’s kinda hard to be sure tho…..

  41. Critical Thinker says:

    No, I’m Sparticus!

    I wish I got paid to post on this website. If I did I would certainly post more often, and could probably be convinced to make things up if the money was good enough ; ). Being some kind of reptilian overlord would be pretty sweet too, where do I sign up? The truth however is that I’m an environmental consultant with an interest in aviation and most of a private pilot’s license, as I have just a few more hours to go.. That’s it.

    Anyway, I know nothing neither I, nor anyone else writes will change y’all’s viewpoints. By the by, New Word Disorder, are you ever going to answer my chicken or the egg question? It’s ok if you don’t, we all know the answer anyway.

  42. New World Disorder says:

    @ Uncinus (Critical Thinker)

    Of course that i knew about chemtrails, and that i didn’t have to look on the internet first…why you ask?

  43. Critical Thinker says:

    Ok, so how did you come to the conclusion that chemicals were being sprayed? Why not attribute what you saw to something that is well understood by science,and has been for a long time? Why jump to the conclusion that mind control chemicals are being sprayed into our atmosphere? What evidence have you found that this is actually happening? Scientific studies? Whistle blowers? What drove you to this far fetched conclusion?

    My guess is that your belief in chemtrails (and reptilian overlords for that matter), comes not from science, or really anything you can point to as legitimate evidence (you can’t), but from a deep need to believe that what everyone else believes is a lie. That you know better, and we are all just sheep being herded to slaughter. There has been some research into the psychology of conspiracy theories and theorists. Here is an article from Psychology Today regarding this: http://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/mental-mishaps/201009/conspiracy-theorists-is-the-truth-out-there

    This link will take you to the peer reviewed article referenced in the Psychology Today article: http://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1002/acp.1583/abstract

    And this is a search result for the subject of conspiracy theory from the Wiley online library:http://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/advanced/search/results

    If you really are looking for answers, start looking inside your own head.


    Your Reptilian Overlord

  44. New World Disorder says:

    lol Uncinus, if you’d know whom you sent this article to, you would be embarrassed, to say the least. :))) aren’t you ashamed of posting such crap? :)))

    If you want to know about psychology, and the diagnosis/problems that people such as the author of that article have, you’re welcome to ask, it’s pretty simple.

    That was such a bad try :))) i didn’t even bother to read the whole garbage, it was clear from the start what’s the intention of the poor man. 🙂

    I won’t waste my time with lost cases like you and the author of that text anymore. But i can give an advice to you both – if you’re not just a usual sell-offs, than you should seek help.
    btw, the mainstream “science” you’re referring to, is just a bunch of crap….if you want to know what real science is, or meet some real scientists, you have to look elsewhere..

    And btw, i don’t have any “beliefs”…i just know things. You know, the modern shamans, advanced human beings, able to recieve all the information and knowledge straight from the source, no need to “believe” in anything.

    If you really are looking for answers, start looking inside your own head, indeed. :))

    Now read it again.

  45. I think you meant to address that last comment to “Critical Thinker”

  46. New World Disorder says:

    Excuse my english btw, it’s a pity that you don’t speak serbian, otherwise i would make unrecoverable damage to people like you. :))

  47. Alexey says:

    New World Disorder said:

    “it’s a pity that you don’t speak serbian…”

    Try me. I speak russian and have a few serbian colleagues here in the UK.

  48. Jay Reynolds says:

    “lol Uncinus, if you’d know whom you sent this article to, you would be embarrassed, to say the least. )) aren’t you ashamed of posting such crap? ”

    Embarass me, I hope I can stand the strain. Who are you, or are you so ashamed that you won’t use your name?

  49. JFDee says:

    Uncinus said to New World Disorder:
    I think you meant to address that last comment to “Critical Thinker”

    NWD believes it’s always Uncinus who is responding, under countless nicknames. Everything is a lie to him/her.

    New World Disorder, the only one who can help you is yourself.

  50. Critical Thinker says:

    @ New World Disorder

    I happen to be a real scientist – you know, university educated, significant field and laboratory experience. I’m paid to use science to make evaluations and predictions that make sense. Who are these “real” scientists you refer to? What are their credentials? Where/how can I meet one?

    By the way, who did I send this article to? Are you a leading researcher in the field of psychology? Because the authors of that article happen to be exactly that… What problem/disorder does the author have? Please explain this to me, because from what I can tell, he used sound research methods to approach an interesting topic, unlike you, who jumps the most outlandish conclusion available and is blind to any evidence to the contrary.

    Also, I’m not sure why you think I’m Uncinus, but I doubt I can convince you otherwise. Come to think of it, I’m not sure why I’m wasting my time trying to argue with someone who believes that the world is controlled by giant lizards.

  51. tryblinking says:

    Come on, embarrass us. There are many regulars who would love to be humbled by your intellectual stature. Interestingly, I have a degree in meteorology, with many friends currently working in physics, psychology, chemistry and biology. I can (unfortunately) almost guarantee that you will never know them as ‘prominent’ scientists.

    You see, for every single scientist you have decided is in the pocket of The Man (Lizard, whatever), there are literally hundreds of thousands around the world, working without agenda, simply to help humanity better understand our existence. For all but a thankfully minute unethical minority, there exists no pressure to find results, and no penalty for the wrong answer.

    Science is the process of discovery without emotional bias. There are no wrong answers in science, just the desire to understand the workings of our universe.

  52. Devonian says:

    for all those who subscribe to the method of inquiry; give up on trying to tell the conspiracy-aholics anything. They wallow around in their swamp of credulity believing the mud in their eyes is enlightenment. I mean you can’t even enjoy a good debate because they don’t use the conventional empirical resource but the “I just Know” resource followed by personal shots. So much for debating the argument…

  53. Mike says:

    If Chemtrails aren’t real, then how come they got banned by the U.N.?


  54. MikeC says:

    They didn’t “ban chemtrails” – the UN Convention on Biodiversity placed a moratorium on any forms of geoengineering that might harm biological diversity –


  55. Debunk this clip of three plane flying in formation, you can clearly see where they turned the trail on, and the leading plane has left a trail portion that is mostly covered by the following left planes’ chemtrail.


  56. Looks like three planes in formation, with the middle plane at a different altitude, and all the planes either ascending of descending though an area of contrail-ready air.

  57. Jay Reynolds says:

    Beware of what you ask for, you just might get it.

    1. These sorts of large jets leave large wakes behind them. If one of the planes you filmed was at exactly the same altitude as the other, the following plane would disturb the contrail of the lead plane.
    Since this did not happen it tells me that none of these planes was at the same exact altitude.
    2.Since their paths eventually diverge, it tells me they are also not on the same heading, thus they are not in “formation”.
    3. Two of the planes continue making contrails, while another does not. This could have several reasons related to differences between the air masses they are flying through, or the way the aircraft are being operated, which are discussed here:

    It’s too bad you weren’t able to identify the exact type of planes as done in this video:
    Also too bad you don’t have a telescope to get “Holy Grail” close ups of the planes like this fellow over in Belgium does:

    Better luck next time!

  58. captfitch says:

    I have seen this one here before. It’s three planes, all two engine fighters. Loose flight of three. This is an example of power changes influencing trail formation. Few engines can change power settings as rapidly as those designed for fighters and the clear “on/off” look to these trails points to that. Unfortunately since this is a video I can’t be sure if I’m correct nor can anyone claim certainty.

  59. Got you sussed says:

    @Jay Reynolds/Unicus, and all the others attempting to disguise what is actually happening with senseless interaction and mis-direction, replying with irrelevant quotes and more misinformation.

    This so called ‘blog’ was bought to my attention recently. At first it seemed like a likely chance to improve those that actually care about the world and other human beings’ combined overall understanding of what is actually happening in the world today.

    For almost 4 years this has gone on, a lot of which I have browsed through. I haven’t managed to read everything but I can see the general trend. I almost didn’t waste my (not necessarily precious) time even to bother attempting to comment on this subject here, as clearly see what this is about.

    This site is clearly set about by those f@#&s that are doing this to OUR world… You don’t need proof links and information, other than that what you can clearly see up in the skies of almost all of the world, together with the actual government bills and admittance that they have and are actively testing on the unaware public, mentioning chemtrails in bills and statements around the time that this whole situation started to become more than just theory!

    Just common sense and a little experience of the world is all that’s needed. I have witnessed every clear day become cloudy, hazy from the chemtrails and then covered… in fact much of Europe has been under a cloud for the past month and longer. The sky is evermore hazy and the changes are clear to see.

    You must understand what this site is about, it’s simply like Youtube and all other controlled internet platforms, a useful tool for those that persist on running these is deals to check and make sure no-one actually has any real proof! It is clear from the way the campaign of Chemtrailing has stepped up these past few years, they really don’t give a f@#! what anyone knows as they know they currently control anyone who might even be able to anything about it!

    It’s funny to read the great and relative points and comments pout here by desperately concerned human beings, then the unrelated and mis-directed, non relative replies and diversions that these twats, (You know who YOU are!), come out with, trying to keep some people guessing.

    They know what they’re doing is almost un-provable, that’s why they are happily doing it!

    I could go on but to be honest know all the intelligent people on the right side of this fight are probably well tuned out of this useless blog and ridiculous replies put together by Unicus and the other idiots who are in fact clearly high IQ’ed but happily misleading the public.

    If you spend anytime checking any links and info on the current World Order regime, it is clear by the few thousand views that much of the proof has had, the majority of the world is brainwashed by the media, foods, traditions and life that we are misled into believing what our life is all or could be about. Dumbing of the masses on a Global scale for years, and it kind of makes you wonder, whether is worth trying to save and re-educate much of the world.. Maybe the NWO have the right idea as much of the people alive today probably would not be missed and are nothing more that wastes of space.

    Any free thinkers and intelligent people still out there, and those who have the emotions such as caring and empathy still in tact, do not bother to waste time trying to convince idiots, flagging you IP’ addresses and basically wasting your time.

    I know they still fear the masses, otherwise they would probably not bother to make these type of blogs to try and keep tabs of what we know..

    It’s such a shame, as I have much more to say but am also done wasting my time arguing with idiots working for ‘the man’, as they just bring you down to there level and then beat you up with experience..

    (Apologies to all those who know Chemtrails exist, I write this in a rush with a lot of emotion for the good people affected by this unnaturally changing world we have to experience and risk raising our children in!)

  60. Can you find any mistakes on this site? I’d be happy to correct them.

  61. New World Disorder says:

    haha Uncinus, you low-life…the biggest mistake you made is by thinking that people are stupid enough to buy your silly explanations about this crime that’s happening. You poor sold soul. 🙂 If you want to correct something, start with your own pitiful soul (if you have any). That’s the thing to correct. Now go to your underground base and keep hiding, because soon, all you morons will be gone. And try to remember once and for all, that not all human beings are sheeple, cause you’re obviously made this site to address to such simple souls and try to keep them asleep, cause “everything is normal and fine”. haha

  62. What’s wrong with my explanations exactly?

    If you point out the errors, then I’ll fix them.

  63. New World Disorder says:

    Read the last comment…what’s wrong? 🙂 wrong is that you’re trying to “explain” this at all, idiot. Try to understand that you’re failed by creating this site at first place, the reasons are so obvious, so no further “explanations” will help you. I’m only wondering aren’t you ashamed.. 🙂

  64. But are there specific facts here that are wrong? You don’t seem to be pointing out any, so I can only assume you agree with all the facts I present, but differ in your conclusion?

  65. New World Disorder says:

    The FACT is that mankind is being hi-jacked, and that the chemtrails are only the one of many manouvres that greedy elite is trying to put on people, to try to prevent them from waking up, understanding the true reality around them and ascending to a higher dimension of being…so no crap you’re trying to put up here is really important, as it’s only a bad try to keep simple people that don’t know much asleep. And your try to turn the talk to the supposed “facts” that chemtrails doesn’t exist is silly, it’s irrelevant….it’s shameless that you’re even trying.

    The only question here is are you only a human that has sold his soul…or you’re one of them reptile-hybrids, having trouble to understand and mislead the people…because you’re missing one crucial component that we humans have, and our biggest weapon that you can never defeat – intuition. Understand that you are in “no win” situation.

  66. Strawman says:

    A) Staying on topic and reviewing the facts of it is of no importance?

    B) Reptile-Hybrids? I call troll.

  67. Okay, so far I’ve gathered that you can’t find any errors here, and that I’m in a no-win situation.

    So….. why are you here?

  68. New World Disorder says:

    I’m here to make balance between evil, that is this site and all the disinfo that you’re trying to plant…so simple people can see that some of us are not actually falling fot the crap that’s posted here by you and your other aliases.

  69. New World Disorder says:

    hahaha you’ve “gathered” wrong things prick. I can’t find any errors here? lol Everything is wrong here, and the biggest error is you being such idiot and creating this site at first place. You could’t have made a bigger error than that.

  70. Jay Reynolds says:

    From reading New World Disorder’s postings, it sounds to me like she is very afraid of what is being discussed here, but at the same time, is afraid to discuss exactly what is creating her fear. You need to understand that you aren’t really communicating anything here, except your fear. Why would you want to transmit a message of fear?

    Why not get to the heart of the matter?

    This thread discusses a very simple matter of fact. Either the claims made about the barium samples done by KSLA were correct or they weren’t. If you can’t find anything wrong with the findings here, why act so afraid about the conclusions made here? Do these conclusions affect you personally? I just really want to know why you struggle against them, but never really show anything wrong? C’mon, what gives?

  71. NWD, if “everything” here is wrong, then why can’t you pick one thing and explain why it is wrong. If you do that, then I will correct it.

  72. MikeC says:

    Yep – gotta start the correction process with 1 item sooner or later – how long is NWD gpoingto hide the truth??

  73. LaughingOutLoud says:

    This is more unequivocal proof that the shite coming out of the planes these days is not usual, this video clearly shows these, ‘persistent contrails’ that the little dicked idiots, (ex-lawyers or bankers I fear by the way they talk and act), carefully watching this blog and replying like it’s a full time occupation, still trying to divert anyone’s comments against the facts that there is definitely something going on that we are not being told about.


    The video clearly shows the radar picking up the trails, and proves these trails cannot be ice crystals as they are occurring below the altitude necessary for these so called ‘ideal conditions’ which can create so called ‘persistent contrails’. Laughing at your bullshit responses to this already, but lets see how you try to avoid this fact filled video link, like you have attempted with all the others!

    JayReynolds, trying the shrink approach on the comments made by a very aware and concerned citizen, FEAR, please do us all a favour and STFU! Numpty!!
    New World Disorder is clearly a real and intelligent and caring, compassionate human being, as the rest of the ‘real’ people out there, and is only possibly fearful of the idiots that attempt to control the minds and lives of many, many of which we still care about, definitely NOT this ridiculous ongoing so called ‘chat’.

    MikeC, do us all a favour, stop being a sheep like you were still in school, assuming you’re not still, as it wouldn’t surprise me.

    Uncinus, man I can’t really begin to start with you. You really think you are doing the right thing? I really think you’re having a laugh, or being paid to do this. It’s a shame as you obviously can use your nugget but you must realize that you are convincing nobody and only fooling yourself. If you say something enough times, you start to believe it, but only YOU will be believing your nonsense! I believe in a balance, and seriously worry for you as you will get what’s coming to you, I’m hopeful and quite sure of this.

  74. MyMatesBrainwashed says:

    to try to prevent them from waking up, understanding the true reality around them and ascending to a higher dimension of being

    Hahahahahahahaha. Priceless.

    What particular substance does this?

    How come you aren’t effected? I’m sure you think you’re “woken up”.

  75. New World Disorder says:

    @ Jay Reynolds

    Dude, you got it all wrong, not that it wasn’t expected :)) Fear? lol Where did you see that i’m afraid of anything? :)) I feel sorry for you guys, not fear. And i also have no fear for my fellow men, as they will soon awaken and stop being manipulated by the morons that rule the world, and silly sites like this. You’re going down.

    @ Brainwashed

    It’s no “particular” substance, there are many. From heavy metals and what not sprayed from the air, to GM food, etc, etc, not to mention all other sorts of mind control programs and advanced technology they use to manipulate brain frequencies and keep people in apathy, asleep, and in other lower emotional states.

  76. New World Disorder says:

    @ Brainwashed

    I’m not affected, because i’m one hell of a guy, why you ask? There are some of us that can not be reached or affected with none of their shit.

    And no, i’m not woken up, i can’t be as i AM the awakening, i will just give a little help to people and the Earth to make a transition to the next level of existence.

  77. LaughingOutLoud, I’ve debunked the clear air radar video here, for posterity:


  78. LaughingOutLoud says:

    Oh, I seee… so contrails that never have appeared above deserts like the one in Arizona before in history suddenly do.. I believe you now, as it all makes logical sense.. NOT?!? What are you on apart from high grade bullshit? You have only ‘debunked’ the obvious proof in your own eyes, no-one elses! As if you needed ‘proof’ anyways, no-one who has the ability of free thinking and as NWD says, ‘intuition’ really does.

    MyMatesBrainwashed – The laugh is at you, as you clearly will never reach any state of understanding or higher consciousness, so don’t you worry about a thing, just keep on believing.

    New World Disorder, keep up the great work and hopefully we can reach more and more people each and every day with the truth. I’m done with stupid conversations with idiots pretending to be intelligent people. Let this twat have the conversation with himself, as he has been for years. Don’t waste your time except when you fancy a little amusement seeing what the idiots are saying. Place your comments somewhere like the Wikipage on Chemtrails as this will more likely confuse and misdirect the children who still think Wiki is a real and reliable source of info…

  79. So, you still think your video is incontrovertible evidence? Even after I explained it?

  80. captfitch says:

    Chemtrail belief is such a religion with so many people that no matter what evidence you put forth against thier point of view they can’t see any other side. NWD and LOL are not the sheep this site should be trying to change.

  81. MyMatesBrainwashed says:

    Who are they trying to dumb down at the deserts? Camels?

    Although now I think about it camels do seem pretty stupid.

    OMG!!! The smoking gun.

    Free thinking rules.

  82. Jay Reynolds says:

    So, let’s run this down and look at it “New World Disorder” showed up here back in August and started asking questions, showing some videos that got debunked.

    Next, he said that there were no persistent contrails 10 years ago:

    Next, he claimed that all posters were the same and we were reptilian overlords, or pawns.

    Next, he was an “advanced human being” and a “Modern Shaman”

    Next, he’s Serbian, but doesn’t dare to communicate in Serbian when asked to do so:

    First of all, if NWD is such an advanced modern shaman, why would he come here asking questions like any other chemtrail believer does, and show such easily debunked videos?
    Because he’s just anoter misled guy who believed some youtube videos.

    Why would he claim that people never saw persistent contrails until 10 years ago, when I began seeing them and indeed chemtrails believers have been claiming to see them for fifteen years? If he was such an advanced human modern shaman, why didn’t he know about this?
    No, he’s not advanced at all, or a shaman, just another guy who believes in chemtrails.

    If he was Serbian, why wouldn’t he answer Alexey in Serbian?
    Because he fibbed and couldn’tback up what he was saying, he’s just a guy.

    So, running this back down. NWD is just another guy who had no idea what was going on until a few years ago, showed up here and his challenges got debunked, he got sore and started making accusations and hurling insults. As it went on, he made some boasts which he couldn’t back up, and he got more sore. At this point, he is afraid to show anything wrong with this site lest he get shot down again, he’s frustrated and embarrassed, and doesn’t sow any of the attributes of advanced intuition, knowledge or foreknowledge, He’s acting just like a regular frustrated guy would do.

    I feel sorry for you, NWD, but you were the one that got himself in this situation, your youtube videos hae failed you, your ‘advanced knowledge’ has failed you, your ‘intuition’ has failed you, your boasting has failed you, and your insults have failed you. I’ve been watching guys like you fail over this for FIFTEEN YEARS, bud. I’ve seen them come and go by the thousands.

    The only question is, when will you come up with some proof of anything, because until you do, you’re just a guy like all the rest.

  83. New World Disorder says:

    @ Jay Reynolds aka Uncinus

    Hahahaha hoces da pricamo na srpskom idiote? Pa ne bi me razumeo pola sto pricam konjino glupa :))))

    Pozdrav od modernih samana koji ce da vam jebu mater.

  84. New World Disorder says:

    Come again dummy

  85. Будите љубазни. Или ћу обрисати своје поруке.

    Perhaps we could stick to science?

  86. Alexey says:

    Well, NWD appears to know some Serbian swearwords, though she hasn’t written them in Cyrilic.
    Что говорит о её невысоком интелектуальном уровне.

  87. New World Disorder says:

    hahaha pa mi koristimo oba pisma ravnopravno, da ista znas o srpskom, znao bi to 🙂

  88. Excellent, we’ve established that everyone can say things in different languages, or use Google Translate.

    Now – NWD, you want to actually make a point? Want to find some error here, or back up your claim that contrails looked different 10 years ago?

  89. Another Uncinus (Mick) says:

    Unfortunately Chem-trails do exist, it is clear to see the changes outside all over the world.

    The skies never had this happening or ever looked like they do before the Chem-trailing projects started.

    Planes never polluted the skies like they do today, and the so called persistent contrails never lingered like they do. This is a fact.

    Many of the valid points previously made in this blog are just systematically ignored.

    The selective rest of the links and comments are so called, ‘debunked’, but only in the eyes of those trying to keep control of this blog in case anyone new comes to read it.

    Clear skied cities in regions that had little or NO cloud coverage in recorded history are now having this man made cloud appearing, and it is usually concentrated over the major cities of the world.

    It’s time for people who know what is happening to stop wasting time trying to convince people obviously paid to dissuade others from the truth and waste their time arguing rather than making a better understanding of the contents of the Chem-trails, and the reasoning behind them.

    We need to learn more about the implications and ways to avoid all possible effects that they will have on people, animals, all life on earth, and the environment.

    We need to start talking about ways to prevent contamination, and also ways to expose and stop this terrible crime from happening before it is just too late, which I already fear it is.

    All those that use this site, whether for amusement or for reference, ignore the totally ridiculous comments and annoying irrelevant character assassinations by those thinking they are ‘debunking’ the obvious proof, as if there was any ‘proof’ really needed, as it is obvious to anyone who has the basic instincts and ability of observation and comparison.

    Try using this platform to discuss ways of avoiding them, exposing them and trying to determine the possibilities on finding out what they are really for.

    From what I see, the trails serve many purposes, here a few possible theories as to these purposes:.

    – They are full of heavy metals that can possibly be manipulated, say by the HAARP arrays positioned around the world, that can move these metals around by bouncing their low frequencies off off the Ionosphere, and the cloud together with it. This will in time allow the creation and manipulation of huge mega storms, which can be used as weapons of mass devastation.

    -They could include nano-technology particles, each of which have distinctive individual signatures, so when ingested by humans these particles can be again picked up by the HAARP arrays, thus seeing all things that contain these particles.
    This in turn is a possible way of avoiding the identity cards/chipping of all humans that the NWO wish to see implemented, as they will be able to see all things which have absorbed these distinctive particles, even if underground. No-one will then be able to hide from the people doing this, and it will give them god like abilities to send in missiles and attack whoever they see as their primary enemy or target at that given time.

    They are simply full of terrible contaminants and other items that change DNA, personality, perception and mental ability, just like the major brands do with their products.

    I have many more theories, backed up by research and investigation. The world has been hijacked and it is time to start fighting against this war-mongering that has been ongoing for a long time already.

    These are just a couple of thoughts for all those who are clear about what is happening.

    For those believers that there is nothing going on, and that these Chem-trails have always been there, but just were not previously ‘noticed’. Let’s try using your intelligence to the fact that what they do exist. What if you ARE wrong? What if this is a government and world order conspiracy to control weather and and reduce population? Shouldn’t rationale thought be used, to be ready for any possibility? If you are really just genuine citizens trying to calm the skepticism and hysteria of all these misguided believers, then how will you feel if you are wrong, as you are?

    Every day I try to believe that it is not anything to worry about, and always lend my thought to the possibilities that they are nothing harmful and just part the changing world.

    It’s only logic and experience of the past weather and skies that makes me know that this is not correct.

    I cannot ignore the obvious affects they’re having on the weather, and this is ignoring th fact that everyone is becoming regularly unwell and illness prone.

    I hope you Uncinus can see what this might mean, that’s if you honestly care about the world.

    As even if these Chem-trails were safe and persistent ice particles that happen to form together to create cirrus clouds, then we should be talking about the fact that this is having an affect on the worlds skies and thus alternatives that we already have discovered should be implemented as it is not suitable to have these planes polluting the skies and doing what they’re doing.

    Now, Uncinus, Jay R, and all the other members of the ‘debunking team’ here, try to not just focus on a single point made here, like you always have done before, or making character assassinations or quoting irrelevant points made by frustrated individuals making somewhat silly comments to try and lessen the impact of your continued and ridiculous claims, but instead prove your intelligence by giving us the proper use of your intelligence! What if they do exist and we are all being slowly exterminated or taken into a world where a few sick and crazy individuals have ‘godlike power’ over the rest of us? What are your thought if you were suddenly on the other side?

    You should all really consider this, as even if you think you’re working for these guys behind this planetary Chem-trailing, trust me when the war begins, they will not be knocking on your door and taking you off to some safe-haven.

    You like all those working for this regime are expendable, not someone they actually care about or will eventually appreciate your help and commitment in dissuading the public while they set them selves up for whatever they are attempting to achieve with this terrible Chem-trail project. They will probably kill you or do whatever they will be doing to all the others.

    As with the Boyscouts motto, “Always, Be Prepared”.

  90. Marcel says:

    “What if this is a government and world order conspiracy to control weather and and reduce population?”

    Since the global population is now over 7 billion, I think Another Uncunis can forget depopulation as a possible effect.

    And the Boy Scouts’ motto is “Be Prepared”. Bet you weren’t prepared for someone to correct you.

  91. Another Uncinus (Mick) says:

    Marcel, why do you waste time like the others that have previously and reliably done here, pointing out an irrelevant point?!? …

    The boyscout motto I quoted was my old scout leaders specific and personalized motto, thus he added the ‘Always…’

    This is not the important point.. and as for the population, I’m not saying it’s just about population control, but just one possibility.

    And who’s saying the plans they intend to use these Chem-trails for have actually fully started yet. this is most likely the setting up procedure, as what they’re putting up into the sky id proven to remain for years, and probably needs to have a certain concentrations in order to work effectively. Again all theoretical, but worthy, relative and valid points and observations, unlike your useless and typically distracting point singled from the previous and relative points made…

    Yes, I was fully prepared and expecting for an idiot like you to comment just like you did, as after all I have read over much of this blog and can see there are many of you ready to try and distract others thoughts and avoid what is relative.

    So, again back to the original message … lets leave the irrelevant comments made to try and hide the points made with hundreds of irrelevant comments and entries?

    I will state the previous again:

    [Admin: Duplicate post removed]

  92. MyMatesBrainwashed says:

    Planes never polluted the skies like they do today, and the so called persistent contrails never lingered like they do.
    This is a fact.

    It’s not though, is it?

    And not only is it not a fact, there is not way of proving it to be the case.

  93. Marcel says:

    So many possibilties…. do you think Uncunis’ unicorns could be part of the secret operation? Either dispersing unknown stuff for unknown reasons…… or, they could be being dispersed for an unknown reason.

    It’s a possibility.

  94. Planes never polluted the skies like they do today, and the so called persistent contrails never lingered like they do. This is a fact.

    I think this is the key point here, as you seem to base the rest of your argument on it.

    So I’m curious as to how you have verified this, given that it seems to fly in the face of science, history, and the memories of other people.

    In particular:

    And for memories:

  95. Another Uncinus (Mick) says:

    It is a fact.

    I am living proof.

    Since my childhood I have known the skies, I know these are not normal, again this is a fact.

    I’m not the only one who can be sure of this. Just a couple of the tens of thousands of relative links out there…



    Always another idiot ready to quote another irrelevant point from all the valid and important other points made. The world is seemingly full of them, or maybe it’s just America?

    Back to the points made:

    [Admin: Duplicate post removed]

  96. MyMatesBrainwashed says:

    Always another idiot ready to quote another irrelevant point from all the valid and important other points made.

    You’re saying that persistent contrails not existing before year Y isn’t relevant?

    Weird. Cos it’s pretty much the basis of your belief in chemtrails.

    But anyway, like I said, you have no proof. You only have the notion that because you never noticed them they never existed. And that’s just silly.

  97. You think that contrails formally not persisting is an “irrelevant point”?

    It’s not irrelevant. It’s THE KEY POINT. IF you are wrong there, then all your other arguments are baseless. So really you’ve got to back up this rather fundamental claim.

    As evidence you just off that you personally don’t remember, and two people on YouTube also don’t remember.

    However we can also point to many people who do remember.

    There’s also science, which tells us that it is IMPOSSIBLE for contrails not to persist in the right weather conditions.

    There’s also the history of the science of contrails, dating back to 1921, which says that they persist.

    There’s also numerous old photos, videos, personal accounts and newspaper articles showing that they can, and did persist, and in some areas it was a common sight back in the 1960s.

    How do you explain all that evidence?

  98. Another Uncinus (Mick) says:

    Uncinus, you are referring to a link with a couple of black and white grainy pictures to be proof to alter the personal experience of myself an tens of thousands of others?

    Man, I hope you have a full time job if that is what you call proof against what we are witnessing. It’s absolutely ridiculous.

    Uncinus, as try to be original, unlike the others who have managed to comment so far.. lend your so called intelligence to the other side, as I say what if you are wrong? You know you are, so now why not let us know what you think about it, and what is it about.. you have spent more than 4 years with so called ‘debunking of the facts shown to you, mostly with totally ridiculous items of dissuasion, so lets try to see how you measure up to the challenge of informed insight and alternate evaluation?

    Do you have children? what if the ideas you pushing are wrong and ruin their chances of a decent chanc e of life and experience that you were possible privileged to have?

    How will you rest at peace knowing you backed to wrong side?

    Tell me, foot on the other shoe, if you felt you knew what was going on, how would you try to make it stop happening?

  99. I cannot ignore the obvious affects they’re having on the weather, and this is ignoring th fact that everyone is becoming regularly unwell and illness prone.

    I have noticed that I’m not as healthy as I used to be, and that aches and pains are more common, and that my eyesight is going, my skin is getting leathery, and my hair is falling out.

    The reasons for these symptoms are obvious though. I’ve often wondered if some of the health-based conspiracy theories gain traction because some people mentally reject the fact that they (and their peers) are simply getting older.

    Other than the problems of obesity, people are healthier now than they have ever been.

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