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Politeness Policy

I would greatly appreciate it if commenters would be polite to one another, and constructive in their criticism.

Any comments that contain insults, direct or implied,  may be edited or removed.

This does not mean you should avoid telling people they are wrong, simply that you be polite about it, and that you explain why they are wrong.  As a general rule of thumb, imagine you are talking to a new friend of a close relative, and be as polite as you would in that situation.

In this I roughly follow Wikipedia’s No personal attacks policy.

I would also appreciate it if you would try to stay on topic with your comments, and keep away from side topics like 9/11 conspiracy theories, unless there is some direct contrail connection (like the 9/11 air shutdown)

Thank you.

P.S. Because the intent of this policy is to facilitate communication and debunking, it will be applied somewhat lopsidedly. Debunkers generally have thicker skins, and will generally be held to a somewhat higher standard of politeness than the people being debunked.  Sorry if this results in any offense.