9 comments on “A History of the Sky”

  1. Visualized statistics – you get a feeling for the actual shares of fog, rain and clear skies. This is fabulous!

    Now all we need is the same thing for 1970 … :-]

  2. Another comment on youtube (by jstrummer) says:

    “Interesting concept… but artist Salvatore Pecoraro did this first in 1971 in a work entitled 365 Skies where he painted a sky for for each day.

    I have not find a complete picture, but a 12-week fragment (http://salvatorepecoraro.com/365_skies_giclee.php) with a caption saying that “Pecoraro took a color-slide photograph of each day of 1970 at different times and places in California”. Even so, there were several contrails captured on different days.

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