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Chemtrails were Contrails

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8 thoughts on “Chemtrails were Contrails

  1. Austin says:

    I have heard, from chemtrail theorists, that main stream news does not consider headlines like these, having to do with mysterious contrails, news worthy. Will you post some more recent article having to do with strange contrails or even chemtrails? Can we prove these chemtrail guys wrong?

  2. cw payne says:

    My take on chemtrails is: They’re not normal comtrails, if they’re comtrails at all. I have seen these trails streaking across the sky from horizon to horizon. On occasion a normal comtrail could be seen from a high altitude plane crossing “over” a chemtrail, though dissipating in seconds.
    The biggest liars and cover-ups of lies are Government and Religious Athorities and their stooges. And this is not a theory, it’s a fact.

  3. TheFactsMatter says:

    CW Payne.

    I urge you to learn what a contrail is and how they are formed. Then I urge you to learn just a bit more about air saturation and temperature at altitude.

    It’s not a theory or a fact. It’s a misunderstanding on a grand scale.

    It’s also very sad.

  4. JFDee says:

    cw payne,

    it’s all a matter of varying conditions. Like the formation of clouds: you don’t get Cumulus clouds (“cotton” clouds”) every day and everywhere, right? Or any clouds for that matter …

    The conditions for clouds do also apply to what happens with a contrail. But note that these conditions can also vary very much with altitude. At 20000 feet they might be totally different from the conditions at ground level. And very different again from the conditions at, say, 30000 feet.

    To put it in a nutshell, some contrails dissipate and some stay or even spread. If somebody is telling you that normal contrails never persist – don’t believe it!

  5. Stupid says:

    That rumor, that “contrails always dissipate quickly”, is easily rebuffed by a simple internet search.
    Do you not believe in simple internet searches ?

  6. Stupid says:

    ….and it is backed-up by tests and science.
    Do you not believe in tests or science ?

  7. Alex says:

    even better, grab yourself an aeronautical chart, and find the basic wind direction that day. some people wonder why these form x’s all the time. you’ll notice directly below the general area is a navigational aid, whether it be a prominent landmark or actual VOR/VORTAC/NDB or any of the others, these natural occurances stay much more stabilized at altitude.

  8. Basil says:

    Payne, old lad, why do you include ‘the religious authorities’ in that comment? When did you last hear a ‘religious authority’ talk about contrails? You are just repeating some anti-religious rant you have heard somewhere.

    Saying that something is a fact does not make it so, laddie.

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